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Highlights of Dr. Hulda Clark's Talk at 2003 Rife Conference

By David Shreeve <>
Oct. 24, 2003

I wish I could describe my excitement in seeing Dr. Clark in person for the first time! The following is a summary of the notes I took during her speech at the 2003 Rife Conference in Seattle this September. Please do not take these to be a correct representation of her opinions or exact statements. Although I did my best to take accurate notes, it is easily possible that I misunderstood or have inaccurately represented what she said. I am sharing these notes so that others on the internet may have a taste of some of Dr. Clark's latest investigations. These are *my* notes only and represent my understanding of what Dr. Clark said. I do not have any kind of sanction or approval on their accuracy from Dr. Clark. They are just to give an idea...enjoy! Opening

Dr. Clark opened her talk with warmth and a message of hope. She seemed to believe that we are coming towards a sort of paradigm change, like we were at the turn of the century (when many were interested in electromedicine). She sees so much interest in her work and other electromedicine work like those studying Rife and this gives her hope for a brighter future. Very nice way to open her talk..

Magnetization and our Water
Dr. Clark described water as having a magnetic polarity associated with it. In particular, she was concerned with our tap and our drinking water: it is either north polarized or south. The significance of the polarity of our water and its huge effects on our health will be explained below. Dr. Clark made this discovery using the syncrometer. She measures the polarity using a sample bottle of pre-polarized water.

How her sample bottle is polarized. To north polarize a bottle of water, the bottle is set upon the north pole of a magnet for 2-5 minutes. Dr. Clark uses a 4 x 5 inch magnet and sets the bottle right in the center as she does not want any "south energy" flowing over the magnet edge affecting the bottle. Likewise, a south bottle sample is made by setting the bottle on the southpole of the magnet for 2-5 minutes.

Test. Here is a fun experiment to check on your samples: If you hold a small magnet over the switched plate of the syncrometer (with its north side pointing down towards the plate), and then place a bottle of north polarized water on the test plate, you will find resonance! All you have to do is hold the magnet over the switched plate!...the pole just needs to point at the plate from above (cool!)

We are what we drink. In general, south polarized water is the "bad" water...the water she has associated with illness and failure to regain health. Our body fluids are in close equilibrium with the water we are drinking. She said that in about two days time, our body's polarity will come to match that of our drinking water. If we are drinking south polarized water, our body will quickly come to be south polarized. The bad news is that a healthy person should not have a south least not during the day! read on...

Daily Magnetic Cycle.
Dr. Clark said that in a healthy person, saliva resonates with north polarized water during the day. From the very first ray of sunlight (precisely) we take on a north polarization. Then in the evening (the timing is not precise) we switch over to south polarization. She said that older people turn to south in the early evening (4:30ish, before sunset), unless they've had a nutritious meal when they last a little longer. Younger people hold on to north until several hours after sunset.

She said that WBCs (white blood cells) "eat" during north time (i.e., they clean up the bad guys); they dont eat during south [Not sure I got this right... does that mean no WBC activity all night long?? ...maybe this is a misunderstanding]

The Important Part
For the last several years, Dr. Clark has had all of her patients bring samples of water from their home when they come to her clinic. She said that she always traces south polarized water to the kind of chlorination used by city water supplies. Water is supposed to be chlorinated using N.S.F. certified chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). But instead, Dr. Clark often finds that they are using common, household laundry bleach! Dr. Clark had already reported in The Cure for HIV/AIDS that laundry bleach is heavily contaminated, esp. with azo dyes. Now she finds that city water treated with laundry bleach contains not only the 5 immune toxins described in the HIV book (PCB's, benezene, asbestos, azo dyes and heavy metals) but also motor oil!! By drinking water sterilized [read contaminated] by laundry bleach, we are continuously exposing ourselves to these toxins and the water containing these toxins is south polarized water.

It was not clear to me which is the core evil in our water:

Is it the 5 immune suppressants (plus motor oil)?

Or is it just the fact of south polarization?

Or is it the chlorination itself?

In my notes I have quoted "we should not be using chlorinated water" and "chlorination overoxidizes". (She also mentioned that she was not sure about Ozonation ...the implication being that that might not be any better. Read more about overoxidation below in the section on minerals). Does the water turn to a south polarization because the 5 immune suppressants are present? (It was not clear to me whether she always finds all 5 or if she finds at least one of the 5.) Or are they held in the water because it is south polarized?

