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Dr. Bob Beck Blood Electrifier
& Other Beck Devices

By Ken Adachi

Beck Videos
We have four different videos of Dr. Bob Beck at lectures and at a workshop explaining blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, ozone, colloidal silver, and many other interesting pieces of information for home 'researchers'.  Bob Beck has a passion and a mission to show people that they can take care of themselves without ever feeling the need to walk into a doctor's office or hospital again. The four videos available can be found on the Products page and are titled:

A) Take Back Your Power
B) Healing with Structured Electrons
C) The "Cure Anything" Workshop
D) Suppressed Medical Discovery

Bob Beck Blood Electrifier
BEck Electrifier We have a factory made Beck electrifier for $215 donation plus $10 for Priority shipping with delivery confirmation = $225 (in the USA. Contact the Editor for shipping cost outside of the USA). Self construction of the Beck electrifier is possible for about $30 in parts, but it requires a number of electronic parts, as well as the time and effort to lay out the assembly and construct the unit. You can obtain a schematic and parts list at this link if you wish to build your own from scratch. Kits are avaialble from some sources for around $90-120, but kits are always larger and heavier than the factory made units and take 2-3 hours to put them together. If you're financially strapped, this might be your only avenue, but if you can afford it, I recommend obtaining the ready made units since they are pre tested and much more convenient in size and weight. Factory made units employ miniaturized circuits and prefabricated circuits boards. They are tested and guaranteed to work. The factory unit comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components; (warranty voided if broken due to neglect or abuse.) The factory made unit is about the size of a pack of playing cards and easily fits in a shirt pocket, pants pocket or can be strapped to the forearm for complete mobility while electrifying. I prefer to put the blood electrifier in my pants pocket and snake the wire under my shirt and down by arm to my wirst. I can work with complete freedom and go anywhere without anyone realizing that I'm electrifying.

The electrifier comes complete with all required accessories, an instruction booklet explaining how to apply the technique, and a gary zippered (padded) nylon carrying case. The instructions cover many ancillary topics including how to make the proper concentration of salt solution, how to sew on the cotton covers for the electrodes, as well as where to place the electrodes. How long to apply the therapy, what to look out for, the need to detoxify with plenty of water, etc. are also explained. Accessories include 2 neoprene wrist bands and a larger neoprene arm band with Felcro for use on the arm or leg, a 2 oz brown dropper bottle for the master salt water solution and a smaller half ounce clear vial bottle used to wet the cotton covered electrodes with the saline solution. The electrifier unit also contains a separate jack for silver wire electrodes (included) which allow you to make colloidal silver using a standard CS generator design. This is not the best possible design for CS production,  but it will produce a useful colloidal silver. Contact us for more information about our Reverse Polarity Low voltage Colloidal Silver Generators and the newer High Voltage AC Colloidal Silver generators.

The Beck Electrifier kit from SOTA

Magnetic Pulser
In addition to blood electrification, Beck recommends two other devices which augment and support blood electrification. One unit is called a Magnetic Pulser. It has a wand like handle that flares out into a disk shape at the end. Inside the disk is a large inductive coil that emits a very strong magnetic field automatically once every 3 seconds or so. The shape and polarity of this spike of magnetic energy emulates the same electroporation action (as the electrifier) on virii and bacteria located in deeper tissue such as bones and lymph, where the blood supply does not go. Beck found out that AIDS patients could not get rid of the virus completely because it would hide in these deeper tissues, so he devised the magnetic pulser for this purpose. The Mag Pulser comes with a 12 + volt DC wall adapter allowing you to use the unit both in the house, in the car, or with a 12 volt portable lead/acid battery. You could also use it anywhere in the world with a low cost converter avaialbe at any Radio Shack or similar electronics store. The Mag Pulser is available for $315 plus $10 for Priority shipping with delivery confirmation = $325 (within the USA). Add $4 for $300 of Post Office insurance coverage if desired.  The second recommended device is an ozonator which is described below.

Ozone Generators
The final device you might want to look at is an Ozonator. Drinking ozonated water greatly aids in detoxifying the body of waste products produced through blood electrification. We have different types of ozonators available:

Contact the Editor for latest info: Ken Adachi, Editor

Brain Tuner
The Brain Tuner was developed in the 1980's by Bob Beck to balance the two hemispheres of the brain for better coordination and nervous function. The unit contains an output of mutible frequencies of a specific waveform that allows the brain to release serotonin and greatly relieves the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as the withdrawal effects from alcohol or drug detoxification. Instead of taking weeks or months to go through alocohol or drug detox, it can be accomplished in a matter of days using the Beck Brain Tuner. Dr. Beck thought that alcohol/drug detox clinics would be anxious and thrilled to have available to them a unit that can accomplish detoxification so rapidly, but he was wrong. Without exception, detoxification centers were not interested at all in rapid detoxification. Apparently, the income derived from the old fashioned, drawn out method suited them just fine and they weren't really interested in speeding up the process. Such is the nature of medicine as a business. The Brain Tuner also tends to improve memory. $190. plus $8 Priority  shipping  with delivery confirmation, total $198 (Add $3 for $200 insurance coverage if desired). Model BT-7 Pro

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