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Existing Community-Created Currency,
Salt Spring Island, Canada
June 24, 2004

Subject: Existing community-created currency
From: Steve
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 9:49 am
To: "Editor" <Ken Adachi, Editor>

Hi Ken!

Here in Canada, just off the West Coast, on Salt Spring Island, there's a legal currency created by Islanders. It is redeemable only on Salt Spring, and it is actually backed by gold. There's a website you can check out (sorry, I don't have the address anymore, but try a Search), that tells all about the money. Interesting! --and the currency is "freshness dated", has good artwork, and is collectable too.

It's good only up to a specific date, then must be exchanged for new Salt Spring dollars or Canadian dollars. Our government recognizes the currency, and has no problems with it. The only thing is, it cannot be spent anywhere else but Salt Spring Island--unless mainlanders decide they'll accept it. It's a concept that will interest you. I'm told the Islanders are a radical bunch, individualists. Maybe you'll want to visit Salt Spring Island, or order some bills to show around. It's a concept that could spread!

[Follow up E-mail}
Hi Ken!

Here's the website, for your interest:

I hope you enjoy checking it out!

Steve Mc Manus


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