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Dr. Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier

By Ken Adachi <Ken Adachi, Editor>

The Dr. Bob Beck designed blood electrifier is a relatively simple mutivibrator circuit that produces an AC (alternating current) square wave output at 3.92 Hz (which is 1/2 of the Shumann frequency of 7.8 Hz, but Beck said that any frequency between 0.67 - 4 Hz will work). The variable amplitude of the voltage applied and the choice of electrode materials allow for a small current in the 50-100 microampere range to flow in both the Ulnar and Radial arteries located on underside of the wrists.


The information on building your own Beck blood electrification device (sometimes called a "blood electrifier" or the Beck zapper) is found in this 1998 Nexus magazine article titled:

The Beck Zapper: Renewed Hope Against AIDS

For those who are not accustomed to building electronic devices, this is something of a daunting task. It requires that you obtain all of the individual component parts that make up the electrifier circuit and install them on some sort of circuit board. You can obtain a white experimenter's "breadboard" from Radio Shack and connect the various components to each other -according to the schematic - by pushing the wire leads of the components into the breadboard, but first you have to lay out on paper the correct connections to each component placed on the breadboard, otherwise the circuit is not going to work. If you make even one mistake in your layout, the circuit won't work, so you have to work carefully and meticulously. You can wire your own blank circuit board with point to point connections, but it takes up a lot of room and needs to be placed in a fairly large project box. If you could obtain a pre-etched circuit board with the Beck circuit already laid out, then the entire assembly is much smaller and more compact (but you still have to be sure to install the right components in the right location). If this is the first electronics project you have ever attempted, you'll need to buy a low wattage soldering pencil iron--and learn how to solder correctly. It takes a fair amount of time to learn how to solder electronic components correctly. Beginners usually use way too much solder and often don't heat the solder joint properly, so the solder won't "flow" properly. It takes just the right amount of heat applied for a very specific time to get the solder to flow correctly and produce a shiny joint.

If you're broke and have the confidence, determination, and time to build your own Beck electrifier, it's certainly do-able, but it's not an easy first project to attempt if you're an amateur and it will take you considerable time to make one and get it to work correctly. It's much easier, faster, and less frustrating to simply buy a factory made unit and save yourself all the hassel. The factory made unit is much samller and more compact than a home made electrifier and has the advantage of using a single 9 volt battery instead of three or four 9 volt batteries housed in a much larger project box. The factory made unit comes with a zippered nylon case, gold plated wrist electrodes, a neoprene wrist strap, a larger leg strap, a dropper bottle for the salt water solution, extra cotton sleeves for the electrodes, a set of silver wire electrodes to make colloidal silver, full instuctions and a 3 year mfg. warranty. It's a little over of $200 plus shipping.

Factory Made Beck Electrifier

Beck Electrifier Description and photos

If you want to obtain a factory made Beck electrifier, send me an e-mail and type "Factory made Beck electrifier" in the subject line
( )

For those with the technical skills, I've posted a separate schematic and parts list for the Beck electrifier at this link:

The Beck Blood Electrifier Schematic and Parts List

The technical explantion behind the workings of the electrifier and how to apply the technique (along with info about magnetic pulsing, ozone, colloidal silver production, and more) is clearly explained and demonstated in Dr Bob Beck's "Cure Anything Workshop" available on DVD or VHS tape

There are 3 other Beck video lectures listed on the Products page in addition to the Cure Anything Workshop. You can obtain all 4 Beck videos as part of a discounted package deal for $80 + shipping.

Ken Adachi
Ken Adachi, Editor

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