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An Interview with Al Bielek,
co-author of "The Philadelphia Experiment"
Part 2
Interviewed by Kenneth Burke ( ) at the Global Sciences Congress,
Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997

LE= Leading Edge reporter Kenneth Burke

LE: What is happening either on Mars or the Moon these days that you know about?

BIELEK: I can give you very little information about Mars. I know there are colonies there, but there's evidence that the colonies have been overrun and destroyed. The story is by an alien group - the reptilians. The reason we can say this is apparently what happened is because all the radio transmissions to Earth from the colonies, which were on a very regular basis, suddenly shut off about two years ago. The radio amateurs used to monitor them with their own equipment, because they could triangulate and know they were from Mars. Suddenly, all transmissions shut off, and they say there are no more. Something's happened up there.

Of course, the moon's being mined by US-Russian interests and obviously some alien interests. We're mining the back of the moon, bringing titanium back. The moon is an artificial object. It's not natural. It was built as a space vehicle by someone long ago and parked in orbit because they apparently had trouble with it. Whether you believe it or not, because there is no proof of this, the story goes that whoever was in the original moon parked it there, built themselves a smaller moon object and took off. There are stories in the Vedic literature that there were two moons around the Earth for a period of time. Prior to about 25,000 years or so ago, there was no moon in the Earth's orbit. It was brought in and parked. We've been up there, and the Russians are up there. We're mining the back side for titanium.

I can't say this is proof, because it's not public. Interesting information came to my attention about one and one-half to two years ago from somebody involved as a consultant to the government and certain civilian military sectors, and has good connections with the military. He drives all over the country to service cryogenic and related equipment found out the US has been melting down scrap titanium. He got a few facts and figures together and found that they are melting down a conglomerate of 12,000 tons of scrap titanium per month and the Russians are doing the same at about the same rate. Now, it doesn't take too much figuring to start asking where are they getting all this scrap titanium. In the heyday of producing titanium at Henderson, Nevada, it took half the power
output of Boulder Dam and half the water from Boulder Dam to process raw ore and finish titanium bars, ingots, whatever. The maximum they could produce 24 hours a day, seven days a week, was 500 tons a year. Where did they get 12,000 tons of scrap? It was coming in from the moon.

I found this out and asked Phil Schneider about it, because he had so many connections. He said,
yes, it was coming from the moon. He showed me a sample of the titanium. It was strange-looking
stuff. When I asked, he said it was from the moon. I said, isn't this the same titanium we use here on
Earth when we mine, process and produce our own. He said, now, it is a different isotope. It's not the
same type of titanium, and the moon is largely titanium.

LE: Does it still work the same?

BIELEK: Yes. It still works very well as titanium.

 LE: Something about which I'd like to ask you concerns our talk with somebody recently, who gave us all this documentation. He feels that it's imminent that the government is going to uncover this massive UFO

BIELEK: They're not going to do it on their own, because it's too embarrassing in many respects. The coverup has gone on for so long, since Roswell and particularly after the overflights of the White House in 1952, when the National Security Council got into it and had a split vote at that time of six to release the unvarnished information to the public and the other six to bury it. Of course, the chairman of the NSA at that time had to cast the deciding vote to break the tie. That chairman was Richard Nixon, who was the director of the NSA until he became president. He cast the vote to bury it, so, they set up "Project Blue Book" - one for the public and one for the military and, of course, have buried everything ever since. It has become embarrassing to them because they have captured so many ships and have so many aliens, who have been hostages or "guests" of the government as it is politely said.

Even though there are people who think that anyone believing this is having figments of their imaginations, there are tons of highly classified proof which is buried because they do not want the public to know. If the public becomes heir to anything that augments the theory or shows real proof, it's seized under national security rules. The people keep talking; some have been shut up and some killed, like Phil Schneider, for example, who knew the facts and had directly interviewed aliens himself in Area 51. He knew what was going on. He attended underground UN meetings - the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza. The policy-making meetings are held in the underground military bases (what he called the DUM [deep underground military) bases). They are all controlled and dictated to by the tall gray aliens. He personally attended two of these meetings and said, after the second one, he was working for the wrong people. That was why he quit his service as a geologist for the government.

LE: So, his observation was that the UN is controlled and run by aliens?

