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911 Liars Squad Running Ragged Dousing Fires

By Dan Burke,
October 23, 2007

911 Liars Squad Running Ragged Dousing Fires (Oct. 23, 2007)

Original title:
CNN - '911 Truthers Are The New Timothy McVeighs'

That's the quote from Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News, Monday October 22 at about 9:15 pm EST. Mark this date and time on your calender as the exact moment in time when Glenn Beck denounced his right to be a valid member of the 4th branch of government in this country. If I was a black female basketball player and he was Imus, I just might sue. Glenn admitted that 12% of Americans believe that the government was behind the attacks. He also brought up Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell as members of this dangerous group that is tearing apart America.

Glenn decided to bring on James Meigs, editor in cheif of Popular Mechanics, to put the American public back to sleep. Meigs is utilized a lot in the mainstream media as a debunker. I guess the number of debunkers is really very small. On the other hand, the Truth Comm unity h as over 230   Architects and Engineers ready to explain the collapse.

Glenn did give 9/11 Truth fair time, just kidding, by inviting Michael Shermer from the Skeptics Society on to explain how these ideas get started in the first place. Incidentally the Skeptics Society Website has a UFO in the Banner. Great! So after Mike was done psychoanalyzing why Truthers believe brave FireFighters over cowardly Politicians with stock in Oil Companies and Defense Companies, Glenn determined to see if he did a good job for his bosses by posting a poll. Do You Believe Truthers are Insane?

Go To CNN and Vote Now:

Watch the CNN Beck program here:

We shall follow these results carefully. Hey Glenn, by the way,


Much respect to for doing what is necessary to protect the Republic!

Dan Burke


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