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Constantin's Astounding Victory (On Your Behalf)

By Don Croft <>
September 3, 2004

In light of the unpublicized but pervasive invasion of federal blackshirts (has anybody checked whether most of these new storm troopers speak English?) throughout the United States in recent weeks Constantin's latest victory in his long-term commitment to choose not to cooperate with the corporate entity that poses as the government (all state, county and local governments are now completely subservient to the Federal Reserve Corporation) has reached global significance.

If you consider, as you ought to, that the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Abominations and other blatant treasonous moves by the criminals who call themselves our elected federal government it's rather astonishing that he was able to so thoroughly humiliate the federalized Las Vegas judicial and police establishment, who released him without conditions and without having even charged him, after four weeks of captivity and impotent
harassment. Does anyone even remember the Writ of Habeas Corpus? ;-)

Thanks, by the way, for expressing your displeasure to the Las Vegas County Sherriff recently, by the way. Constantin, his wife Lilly, my wife, Carol and I, who were all directly involved in this episode, are certain that his arrest was on behalf of the new American Gestapo and that it didn't originate from any local sour grapes agenda, especially since Constantin had thoroughly humiliated the judges and cops on two occasions when they were stupid enough to arrest him on account of having no licenses or registration for his person or vehicle when traveling about on the public roads of Las Vegas and vicinity. I'm quite sure they didn't relish having yet another round with this fearless and very-knowledgeable fellow, though Arresting Officer Kyprios acted with a singular will that seems characteristic to me of any foolish, brutal cop who feels fully backed up by the CIA or FBI. I doubt the feds will stand up for that benighted cop in coming days, though ;-) and it's an object life lesson for anyone about choosing friends.

There are no genuine laws that require any of us to have driver licenses or to license and register our vehicles while using public roads for private purposes, of course, any more than there are laws requiring us to pay income taxes. Those fictions were introduced to our recent forebears, whom I consider America's first Nazi generation, in the early 1930s. I'm not being flippant: National Socialism was introduced here the same time and in the same way (fiat in the form of fake, railroaded and unlawful legislation) that it was introduced by Hitler and Mussolini and it was the single most treasonous act in our history until the present.

On the bright side, Germans are finally off the hook because our prison system under National Socialism, and the police powers of the various alphabet agencies arguably exceed what Hitler and Mussonlini were able to establish and con their nations into accepting. Of course, when those two had lost the game the politicos here were just building up steam. The American Holocaust is the present state of people of color, whom political correctness and other niceties aren't protecting from arbitrary en masse arrest, imprisonment and even murder by these agencies. Just like the Germans in the 1930s, the white Americans are exhibiting 'frog in the pot' consciousness right now, since they, after all, are not the primary targets of injustice at the moment. My friend, when a Homeland Security Abomination van screeches to a halt outside your apartment building and one of your neighbors is dragged into it and away, are you going to finally figure out that this system's not worth supporting? As in Hitler's day, 'not opposing' tyranny is supporting it. Nobody can sit on the fence now, really.

Enter the blackshirts. Also enter 'Homeland Security travel restrictions,' and you come close to the realization that Constantin's courageous, unflinching dedication to freedom in the form of exercising his right to travel on public roads is a sound one, well worthy of emulation and support.

There was a good chance that Constantin would have simply been disappeared into the 'justice system,' as a now-removed burr from under the saddle-blanket of the federalized Las Vegas police/judicial system but the stupidity of tyranny is evident in the fact that a big mouthed guy with a little bit of celebrity was with him when he was arrested (me), and Constantin has a wife and a few friends who are genuine warriors.

Carol and I went to Las Vegas a month ago in order to get a short tutorial from Constantin on the practice of exercising one's birthright of unrestricted travel on public roads. I learned an awful lot in the two hours that spanned our introduction and his arrest but of course I learned a hell of a lot more, as you hopefully did, too, from his demonstrated example over the last four weeks.

The great part for me is that I had been led to believe that one had to perform a legalese exposition, sort of like a bookish Bo Jangles, in front of some grumpy judge who has no knowledge of natural law and then sashet one's way out through the court's front door, free and clear. What I found, rather, is that all one really has to 'do,' is nothing at all because every unlawful act is contractual. Signing any paper contracts away our freedom, especially in those cop-abduction situations.

