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Scalar Silver: "Could you tell me what you know about Scaler Silver and how is it different from colloidial or nano silver?"

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 3, 2017

Scalar Silver: "Could you tell me what you know about Scaler Silver and how is it different from colloidial or nano silver?" (Nov. 3, 2017)

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On 10/29/2017, Dottie wrote:

Could you tell me what you know about scaler silver and how is it different from colloidial or nano silver?. I suffer from Lyme disease and I’m very interested in finding out where to get the scaler silver as I’ve heard it is the Best.

Thank you for any help or if you know anyone who can answer my questions please let me know.




On Oct 30, 2017, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Dottie,

Yes, I'll send you a longer reply later today. There is much to talk about..

I expect you will be surprised at what I have to say.

Regards, Ken

On 11/3/2017, Dottie wrote:

Hi Ken...

I know you must be busy but looking forward to your info on scaler silver. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks again!!!



On 11/3/2017, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Dottie,

Sorry, I got involved in archiving data

I haven't seen or used this product, so I can only go on what I'm reading about it. The use of the word "scalar" is somewhat suspect here and largely used as a marketing label I feel. "Scalar" waves refers to a type of energy expression that we don't usually hear about because it's not part of the conventional wave forms normally taught in physics books. Our thoughts, for instance, which can both be transmitted and received by our brains, akin to a transceiver, are said to be scalar waves. Telepathy is an example of scalar wave thought transmission which can be transmitted by the brain of one person and received by the brain of another person. Tesla discovered that he could manufacture scalar waves by pulsing a high voltage, DC current though a special type of coil construction called a "mobius" coil. My guess is that the people who are making this product are applying some sort of pulsed, high voltage energy to the silver solution, perhaps using a mobius coil, and calling it "Scalar Silver." That's only an educated guess, but nano size of even pico size colloidal silver particles are usually made using a high voltage AC voltage source (8-12 kv typically). I don't think the people who make this stuff are actually explaining how it's done in plain English in order to keep it mysterious and "proprietary" etc.

Water is like a computer memory chip. It can store energy information. We can pulse the frequency "signature" of silver into water and obtain some of the germicidal attributes of silver in that water. We can also broadcast the frequency of silver through Radionics and the recipient of that energy will experience the attributes of silver as if he had ingested silver colloid. We can also encode the energy signature of silver into a homeopathic solution or a sugar tablet and that energy is transferred to the person who takes the homeopathic remedy.

The problem with this "scalar silver" product is the extreme smallness of the silver particles being used. Based on what I read at one web site that sells it, the silver particles are SMALLER than 0.1 Nano meters. One Nano is one BILLIONTH of one meter. They might have reported the silver particles in the 0.062 Nano meter range, which is actually the equivalent of 62 Pico meters. One Pico meter is one TRILLIONTH of one meter.

The people marketing this stuff think it's great because it's so small, it can get into the smallest recesses of cells and even into our DNA. But it's TOO SMALL and behaves DIFFERENTLY in the body than does micron (millionth) sized colloidal silver particles. ANY sort of metal particle that is LESS than 100 Nano meters in size causes problems for the body, These particles are not simply laying around inert in the body. They act like a radio antennae and respond to Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer programming being transmitted from cell phone towers (2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G) and other transmitters of WiFi microwave energy which causes these and other nano particles to self assemble inside your cells into functioning robotic forms that act under intelligent direction from AI computers. These nano and pico size metal particles CANNOT be removed by the body on its own. You need to employ special methods to remove these particles from the body.

Nano particle poisoning from the air we breathe (chemtrails) and those particles which embed themselves in ALL crops grown outdoors in the open, has been taking place for 20 years. Worst yet, intentional Nano particle "technology" being administered to crop fields and silo grain storage locations has been going on since the 1970s.

A little known research paper raises serious concerns with Nano size colloidal silver. It reported that Nano size silver particles that are less than 100 Nano meters in size can cause scaring to the testicular Seminiferous tubules that transport sperm out of the testicles. If you tear up and scar those tiny tubules, then that man's sperm isn't going ANYWHERE and he's effectively made himself STERILE for life. How can you UNDO that damage once it's done? This was new and startling information that should concern everyone, but very few people are even aware of this.

My recommendation is to NOT use Nano or Pico size silver solutions such as "Scalar Silver" or any of the other Nano size colloidal silver solutions sold on the internet (including the overly hyped Silver Bullet sold by Alex Jones in 2 ounce bottles for the incredible "bargain" price of $25 per bottle). Stick with the traditional MICRON size colloidal silver particle solutions made by electrolysis using low voltage DC current that Dr Bob Beck talked about in his lectures. This is the YELLOW colored solution that contains particles in the micron size that the body IS able to remove and causes none of the damage inflicted by Nano or Pico size metal particles. You might want to consider obtaining your own MICRON size colloidal silver generator and making it yourself at home. It's much cheaper - and safer - than paying through the nose for a product that's going to eventually harm you in the long run.

New Owner of the Original Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator from E-Y Notes His Excitement in Producing High PPM Colloidal Silver in Only 25 Minutes (Oct. 29, 2017)

Regards, Ken


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