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Breaking Big Brother
Strategies for Regaining Independence, Freedom, and Privacy in America

By Ken Adachi <>
June 22, 2004

When I was a kid, it was common to see a big decal on the windows of many offices and stores in the downtown area with the letters "BBB" on it. The letters stood for the "Better Business Bureau" and membership with that organization was suppose to be an assurance that the management of that store or company was interested in maintaining an ethical posture with the public. If a customer was mistreated in some fashion by a shoddy businessman or a clerk, you could always pick up the phone (or your pen) and log a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Over the phone, you were told that your complaint would be properly addressed and that the owners of that company would be duly appraised of the foul deed and steps taken to assure that it wouldn't happen again. It was the norm in those days for customers to remind an abusive, surly, or non-cooperative clerk that they were prepared to make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if their concerns was not met, and more often than not, it did seem to have the desired effect-at least with the clerk .

Of course, we were young and naive then. We thought that all was right with the world and that people meant what they said and said what they meant. Later on, we were to learn that the "BBB" was essentially a public relations gambit set up by local businessmen for the protection and welfare of their members and they were never really an advocate for customer's interests. The true purpose of the organization was to act as a shock absorber- absorbing the offended customer's anger and frustration and thus allowing it to dissipate into non-action. Without such a buffer in place, more than a few abused customers may have taken their grievance into a courtroom and settled there with monetary damages being awarded-and we couldn't have that now could we? Or perhaps, those irritated customers may have organized into their own customer rights advocacy groups and offered some real assertive action to the bon mots of the BBB. And we certainly couldn't have that either! So, for many decades, the BBB sham was played out in small and large towns across America, with most folks none the wiser.

Eventually, the BBB was pushed off to the side by the emergence of government consumer protection agencies, but , unfortunately, those agencies too have largely devolved into a self serving gambit and sham of their own making, but on a more sophisticated level. The reality is that most ordinary Americans today are up against a powerful amalgamation of big business and big government in their everyday lives which strips them of every last shred of privacy and self determination. This is the Age of Big Brother and we are now being herded, month by month, into ever tighter constraints of conduct. You are a number (or more accurately a group of numbers) with this octopus and you better be prepared to fess up you numbers or you aren't getting anything and you aren't going anywhere.

For instance, it is nearly impossible today to walk into a dentist or a doctor's office in America, get treatment, pay for it, and walk out. Unless you are prepared to reveal 1) your name, home address, telephone number, 2) your employer's name, address and telephone number, 3) your social security number, 4) your date of birth, 5) a photo ID (from government, military, or school)-which the assistant will insist on making a photocopy of, and 6) your complete medical history, you aren't going to be served. Even if you have a paid medical or dental insurance plan and present your insurance card, you will still be refused service unless you supply numbers 1-6 when you first visit that dental or medical office. Today, you will also be given a a multi page 'fact' sheet in most dental/medical offices which is often titled with words like "privacy rights" and you'll have to sign yet another form affirming that you were given, you have read, and you understood the information provided in the "privacy rights" form. The "privacy rights" fact sheet will inform that you no longer have any privacy rights and that the office will give away your medical records and 'personal' information to any law enforcement agency (local, state or federal), any governmental body (local, state or federal), or any other 'authorized' entities, who ask for it! Questions? No? Very good. "Have a seat and the doctor will call you when he's ready" she says with a cherry smile.

This same sort of coercion takes place with parents when it comes to school-required vaccinations, obtaining social security cards for infants in order to claim them for an exemption on your income tax, etc. You get the idea. You are treated like an indentured slave by a corporate feudal system, but because you are free to drive about in your car (assuming you have your state-granted "privilege" to drive, your driver's licence, your sstate registration, and your state-required insurance), you are made to think you are free, but you are not free. You are in bondage; you just can't see the chains. I just heard on the radio yesterday, that the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of a law that says it is now a crime in America if you refuse to identify yourself to a policeman. You can now be arrested, indicted, and jailed for the 'crime' of remaining silent. Questions? No? Very good.