To further add to the mystery: what about the zappicator and it's north pole energy (from the speaker magnet)? How does it magically detoxify so many chemicals? Do they disappear, or just change form or just become non-detectable by the syncrometer? Is the north pole energy of the zappicator somehow cancelling the south pole energy of the bad chemicals in the water? Can you treat water by just setting it in a glass on a north pole magnet? This leaves so much to wonder about!

General Health Tests
Dr. Clark mentioned 4 general tests done on the syncrometer using a saliva sample (which tests at a body fluids level) that should be negative for a healthy person:

1. Correct magnetization (north by day, south at night). If a person is south pole by day then they are probably quite ill.

2. PGE2 (prostaglandin 2)---these are our acute phase mediators which are the ones that produce inflammation. Should be negative. In unhealthy people, these get into our body fluids testable with a saliva sample.

3. DNA should be negative. (Although it is positive in parts of the body at certain times each minute, it should be negative at the systemic/body fluid level tested for with a saliva sample). Also Ribonucleotide Reductase should be negative (at body level)

4. HGH (human growth hormone) should be negative in adults. It marks a tumor growing. Also, Stem Cell Factor (SCF) should be negative, unless there is some recent injury. Dr. Clark finds SCF to be positive when there is south polarization [I'm not sure if that's in unhealthy daytime south polarization or includes normal night-time south polarization]. ...see below for an exciting new idea she has about SCF..

A note about orthoPhosphotyrosine, Dr. Clark's classic marker for cancer- this is found at the bodyfluid level testable with a saliva sample only in a more extreme case; my understanding is that it is always found in cancer patients when testing at the level of the affected organ.

Disturbing Results
Dr. Clark said with concern that the most important treatment for someone with a serious illness is for that person to move to a place which has good water. She even implied that the quality of water may have more to do with her patient's recovery than the treatment she offers!
(Also, there must not be a water softener: it has the same effect as laundry bleach for unknown reasons.)

Dr. Clark sadly revealed that she finds that when patients leave her clinic to return to bad water, they often relapse, often after just a month. ALL of the patients she has treated who return home to good water either continue to recover or at least hold their own. All of the patients who have returned to her clinic with a recurrence had gone home to bad water.

[I think I caught a quote:] "We still make tumors on good water, but they are not malignant." Also, "So called inherited diseases actually manifest because we are drinking laundry bleach water."

Hold On to Your Seats!
Dr. Clark, literally said this as she began to reveal her discovery about SCF, stem cell factor. She described a healing process, whether it be of an organ or of an injury to muscle, as beginning with the hypothalamus' release of stem cell factor. The stem cell factor finds its way to the injured area because the injured area has become south polarized (!!) Apparently turning to south pole is part of the healing process. But it gets more interesting. Along with SCF comes some elements and a 12 carbon monoxides. It seems likely that these elements are minerals which are required in the healing process, together with the stem cell factor. More on stem cell factor and company below...

Dr. Clark mentioned 6 naturally occuring metals...the preferred term is minerals: copper, cobalt, vanadium, selenium, germanium and chromium. (She said there are more, but not detectable with the syncrometer.) There is also iron which will be discussed below. One other metal she mentioned is nickel, which shows up in its toxic metal form after a fungus has been zapped. (It was not clear to me if Nickel is valuable to us as a mineral or if it is just something that fungus uses.) A healthy person keeps all 6 of these elements in mineral form; they do not show up as metals. [Note: the exact chemistry of this..the difference between metal and mineral in this context is not clear to me, but I theorize that it has to do with the oxidative state.]

Dr. Clark is finding that her patients' minerals are being oxidized to metals: "over-oxidation". Too much chlorine does this. A healthy person can reduce oxidized forms back to minerals, but an unhealthy person drinking chlorinated water may have his minerals converted to toxic metal form.

