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CDS Water Concentrate Will Last Longer and Is Easier to Store

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From Ken Adachi
April 22, 2019, Updated Oct 16, 2020

CDS Water Concentrate Will Last Longer and Is Easier to Store (April 22, 2019)

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[Update, Oct 16, 2020 ~ I originally included the 4800 ppm concentration I had obtained as part of the title of this article. However, I subsequently discovered that the 4800 ppm concentration that I had first achieved had slowly decreased after a few weeks of storage in the refrigerator down to about 3800 ppm, where it seemed to stabilize for a much longer period of time. Nevertheless, concentrated CDS (above 3,000 ppm) will hold its strength much longer (more than a year) versus lower concentration CDS (below 500 ppm) which begins to gradually lose its ppm strength after 3.5 - 4 months in the frig. If stored at room temperature, the gas will diffuse out of the bottle at a faster rate than when kept in the refrigerator. So keep you CDS Concentrate refrigerated for maximum shelf like. However, it's not necessary to refrigerate the bottle of 50 ppm CDS Water from which you are drinking daily. ..Ken]      

If you've never heard of CDS Water, you should read this article.


Because it's one of the most efficient and important germ fighters and toxin neutralizer that you're likely to ever encounter, yet is inexpensive and easy to obtain as it's been approved for water purification purposes for over one hundred years. Or to state it more accurately, the ingestion of chlorine dioxide gas (a powerful oxidizing molecule and disinfectant) infused in water, while a relatively new application, underscores the traditional use of sodium chlorite as a water purification agent. 

I've posted a number of articles at my website discussing CDS Water (Chlorine Dioxide Solution, a yellowish oxidizing gas infused in distilled water) - including how to make it at home - since Jim Humble first described how to infuse the chlorine dioxide gas into water in Youtube videos (since taken down) he posted in late 2011 and 2012.  The nice thing about CDS Water is that it's much easier on the stomach than taking drops of activated MMS in a 4 oz glass of water. When drinking CDS Water, you're only consuming the chlorine dioxide gas and the water. With activated MMS drops, you're ingesting three different compounds: 1) 22.4% Sodium Chlorite, 2) 50% Citric Acid, and 3) the chlorine dioxide gas which is released inside the body when you ingest activated MMS. Some people have no problem whatsoever ingesting 18 drops of activated MMS in water, but many people do - including myself - especially when you try to ingest more than 3 or 4 drops of MMS.

Full details are given here on CDS Water and how to make it yourself at home using the air blower method first introduced by Jim Humble in Youtube videos in Nov. 2011. You can make CDS Water up to 500 ppm concentration using the air blower method in about 40 minutes if you follow the procedures that I outlined in the above linked article. However, I wanted to make a much higher concentration of CDS Water, so I employed the atmospheric infusion method, which takes about 12 hours to complete.

Yesterday, I made a concentrated solution of CDS Water at 4800 ppm, a higher ppm than I've previously produced. In order to obtain a higher concentration than the 3000 ppm CDS available from MMS vendors, I used a higher concentration of Sodium Chlorite solution which produces more chlorine dioxide gas than the 22.4% MMS formula originated by Jim Humble

How Long Will CDS Concentrate Last?