No, I don't hate or even dislike police, per se. My friend, Police Chief Billie will concur. When they're out of line, though, they need to be held accountable, as Officer Kyprios and some benighted jailers in Las Vegas will probably soon find out the hard way. I'm sure Chief Billie would come down like a ton of bricks on any of his officers who demonstrated that level of criminality.

For two weeks following Constantin's abduction I got correspondence from a small army of Common Law Bo Jangles' who advised me that 'Constantin should have submitted his UCC number,' 'Constantin should have done some arcane, very mysterious thing with car registration,' 'Constantin should have turned to his left three times and then genuflected,' ad nauseum but in fact I only heard from three people who actually travel around the way Constantin does and they just wanted to let me know that they supported him and would contact the Sherriff. They all did some jail time, by the way, but were still fullly committed to their right to travel in freedom.

'Common sense' and 'conventional wisdom' remain my favorite oxymorons. What I'm telling you now makes perfect sense but it's not 'common sense,' yet, nor will it be until a few more people will take the same stand that Constantin's taking.

Constantin asked me to hold off on relating the specifics of his experience because he's got some business to attend to, if you catch my meaning, so that will likely come in a week or so. He invited me to come back to Las Vegas to complete my brief tutorial but in that case I may want to have some hands-on experience. It's obvious that the CIA, at least, didn't want us to have this discussion at all, so it's probably important to conclude it ASAP.

He and Lilly were accosted by Men in Black shortly after his release, by the way (NSA meanies) which was supposed to be intimidating, I think, but Lilly walked up to the meanest looking one and asked him what time it was. He ignored her the first time, so she asked again. He replied brusquely then wandered off. I personally think she just wanted to see past his dark glasses, which you can do if you walk up close to someone, to see if his irises were slits. People like that wear dark glasses at night, by the way. Hint, hint ;-)

The only time I ever met MIBs was the day I finished gifting Washington, DC's satanic grid and at first I thought they had just come from a Morticians With Attitude convention or something. They all drive trick cars, for feds at least: brand new Lincoln Town Cars with chrome grills and nifty blacked out windows all around. No fuzzy dice or bongos in the back, of course. These guys are serious.

Aren't you comforted, as I am, that this is OUR planet?

I had to smack four FBI sewer rats who were trying to listen to my phone call to Contantin, by the way. You can do this, too, with a little practice. Read the first hand accounts of tactics like this on because that's one of the many things that we set the board up for in the first place. It's for you, not for us.

I'm curious: do you not yet know that we're at war at the moment? Hitler and his friends made war on the German population; Stalin made war on the Russians, even during the Battle of Stalingrad; Pol Pot waged war on Cambodians; Mussolini waged war on Italians; Mao waged war on the Chinese and this federal regime is waging war on us now (yep, that includes you, no matter how nice you are). The blackshirts are the fifth column preparation for martial law, which can only be enforced by foreigners, probably Russians and Chinese-an invasion at the federal government's invitation. The federal government is waging war on us, as I mentioned.

I'm close to giving up on my hope that our military will simply arrest the traitors in Washington, DC because the few soldiers I've encountered, at least, seem completely oblivious and many of them have apparently been promised well-paying positions in the new Gestapo and SS agencies when they get out of the army and marine corps. Oh, well. If you're reading this and are a military man or woman, why aren't you obeying the solemn oath you took to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Shame on you! I mean it. What's your definition of domestic enemy? Someone in a government agency who shoots your kids?

Oh, well, maybe there are better things, yet unforeseen, in store for us than a minimal military takeover of Washington, DC while political power returns to the states and counties, where it belongs. Maybe Constantin's success has shown us a new path, in fact. All the police in America, even the sudden army of MK Ultra blackshirts ('Sieg, Heil!!), won't have the temerity to oppose a publicly-supported, grassroot effort to stop propping up this topheavy, parasitic and oppressive federal government, after all. Anyone can see we've got no foreign enemies, other than the ones whose countries we're occupying. All they want is for our benighted military to go home and leave them alone.

