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By Ken Adachi <>
December 29, 2002

Everything you could possibly want to know about the Succor Punch (SP) will be accessible from this index page. Additional essays and related articles about the Succor Punch can be found at the bottom of this page. You can obtain a Succor Punch from me, from other builders, or you can make one yourself, as instructions will soon be posted here.

Brief Description
Succor Punch ("SP") is the name Don Croft coined for a quartz crystal that has a mobius coil wrapped around it in a peculiar way so that a knot is created for each turn of the coil that goes around the crystal. The knot creates a 'node' which enhances the desired action. When you pulse a 15 Hz signal into the mobius coil, it sets up a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves which can then be programmed with your thoughts. Forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels. Don Croft offers his own essay on the effects of the Succor Punch at this link.

To utilize the SP, you turn it on and hold it over your heart chakra and tell it what you want it to do. If you are being harassed by ELF microwave transmissions, you tell it to create a perfect shield against any sort of energy that is beamed to you from any dimensional plane, intended to cause you harm (in any way or form), by any sentient being or thought form directing that negative energy towards you. You then tell it to transmute any negative directed energy that penetrates your shield, into life enhancing energy that invigorates and energizes you in a positive manner. You then tell it to beam back to the party (or parties, or thought forms) who are responsible for sending this negative energy to you, the same negative energy, but in a form that the offending parties are defenseless to shield against.

Sometimes, for good measure, I'll ask that the offending energy being returned should be increased by 800% for as long as the clowns are beaming the energy to me. You can ask that any remote viewer, human or otherwise, be blocked from Remote Influencing or remote viewing you or from psychic scans. You ask that any negative alien being should  be blocked who attempts to attach any sort of life draining 'cord' or device (in any dimension) to your chakras or interferes with you in any way, etc., etc. You get the idea. In other words, you use it as if it's Aladdin's Lamp.

Dowsing tells me that I can program the medium size crystal for about 35 tasks. Some crystals can handle more programs, despite their size. Each crystal is an individual with unique attributes. Larger crystals can usually handle more programming and do things more powerfully than smaller crystals, but they all work on the same principle. The crystal can work without the pulsing circuit, but the power factor is much, much lower. According to Don Croft, negative aliens like the Draconian Reptilians cannot stand to be in the environment of the SP pulsing circuit and want to exit. He mentions this often in his Adventures episodes.

I was having a great deal of trouble in Winter 2001 with low energy and super sensitivity to EMF from computer screens, fluorescent lights, etc. I could hardly talk on the phone for 10 minutes without getting drained by the phone (yes, phones put out EMF). I talked to a few psychics and they indicated that I likely had reptilian aliens and psychic gremlins sucking energy out of me via "chakra cords" (can't imagine why). It seems I was also on the receiving end of microwave or psychotronic attack at the time. Using an AM radio on a white noise, non-use frequency, I was able to locate certain 'dead spots' in the house where I could sleep better. I also wore an aluminum hat for a while before I had the SP, but it was a pain in the butt to wear all the time. Anyway, I told Don about it and he sent me an SP and pulser circuit. I kept it going 24/7 and carried it with me whenever I went out. Gradually, I started to notice that I was getting stronger.  It was very slow and very gradual, but I was definitely moving in the right direction. For the first few months, I really didn't program the SP very specifically, but after I programmed it specifically to do X, Y, and Z, I noticed the effects (and me) were getting stronger faster. I now have far greater tolerance to EMF exposure and can accomplish much more.

I use three different SP crystals. I keep a big SP crystal running off the SP Pulser and plugged into the wall to cover the entire house. I keep a second, smaller SP crystal with the SP Pulser in a camera case whenever I go out and I have a third SP crystal in the car with the SP Pulser plugged into the cigarette lighter. The SP alone doesn't necessarily work for government mind control victims who have implants and are targeted for microwave harassment, but it does seem to work reasonably well for non MC victims without implants. The Powerwand might prove more beneficial for MC victims if properly applied. We have other ideas in the works to try and help MC victims who are being harassed with microwaves. A recent development in this regard is the Harmonic Protector ( designed by Carol Croft. She wanted to protect herself from ambient EMF radiations and found herself dissatified with the devices sent to her for evaluation, so she designed her own. Her design is a thing of beauty and may be just the ticket for people who are sensitive to EMF bombardment.

The Compact SP Pulser
The super compact SP Pulser ($80 donation plus $6 shipping) is significantly smaller and lighter than the SP Pulser fig1 Terminator.Sp Pulser interior fig.2 It takes up less room in a camera case or in your pocket.  It contains a 9 volt battery, the 15 Hz pulsing circuit, a 2.1mm jack for the SP crystal, a DC coax power jack, and the 9 volt DC wall transformer. You can also use the optional 7' coiled car cable ($18) (not shown) for battery power from your car. It's really convenient to keep a separate SP crystal in the car all the time and power it from the car battery using the SP pulser and the coiled car cable.


Sp Pulser with DC jackWhile the photo on the right shows the Pulser plugged into a larger SP crystal, it can be used to powerSp Pulser with Wall t and crystal any size SP crystal. The wall transformer saves on internal Pulser battery drain when inside the home. According to Don Croft, the SP crystal pulsing in the car will prevent bugs and transponders planted in your vehicle from working properly, denying the Gestapo the opportunity to monitor your conversations and tracking your position from satellites. The SP Pulser can also be used to power the Powerwand. The longer 4' cable with gold 2.1mm sub miniature plugs ($15) might be more desirable in those cases when you want a longer separation between the SP Pulser and the SP crystal. The shorter 6" cable with gold 2.1mm plugs is available for $12.