What makes a concentrated CDS solution more convenient than a 500 ppm bottle is that a concentrate will produce a larger total volume of drinkable (50 ppm) CDS Water (diluted 64:1 with distilled water to make 50 ppm) and therefore last substantially longer than two quart bottles of CDS Water at 500 ppm (diluted 10:1 to produce 50 ppm). For instance, CDS Water Concentrate can be diluted down to the 100 ppm range by using a dilution ratio of 1:32 with distilled water. That means adding 32 oz. (1 quart) of distilled water to 1 oz. of CDS Concentrate. Thus, a 16 oz. bottle of CDS Concentrate can produce 16 quarts of 100 ppm CDS Water or produce 32 quarts of 50 ppm CDS Water; or produce 64 quarts of 25 ppm CDS Water, depending on how strong you want to ingest it. I find 50 ppm or even 25 ppm to be the ideal concentration range for daily consumption. This low concentration range will usually produce no symptoms of "die-off" or detoxification discomfort, yet achieve the desired protocol of a steady, low-dose trickle oxidation of pathogens and toxins throughout the day while consuming a small amount of CDS Water every 60 minutes. If you drink 1/2 oz of CDS Water for 8 consecutive hours, you will have consumed only 4 oz. Therefore, a 16 oz bottle of 50 ppm will last you 4 days.  If you have a lot of bodily problems, I would start at 1/2 oz per hour and see what you notice for a couple of days. If absolutely nothing, then I would go to 1 oz per hour.  You could also start at 25 ppm to play it super slow & easy in the beginning if you have big health problems - just to see how you react

If you're drinking 8 oz per day, then 1 quart (32 oz) will last you 4 days and 32 quarts will last you 128 days - which is more than 4 months. Most regular CDS Water users find that the lower ppm range of 25 ppm works very well, since it's a low dosage, trickle oxidation effect and produces no obvious die-off symptoms, like headaches or nausea.  

For quite a while, I was drinking CDS Water in the 100 ppm range, but lately I'm following the recommendations from Mark Grenon that leans towards: a lower ppm of only 50 ppm (or 25 ppm) taken regularly,  every hour for 8, 10, or 12  consecutive hours each day. I've tried a shorter ingestion interval of 30 minutes and even 15 minutes to see what I notice, but I usually stick with the hourly protocol. The genesis2 church website protocols usually call for taking CDS Water for 8 to 10 hours daily. Some people go for 12 or even 16 hours daily, I often notice a little bit of a runny nose while drinking CDS hourly.

The idea is to take a low ppm, at regular intervals throughout the day, and let it work at a slow and steady trickle rate of oxidization, rather than use a higher ppm which could bring on more die-off in a shorter space of time. This could lead to some symptomatic effects, depending on what you're trying to fight. Jim Humble keeps mentioning that it's better to avoid provoking any die-off symptoms for a smoother recovery. The body has to take a day or two to recover if you stress it too much (which of course takes energy that could be used for healing), so the slow and gentle approach allows you  to function normally while helping the body work on whatever the body's trying to address.

If you don't have any major health problems, then taking CDS Water has often been reported to have the effect of making people feel better and experience more energy. For people with symptoms of this or that, they might start to notice their symptoms begin to lessen over time. I sometimes notice a greater sense of well-being, as well,  when I take CDS Water regularly. .

If I decide to drink 50 ppm hourly for 8 hours each day, then it will take 4 days to consume 1 quart (32 oz.) of 50 ppm CDS Water. If I decide to dilute it down to 25 ppm, then I will produce 2 quarts, which will last 8 days

But what if I decide to drink the lowest dose of CDS water at 25 ppm? Then, it takes only 1 oz. of CDS Concentrate to produce 4 quarts of 25 ppm CDS Water which will last 16 days if you drink 1 oz per hour for 8 hours each day. Therefore, a 16 oz. Bottle of CDS Concentrate will last 256 days if you dilute the entire bottle down to 25 ppm.   

If you've read articles about CDS Water and were curious about trying it, but didn't want to invest the time & effort to make it yourself, then CDS Concentrate was made for you. Send me an email for more information on how to obtain CDS Concentrate as a Premium Gift in consideration of donations.

We can't make any medical claims about CDS Water, but Jim Humble, Mark Grenon and many users have reported that its methodical oxidative action can assist the body to heal itself of various aliments by aiding the body's immune system which does the healing. You can read more about the science behind MMS and CDS Water from this Basic Science of MMS tutorial by Jim Humble:

Ken Adachi


Reader Says CDS Water Is Helping Her to Recover from Lyme (June 19, 2018)

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