BIELEK: Yes. That is his flat statement. He never made it publically, but I will. He said it was run by aliens. He said that the aliens are in back of UN policy, and that they are in back of so many things that are happening on the Earth. He says that they are gradually taking over and are running, shall we say, "The New World Order."

LE: Now, which group of aliens is this?

BIELEK: The tall grays - the old ones.

LE: And they're from Sirius?

BIELEK: They're from Zeta Reticuli. In a way, they're related to, but they're not the same as the short grays, which are almost robotic. There are five or six different species of grays. The sixth one is the tall grays. Then, there are the six-foot type, then the five and one-half-foot type. These are all male and female, which do reproduce in a manner which we recognize and know as normal reproduction. You get down to the little three and one-half-foot grays, who are asexual and can't reproduce. They can't even digest food. These are the renegades. They are sort of the drones of the gray society, who do the work for them.

LE: Do we know how many of these are here?

BIELEK: At one time, there were millions. I have no idea how many are here now. They have split away from the government and do not even work for the US government any more. Some of the stories were, "The government lies too much." Well, I think we all know that, but even the grays finally tumbled to the fact that the promises made to them by the government were broken. Of course, the government says that the promises made to the government by the grays have been broken. They're probably both lying.

LE: So, all this information that you can read from various sources about the organization of "The New World Order" and the "black helicopters" and all these things is being orchestrated by the aliens?

BIELEK: Much of it is. There's also a cross of a very human group - the 12 families, including the "Illuminati," the "Bilderburgers," "CFR," "Trilateral Commission," "Club of Rome," the "Committee of 300." All of these are human groups, the inside elite, who want to set up a "New World Order" and a "One-World Government." They want to reduce the world population at the same time. Now, these guys are not stupid. One cannot deny they are very intelligent, but they see things in a different light than the average person. They don't believe in freedom, except their kind - a "you are part of us" kind. If you're not, we'll maneuver any way we want. You are essentially slave labor to the rest of the world in their eyes. They see that the world is overpopulated (and I don't think there's any question that it's ecologically overpopulated), and they want to reduce the world population by any means: biological warfare, nuclear warfare, whatever.

They've given up the nuclear warfare, because it would not be in their interest, since it would destroy them. By whatever means, they want to reduce the population to about one-half billion. They wanted to do it by the year 2000 but have had to change the goal to the year 2025, because of the near physical impossibility of doing this in three years - five years from the original inception of the plan, although the plan is older than 1995. They've extended the date, but they still want to reduce the world population and set up more of their view of a "garden paradise," and convert many of our cities and living areas back into the natural primeval forest that existed 500 years ago. They're literally ready to plow under cities in this country and plow under the highways. They don't want to destroy all but many of the cities, because they want to reduce the population. This is the plan which they're in the process of implementing. Of course, we've got the aliens involved.

LE: That's the variable.

BIELEK: Yes. That's the variable element. In their view, they are using the aliens. In the alien's view, they are being used by the aliens. So, who is on top. Who's really running the show? Nobody knows at this point. You could read Branton's work, either the 26-page synopsis or the entire book. He was a US government employee for most of his life, underground working with the alien situation. According to his statements, the US government is underground with troops, and he says there's a see-saw war going on under our feet that's been going on for years as to who's going to come out on top and run the show. There are two or more alien groups vying for control in the underground, and the US government's trying to keep things under control with our troops - surprise - and he has reported all this. So, it's really a free-for-all. At this point, nobody can say flatly who is on top or who's going to come out on top.

From my observations, I don't think "The New World Order" is going to make it. They will appear to make it up to the last moment and will achieve still more control than they have right now, which is almost full control now. They're going to get to the ID cards, the bank Smartcard containing your entire history, and they intend, by 1999 before the year 2000, everybody in the US and probably everybody in the world about whom they have any concern will have to have one of these cards to do any banking or anything. If they don't have it, they're an outlaw. This is the plan and what they're working on. The cards are starting to show up. The banking is being converted to a cashless society, now, at an accelerating rate. These are all "New World Order" plans. They intend to achieve complete dominance and control of the society by the year 2000. They know Earth changes are coming, too, and they're trying to circumvent them as much as possible and set this up before the Earth changes
become highly destructive. They're not fools. They know this is going to happen. They have their prepared sites, where they hope to survive. I don't think they'll survive as well as they think. Their last resort that they have vehicles to leave the planet and go somewhere else.

