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August 12, 2003, Significant Date

in Philadelphia Experiment Saga

By Ken Adachi <Ken Adachi, Editor>
August 12, 2003

According to Al Bielek, August 12, 2003 is an extremely important anniversary date in the U.S. Navy's secret World War II invisibility project known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Readers who are familiar with the story may recall that on August 12, 1943, the Navy, after installing special equipment on a small ship, the USS Eldridge, made the ship and its crew disappear from Philadelphia harbor for over 4 hours. After the ship reappeared and was boarded, the Navy discovered a ghastly scene: delirious crewmen were found wandering the deck fading in and out of visibility, some seemed to be on 'fire', and five crewmen were discovered with parts of their bodies embedded within the bulkhead of the ship itself. Only one of those five embedded crewmen was to survive according to Bielek. The Philadelphia Experiment story has been the subject of a 1984 movie, books, magazine articles, TV programs such as Unsolved Mysteries, and can be found at numerous web sites.

While the Navy had worked hard to keep the story under wraps, one witness to that day's events, Carl Allende, sent a series of letters to Professor Morris K. Jessup in the mid 1950's recounting the story in detail. Jessup had already authored a book on UFO's and was a dedicated researcher who took Allende's letters seriously and began corroborating his information. Apparently, Jessup was too dedicated, as he suddenly found himself 'suicided' in his parked car, having just finished visiting another investigator who had shared important evidence with him. However, silencing Jessup seemed to have backfired. His 'suicide' was viewed by many as highly suspicious and illogical. Many people who had previously bought into the debunking propaganda dismissing UFO's as fiction, now started to rethink that perhaps the government was trying to cover up the UFO story and- by extension- the Philadelphia Experiment story as well.

Al Bielek began recalling disjointed, fragmentary memories of his involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment in 1986 after seeing the 1984 movie, The Philadelphia Experiment, shown on late night TV. He started to go public with his information about 1988. Al claims that the Philadelphia Experiment is inextricably linked with another 'black' project involving time travel (and mind control) that was developed at an underground facility on Long Island, New York known as The Montauk Project. Al says that two crewmen from the USS Eldridge (of 1943) found themselves teleported to the Long Island facility where the calendars still said August 12, but the year was now 1983, forty years in the future. The men were given a briefing by an elderly Dr. John Van Neumann, the same senior scientist with whom they had been working in 1943 in preparation for the Eldridge invisibility experiment (albeit 40 years older). Van Neumann told them they the Philadelphia Experiment had ripped open a dangerous 'hole' in the space-time continuum that needed to be sealed. Destroying the banks of power vacuum tubes aboard the Eldridge was the only way to shut down the shipboard equipment and return the ship to 1943. Al says the two men were sent back to the deck of the Eldridge to smash the electronic equipment by walking through a time 'tunnel' created by a time machine that was developed at Montauk (the time machine being built with the help of extraterrestrial aliens with whom the government had made an agreement).

Al says that top Navy brass of 1943 insisted that August 12 was a "drop dead date" for running the invisibility experiment aboard the Eldridge. There were to be no "if", "ands", or "buts". The experiment HAD to occur on that particular date. Bielek was later to find out that on August 12- at forty year intervals (E.g. 1903, 1943, 1983, 2003, etc) - the four principle "bio-rhythms" of the earth would lock up and match in phase with each other. This phase 'lock-up' created a time window that would allow very unusual space-time phenomena to occur, but only on that date. Al contends that negative aliens had manipulated the human planners of the Philadelphia Experiment to run the experiment on August 12 in order to allow large numbers of their ships to pour through the 'hole' in the space-time continuum and access our universe.

The late French writer Jacques F. Vallee attempted to debunk the entire Philadelphia Experiment in a 1994 article titled Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later. His debunking article, however, was skillfully dismantled by an even more convincing rebuttal titled "Debunking The Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers" and posted at ( In May and June of 2003, at least three new web sites swung into action with the expressed intention of debunking Al Bielek, whom they claim is making a fortune selling bogus tapes and bilking people with contrived lectures. I'll address the allegations made against Al Bielek by this 'team' of self anointed researchers in a separate article, but in the meantime, you might want to drop a get-well card to Al Bielek who is currently recovering in a Ft. Myers, Florida hospital from a mild stoke suffered a few days ago-as a result of a very 'strange' auto accident.

Al Bielek
PO Box 50045
Ft. Myers, FL 33994

Another 'strange' coincidence: Preston Nichols, close associate of Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron in the Montauk Project and co-author of The Montauk Project book series, also suffered a mild stoke two days before Al Bielek had his stroke.

Stranger yet- Preston Nichols' roommate also suffered a stroke within one day of Preston's stroke. To quote David Icke: "Just a coincidence, of course, nothing to worry about".

With a full moon rising, with Mars closer to earth than ever, and with the four bio-rhythms of the earth locking up in phase today, what other 'strange' events might occur over the next few days?

Ken Adachi
Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved

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