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Ithaca HOURs Print Own Money
June 24, 2004

Subject: regional currency
From: "JOHN SMITH" <>
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 8:45 am
To: Ken Adachi, Editor

I probably saw it first on your website, but since I didn't notice it in Breaking Big Brother

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Ithaca HOURs Online

Here's why we print our own money!

Welcome to the on-line home of the founder of Ithaca HOURS. This web site contains a wealth of information about Ithaca HOURS' development and history, media coverage over the years, archives, (etc etc.) The Ithaca HOURS System is now managed by an elected Board of Directors. For information about current System activities and operations, how to obtain loans or grants, etc., visit the Ithaca HOURS web page at



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