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Dec. 1, 2020 ~ Jim Stone's Latest (Sent by Tony Blizzard)

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
December 1, 2020

Dec. 1, 2020 ~ Jim Stone's Latest (Sent by Tony Blizzard) Dec. 1, 2020

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[Ken Adachi Note: Dec 1, 2020, 2PM Pacific. I just received this info from Tony Blizzard. After doing a quick search,  I can attest that the Barr betrayal is accurate and just posted in the past few hours. Whether Trump holds onto the office he was duly elected to in Nov 2020, our GREATEST jeopardy to Life & Liberty is to stop "Operation Warp Speed" which is moving forward at neck-breaking speed to VACCINATE every American citizen by the end of January 2021 with the most diabolical, nano-bot infused poison ever exposed to human beings. JUst kiss your ass, your future, your kids, your freedom, your Free Will, your privacy,Goodbye is you get this Devil Vaccine.  

be mandatory Covid "vaccination' insanity being TheIf Trump caves in, it's going to get very ugly, very quickly and armed resistance will be the only intelligent option to avert wide scale genocide and a 'Red Terror' campaign as experienced by the Russian people in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Trump won about 75 million voles to Biden's 25 million votes.. As Jim Stone says here, EVERYONE with a brain KNOWS that Trump won by a huge landslide (including lawyers, Judges, political reps, etc), BUT the corruption is so deep (E.g. Sellout Barr) that Trump's appointed AG is denying what any teenager who can surf the internet, knows with certainty, that Trump won by the biggest landslide in US history. What Jim Stone is suggesting - for Trump to declare Martial Law and start rounding these guys up and executing them, SOUNDS good - and could put a huge dent in the JWO takeover agenda  which  would be nice to see - but reality doesn't work out like a movie script. Martial law means THERE ARE NO RULES, no laws, and no restrictions. ANYTHING can happen and it usually does --- especially to the CIVILIAN population and very little to the well armed, well fortified military population. If Trump doesn't bail, we have a CHANCE to save the Republic. If he caves in to Sellout JWO Whores like Barr and doesn't do what has to be done, then it's up to US to defend ourselves. Because the alternative is national annihilation by the Killer Vaccine and the Communist Boot of Tyranny. Even though the Leftist Idiots in this country THINK that Biden is going to be another 'savior' like Obama was hyped to be, they are in for a HUGE surprise when they experience the EVIL that will be unleashed. Communist 'socialism' only sounds good for Libtards when living in a free constitutional republic like America. Try living in a communist dictatorship for a few years and see what communism is REALLY about. ]

From Tony Blizzard

CLASSIC: Trump knows coronavirus is fake.

He's only playing with the vaccine topic to avoid getting back stabbed there too, CHECK THIS TWEET OUT, from this you KNOW he knows it is all fake!

Barr did his "investigation" and found no evidence of voter fraud.

Not even any evidence of more ballots returned than sent out. He's the deep state traitor we all knew he is. No wonder why his "DOJ" accomplished NOTHING.

Trump should enact martial law with extreme prejudice and smash all of DC plus the state legislatures flat in hours, before they know what hit them, while 3 "why is the internet down" threads get posted on Twitter with two responses each because the web really is down.

Trump should issue warnings to the FIVE (5) good people left in DC so they can evacuate without spilling the beans maybe an hour or so before he sodom and gamorras the place with an enormous pile of nukes. We can rebuild DC, but we'll never get America back. Who cares about a few monuments?

NOT A HOAX: China really did buy Dominion Voting Systems for $400,000,000 a month before lection.

And the American MSM refuses to report it, which means China is a proxy of the Jew. If China was not a proxy zombie state, the entirety of the Jewish media would be trying to wipe out China, and trying to reveal how "China stole the election" yet, crickets.

Why am I not talking about Gina Haspel getting captured, Obama being arrested, etc?

Lots of rumors are going around now about deep state arrests. Problem: This is at least the 5th time "Obama has been arrested" and I'll need proof. Like a public hanging or something.


Arecibo has completely collapsed.

I am going to say something that will not be popular. But it needs to be said, and I am going to say it anyway UPDATE: I toned this down just for the off chance she's "one of us."

Sidney powell's "Kraken" gaffe was as bad as it gets.