LE: Do they know when these Earth changes are supposed to happen?

BIELEK: From time travel, they have a pretty good idea. Phil was a geologist. He was not able to time travel. He knew about it, but he didn't get to do it. He says that, as a geologist, we know the Earth changes are coming, where they're going to happen, and how heavily they're going to hit. For example, San Francisco will be hit with an earthquake of Richter 11 to 12. I said, that will wipe out the city, and he said, yes. He said the Navy is already moving all their facilities out of the San Francisco Bay area. They have not closed San Diego. He said San Diego will be wiped out. He said they're moving much of it to Bremerton, Washington, but they don't know whether that will be safe, and they don't know what to do with the Pacific Fleet - whether to let it sit at anchor and hope it rides it out or move it to sea and hope it rides it out there. He said that they know it's coming, but he said they know
it's coming, but the problem is - we cannot predict when. Now, for the last 72 hours, yes. There are certain indicators that, within 72 hours, will say, this is it, but earlier than that, it's not predictable.

LE: Well, with your contacts, have you been able to find out when the government feels this will happen?

BIELEK: Not in terms of what the government thinks. I've seldom talked about this publically, but it's probably time. In terms of time travel and my access of future events, because in my and Duncan's jumping overboard from the Eldridge, we did not go straight to Montauk. We went to the year 2137 A.D. We arrived in bad shape. We wound up in hospitals for about a month. When we finally found out where we were, we both (particularly me) started asking lots of questions about where we were, what had happened, and so forth. They told us about various events and showed us some maps of the altered United States. We asked, what the hell's going on here? We looked at the maps from all over. What events had changed in government, in society? They were rebuilding from the damage of the period from 2000 to 2015 to 2016 era. Finally, everything had settled by the time of 2025. As they told us, when the Earth changes hit really severely, which was around the year 2000, at that point, the governments all over the world collapsed, and the military took over. The Earth changes were very severe, and there was a tremendous loss of life. By the year 2025, the planetary population was down to somewhere around 450 to 500 million. So, "The New World Order" accomplished their goal in the process of losing it.

LE: Losing the world.

BIELEK: Yeah. They do start to rebuild, and they do rebuild. I would say that, at that point, they were about half way to rebuilding what we have today. Of course, they would never rebuild as completely as today, because they would never achieve the population. They would keep it under control from that point and held it to about 500 to 800 million. There is no longer the pressure for vast industrialization. Science and technology were saved completely, and the military (particularly the Navy) were taking care of this. The Navy has a fleet (now, but I don't know how many) of the Phoenix class submarine, which is 960 feet long with double-titanium hulls. The Russians have the same sort of type. That's where the titanium is being used. These things are monstrous. The crews on board are 1400 - all officers and no enlisted. Of course, they have missile racks, but with the double-titanium hulls, they can dive and sit at a depth of approximately 7000 feet and survive. They are solid-state nuclear powered, which are more durable than the old type.

They don't have any waste-product or breakdown problems. The important part is that the Navy and those who realize what is coming have decided that they have to do something to salvage science and technology and the knowledge to rebuild in the future. In everyone of those Phoenix class subs, they have put a series of 18-inch laser disk players. With data compression, modern techniques and a 18-inch laser disk, they can store the history of civilization, all of the science and technology which we have today, on one disk. They probably have backup disks. Every one of those subs has such a system on board. I know people who were involved in the initial design. They initially started with 36-inch laser disks. I talked with a man, who was involved with the project. They decided that was too big, and have reduced it to an 18-inch, which they decided was quite large enough. He said that, with the newer techniques of data compression, they can create an enormous data compression and data storage on an 18-inch disk. The worst case analysis suggests that some of those subs will survive. They only need one to survive and have an intelligent crew survive to start to rebuild civilization. They know people will survive into the future. They know that not all cities will be wrecked.

From my knowledge of what I heard at that time, the cities which survived and which didn't, Atlanta survived as a city, but it was wrecked because of the riots and the war which befell it. By the year 2000 from the data I have, reduced this population from 3-1/2 million, believe it or not, to 15,000.

LE: So, you want to be out of the cities at this time.