Coiled Car Cable
The coiled car cable is 30" long coiled up and stretches out to over 7 feet. It has an indicator LED that lights up when plugged into the cigarette lighter and is wired to match the polarity (negative center pin) of the 2.1 mm DC power jack on the SP Pulser or the DC power pack Terminator. $18 (plus shipping)

SP Crystals with Mobius Coil
There are fourteen different sizes of Double Terminated Quartz crystals to choose from for the SP crystal. I normally include crystal number 1 listed below as part of the SP Package, but if you want a larger SP crystal, you can substitute numbers 2-14 depending on the length and diameter of the crystal you wish to obtain.

. Medium size Succor Punch crystals start at 2.75" -3.0" long and 0.75 -1.0" in diameter for a $55 donation plus shipping.

Larger SP cyrstals
3.0 " - 3.25" long
2. 1.0" -1.25" diameter for $70
3. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $85
4. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $100

3.25"-3.75 long
5. 1.0"-1.25" diameter for $80
6. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $95
7. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $110
1.75"-2.0" diameter for $125

3.75"-4.25" long
9.   1.0"-1.25" diameter for $90
1.25"-1.50" diameter for $105
11. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $125
1.75"-2.0" dimaeter for $150

4.25"-4.75" long
13. 1.50"-1.75" dimaeter for $140
14. 1.75"-2.25" diameter for $165

Any SP crystal offered here includes a 6" cable terminated with 2.1mm gold plated sub-mini plugs at both ends. One plug goes into the jack mounted on the crystal and the other end goes into the 2.1mm jack located on the SP Pulser (see below) or on the Terminator. The SP Pulser is a mini, compact pulsing circuit specifically designed to power the SP. The Terminator is  fundamentally intended for zapping purposes, but can also serve double duty as a pulsing source for the SP. For medium size crystals, I use about 32 feet of wire to make the mobius coil. After doubling the wire twice and twisting it, you end up with an 8 foot mobius coil which is then wound and knotted around the crystal. I coat it two or three times with "Goop" to protect the wire and connections from abrasion and allow the SP to dry between coats. For larger crystals, I'll use 40' or even 50' of wire to compensate for the larger diameter of a bigger crystal. For a very long crystal, you can wrap two or more knotted coils along the length of the crystal.

#1 DT Quartz Crystals with 2.1mm jacks available for $55                                                             #2 Crystal $70


Larger SP Crystals (6" & 4")                            #6 Cyrstal $95                            Larger SP with 3x Lost Cubit Coil


SP Crystals with Resin/Metal Matrix and Lost Cubit Coils

Don & Carol Croft have found that adding some resin/metal matrix to the base of the SP crystal will enhance and amplify its action. I've gone a little farther and immersed the entire SP crystal in a resin/metal matrix using copper, aluminum, and brass metal shavings. I find that the larger SP crystals with the surrounding cylinder of orgonite and Lost Cubit coils will essentially function as a mini Powerwand. If you wish to have your SP crystal immersed in the resin/metal matrix, add $15 to SP crystal sizes #1-3, or add $20 for SP crystals #4-14 outlined above. .

If you want more action yet, I can add a St. Buster's Button (SBB) style coil for $7 at the very bottom of the orgonite base or wrap the crystal itself with a 3X Lost Cubit coil ($7) , or add both the SBB coil at the bottom and the 3X Lost Cubit coil for $12. I'm cutting the length of the wire for the coil based on the "Lost Cubit" length (523 mm) referred to by Slim Spurling and others. I'm using round molds to hold the orgonite. You can always find a camera case that will fit the SP of your choice for portable carry or leave it set up permanently in the home or in your car.


#1 Crystal Resin/Metal matrix & Coils      #2 Crystal Resin/Metal/Coils & SP Pulser        #11 Crystal/Matrix/Coils

SP Package Deal
The SP package deal includes:

1. the medium size SP crystal with the 6" cable and 2.1 mm right angled gold plugs ($55) (or substitute larger SP crystal with donation quotes above)

2. the SP Pulser with SP jack & DC wall supply ($80),

3. the coiled car cable ($18), and the longer 4 ' cable with 2.1mm gold plugs ($15), which totals $168, for a package deal of $160.

4. The same package deal above, but including the medium SP crystal with orgonite base, the SBB coil, and the 3X Lost Cubit coil, is available for $187.

Wrap Your Own Crystals
If you wish to wrap your own crystal, I can provide a ready made mobius coil in either 8 foot ($10), 9 foot ($12), 10 foot ($14) 12 foot ($16) or 14 foot ($18) lengths. The coil is made with 30 gauge solid conductor insulated wiring. It's one continuous length of wire, but it's tightly twisted with four lengths of wire laid side by side in a counterclockwise direction. I use the 8 foot mobius coils for medium size crystals of 1-1.5" diameter. For crystals that are 1.5 - 2" diameter, I'll use the 9foot mobius, and for crystals with a larger diameter than 2", I'll wrap them with the 10 -14 foot mobius coil depending on the diameter and length of the crystal. You can create two (or more) knots on your crystal instead of one to make wrapping less tedious. Single knots are shown in the photos above using 8 foot coils. You can also obtain the 2.1mm jack from me for $2.50 each. You'll need Quick Tite super glue gel to glue down the jack and Goop to cover the coil and jack after you've finished wrapping it. You can get them both at ACE Hardware or similar stores.

Custom Crystal Wrapping
If you want me to wrap your crystal for you, I can give you a quote if you send me an e-mail telling me the diameter and length of your crystal and which length of mobius coil you wish to use (or I can decide for you). Obviously, your crystal can't be too small in diameter or length in order for the SP to work. You need to start with the minimum dimensions that I refer to as a #1 SP crystal described above.

Obtaining Premium Gift Items

For the time being, send me an E mail ( if you wish to obtain any of the items mentioned here.  

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