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The Bob Beck Blood Electrifier
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By Ken Adachi  

The Silver Pulser is Dr. Bob Beck's verseion of an electrifier, an experimental combination  bio-stimulator and colloidal silver generator.  This Silver Pulser is sometimes confused with Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper, but these two instruments function in different ways, operating under different principles and at different frequencies. Everything you need for blood electrification is included in the Silver Pulser kit.

Each Silver Pulser is a professionally designed quality instrument, thoroughly tested on an oscilloscope and is guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Dr. Bob Beck's research. The Silver Pulser is a dual-function instrument, being both a Bio-Pulser / Zapper and Colloidal Silver Generator.  It has a Bi-Phasic output frequency of ~3.92 Hertz (cycles per second) at a nominal voltage  of 33 volts DC peak per cycle. Peak to peak voltage is 66 volts. Unit uses  a single 9-volt battery.

The ready made blood electrifier is a small box about the size of a pack of playing cards. I usually put it in my shirt pocket or in my pants pocket. You can attach it to your forearm with a neoprene armband included, but I don't find that necessary.

There are two gold plated electrodes about one inch long and 1/8 diameter connected to a cord that plugs into the electrifier. These electrodes are slipped into a cotton covering that I keep in place by sewing firmly with a needle and cotton thread so it doesn't slip off the electrode. You dip the cotton covered electrodes into a small vial that contains a 25% solution of salt water.

I then towel off the excess salt solution to make it damp, but not dripping. I place a neoprene wrist band on either my left or right wrist and slip the electrodes (with their cotton coverings) under the wristband and center them over the Radial and Ulnar arteries located on the underside of the wrist (location included with instruction sheet). You plug the cord into the box and turn it on with the knob control. You turn up the knob until you feel a slight tingling sensation. After a few minutes, the tingling sensation will tend to increase to a somewhat uncomfortable level, so just back it down until it's a slight tingle and is comfortable.

For people new to blood electrification, you should only begin with a 15 minute session and gradually work up to 2 hours a day after about 3 weeks of gradually going up in treatment time. Drink lots of water, during, and after using the device to increase detoxification. Very sick people, need to start at 10 minutes or shorter and see how they feel after a few hours.  All instructions are included with the Silver Pulser unit. The accessories include the electrifier, the electrodes and 2 sets of cotton coverings, small amber bottles for the salt solution and a vial for dipping the electrodes into. 2 Neoprene wrist band and 1 armband. A set of silver wire electrodes and  a cable with clips for holding the wire along with a very attractive nylon case to keep everything together. The unit comes with a 3 year warranty and uses a single 9 volt battery.

Offered as a Premium gift for interested researchers for a minimum donation of $215 plus $10 Priority Mail shipping and delivery confrimation within the USA = $225.

You can make a donation using a BLANK US Postal Money (no other) within the USA . The reason is explained on the Products page.

If outside the USA, contact me by e-amil for speicifc instructions on how to order:   Ken Adachi <>

Please contact us by E mail if you wish to acquire this Premium gift: Ken Adachi, Editor

Another research device to consider as an adjunct to the Beck BioElectrification protocol is the Mini Silver Terminator.
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