BIELEK: Right. Denver survived completely, as did some other cities. Some of the more rural areas survived quite well. The problem, is that you don't want to be directly in the Rocky Mountains, because they are going to be badly shaken. Denver is far enough east that it will not be hit by mountain movements. If an asteroid were to hit, yes, every city on the continent would be hit by the ripple effect through the mantle. There are military watching for that and, hopefully, we will never be hit by such a large object.

Hale-Bopp was diverted and split into six pieces in the process.

LE: Oh, really?

BIELEK: Yes. Then, they moved it out early and changed the orbit. According to the scientific computer estimates, they told the public it would be a fly-by. Drs. Hale and Bopp said about one million miles from Earth from the latest computation; the original one said 100 to 125 million miles away. According to the information I received, the military said it was on a direct collision course with the Earth. There had been 23 course corrections, and they could see where it was headed. They were sweating bullets.

LE: It was being directed, like some people thought?

BIELEK: Yes. It was being directed straight into a collision course with Earth.

LE: And there was a spacecraft directing it, like some people said?

BIELEK: Yes. There was a very large craft in back of it. They had good photographs of it through the Hubble telescope, too, believe it or not, which were never made public, of course. The military or NASA or both had been tracking Hale-Bopp for some 10 years - well outside the solar system, because it's the largest comet known in the history of man. It's a very large object with a huge trail. They were able to track it that far out, because they have very sophisticated equipment.

LE: How could they divert it if the spacecraft was directing it?

BIELEK: Because they found a way to divert Hale-Bopp by means of the particle-beam weapons systems and other highly advanced techniques. They were able to move it, divert it from the Earth, and send it out early. It was actually supposed to hit apogee about 28 April to 1 May. It was on its way out by 28 April.

LE: Did they attack the spacecraft?

BIELEK: Yes, they did. They destroyed it. I've not seen the photos, but photos were taken, and the information I have is that there were many attempts through the military and cooperation with remote viewers, who agreed that there was a large object there. Nobody could agree about what or who was in it. They couldn't even agree on the size, because I got feedback through military channels that there were 137 remote viewers involved in this, from whom they got all the data and stories. They got 137 different opinions. None agreed with the other. The military finally concluded, and I think rightfully so, that this means that there was somebody intelligent on board, who was directing the return view of what these people saw to what those individuals perhaps would like to see. Since there were 137 different views of what was seen, they felt obviously this was being directed and obviously they were hostile or they wouldn't be acting that way. So, they took the view that whoever was in that object and the object were hostile.

After Hale-Bopp was out of the way, it was sitting there for a period of time. They had been transmitting radio signals for a period of time that have never been decoded. They've been unable to crack them. I have inputs which suggest that it was not a language anyway but a computer code for some other purpose, and that would never be cracked if the purpose of the encoding were never known. At least, I heard that they didn't. All of a sudden, the radio signal stopped, and the thing was gone. It was destroyed. There was a lifeboat, which went very rapidly and went outside the solar system. According to information I have, a series of very special aircraft, which we have, destroyed it. The series is the Aurora, and very few people know about them. That's our most advanced flying weapon that we have.

The newest version that the US builds (the other version is built by the Russians) will do Mach 35 outside of the atmosphere, meaning around the Earth in less than one hour. It can circumnavigate the entire Earth in less than one hour. According to information I have from Phil Schneider, who had privy to a lot of information before he died about which he did talk, is that the new Russian version is smaller than hours, and they can do Mach 50 in the atmosphere. This is the Aurora aircraft, which uses a very special form of atomic nuclear grid bed engines with
enormous thrust. Each engine puts out 10 million pounds of thrust. With two of them (20 million pounds of thrust), they can fly straight from the Earth to the moon with a payload and come back with a payload without refueling. These vehicles, which can go deep into space, were used to get to Hale-Bopp and destroy it.

LE: Since you mentioned where you went before you went to Montauk, could you share a little bit more about that society when you were there?

BIELEK: It was still in the process of being rebuilt. If I remember correctly, the banking systems were  nearly gone. The banking systems did vanish completely later. The governments were in a very strange state. They were localized governments but they were evolving.

LE: But, they had the technology to send you to Montauk?

