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Condemning Trump

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 7, 2017

Condemning Trump (Feb. 7, 2017)

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We need to give Trump a chance to see what he will do and what he won't do before we condemn him one way or the other. Two weeks is not enough time for that. After one year, we'll have a clearer perspective and can judge more accurately. Young people do not realize that Trump is attempting to rectify a "policy" put into motion by International Jewish bankers and their Wall Street allies in the early 1960s (The World Conquerors) to undermine and subvert American economic growth, prosperity, and strength by "outsourcing" - at first, heavy industry such as steel, to countries in Eastern Europe - and then light industry (televisions, consumer electronics, lawn mowers, etc.) - to many countries in Asia, especially communist China. By shipping jobs and foundries outside of America, we lose our capacity to sustain ourselves - to produce everything we need on our home soil - if we are subjected to war or an attack on our country. This gutting of America's industrial might (which was the greatest in the world following World War II) was intentional and planned to eventually take America to her knees

So far, Trump has done many things that are steps in the right direction. He re-asserted his intention to get rid of Dodd-Frank and bring back the Glass-Steagall Act to get banks under control and limit their activity to banking instead of Wall Street speculation. The TPP was killed within his first days in office. TPP would have been disastrous for America and its people. The travel ban was necessary to re-install an appropriate and legal vetting process and background checks before letting anyone from third world Middle Eastern countries flood into America. That's only common sense. It looks like the Wall is going to be built which apparently is the only effective way to stop illegal aliens from crossing into the United States from Mexico. This is a necessary thing to preserve the integrity of our borders and the sovereignty of the United States. Trump said he would impose a 35% tax on anything coming into America from Mexico which will slow down imports from Mexico to a crawl. When the Mexican government feels the heat from the loss of income, they will reluctantly agree to pay for the Wall. If not, Mexico is going to have nearly zero exports into the USA for the next 8 years- to say nothing of zero illegal aliens entering the United States. If Pence or Gowdy or a similar conservative wins in 2024, it may be 16 years before Mexico will export goods into America; maybe longer. Look how long the economic embargo on Cuba has been in place, beginning in 1959. It's going to be a very long time before a Democrat is elected President again, despite the bravado and bluster of the delusional idealogues on the Left. The induction of America into a moral-less, God-less, border-less Marxist/Socialist/Communist third world hovel is now in jeopardy. However, it must be driven into reverse in the coming years as Christian America wakes up to the reality of the third world invasion by illegals who are having 10 times more children than are guilt-ridden, self-effacing, abortion-happy whites and will become the majority population by 2050 unless we do something to reverse this invasion and takeover of our own country. No other country in the world would tolerate this level of illegal infiltration to undermine and threaten the very people who are rightful inhabitants of that nation. While the Left will usually only acknowledge 12 million, the true number of illegal aliens is closer to 40 or even 50 million, about 1/8 of the entire population of Americans. And if Trump didn't win the election, none of these hopeful starts in rescuing America would have been possible. As long as Trump continues to do things that are pro-America and pro-American People, we should be supportive and applaud his efforts. He's only one man and has more powerful interests arrayed against him - trying to influence him - than any other person on this planet. Of course, he's going to flounder and make mistakes because he's new to this game, but as long as his intentions remain with the People, we should support him. If we are concerned about decisions he makes which we don't like, we should not hesitate to offer constructive criticism and let the White House know through phone calls or emails.

At the same time, I wouldn't want to remain ignorant of any information that could help me better understand the players and their motivations, which is why I appreciate the analysis, research, and astute observations of Henry Makow. Those self-assured cynics who say that Trump is just another puppet chosen and installed by the Rothchilds are 100% wrong, Trump is the populist candidate and won despite the all out attempt by the Judeo/Masonic cabalists to install Hillary. And he did it with his own money, and not that of lobbyists to whom he is not beholding.

I agree with the assessment that there is a Marxist, Left arm of Zionist Jewry and a Neocon, Right arm of organized Jewry here in America. The Zionist Neocon Right showed us just who they are and who they are working for during the disastrous 8 years of GW Bush. The Neocon arm of Organized Jewry composed the plan for the New American Century which laid out the agenda to dominate and destroy the major Arab countries in the Middle East that stood in the way of Zionist Israel becoming the undisputed ruler of the entire Middle East. And the American People were going to do the job for them. There is a remarkable Youtube video of former Gen. Wesley Clark explaining how he was informed by a Pentagon general about 16 days following 9/11 that the US was going to attack Afghanistan and when asked "why," the general said: "we don't know." Two weeks later, the same general told Clark that the plan was "much worse" than what he had first leanded. He was told of a five year plan to take out 7 Arab countries in the Middle East, but wasn't told the reason for attacking these countries.

It's flabbergasting to see traitorous, fifth columnist Neocons like Karl Rove, Josh Bolton, and Rudy Giuliani back on TV again playing the role of Fox News contributors or potential candidates for Attorney General or Secretary of State, as if the criminality of the GW Bush years never took place.

It's up to the American people to become informed and knowledgeable about the Zionists who are trying to control the narrative of the Trump administration, both inside and outside the government.

(The most informative and startling admissions of the false beliefs - via Jewish-owned media and education - imposed upon white Christian societies in order to trick the non-Jewish 'goyim' into aiding and abetting Zionists in the destruction of their own western Christian civilization ethos is the 1976 Harold Rosenthal interview with Walter White Jr. which should be required reading for every school child and adult in North America and Europe)

That is why we should not ignore articles that are critical of Trump but still contain factual information about those he appoints or communicates with. We should want to know everything about the individuals who surround Trump even if the article is intended as criticism of Trump.

Do not assume - without conclusive evidence - that Trump is in anyone's pocket. Trump got himself elected under his own steam; using his own money; in order to serve his destiny in history. Considering his determination to be the executor of his own will, is it really likely that he's going to kneel down to the will of the Koch brothers; or Netanyahu; or the Rockefellers; or even the Rothchilds? It's easy to jump to that conlcusion when you conisder his buddy-buddy relationship with Netanyahu and the people he's appointing to cabinet positions and federal agtencies. But is he really a puppet like Bush or Obama? I don't think so.

The JWO is in an upheaval because of the Trump win. They cannot be sure he will do exactly what they want him to do. Trump does - and will - respond to public pressure. He wants to be seen as a good guy and wants to be loved by the American People, and not the illegal aliens. He wants to create a mark for himself in history and establish a political dynasty that will carry on after him, much as the Kennedys attempted to do. Deporting every single individual who has entered this country illegally is going to do wonders for the psychological health of this country and restore respect and confidence, once again, in the rule of law. Pushing out of office those sheriffs, police chiefs, mayors and legislators who are actively aiding and abetting the support of illegal aliens who are defrauding the American people by receiving benefits only intended for citizens and even voting in American elections, will also do wonders to restore confidence in the rule of law.

Young people in America have been brainwashed into socialist/collectivist sheeple largely due to the influence of Marxist/socialist teachers and Jewish Frankfurt School administrators who had flooded into universities all across this nation following World War II. These individuals need to be driven off the American campus as their net effect is to subvert and undermine the very foundations which once made America strong and the world's brightest beacon of Liberty, hope, and fair play.

Ken Adachi

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