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June 24, 2004

Subject: Breaking Big Brother
From: Hank
Date: Wed, June 23, 2004 6:58 pm
To: Ken Adachi, Editor

In response to your above subject article, I whole heartedly agree with this approach and is being done informally in many areas around the country already. Various barter groups, silver round exchanges, etc., etc. are out there and are local. But what seems to be missing is a way to get in contact with these groups and other independents to take advantage of their services or products. A major index or listing of such information would be necessary but at the early stages it is also a liability that big brother would know about and could put pressure on various sources that are working outside of the system.

It is like a chicken and egg situation - which comes first and when. The only way to do this is as is being done now - the more tedious, slow way and sharing found resources with like minded friends and neighbors. For example, there are quite a few sources of truly natural - organic grown chickens. But they have only gone part way - they did get away from the corporate type of chicken raising but their payment methods are still in the US fiet dollar federal reserve notes and worse yet, some only take plastic - credit or debit cards. What we need to find and share information on is the natural sources for whaever we are looking for that is willing to take real gold or silver coins, barter as well as use the existing payment systems for their products and services.

The more we find of these, even across the country, the more freedom we will have in doing what we want and when the "sh.. hits the fan" a few years down the line when corporate america will only accept the computer implanted chip in your hand or forhead, we will have alternative sources for what we need and can say to hell with the corporate system in most cases. Maybe different groups and individuals, even now, need to get even more busy exchanging information with others and expand the network of the "mom and pop" operations as we once had here and break the corporate strangle hold that is upon us. Let's explore ways of going back to our heritage roots and step up the reality of this happening now.


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