The reason Constantin succeeded is that he was willing to stand alone and take whatever consequences would follow from his demonstrated commitment. That's the way a warrior lives every day. Warfare in this light is a spiritual condition, not a physical one.

This is genuine power. The intimidation and forceful demonstrations of tyrants can't stand up to the might of right, especially now that the cycle of history has come to favor individual freedom and responsibility over excessive, centralized, parasitic, arbitrary authority.

The Pajama Folk mainly care about their comfort and physical safety, of course, and they sacrifice their freedom for it. Most people have been, are and will remain Pajama People, though they, too, are being dragged along the path of rising awareness by their forelocks these days. The few who are willing to sacrifice their safety for freedom always dictate the course of history and, by the way, only these few are genuinely humble.

'Humble' is a synomym for 'meek,' and it's becoming more and more evident to me that 'the meek' have already inherited the earth When one volunteers for a life of slavery (safety and comfort at the expense of freedom and risk) he/she adopts a cynical worldview and his/her lack of genuine passion makes for shallow friendships and even an unsatisfying love life. It also makes for very, very early retirement (most PJ folks are calcified by institutionalization by the time they're released from the school system) from life.

Thanks to the internet, we few (you and I) who have determined to make this world a better place through our informed actions and through our commitment to demonstrating high personal standards, can now find each other easily and we can quickly form alliances across national, racial, cultural, educational and even financial boundaries. is an example of that operating principle, as are other informal networks and affiliations.

Dr Wilhelm Reich deplored organization because he saw that it sapped the vitality of progressive movements. Any group effort requires some organization, of course, but the effort is only viable when the resulting process is organic and fosters genuine consultation. This is how government has to be created now that the principle of excessively centralized power has been proven to be demeaning, exploitive and even destructive on a large scale. The internet, by contrast, works well, worldwide because it's decentralized and has minimal organization.

You might wonder what has to do with the right to travel and I'm happy to tell you that there are thousands of people around the world, now, who are disabling the new tower networks with orgonite. is the latest expression of the essence of that effort, distilled and condensed from three years of our global networking efforts. There are thousands of people who built or bought orgonite cloudbusters and put them in their backyards. Through the combined efforts of these good folks the chemtrail program was essentially defeated two years ago and there are vast areas of the world where HAARP-induced droughts and near-famines have been reversed and where people are no longer living in a state of near-terror from the effects of these horrid, fortified death towers that were seen to pop up in every neighborhood on the planet between the fall of 01 and the fall of 02.

We believe that this informal network has prevented genocide (chemtrails' phase two: anthrax, smallpox, plague, etc.) and martial law, which was apparently to have been made easier for millions of foreign troops after the planned chemtrail-induced genocide and the physical suppression of the remaining populace at the flick of a switch, through the instantly-debilitating effects of the fortified towers at full power. You've surely noticed, by now, that the massive power cables on those fortified towers are obviously not coming from the commercial power grid. It pays to notice stuff.

The reason so many people take it upon themselves to disable the HAARP and death tower networks in their regions is that the confirmations they got from their 'gifting' efforts were so empowering that they extended their efforts, in many cases. This is a selfless effort when one has done more than just bust the few towers within a couple miles of home. Nature hates a vacuum and when we do this service work we're simply preparing ourselves or others by our example to take on more and more personal responsibility. We have to create government; Jesus won't stand in the clouds and drop it on us, nor will nice aliens flop down a utopia on our behalf.

Social conscience is a prerequisite for forming a genuine government, of course. See how these acts of pure service are raising up a large number of people who will probably be personally interested in smoothing the path, on behalf of the PJ folk, that leads from corrupt, exploitive and secretive politics to genuinely representative, service-oriented and, not least: minimal government?

In addition to the spiritual rewards of performing this physical healing work on our communities and regions, we get to experience the heightened ambience and lovely atmosphere that directly result from our gifting exercises. That also results in everyone being a little friendlier and more tolerant. After all, if we feel better, we're going to behave better.

By the way, are you as annoyed by I am by the lukewarm smiling newage Nazis who criticize us for taking a warrior stance and insist that we should rather focus on 'healing?'

