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Year 2003

By Ken Adachi <>

You can read the original introduction posted on this page under the date of August 23, 2001 seen below. The most recent info/insights is posted at the top of the page with the date of posting.

May 14, 2003

Update on New ZetaTalk web site url:

Al Bielek on Planet X
I just listened to a radio interiew Al Bielek did with Kanya Vashon McGhee in early January of this year. Al said that the secret goverment made a deal with the inhabitants of Niburu to change the trajectory of that planet so it will not pass close enough to earth to cause massive earth changes and a pole shift in May/June of this year. Take it for what its worth, but I always pay close attention to anything that Al Bielek says.

May 7, 2003
Worried About Planet X ? (May 7, 2003)

Feb. 22. 2003
The latest interview of Red Elk from Spectrum News (A New Message from Red Elk) should be read first and then his earlier interview with Spectrum on Coming Changes for a broader overview. The other info posted below is marked with the date of its posting. It's still valid in my opinion. We are still enjoying, thankfully, the remaining days of the quiet before the storm, but they will end soon and the difficult events will unfold rapidly and be a great shock for most people unaware of the Illuminati plan of destruction. As Red Elk points out in his most recent interview.

A New Message From Red Elk (Feb. 21, 2003)

Red Elk Interview with Spectrum magazine on Coming Changes (important information) 

August 23, 2001

This page will include information that pertains to events that likely will occur in the year 2003. That's not to say that everything is going to be wonderful until 2003 arrives. There will be significant and unpleasant things happening in 2002 and even 2001, but the most dramatic and devastating scenario will likely unfold in 2003. Writing about this does not give me pleasure. I don't enjoy this for one second. I would prefer to live a peaceful and normal life, but you have two choices here: Either look into this and face it or deny it and pretend it won't happen.  If you prefer to deny it, then leave now. You have no obligation to read this if you don't want to. Depend on your inner voice. I'm not a prophet and can't remote view the future. Everything I write about is based on reading and listening. It's strictly an intellectual understanding. Some of it may be disinformation or misinformation that I am unaware of. I try to decipher the junk from the real stuff, but I'm only a human and far from infallible. Take it for what it's worth and listen to your inner voice above all..

I wrote Coming Attractions in 1996 and that synopsis centers around the claim from a web site called ZetaTalk that the planet Nibiru, or the 12th Planet, will pass though our solar system in late May or early June of 2003 and causes massive and cataclysmic earth changes.

I heard a long talk by Al Bielek in February, 2001 in which he claims that he time travelled to the future and was told of massive and destructive events in the year 2003.

I heard a talk by Stewart Swerdlow in May of 2001 in which he said that the New World Order will kick into high gear in 2003 with massive earth changes, nuclear wars, devastating bio plagues, martial law, roundup and internment of milllions of Americans, extermination camps, and attacks from canabalistic negative aliens.

We have this article concerning a speech by Russian leaders about difficult events due to occur in 2003:

Russia Sets Out to Tackle '2003 Problem (Aug 26, 2001)

The first thing to think about is SPIRITUAL preparation. Read the Mind-Body Connection and get in touch with your Higher Self and connect with God. With inner peace, you will no longer fear death and can function rationally. Many millions of people WILL SURVIVE these events and see it through till the end when better days will be upon the earth. The NWO will collapse eventually and we will have a peaceful and brotherly world to live in.

to be continued...

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