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Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! ~ Controlled Opposition Underwriting Netanyahu's Greater Israel, "Messianic" Plan

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by Ann Diener for Veterans Today
September 29, 2016

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! ~ Controlled Opposition Underwriting Netanyahu's Greater Israel, "Messianic" Plan (Sept. 29, 2016)

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Democracy Now Controlled Opposition towards the Messianic Plan


Prof. Yasser MunifWith no discussion that Eastern Aleppo is a terrorist stronghold, Democracy Now! had Professor Yasser Munif [right] on this morning attempting yet again to propagandize the “alternative media” about the conflict in Syria towards the goal of Divide and Conquer of a secular, Middle Eastern country.

The segment even featured video from the “War diary” from AMN, where viewers saw conflicting messages, Yasser Munif on camera discussing supporting the opposition in Syria while seeing *Daesh on the ground in the background. Perhaps this was the most accurate depiction of the broadcast, and what we will get based on our current level of propaganda, more Daesh, more Divide and Conquer and more conflict.

*["Daesh is the Arabic acronym for Islamic State of Iraq [ISIL] and Sham (Al Dawlah al Islamiyah fi al Iraq wa al Sham), the group's previous official moniker — and the source of the ISIL formulation. (In English, "Levant" stands in for "Sham," an Arabic term that can mean Syria or a broad portion of the eastern Mediterranean region, including Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories.) So, labeling the group Daesh is the functional equivalent of calling it ISIL or ISIS, regardless of what France's foreign minister says."]

This segment this morning is much like coverage that is being shown on every major media outlet in support of the enemy we are supposedly fighting against, Daesh.

Syria: Eastern Allepo street sceneWhile his stance on the “opposition” and those in civil society rebelling against an “oppressive regime” is appealing to Democracy Now! viewers, they neglect to mention the full scale terrorist operation going on in Eastern Aleppo [left], where the rebels as seen in the background video, are aligned with terrorists who would be happy to bomb or kill Westerners, as they have recently said directly to US Special Forces.

These are not people with laptops working on democracy-building, these are radical, brainwashed, Islamists, paid for by radical Islamists and now supplied by the West through the “Free Syrian Army.”

It is interesting that Democracy Now! did not have anyone on from the US Peace Council that recently visited Syria on to discus their views on the conflict.

Henry Lowendorf of the US Peace Council said while speaking to the UN,

“We are fighting a mass of propaganda that has demonized the Syrian government, demonized its leaders, an effort that precedes every other intervention that the United States has made over the course of many, many decades in order to convince people that its OK for humanitarian reasons to overthrow a government and to replace it with whatever the United States prefers, a government that is not independent, that is a willing participant in whatever US policy is.”

Amy Goodman has become part of this propaganda machine and is now controlled opposition. What does she think will happen in Syria, if the Syrian Government and Russia do not win the war? It is clearly seen in the background who will take over.

It will be an Islamist Caliphate with its eyes on the West. This divide and conquer strategy has been a goal of the Messianic Likudist faction, to create both Greater Israel and a radical Caliphate from which to operate from.

This is not democracy-building as Goodman so prominently advertises in the title of her show. Democracy-building would have been the participation of the “opposition” and activists in the most recent Syrian Parliamentary elections in April 2016. That was democracy-building.

Henry Lowendorf of the US Peace Council

Henry Lowendorf of the US Peace Council

With all of the focus on Syria today, would it not be better for Democracy Now! to question, rather than support the mainstream narrative?

This is her “Iraq war” as nothing is said about Eastern Aleppo and who is on the ground. One thing is known, that it is clearly seen in the background of the video.

Thinking about this in depth, if Daesh was to win in Aleppo and Syria, and then use Syria as a base of operations, the mainstream media, the UN, the US government and Democracy Now! could be said to provide support to this conclusion and hand victory to Daesh.

Who is going to stop the radical Islamists? The civil society activists or the US military that is already providing them with arms through the “Free Syrian Army” (which can in the future be used against the US military)?

Before Russia entered the conflict, we can see how well the US performed against Daesh in this video. It is clear they captured huge amounts of territory. We have not stopped them, as they still appear in the background. Goodman and her colleagues continue to push for this divide and conquer in Syria rather than seeing the story on the ground as a real story of [Syrian] sovereignty in the face of extreme pressure globally to become a radical Islamist base [in order to create the 'conflict'] counter to Greater Israel.

The Caliphate then will probably be attacked, which will kill yet more Arabic people. And radical jihadis will penetrate Europe and the US to kill westerners. The war machine will have a consistent power base and profit stream without the fear of peace looming in the background.

Lowendorf, who did indeed visit Syria, said,

“that while the Unites States would like to divide the Syrians up by religion or within a religion, by the different beliefs within that religion, there wasn’t a Syrian around who would accept that. We spoke to the Grand Mufti and he said people ask me how many Muslims there are in Syria and his response was always 23 million, that’s the population of Syria and when we talk to the bishop of one of the Orthodox churches, he answered the same thing, ‘the number of Christians is 23 million.

We will not allow ourselves to be divided up the way the Unites States has divided up the people of Iraq or Libya or Afghanistan or so many other countries, we won’t allow that.’ That unity I believe this has led to the ability of the Syrians to withstand an invasion by the most powerful country in the world and its most powerful allies in Europe, its most powerful allies in the Middle East, with what is a vicious attack on the Syrian people.”

Why is Democracy Now! supporting this Messianic plan?

Democracy Now Controlled Opposition towards the Messianic Plan


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Joe Sigur ·

Works at Self-Employed
you are right Ann, she's a gateeeper but she's been one for awhile. She supports gun confiscation, never challenges MSM narratives claiming the false flags are random events. She's as coopted as Alex Jones and Abby Martin who refuted her inside job claim surrounding 911 when she complained about Russia getting involved in the Ukraine affair two years ago. Of course you are not allowed to allude to the fact that the Jewish power structure that controls much of everything is loyal only to its tribalistic aims and we must therefore pretend nations are independent actors
Isn't Democracy Now part of the VT team? Ann, that's a clue!