Here's some friendly advice, based on three years of personal experience with these omnipresent bums: if you remind them that we, in fact, are healing our communities and environment while they're only talking sweetly about it you'll just make them want to strangle you. It would be nice, on the other hand, to see these idiots exhibit some genuine passion, even if it results in a little pain for us. You can be sure that if the Nazis in Washington ever manage to establish martial law these smiling cretins will be wearing armbands and peaked caps and will be working in the re-education centers after having ratted on their kids and parents for being politically incorrect. See the profile?

Speaking of community, there's been a lot of discussion about solidarity and 'community' among the people who have cloudbusters and/or disable death and HAARP towers and until yesterday I didn't know how to address that issue, though it always made me feel strangely uneasy. You've probably experienced epiphanies in your own personal life, so you can relate to this one: orgonite is for absolutely anyone to make, use and deploy; building a community around this basic function is no more relevant than building a 'united community' among people who drive Volvos, use Pi-Co-Pay toothpaste or part their hair on the left.

There are trend setters among the more expeditious and inventive gifters, though and there are individuals and small groups who stand out on account of their extraordinary, even courageous gifting and cloudbusting exploits. In fact we invited the few whom we personally know and have worked closely with to participate on but we still need to get better acquainted with a whole lot more folks so that we can invite them, eventually, too. We travel a lot but until we can both bilocate, Carol and I will have to keep doing this thing a step at a time. When we get rich we can do more ;-)

My three years of internet board experience have taught me that an open board, at least when it's conducted in the English language, requires a vast amount of personal time and angst to monitor and control, due to the literal army of paid saboteurs and heavily programmed sociopaths who are launched at it by the CIA, NSA and British MI6. The French, German and Spanish language counterparts of aren't so severely saddled with subterfuge, and I'm very happy for Steeve, Georg, and Pablo on that account.

If you consider that London is the seat of this occult/corporate world order and the US are the moneybags and legbreakers for the financial/geopolitical trolls hiding under the ol'Whore of Babylon's ample skirt and bodice it's not so surprising that their sewer rat espionage/sabotage agencies have invested so much time and effort in debilitating every progressive public effort on the planet for the past three hundred years or so. Thankfully, they lack the resources to do it 'well' throughout the planet and London's Interpol (the German Gestapo became Interpol at the close of WWII) and KGB lackeys don't have the finesse, resources or intelligence to carry it out to that extent elsewhere.

Heck, I got a fine breather in Canada for a week in July because the 'problems' in the US were taking up so much of the sewer rats' attention then. I wonder who else, besides us, is making life so hard for the sewer rats these days. I heard about some Tibetan monks who are savaging the current regime in DC with aggressive traditional magic and I want to meet those guys! Take that, all you pot-fogged, fake-spiritual, cowardly hippies! ;-) They're TIBETANS. My karma's gonna run over your obnoxious, mangey dogmas until they're just stains on the public roads if they get in the way. I'm so sick of fakers-aren't you, reader? The folks who preach about making the world over by 'intention' and 'not energizing evil,' are welcome to go to some other planet and make it in their image. I don't think I'd like to live in one of their passionless creations.

The reason I've included several subjects in this article is that they all directly relate to Constantin's victory in one way or another. We're seeing more and more that everything in life is potentially synergistic. The trolls want you to believe that everything in life is segmented and separate, rather.

Have you ever noticed that when one thing in your personal life goes horribly wrong, just about everything else in your life does, too? Also, and more significantly, haven't you noticed that when you're in love everything seems to go right? Being in love was the metaphor used by the Persian poets to describe one's relationship to the Creator because it comes the closest to describing the reality of personal faith.

Also, the dead poets used the notion of drunkenness to approximate the sense of wonder they had for life's unfolding mysteries: being drunk on 'the wine of astonishment.' My friend, Cesco, in Norway, told me that 'Gratitude is my most precious gift to God,' and while I deplore dogma and won't identify with any ideology it's a simple truth that the basic striving toward spiritual refinement is universal to all cultures. I don't really care what one conceives 'God' to be because personal faith has an energy signature that's unmistakable and disdains theology. Anyone who experiences this can instantly communicate with anyone else who has this gift from the Loved One. The language of the heart can't even be approximated in speech or writing, much to the frustration of poets, thus their dependence on metaphor.