Our most important mineral. It is so important because it is required for about one half of all of our enzymatic reactions. It is being oxidized and reduced constantly. For example, it is the job of iron to take on oxygen and then release it as part of the hemoglobin molecule in our red blood cells. But Dr. Clark said that it is found in our saliva (and implied in other body fluids). In its healthy form, iron is chemically Fe3O4 (=magnetite). In this form iron has a north polarization associated with it. Could this be the basis for the magnetic effects Dr. Clark has been describing? The unhealthy form of iron is Fe2O3 (=ferrite, or rust). Ferrite has a south polarization. White blood cells pick up the oxidized iron (ferrite) and put it into ferritin, the compound described in the HIV book as glauming over the surface of white blood cells which have been dealing with asbestos. The ferritin, as I understand it, is an iron storage molecule--a compound made to recapture and recycle the bad iron. (Interesting note: the damaging form of asbestos has iron in it in the form of ferrite, which is south polarized: one of the 5 immune killers!) Later the iron is reduced and put back to work as magnetite by our white blood cells. The problem which Dr. Clark found is that white blood cells cannot convert the ferrite back to magnetite when the body is full of chlorine. This is when Dr. Clark commented that "we should not be using chlorinated water."

Implications? Could this imply that chlorine plays a role in the spread of cancer? If an ill person is full of chlorine and cannot convert their ferrite back to magnetite, they are, in effect, creating lots of south polarized iron molecules. Because the hypothalamus sends SCF to areas of south polarization, could it be that the stem cell factor is inducing growth (tumor?) in areas where there is no injury? much to wonder about!

Stem Cell Factor Plus Elements
Travelling along with SCF in a healing package comes a complex of twelve carbon monoxides called "dodeca-carbonyl". Then attached to the dodecacarbonyl are 4 atoms of a mineral, for example "tetra-cobalt dodecacarbonyl" or "tetra-selenium dodecacarbonyl". Dr. Clark theorizes that this complex is a wonderful healing bundle, providing the minerals needed for healing, plus stem cell factor. The most interesting element which travels with stem cell factor in a dodecacarbonyl complex is Irridium.

Dr. Clark theorized that tetra-irridium dodecacarbonyl may be our healing factor in cancer and other illness. Irridium goes to our ferritin collections of oxidized iron and changes the iron back to Fe3O4 (magnetite), our healthy form, north polarized. (The accumulation of ferritin is a problem in aging and hence this is an anti-aging process). Where do we get irridium dodecacarbonyl? Dr. Clark says that these complexes are part of the cosmic dust and they fall down with rainwater! (Another reason to get lots of fresh air and sunshine.) Sadly, she said that chlorination destroys these complexes and we hence dont benefit from them in our drinking water. On a science fictiony side note (I believe the source of her comment, "hold on to your seats!"), Dr. Clark said that irridium is not of this earth! She said that there is a 1/4 inch layer on the earth that came down when the dinosaurs expired (my thought: perhaps with the theoretical asteroid whose dust clouded over the sky and took out the dinosaurs). [Wow :)!]

Dave's Theory.
So why does Dr. Clark think tetra-irridium dodecacarbonyl may be our healing factor? She did not say explicitly but I postulate that it has to do with removing the south polarization caused by the ferrite form of iron. That this south polarization is attracting stem cell factor which, in my understanding, is what induces growth of new cells (except it is supposed to be in a healing context). If tetra-irridium dodecacarbonyl is changing our ferrite back to magnetite, it changes our south poles back to north and no stem cell factor is attracted and hence, cell growth (tumors) stop! ...this is just my theory.

The Latest on Cancer
Cancer is caused by the combination of the parasite fasiolopsis buskii and isopropyl alcohol. This idea was expanded in The Cure for Advanced Cancers to include a bacteria, the clostridia, which act as an internal source of isopropyl alcohol. (Also in Advanced Cancers is information on the initial nucleation of a tumor involving a bit of the pituitary and a the pancreas, etc.) And now Dr. Clark has learned of the effects of a virus: the SV40 virus. [I believe this is a virus of monkeys: simian virus].

Have you ever been rolling skating and made a "train"? The person on the inside of the roller rink is holding the hand of a chain of skaters and a small strong pull from him will whip the person on the outside, far-end of the chain around the rink very quickly. This is how Dr. Clark described the SV40 virus gathering together other oncoviruses and pulling them around.

[NOTE: here is where my notes get a little sketchy. Anyone else who was at the conference, please send me any corrections to this!]