BIELEK: Oh, yeah. They had the technology for space travel even then. Of course, we have it now. It was not lost, but they were rebuilding what had been here on the Earth, and it was a tremendous job. Another problem they had was what could they do with the nuclear waste? And, that's one of the biggest problems we have on the Earth today. It's poisoning the atmosphere. The nuclear waste floating around in the upper atmosphere is really what's responsible for destroying the ozone layer - not the spray chemicals and not the Freon-12. That's absolute hogwash. It is due to nuclear waste floating around in the atmosphere from all the bomb tests and various other things. The nuclear waste in the ocean is another problem that is catching up with us severely. In the future, this was a problem. I don't know how they do it, but they were in the process then. We didn't have much time to
ask questions.

From there, we were sent back to Montauk, and, at Montauk, a lot of our memories were erased. Duncan still does not remember the side trip, but I do. How I became aware that we'd had a side trip was another strange story involving a man, whom I met at the First International UFO Convention in Tucson, Arizona, put on by Wendell Stevens. A guest there with whom I spoke (and I'll only use his first name), was Jeff, who was an extreme psychic. He was brought up through the project, Trojan Horse, which was a German project transferred to the US after World War II. He was very, very psychic. We had a conference going and were sitting around a big round table. I went over to talk with him and ask him some questions. I'd never met him before that. I handed him my business card. He held it and started reading off it. He said, hmm, he saw something strange there. I thought, well, he's psychic, he's going to come up with something. He said he saw two time lines. He said, "You've
lived through the same time period twice." I thought, "Holy baloney!" This guy's onto something." He looked at me and looked at the card and said, "Your name's not Al Bielek, your name's Edward Cameron. You've got a Ph.D. in physics. You graduated from Harvard. Furthermore, you don't really know what happened with the  Philadelphia Experiment.'" At that point, my mouth was literally hanging half way to the ground.

LE: This was when?

BIELEK: This was at Wendell Stevens' First International UFO Convention, Tucson, Arizona, I think in
1993 - 1992 or 1993. I said, well, I know there are some gaps in my memory about the "Philadelphia
Experiment." I don't know everything that happened. He said, "You don't know what really
happened." He said, "You went into the year 2137 with your brother. You were stuffed full of scientific
information by the government there and sent back, and the US government taps you now,
periodically, because they figure the information is safer with you two than anywhere else." This is
what he told me, verbatim. I went through the concrete of the floor, and there was no basement. I was
flabbergasted. I had never seen this guy before in my life and he did this reading. Everything he said
has proven to be true because, eventually, I did remember.

This guy was absolutely unbelievable. He has been all over Europe and high society. Later, he
showed me his scrapbook of photos of the people in Europe with whom he used to party - in
Bangkok and all over the world. He was supplied with money from unknown sources. He was being
directed by an outside alien group and was under the guidance of - I can't remember which there are
so many of them. However, he was navigating them so to speak. They helped train him as part of
project Trojan Horse, and which they moved to Brazil. He was born in Brazil of normal parents and
raised in that project. He escaped sometime around the age of 12 or 13. The rest of his life is a little
obscure to me, but he was sent to the UN to talk with a certain person, which he did, and that guy set
up a bank account for him and said he'd always had money in the account. From that time, he
traveled and met various people.

I do not know what his real function was supposed to be. He wanted to work with me in Phoenix and a third  party, and, in the process of boarding a plane in Tampa, Florida, to go to meet us in Phoenix, he was abducted by US government agents, knocked out, and put on a plane that was going to go to Russia, if it was read remotely correctly. That plane was turned back, and he wound up in the underground in New Mexico, where he was helped to escape. It's a longer story, and I won't go into the details. He wound up on the surface and was told
that transportation would be provided. He stood on the side of the road and watched a bus come down the road. The engine died right in front of him, and the bus stopped. He talked to the bus driver and told him he needed to get to the next town. The bus driver said that he couldn't take him because he didn't have a ticket. The guy said that he had money and argued the bus driver into accepting him and paid him. The bus driver dropped him off at the next town, where he met some people I know, like Bill English. I think the next town was Alamagordo, New Mexico. From there, he called me wherever I was. I went back to Phoenix, and he arrived several days later from New Mexico. He told me where he was, and I went to meet him in the motel. He looked haggard and was  haking like a leaf. He looked like he'd been through the concrete mixer several times over.