Without personal faith, one can't effectively or consistently wage spiritual warfare. Where does faith come from? Nowhere else than from being committed to listening to our own inner voice. There's no way in hell that Constantin would have submitted himself to imprisonment unless he had an abiding personal faith (he could have bailed out with a simple fine and wrist slap) and there's no way that Lilly could have kept up the even-handed and constant pressure on the Police, jail and judges unless she knew, deep down, that righteous action has to be performed for its own sake.

By the way, Constantin told me that one of his Romanian friends in Las Vegas called the jail one day and ranted at them about how this is all just like life under communism and that apparently hit home. Afer all we Americans are in awe off Eastern European political refugees who left Communist states under a hail of bullets, as Constantin, and probably his friend, did.

Okay, I've established that I consider faith and selfless service to be attributes of the spiritual warrior and so far I'm not saying anything that the swarm of lukewarm, insipid newage Nazis aren't also saying, so before your eyes glaze over I want to assure you that waging spiritual warfare is not much unlike waging physical warfare in that one must take territory from the enemy and hold it. This gets back to the 'gifting,' of course, but you need to see 'gifting' as a genuine act of aggression which carries some personal risk.

If you've been doing this in the field and managed to escape surveillance successfully, you'll have experienced a token of the risk-taking that the more aggressive gifters routinely exhibit. Take on gifting around the perimeter of a military base with earthpipes and by the time you're hammering the last one into the ground you're going to see some pretty aggressive and irate (but impotent, don't worry, unless you trespass) feds and military cops, but 'keep your powder dry' or, in other words, keep your Succor Punch on because you don't want to make their job of tracking you an easy one.

Stan Cayer, the intrepid, wide-ranging British Columbia gifter of recent months, went on a midnight mission in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver with a friend in June. They trespassed on a military construction site which is apparently a new adjunct of the big city park's underground base. They made their way through the high fence (without damaging it, please note ;-) to a small grove, where Stan started digging a hole for a Holy Handgrenade. He hit a hard object just below the surface and was rather shocked to see that it was a Holy Handgrenade that someone else had placed there. As I said, we don't even know most of the folks who are gifting now because this is a grassroot effort-property and responsibility of any volunteer, not an organization, nor even a 'community.' 'Q-tip users of the world: Unite!' Sheesh.

Don't feel that you need to meet some arbitrary standard before you're 'worthy' to go kick some occult/corporate butt or heal your environment, of course. Another gifting companion of mine, un-named, had never considered Jesus seriously and couldn't seem to help seeing Him as a voluntary whipping post, and it was only after a few months of direct (rude?) experience with subterfuge and sabotage on an open-membership internet board that he suddenly appreciated the function and necessity of non-arbitrary authority.

That caused him to remember that Jesus had beat up the loan sharks with a club and habitually 'cast out demons,' and my friend has come to develop some personal faith and a new appreciation for the universality of spiritual principles through that simple experience. By the way, the trolls in the Whore's bodice are loan sharks ;-) and I don't consider CIA/MI6-programmed sociopaths and payrolled social saboteurs to be demonic, per se. I think Jesus was as fond of metaphor as the dead poets were.

I didn't mention that Carol and I, along with a few trusted friends, held regular intel-gathering and predator-blasting sessions on Constantin's behalf. We do that a couple times a week just to find out whether the CIA or other terrorist organizations are planning any mayhem. Our psychics are indispensable, by the way, and when we do this in a group many of us get good, solid psychic intel, which the group acts on in unison.

Thank Grid for the chatroom! We logged a lot of hours in the first two weeks of August, blasting judges, jailers, cops, and, especially, their CIA handlers and national political kingpins in the process. We apparently also uncovered and, hopefully, prevented a new mayhem plot to railroad America into martial law and get Cheney into the Oval Office before the election, which would be cancelled in that case, of course. The feds would have to detonate a nuke in Washington, DC, to get anyone's attention because,let's face it, all the talk about swarthy foreign bomb-throwers just makes people yawn; there hasn't been a fake terrorist attack since the feds blew up the WTC.