Jim Frieson ·

Taiq Ali , Norman Finkestein , Noam Chomski , signed Assad Step Down petition . Along with a slew of "the Left" I hear Ali recanted . This Time We Went Too Far , perhaps he thought . From Norman Finkelstein ; http://normanfinkelstein.com/.../chomsky-on-syria-very-good/

Don Clasen · Self-employed at Author/Writer

Thank you for confirming my impressions Ann. I too was listening to this segment on the radio this morning but not able to give my full attention. Amy Goodman is controlled opposition was my first thought too. It's not surprising. Supposedly her father is an Orthodox rabbi no less. But whatever her motive, she like the whole media stable are forced to carry this ridiculous narrative or they don't get to keep being "journalists." At least she's not as bad or blatant as Jay Sekulow on the right.

The hypocrisy of US use of this barbaric ISIS cutout to carry out its dirty work while pretending to be fighting them has to be a new low even for us. We don't even try to hide it from the world anymore and it tells me that Obama et.al. have been forced to adopt such a mendacious approach simply because of Zionist power over our culture. Nowadays all Presidents are front men and fall guys for policies people in the shadows develop.

Netanyahu will not be denied his neo-con plan that all nearby rivals become failed states even if it makes us look ridiculous before the world. It actually serves their long-term purpose of destroying us, but it's a tricky thing because they need us to be their mules in the meantime. Globalization, precipitating war with Russia, manipulating everyone to destroy themselves--everything is a tool in their plan to be the last guy left standing. It's a stupid one because eventually all the world will catch on and turn on her. That's Armageddon and only the return of the real Messiah Jesus Christ will save a handful at that point. God warned her of using deceit to get their way in those days and already they're being exposed (Isa 28:14 ff).

Gail Evans

Good article Ann Diener . I gave up watching DN about 2 years ago. I think I lost it with Amy Goodman in 2014 when the civil war broke out in Ukraine. She had a guest on who did not follow the script. He was talking about the over 1 million refugees, she presumed that they fled to Nuland's new government in Kiev and western Europe and was shocked that they had fled to Russia. Since then, I do not pay much attention to them. My time is better spent elsewhere. They claim to support racial and religious tolerance, but in fact they inadvertantly fuel the flames. Instead of supporting family planning and birth control, which they never once mention, they support abortion on tap under all and any circumstances. They promote climate change but have never once invstigated geo-engineering and weather modification. And I might be wrong about this, but I do not recall them supporting the March Against Monsanto movement. But on that score, I could be wrong.

3 Responses to "Democracy Now Controlled Opposition towards the Messianic Plan"

  1. Citizen Of The World  September 30, 2016 at 7:51 am

    The whole idea behind the Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan, Afghani, Ukranian….etc invasion is this. The Zionists and their agents create an entity within the population to divide and conquer them based on ethnic, religious and sectarian beliefs then invade whole countries and destroy, steal, terrorize, kill and rape. Once the people are tired, weakened, terrorized, starved, have no shelter or property left, Israhell invades and the people welcome their invaders as the liberators! The population left will be sent as immigrants and human fuel to destabilize other countries.That won’t happen in Syria; the population understood that a long time ago when Israhell invaded Lebanon back in 1982 after the sectarian war of the 70s! The Syrians are way smarter and more educated than the NWO agents think! Yes the country will be almost destroyed (As with Lebanon) by the terrorists sent and armed by the US and its allies but Syria won’t fall at the end.

  2. joetv  September 30, 2016 at 7:00 am

    For so many years I listened to Amy Goodman’s broadcast. I felt enlightened, more informed. I reasoned if one did not listen, and pay attention to her show they were missing the truth. Not too long ago, I came across an article in VT which claimed that Amy took $500,000 to stay with the proper 911 story. I thought $500,000 is not enough money, this is a lie. I looked a little further, who she married, and other things. But for the most part just listening to her show is enough. It has changed. Now, $500,000 may be an incorrect number, but she accepted something. The proof is in her reporting. The heavy slant towards geo-liberal issues, her biased, venomous anti-Trump speak, and no longer giving both sides of a story means the program is no longer valid. Her coverage of the Panama list was word for word the same as CNN’s. Just as democracy is history so is she. One can no longer tell the flies from the shit.

    So I asked myself: how could she operate at the top of her game, and for so many years? She had permission to. She was the perfect spy.

  3. Carnaptious  September 29, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Daesh is also supported / directed by Israel. While rank and file terrorists may not be fully aware of this, unless they’ve received treatment in an Israeli medical facility as more than a few have, the Daesh leadership is surely aware of it. An Israeli think tank recently claimed that Daesh was a “strategic asset” for Israel, and the US should not eliminate the terrorists from Iraq or Syria.

    If a caliphate is established, it would make a very convenient scapegoat for false flag actions perpetrated by Israelis dressed as Daesh terrorists (recall that Menachem Begin and other Irgun terrorists dressed themselves as Arabs to attack the King David Hotel). It would also be handy to simply direct the terrorist proxies they are working to bring to power in Syria in attacks on neighbors in the ME, or in Europe, Russia, the US, and elsewhere. Daesh could literally fly out of Tel Aviv, and never enter an airport that wasn’t controlled by ICTS, another Israeli owned company, before reaching their intended targets.

    Meanwhile, US taxpayers are forced to fund Israel’s deranged messianic vision of conquest and a “greater Israel” even as US veterans sleep in the streets, and starving US teenagers are trading sex for food.


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