He asked if I saw anything strange about him, and I said, "Yeah, where'd all your hair go?" He said, "Where I was in the underground facility, they shaved me clean of every stitch of hair on my body and told me a story of torture and everything else that the civilian doctors ...." I asked if they were human, and he said, "Yes. He said they were torturing me. They wired me up, but I don't know what they were going to do. I was given help to get out and here I am." He showed me that back of his neck (and I have a video of this, because the guy in Alamagordo did a complete analysis and video of him), he had a big hole where they must have had some kind of probe. He had Army fatigues on rather than his regular clothes, which he acquired in the process of his escape, because his suitcases had vanished at the airport when he was abducted. He finally made it to Phoenix. Well, we didn't do anything like he'd originally planned, and he eventually recovered and his hair grew back. But, he was so badly shaken when I met him, and had obviously been through a very harrowing experience, and for what reason I don't know. I have no idea what it was all about, except that somebody did not want him to meet me and a third party, whom I'll not name. That broke up the operation literally.

I can surmise what it was all about, but I won't go into it because of the identity of the third party, who
is a fairly young person for whom I don't want to cause any problems.

LE: Something about which you talked is that the reason they leave you alone is that you carry some kind of energy field.

BIELEK: That's part of it, plus the fact that I traveled through time and came back. I have my own time loop. One of the problems is that Dr. Norman Levinson, who was a math professor at MIT (born, I think in 1912 and died in 1976, I believe), wrote a series of mathematical books. I found four or five of them on the shelves of the library at Princeton, the Institute of Advanced Study, which he wrote about a series of things called the time equations, the time matrix, and such, which are still classified today. One of the things, which he developed and said was that, if you produce a disruption in the time field, it becomes unstable, because, just as an electronic transmission line for radio or TV work, it has an impedance in the line. You must terminate that line at its appropriate characteristic impedance or you get reflected energy.

You don't get full transmission of the power down the line. It has to be properly terminated at the right impedance, which is well known to electronic engineers, which I am. If you do not terminate that line at the proper impedance, and it's either too low or too high, you get reflected energy back to the source. You don't get proper power transfer. This is well-known and well-established. The same thing holds for the time field. If you cause a sharp
disruption, which was the case when the "Philadelphia Experiment" locked up with the "Montauk Project" on 12 August 1943 and 1983, you produce a disturbance in the time field. Like an unterminated transmission line, you will cause a ripple in the time field and reverse time energy fields started to go back.

Of course, Dr. von Neumann knew this in his math. There was a problem in 1963, where the forward field was met by the reverse field. He mathematically extrapolated that we were going to have a real problem, like most of the North American continent was going to wind up in space and the rest would be covered by ocean water. They had to put the Earth on a new time line, which was successfully done in March 1963 by a group, involving Dr. von Neumann and three other scientists. I met one of the others, but the other two were from the future, and I don't know who they were. Dr. von Neumann had his own time machine and recruited these people to work for him.

LE: All right. So, we're on a different time line now?

BIELEK: Yes. We're on a different time line than the original - the whole planet. That saved the day, so to speak, to prevent the forward and reversed time waves hitting each other, because the reversed one was attenuated severely by going on a new time line. Shall we say, this vectorially avoided the collision by going off in a different direction. That's exactly what they did, so the effect was minimal. We're still on that alternate time line, and this has helped, in a way, to change history. There is such a complex of problems involving time engineering, re-engineering, being on a different than the original time line, that it's hard to say where this may all come out. Shall we say, the innermost levels of the government and the scientists, who work with it, are well-aware of this problem. They have been doing time engineering and re-engineering. Of course, outside groups have been concerned about this, as well.

There's another group, of which I only recently learned, is the group which runs the "Montauk Boys" project. That's a very long story in itself, since my number two son was a "Montauk Boy," and we go into it sideways because of that, finding out that there was not just one. All the "Montauk Boys" projects are now away from Montauk. They went in 1980 or 1981. I went into other sectors, all underground bases (six on Long Island). Every major city in the US has one. They're processed all over the country. In fact, the "Montauk Boys" is a generic term. It doesn't refer to location, only to the processing and the product. They're hitting them all over the world. Over 10 million Americans have been processed in the "Montauk Boys" project.

LE: I've read different information about things with which you've been involved. I've never really understood what the "Montauk Boys" project is.