She said that oncoviruses come from parasites, for example, RAS comes from bread yeast and SRC from strongyloides and NEV-HRB from ascaris. SV40 goes to the nucleas---not of our own cells, but the nucleas of the cells of our bacteria. In their nucleas, it hitches up other oncoviruses. Together these oncovirus invaders of our bacteria change the properties of the bacteria. The end result is that our white blood cells do not eat these bacteria. They do not recognize them! SV40 and its gang of onco's have successfully disguised the bacteria from our white blood cells. We become saturated with bacteria. Which bacteria are we talking about? It is our common bowel bacteria: e-coli, plus salmonellas, streptococcus (esp. strep G). If pain is present there will always be strep. pneu. So a part of the cancer picture is that we are saturated with common bacteria which our immune system fails to destroy because they are disguised due to the effects of the SV40 virus and it's gaggle of other oncoviruses.

Dr. Clark wondered aloud if her SV40 virus may be the famous BX cancer virus that Royal Rife discovered back in the 30's.

Another notetaker sent me these notes:

-Absence of bowel bacteria in saliva sample is another clue to good health

-SV40 hooks up with E-coli plus RAS, NE(?) and SRC and oncoviruses. They carry the oncovirus.

-She tests for 10 oncoviruses, they are brought by a parasite.

What to do?
As, ever, Dr. Clark has an herbal cure for us ready to go to erradicate SV40. (She revealed her secret to us only after asking her lawyer if it was OK.) Is there a "nice" word for enema?, she wondered aloud :). Empty two Fleet bottles and wash with hot water. Take 2 pre-enemas of water w/6 drops Lugol's solution. This is to empty the bowel and make room for the medicated enemas. She mentioned that one should use homemade soap on the tip of the Fleet bottle and also on the anus (soap has the proper pH for this area). The first enema should be held for 5 minutes then released. Give the second immediately afterwards and hold for 5-10 minutes then release. Now for the medicated enemas, which will involve fennel, turemeric and CoQ10.

Dr. Clark went out of her way to mention that turmeric alone, followed by fennel alone is NOT the same and combining turmeric and fennel together. Here is what I understood [although I felt a bit iffy about this...did she say to at some point take the combination of turmeric and fennel? ...not sure]: Take an enema of 6 turmeric capsules (shake well before using) and retain it. A half an hour later, take an enema of 6 capsules fennel and retain. Finally, dissolve 5 CoQ10 caps in hot water and take that a half an hour after the fennel and retain. That's all! My notes say that it takes only 2 or 3 rounds of enemas to complete a treatment.

Other Notes

Here are a few notes I picked up during her speech which dont quite fit in anywhere above.

-Her last two years of research show that it is easier to starve large parasites then to kill them. 50% will be gone in about 1 week's time with no side-effects, no emergers. Dr. Clark does not know how they leave or where they go. She mentioned "vitamins and food factors" as the things to remove from their reach, which I remember being mainly onion and its products (from the HIV book). She mentioned that round worms like certain oils (not specific).

-70% of HIV virus in those who are positive, live in the GI tract.

-Dr. Clark did not speak at all to the zappicator, which makes me wonder if she isnt under some kind of legal gag.

Another notetaker at the Conference sent me these quotes:

-"zapper produces North Pole water"

-"it only takes 2 days to recover from water treated with non-NSF bleach."

-"bad water is giving children kidney disease." ...I think this one was in the context of the truth about so-called inherited diseases (?)

Homeographic Drops:
Use an aluminum shield tube over bottles. This will prevent pickup of frequencies of local objects. She said not to move our bodies at all while the drops are being made...that moving your arm or head will influence the drops. BUT the shield will protect against the effects of this. Takes >10 and <40 seconds of zapping time. Dr. Clark counts to 20 (one-onethousand, two-onethousand)

Saliva Samples
To make a homeoPATHIC saliva sample (1x): hold the sample and the bottle to be potentized in your hand as follows: hand/saliva sample/bottle, then shake about 130x vigorously. -saliva can be used to test someone's body for systemic things; it does not work for cerebrospinal fluid or brain; it is not so good for the lower body. To test these parts of someone, use a copy of lymph or CSF (generic copies) and test them directly.

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