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9-11, The Greatest Act of Treason in American History

From Ken Adachi <Editor>

Update: Dec. 1, 2009

Zionist Israel: The Key Players Behind 911 (Dec. 1, 2009)

Update: August 31, 2008

I just came across a newly released 911 video called "Missing Links, The Definitive Truth About 9/11" which many bloggers are praising as one of the best videos to date on the 911 false flag betrayal of America. The emphasis is on the role of the Zionist infiltrators who have inserted themselves into the highest reaches of our government.

Missing Links: The Definitive Truth about 9/11-New Video (Aug. 31, 2008)

Update July 26, 2008

3 Short Videos on Patriot Acts I, II, & III (July 26, 2008)

Update September 29, 2007

There is now an astonsihingly array of high quality, well-produced 911-videos that can be viewed and downloaded free from the internet. I've listed some of them separately below, as they became available or known to me, but I now see that there are many excellent 911 web sites that offer comprehensive 911-video links. The links posted at, for example, are top shelf. There are many other videos as well from conferences or individual interviews. The video, Loose Change, for instance, is asvailable at with subtitles in Chinese, Korean, Danish, French, German, Polish, and Swedish - in addition to English

As I find more 911-video link sites (or someone tells me about them), I'll add to this list. ..Ken


In order to download the three videos listed below, first right click the 911 Mysteries link and then left click the "Save Link As" from the drop down menu. A box will open up and ask you into which file or folder you want to place the video download. Either create a special folder such as "911 videos" or place the video download into an existing folder of your choice. When you hit the "save" button, the file will download and be found in that folder after the download completes. After you've finished downloading, you can then open up Windows Media Player or some other video playback program that you have on your computer. Go to the "File" menu and click "Open" . A box will open and ask which file you want to open. Go to the folder where you stored the video downloads and then click the video you want to watch. Finally, click the "open" button in the dialog box. The video will then begin to play in your Media player program.

Missing Links: The Definitive Truth about 9/11-New Video (Aug. 31, 2008)

The 20 Minute, 911 Inside Job Power Point Presentation (Aug. 29, 2008)

911 Mysteries, Part 1 of 3 (Exposes the mountain of lies surrounding 911)  (47megs)

911 Mysteries, Part 2 of 3

911 Mysteries, Part 3 of 3

"America, Freedom to Fascism" Film Now Available Online Free (Oct. 23, 2006)

Great Video links on 911 posted at

Secret Evil of 911 (WMV 12 megs) -Good overview of the main issues concerning the 911 hoax

911 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality) - Google Video

Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid

18 Minute Video Summarizes Treason of 911(April 4, 2007)

Aaron Russo's "America: from Freedom to Fascism"

Watch this on-line video to discover what really happened: Loose Change, 2nd Edition

23 Online Videos Establish Proof That 911 Was Inside Job (Nov. 11, 2006)

Rudy Giuliani - the Republican Thug (video)


Where Did the Towers Go? The Evidence of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11 by Dr. Judy Wood (March 29, 2010)

Zionist Israel: The Key Players Behind 911 (Dec. 1, 2009)

Solving 9-11, Christopher Bollyn's explosive expose of the ultimate Inisde Job now on-line (Aug 28, 2009)

103 People Who are Likely or Suspected as 9-11 Criminal Co-Conspirators (Sep. 26, 2007)

The Fairy Tale Magic of the Bin Laden Legend (Mar. 2, 2007)

Proof that 9-11 Was an Inside Job; The Israel Lobby - Sports as a Conditioning & Propaganda Tool

CNN Reported that No Plane Hit the Pentagon!

Judy Woods Says Beam Weapons Used on WTC (Oct. 18, 2006)

'Loose Change' Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics "Debunking 9/11 Myths" (Oct. 18, 2006)

Profile: Lee Hamilton (August 21, 2006)

Who voted for the Patriot Act in 2001 and 2006?  

Controlled Press Hides Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff's Ties to Israel - Including Status as Israeli 'National' (March 4, 2005)

Tenants List of the World Trade Center 2, South Tower

Tenants List of World Trade Center 1, North Tower

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