BIELEK: This is a project to implant and program them for future use. The original program started in about 1975 and 1976. It's ongoing to this day. They had to pick these kids at a vulnerable age around puberty. This means that the candidates were selected. They are quite careful about selecting them. They have to fit a certain genetic pattern. They want these candidates from anywhere around 12 to 16, sometimes as late as 17. Beyond that age, around the age of 17, the mindset starts to become fixed, and they can't really be set up and trained the way they are wanted. The ideal ages seem to be from 13 to 15. They are programmed, conditioned to be push-button controlled for remote programming already inserted into their subconsciousnesses through the implants and the
conditioning of each individual.

The "Montauk Boys" are now implanted by some very sophisticated techniques. They go through training first, processing, mind control, implants in the subconscious, command factors, personality changes and variants, preconditioning to do certain things upon command. The command will be supplied either by a final level of programming or, if the final level's inserted, there are certain command functions which can be delivered either by a radio transmission (because the human brain will receive scale of transmissions if not damaged). You can transmit from an FM or AM radio transmitter (typically AM) a scale or energy  nnouncement, which will be heard by the candidate by the scale of reception techniques of the human brain. "If you reach this message, call this phone number and you will get your instructions either to report to a certain place or to set into motion that preprogrammed program."

LE: Based on your knowledge, what kinds of things are they being programmed?

BIELEK: I didn't know for what they were being programmed, but now I know. They are being set up
to be assassins, riot makers (like in the LA riots a few years ago which were not restricted for LA),
spies, sex slaves, whatever. I might add that there are "Montauk Girls," as well as "Montauk Boys,"
though I only know of one. They're apparently a fairly rare commodity. In terms of females being
converted into sex slaves, "Project Monarch" is much more common, as Cathy O'Brien has
explained in her book. I won't go into that.

LE: We published her information previously.

BIELEK: Yes, it is quite well known. I presume there are "Montauk Girls", who are programmed in a similar manner, although you have a problem physiologically in terms of the different polarities of the chakras in the female from the male. Nevertheless, a way has been found to program them. They can be set up to be sex slaves, male or female. Primarily, they like to set them up as saboteurs, rioters and assassins.

I'm sure everyone has watched in horror the business of who assassinated the world-renowned designer in Miami Beach. When they were finally able to be sure who murdered this designer, I took one look at his picture and could see that he is a "Montauk Boy." They have a certain look. If you see one in person, you know almost immediately whether or not he's a "Montauk Boy." There are certain characteristics in their auras that are modified by their electronic programming and processing or, if you are good at reading body language (as is Preston Nichols), you can tell from the body language.
LE: There are millions of them?

BIELEK: There are 10 million-plus in the US alone, and they're continuing to program. I took one look at this guy's picture and said, "He's a 'Montauk Boy.'" He might have acted as a normal person up to the point that somebody pushed his buttons. Now, interviews with his family are coming out. Number one, we had no idea that he was a homosexual. He denied it all the time. We had no idea that he was into this sort of thing. He was a nice, quiet, well-mannered boy. His earliest roommate said that he was a great guy, a humanitarian, and did all these good things, and he had no idea that he could turn into a murderer. The next roommate, of course, was one of the victims. They asked the second roommate if he might be a murderer, but he said, of course, he's dead. He went through this string of murders. Who ordered this and why? What did this designer in Florida know or what connections did he have all over the world?

LE: What did he find out that they didn't want him to know?

BIELEK: Right. He was a homosexual, and that seems to be disparaging. He apparently was in and out of the gay bars and knew an awful lot of people. Who did he know who was dangerous to someone? That's the question. Why did they order Noonan to murder him. This was an outright order in my view.

LE: Now, because of your being involved in all of these projects and traveling through time, they don't want to fool with you because they don't know - like current travels over a copper wire, you've actually become part of the copper wire. There's no precedent for the kinds of things through which you've been, so, they just don't fool with you.

BIELEK: Well, the one other precedent, which exists and is similar, is my brother, Duncan. He is
probably physically kept alive (because he was dying at the "Montauk Project" as the original
Duncan, and they had to find another body for him), and he was reborn in 1951. That's all in the
Montauk series books. He is in a similar position because they have to keep him and Preston alive to
2003. As it turns out, they told Preston that he'd time-traveled, but he doesn't have any recollection
and doesn't believe it. They started doing some specialty programming on him, and he started doing
some for himself (which is difficult to do), and he started to remember that he has done some
time-traveling himself. Dr. John von Neumann is alive for the same reason. He's been a time traveler.
I've dubbed a name, "Atlantis Not Revisited." I gave one lecture on it by that title. They have to keep
him alive, and he's in his 90s. His mind is nearly shot, but he's still alive.

