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From Ken Adachi <Editor>

Dr. James Bare came out with a book and video in 1995 on how to make your own Rife equipment. His book initiated a lot of interest and experimentation. Chat lists dicussing the nuts and bolts of construction and field experience as well as therapeutic protocols also began to grow exponentially. Today, there are many sites that tout the name Rife. Some of them are simply commercials for their  products, but many of them do contain valuable and useful information. There is now a Rife Conference each year in Canada which brings together some of the best and latest research. You can obtain videos and audios from each year's conference....Ken Adachi

(most links courtesy of James Bare)

Rife Videos and Interviews

Wikipedia Description of Royal Rife  (James Bare)

Rife Plasma Research - Stan Truman's Data

Ultra Darkfield Microscopes - Michael Cole

The Finchley Clinic - London, England. Clinic in London using Rife/Bare unit constructed by Don Tunney
( )

Cancer Research- Roger Cather

Mannatech -Leader in Glyconutritional research. For addional information "contact" 
( )

Brian McInturff's - Interesting Site

Ron Wormus and his work -with the RifeBare device

Information from the land down under

Wellness, Psychoneuroimmunology, Imagery, Music, Affirmations, Spirituality & Laughter - A great source of self help healing.


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