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"DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way you
are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections." Dr. William D. Kelley

[Editor's Note: Dr. Kelley was a highly respected alternative cancer healer who had succeeded in 1980 to save actor Steve McQueen from cancer with his metabolic program. McQueen's cancerous stomach and neck tumors were completely arrested and had congealed into a lifeless encapsulated mass. McQueen was anxious to have surgeons remove the dead tumor mass and told Dr. Kelley over Kelley's tapped phone that he "was going to blow the lid off of the cancer racket". Kelley advised against the surgery, but McQueen insisted. While recuperating in the hospital following the removal of the dead tumor masses, McQueen had a late night visitor: a man dressed as a doctor entered McQueen's room and injected him with a drug that causes the blood to clot The next morning, Steve McQueen was found dead. McQueen was murdered because Dr. Kelley had succeeding in curing his cancer and the Big Boys of the Cancer Industry didn't want a high profile movie star, who publicly eschewed conventional cancer treatment, surviving and lambasting the orthodox Cancer Industry.  A link to Dr Kelley's complete on line book can be found at the end of this article.Our thanks to Sterling Prichard <> for sending this excerpt from Dr. Kelley's book....Ken Adachi]

By Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

My fellow researcher, Dr. Carol A. Morrison, M.D., F.A.C.C., found that the A.H. Robins Co. laced the Pancreatin they were marketing to the Medical and Health Supplement industries in our country with a deadly bacteria, B. cereus
(Gram-positive Endospore-forming). This infection is a member of the B. Anthraces (ANTHRAX) family, and is totally
undetectable in the human body by any known medical procedure, laboratory or biopsy, until recently. Like Anthrax, it is
always fatal unless properly addressed immediately. This infection is part of a wide experimental biological warfare program being conducted by the highest levels of the Medical Establishment. The Establishment for several years has used this experimental biological agent.

The Establishment, which controls the U.S. Governmental Agencies, has several purposes in mind when infecting various parts of the population with Biologicals, both natural and man made. One objective being the destruction of the Pancreas with the resulting astronomical increase in diabetes and cancer. Another goal is a form of genocide for select racial groups. Remember the Establishment has been doing for a long time what they accuse others of doing.


The Establishment politicians passed legislation to declare WAR upon CANCER. Thus, they went to Fort Detrick and took down the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare department SIGN. They then placed two signs on the front gate of the facility: on the left, NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE (NCI), and on the right, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). This was and is properly ballyhooed by the Establishment Media, and financed to the tune of several hundred Billion Dollars yearly from American taxpayers.


It is no wonder EVE was deceived in the Garden, we cannot blame her. For even today the enemy within is deceiving us. Of course, the most evil and mad scientists of all recorded history (at Fort Detrick) never missed an hour of work or a paycheck and continued on as usual. While this is going on, Establishment politicians from their United Nations (UN) center, send out teams of inspectors to make sure other nations do not develop and use Biological Warfare Weapons. These very clever and deceptive Establishment Politicians play by a different set of rules than others are allowed to play by.

Heads I win, tails you lose


These Mad Scientists, using Human fetal DNA material, produce new bacterial and viral infectious agents. They use and alter the DNA material from deadly bacteria and virus to successfully escape known antibiotic and antiviral treatment procedures. This meets four of their objectives:

   1.To obtain additional taxpayer funding and enslavement

   2.To reduce the world population. (Population Act of 1981)

   3.To further plunder Americans by their relief organizations: Red Cross, Feed the Starving, Save a Child Campaign, etc..

   4.To give credibility to their dedicated diabolical scientific endeavors.

When these new genetic altered biological weapons are ready, they use various segments of our population for their
"Controlled Studies." This has gone on in America since the early 1800s. The 1930s Tuskegee Syphilis Study on Blacks and the smallpox and typhus epidemics of the American Indians are examples of this highly developed skill of the Establishment. Also, the various epidemics of Tuberculosis (TB) used during the last 150 years.

When America took the Philippine Islands from Spain, General Arthur MacArthur, father of General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur of World War II fame, was ordered by the political establishment to inoculate the general population of the Philippines with live smallpox vaccine. This killed more people than the previous smallpox epidemics. Also, in 1950 the U.S. military experimented on Eskimos and Indians with radioactive drugs.


The mad scientists at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and World Health Organization (WHO), who had taken over the U.S. Army’s Biological facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland, finally had the success the U.S. Government spent so much of your Tax Money on.


There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this laboratory engineered virus was present in Africa before the World Health Organization descended upon these hapless people with their deadly AIDS-laced vaccine. The AIDS virus did not come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S.A.


It is a mind boggling revelation, which has been alleged from the very beginning of the AIDS fiasco, to realize that AIDS is a diabolical, laboratory contrived plague, that was imposed upon society by design and plan! The evidence is clear, the
Government of the U.S.A. has no intention of protecting American society from AIDS!


The Mad, Mad scientists at the NCI and WHO have so perfected their Man Made Bacteria and Virus to the point of being able to select which part of the human body they want to destroy and what type of human cells they wish to target. AIDS was just one such achievement — to destroy the immune system "T" cells. Although it was their first success, it was certainly not their last.

Now they have MAD COW, man made Biologicals, to use against the brain. They also have EBOLA for liver and other
organs. This Biological was first tested on the American Indian Children, and later on natives in South America.


Recently, one of their most accomplished Biological Targeted areas is the Human Pancreas. By destroying the one part of the pancreas they can increase the incidence of Diabetes. By destroying another part of the Human Pancreas they have been able to produce a very rapid type of Cancer that will take a person’s life within four to 6 months. This is so devastating, there is no treatment possible — and none intended.


In short, the cancer victims of today face the Establishment enemy within, who are relentless and determined to Plunder and Kill you at any cost. ‘False Hope’ is not my objective. To be realistic, we have two enemies, CANCER and the
ESTABLISHMENT. Of course there is HOPE, you must have Pancreatin and other Metabolic Nutrients to treat your Cancer properly. However, you must use discernment in obtaining it, and be aware of the multitude of Con-Artists who make claims for their products. Legally, you must allow the Orthodox Physician to treat your tumors. Remember he is not allowed to treat your Cancer, nor is he qualified to do so. DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections.


There will never be a CURE for Cancer until the Establishment can accomplish their objectives by permitting it. Their primary goals are money and control. What big conglomerate will get the blessings of the Big Establishment? Nothing happens on the world scene that is not planned and designed by The Big Establishment.

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