It's a waste of time appealing to the same political forces who were responsible for bringing these restrictions into our lives, for relief. The same goes for big business coercion. This is why I don't bother signing petitions or similar outdated, ineffective methods for bringing about change. The way you control political corruption is to throw the bums out of office, which can be problematic today considering the fraud of electronic voting and the fraudulence of the nine people who make up the Supreme Court, but fortunately, big business is less problematic. The way you curb big business abuse is to take away their business.

There is an 800 pound gorilla standing in the corner of the room and no one is taking notice of him while we individually thrash about and ponder what to do to end this Orwellian nightmare. It's the sheer number of disgruntled and vexed Americans who are ready to be free of these coercive shackles that makes for a most powerful vehicle for change, but change can only begin to seed locally and expand regionally. Attempting to organize this effort on a national level is doomed before it begins because there are too many reactionary forces in place to shut it down. Locally, however, it can and will work. In fact, there are already many such independence-minded groups living and working in small communities around the world -free of the hassles, constrictions, and coercions of Big Brother.

Regional Currency
One of the reasons that the Illuminati decided to assassinate John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was because he was about to issue US government silver certificates (Update 6/23/04: someone sent me an e-mail and said that it was to be silver notes, not certificates, issued by the US Treasury ) for US currency and get out from under the inflatable, valueless paper promissory notes issued by the private bank owned by the Rothchilds (and others) known as The Federal Reserve System. To be sure, the silver certificate plan was immediately scrapped following Kennedy's murder and no other Illuminati stand-in puppet acting in the role of US President has dared to raise the issue again, but the idea itself is of value and can be easily adopted on the regional level. Anyone who has studied the Federal Reserve scheme knows that the only 'real' value in an economy are people's labor (energy) and property. And for thousands of years, we have also considered gold, silver, and gems to have a relatively fixed value that cannot be easily undermined. Federal Reserve notes, however are subject to inflation or deflation at the will of the Illuminati overlords and have no intrinsic value. You can't take a Federal Reserve note to the bank and redeem it for a silver or gold coin as would be the case with a US Silver or Gold certificate. It's just paper and its 'value' is an illusion. We can however, create our own paper and have it represent something of 'real' value to us such as labor, property, energy, precious metals, etc. We can't call it a 'currency' because that would make the Big Boys mad and they already have lots of statutory 'laws' defining who can issue currency, but we can call it 'script' and we can trade it among ourselves if we so desire.

Volunteers Needed
The purpose of this new section on my web site is to solicit ideas from readers and offer articles and networking links to web sites that offer real solutions to Big Brother's corporate hegemony. We need doctors and dentists, for example, who are willing to provide their services for patients who only want to provide their name, a mailing address, and a telephone number where they can be reached or a message can be left for them and NOTHING MORE in the way of personal identity or documentation. While I realize that being paid in full for services rendered is uppermost in the minds of most professionals, I'm convinced that cooperative and secure payment methods can be worked out between patient groups and doctors who understand the need to re-establish the rights of privacy and freedom for Americans that has been taken away from us by this corporate/government octopus. Of course, most doctors are paid by insurance companies and insurance companies are at the heart of the problem, but new collective groups can be formed of private citizens who wish to pool their funding resources and payment arrangements can be made with willing physicians. I also like the idea of allowing patients to take their records home with them (and yes, I realize that some people will lose them or spill spaghetti sauce on them, but we are talking about re-establishing freedoms here, including that freedom). When the Homeland Gestapo or FBI pull one of their infamous ninja style SWAT team raids on unarmed civilians at a doctor's office, wouldn't it be nice if there were no patient records there to be seized?

Please let me know if there are any doctors or dentists out there who are amenable to this idea, because I believe there is a huge number of patients out there looking for you.

It would be delightful if the day ever came when I could start seeing those big decals once again in the windows of stores and shops which read "BBB", but this time it would refer to a member in good standing with "Big Brother Breakers" or maybe "Big Brother Busters" would be more hip. Now that would be a thrill.

Please send your ideas, articles, and suggestions to Ken Adachi, Editor

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To be continued...

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