LE: So, until 2003, they have to keep everybody alive.

BIELEK: Because there's a 20-year damping period, according to the equations of Levinson, before the time-field system is self-stabilizing and is stable by itself. He said that, after the disruption, it takes another 20 years. He said that you have to stabilize it and, I guess, the only thing that is stabilizing it is us four people - certainly, three of us, and probably the fourth - Dr. von Neumann. We are the human damping factors. How this works, I have no idea. Nobody I know has been able to explain it. They have to keep us alive for that reason. After 2003, supposedly, we're expendable.

LE: In the year 2000, the Earth changes are going to happen, so, it looks like, basically, just quickly without going into a lot about this, how did you see this happening initially - like volcanoes?

BIELEK: Volcanic action, severe earthquakes and, one of the other problems, is the very violent weather that is developing. This violent weather is also partially due to "Project HAARP," as well as natural changes. "Project HAARP" is causing such disruptions that the jet stream is getting closer and closer to the Earth. If the jet stream actually gets down to surface level, we'll see winds of 300 to 350 miles per hour, which will wipe out everything - buildings, forests, the works. We've already had 120 mph winds on Long Island, which were not been reported to the public. They've had 160 mph winds in Oregon, which were apparently reported on local TV. They couldn't understand why the winds were so fast. They had 150 mph winds in England in 1986 or 1987, which ripped out 11 miles of highway - not so much the highway but broke the trees of the forest off at ground level.

LE: I know there are a lot of theories about the uses of HAARP. What is your observation?

BIELEK: It was originally intended to be used for weather modification. Since Preston Nichols has
been in touch with Dr. Nick Begich ...

LE: Yes, we interviewed him also for our newspaper.

BIELEK: Yes, he also has lectured for this group. Because he has to look for the modulation wave forms in Alaska, he made some observations and recordings, and he compared them with some data which Preston has of the Montauk modulations when they were using it for mind control. They are identical. This means that "Project HAARP" has the ability of being used for mind control.

LE: Now, these different satellite towers and radio towers and all this sort of stuff or directly?

BIELEK: What the public doesn't know is that there is an original HAARP in Alaska outside of Anchorage. There's another one in Canada. There are two in Russia, which might not be built as HAARP and precede "Project HAARP," but were used in the weather modification program. There are repeaters for the HAARP program all over our continent, including one on Long Island. Obviously, they're not there strictly for the purpose of weather modification. Preston pointed it out to me on my last trip to Long Island. It's a well-known antenna farm, but they're not telling anybody what it's for.

LE: When things do happen in the year 2000, do you recall what kind of government was in force at that

BIELEK: It went to martial law, because it came totally out of the hands of our government to handle
the disasters, which were piling on top of each other. They couldn't bail out the states with
emergency aid and assistance. There weren't any money and physical facilities. They declared
martial law and let the military take over. The military became the government.

LE: Was this all over the world?

BIELEK: Yes, essentially, but maybe not totally. I don't recall if it became a worldwide problem, but it most definitely was in the US. There were certain countries and areas of Europe, which disappeared or had very severe damage - worse than in the US. In terms of the US, we had problems on both coasts and the Gulf coast. The five great lakes became one lake. The Mississippi River becomes about 30 miles wide and is an internal causeway, and they eventually built a bridge over it - the longest suspension bridge in the world.

LE: Both of the coasts had severe damage?

BIELEK: The coastal damage was worse on the West Coast, but nowhere near as severe as Gordon Michael Scallion envisions it. Part of Los Angeles survived. Parts of San Francisco survives. San Diego vanished completely, because the destruction of the land slowly moved inland, so that the ocean actually got in as far as the Salton Sea, as I remember. The Gulf Coast, including most of Florida, disappeared - not the Panhandle. A strip about 50 miles wide across move of the Gulf Coast area, all the way to Mexico, went under water. This included the city of Houston. New Orleans vanished. Chicago vanished and sank in the mess. Other cities were badly damaged, and others survived quite well. The biggest problems were the earthquakes, the cut-off of the power grid, the cut-off of transportation and the cut-off of food supplies across the country. These started riots due
to starvation and lack of food. The human element became the worst element.

(end of interview)

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