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Arizona Prepares For Secession From United States
- if Martial Law is Declared

[Editor's Note: It's really refreshing to know that at least a few politicians in a least ONE state of the Union (out of 50) have enough presence of mind and respect for the principles of liberty upon which this country was founded, to tell the Illuminated traitors in Washington that they aren't so willing to sacrifice their freedom to their treasonous takeover agenda. Are there any other liberty-minded state legislators sitting on the fence besides those in Arizona? If so, THIS would be a good time to step up to the plate...Ken Adachi]

By Julie Foster <>
Jan. 14, 2004

An Arizona state legislative committee has approved a resolution calling for the dissolution of the federal government in the event that it abolishes the
U.S. Constitution, declares martial law or confiscates firearms -- scenarios some say are not unrealistic. Critics of the resolution, however, call the
measure a "total waste of time."

Rep. Karen Johnson, a Mesa Republican and chair of the House Committee on Federal Mandates and States' Rights, authored the resolution which the
committee approved 3-2. Only the committee's vice-chair, Republican Rep. Gail Griffin, abstained from voting.

Specifically, House Concurrent Resolution 2034 outlines the origin of the United States, emphasizing the sovereignty of the states and their constitutional right to "establish a new federal government for themselves by following the precedent established by Article VII, Constitution of the United States, in which nine of the existing thirteen states dissolved the existing Union under the Articles of Confederation and automatically superceded the Articles."

It also articulates constitutional violations committed by the federal government as justification for the measure, saying "... the fifty current principals, or signatories, to the [Constitution] have done well in honoring and obeying it, yet the federal agent has, for decades, violated it in both word and spirit. The many violations of the Constitution of the United States by the federal government include disposing of federal property without the approval of
Congress, usurping jurisdiction from the states in such matters as abortion and firearms rights and seeking control of public lands within state borders," says the resolution.

By adopting HRC 2034, Arizona states its intention to dissolve the current federal government with the approval of 34 other states and, in essence, start over. Participating states would re-ratify and re-establish the present Constitution "as the charter for the formation of a new federal government, to be followed by the election of a new Congress and President and the reorganization of a new judiciary," in keeping with the original intent of the "founding fathers." Individual members of the military will return to their respective states and report to the governor until a new president is elected.

In addition, each state will assume a prorated portion of the national debt and will own all land within its borders. After the new government is formed, the remaining 15 states will be permitted to join the revised union upon application, as was the case with the original union. (see more on this article at this link below)


From Jim Mortellaro

Should the scenario described in this article succeed in their endeavor under the conditions explained, this writer will be among the first immigrants seeking citizenship there. And I'll be wearing a tux for the occasion. Of course, I shall also be carrying my best firearm in my best Mitch Rosen Gun Leather holster, well concealed according to law. My wife Rosemarie will be carrying her favorite as well. In a thigh holster designed and fabricated by Mitch Rosen.

Oh boy, oh boy ... I can't wait.

Say, izzit possible to get on the waiting list? I shall write the Arizona State legislature straight away and place our applications. Only one thingy, it is most important that the state allow cute French Bulldogs or ... "Hell no, we won't go!"

Jim, Rosemarie and Pepe Mortellaro
Now residing in New York State.

New York's motto:
"It ain't hell, but you can see it from here!"

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