If an American city experienced a nuke explosion, even the PJ folks would wake up enough to be terrified into embracing total tyranny, like the Germans mostly did when Hitler burned down the Reichstag and blamed the commies for it. Not that the election is any more than a dog and pony show, of course, designed to further hypnotize the PJ people. I think we saved GWB's worthless hide again this time, as we did when we stopped the string of murders in Baltimore and DC that was to culminate in the CIA assassination of this fake president in November, 02.. Carol and I feel sure that Bush, Sr has been trying to get him murdered by his CIA lackeys for a couple of years but that we few have stood in the way of that agenda. Again, we get wind of some other groups doing similar work. We're the only ones doing it who shoot our mouths off. Well, okay, I'M the only one who shoots his mouth off ;-)

Keeping President Cujo in office has done more to discredit the whole regime than anything we could ever have dreamt up, of course. Reality has always been more intriguing than fantasy or science fiction and the zany Illuminist and Vril creeps are pretty inventive. The PJ folks are waking up at an accelerating rate due to this single, acutely embarrassing feature of this discredited federal government: an obvious cretin is in the Oval Office, so how can he said to be exercising any genuine authority?

Not many flagwavers are out and about these days-have you noticed? I think the only folks flying those silly, Chinese-made plastic flags from their cars are beer-bellied trailer trash and extremely vested, dried up Republicans and neither of those demographics represent a viable political force, as far as I can tell. I bet they're rather an embarrassment, to be avoided by any politician rather than courted.

For all the talk of reptilians and offworlders, I haven't seen the need to consider our oppressors as anything but human. If indeed many are reptiles in human meatsuits who will find it expedient to drop the costumes at some point, our little town in Idaho will turn into a penny arcade for a few hours, as your town probably will, too. No problem! Fire up the barbecue!

Also, regarding the currently fashionable end-of-the-world discussions: I know for a fact that the moon has assumed an increasingly erratic orbit during the past two years and that the earth's axis has been noticeably shifting for the past year but I'm not a survivalist and I'm having too much fun to worry about the future. I know that 1) living in the moment is the only way to ensure that the future will unfold properly; 2) living in the moment determines that we'll die well when our time comes, whether it's tomorrow morning or in the next century. The aging hippie troglodytes from Los Angeles who just went to the Rocky Mountains to 'live off the land,' (yeah, sure ;-) can have this world to themselves if a cataclysm comes, as far as I'm concerned. I can't think of a better definition of hell than a primitive, miserable existence with a bunch of facetious, lukewarm pot addicts and some neighboring, schizoid, excessively armed religious fundamentalists. Glug, glug, glug-buh-bye, now.

The polar ice is melting faster and faster, so Carol and I will probably just rent a house when we go to Florida or So Cal this winter.

Thankfully, my genuine friends who believe that a very, very large object is going to hit the earth pretty quick and/or the planet will suddenly flip and dislodge the oceans onto the prairies are gifting just as though it will never happen, so I've got no beef at all with them. I guess I just don't feel worried about it, since it's up to my Maker, anyway, and It knows best, as usual. I used to worry about stuff like this, back when I felt powerless and didn't feel grateful for my life, for whatever that's worth.

I can't fault them for their fascination with the prospect of a calamity, though, especially since I'm now itching to remove the license plate and drive without a license ;-)

Constantin seems to hate it when I use the word, 'DRIVE,' but in fact one drives a car, just as one drives a team of horses in front of a stagecoach. Just because some high-profile personal sovereignty wonk in the past made it fashionable to substitute the phrase 'travel in one's private property' for 'drive' doesn't make much real difference, as far as I can tell, since some dirty cop and crooked judge will likely toss me in the pokey no matter how elegantly I present my case. It's worth noting that Constantin didn't say anything at all to a judge, as far as I know, and he still was expelled from captivity. Of course, I'm not done with Constantin's tutorial, so this is all just conjecture.

I intend to toss a hunger strike in the mix if/when I get arrested for exercising my birthright. Let's see how these cowards will deal with that ;-)

Don Croft

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