I figured this out during the interview of General Flynn and General Mcinerney, when it was revealed who "The Kraken" was. As it turns out, it was the 305th military intelligence division. Powell stating "release the Kraken" was an enormous problem, which amounted to a warning to the election thieves and communist subverters about who they needed to target to save their asses.

LET'S ALL FACE IT: Powell is a FREAKING LAWYER. No lawyer should EVER reveal a secret like that. There's a BIG reason why Trump got her off the team. She warned ALL Trump's enemies when she said "release the Kraken" - we all guessed at what that was, but you can damn well bet Trump's enemies were not guessing.

We all called her a genius. We called her a "genius" because she was out and about, stating what even an 8 year old would know - that the election was stolen, and she said it amidst a sea of lies so when she confirmed the obvious, she looked smart. REALITY: It does not take any sort of gift to see this election was stolen. The media knows it, every troll knows it, the judges all know it, the lawyers all know it, every damn last federal worker, bartender, mechanic, hood rat, Bar Mitzvot, congressman and EVERY LAST FBI agent knows it. But since Sidney was one of the only widely known about people saying it, everyone called her a friend and a genius, and hopped on the bandwagon with her. And then, with the spotlight on her, she called from the rooftops: KRAKEN!!! and blew Trump's cover straight into the sewer.

That was horrible.

If Trump somehow makes it, it will take the military to make it happen, Mcinerney himself has said this because every last step in the chain of justice is broken, from the Republican congressmen to the judges to the media to even the postal worker. This system cannot be fixed without the help of military intelligence and actual bloodshed, - KRAKEN? THANK YOU SIDNEY, yes, the correct dismissals and behind the scenes movements can now happen to finalize the death of the United States. She blew the one secret Trump had in his favor straight to hell.

We will now hear a few word games to prove how great she is, that will serve to anesthetize the American public and maybe even the military into not acting until there's a jack boot at the door.

It is not just Sydney's blunder that is a problem, the entire justice system is rotten to the core.

ENJOY THE SHOW, because like a hollywood production, that is ALL we will get through any legal recourse. The deeply entrenched Bolshevik communists will hand us a few victories to make it look like there is an actual effort to keep things clean, and then they will take everything - all they will need is ONE last elector we just were not able to get.

Mcinerney is RIGHT TRUMP. As soon as it is completely proven there is no legal system in the United States that will make a difference, on December 16th after Biden is scammed in, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY USE EXECUTIVE ORDER AND THE INSURRECTION ACT TO POUNCE WITH WHATEVER MILITARY YOU HAVE AND START THE HANGINGS WITH SWIFT 10 MINUTE MILITARY TRIBUNALS OR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND ALL THE REST OF US WILL BE DESTROYED.

You will have to act quick to prevent the corrupted portion of the military from stopping you, and you'll even need to target THEM TOO. Hopefully "the Kraken" will be able to totally disrupt their communications when they try to enforce communism.

DO NOT give ANYONE you know is guilty "their day" in a corrupted civil court, swift and decisive action will be needed or we will ALL be toast. You'll need to hang the judges too. If anyone refuses to sing like a songbird on the 16th hang them on the 16th and go after more with whatever you get from whoever does speak up on the 17th. If Rudy is not on board with this, ditch him ON THE SPOT and hang him too.

MAKE A CHOICE TRUMP: KILL OFF A FEW THOUSAND CRETINS OR LOSE 9 DIGITS WORTH OF GOOD PEOPLE. The evil absolutely will murder hundreds of millions of people to save their sorry asses. We are counting on you Trump. Make your decision, - US, or THEM.

DOJ is likely threatening witnesses

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Chester, Pennsylvania, testified before the GOP Pennsylvania Senate hearing last week Gettysburg. Hoopes said she was kept in what she described as a "play pen" as an observer and no Republicans were allowed close to where the counting was taking place.


And then I went to Trump's twitter and saw he tweeted about the FBI and DOJ being in on the election fraud. This morning I went back and the tweet was gone. So I looked it up and found this quote on Sputnik news:

"This is total fraud and how the FBI and the Department of Justice, I don't know, maybe they're involved, but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud,"

When the tweet on this topic was gone I was surprised. I knew darn well he said that. I was not mistaken. Here is a capture on this topic from Sputnik News:

If the DOJ is going around threatening witnesses as many are stating now, (this is not the only case) how big is the trouble we are all in, as a nation, really?


Can you add two and two?

Recent happenings have people not knowing where we sit with the election

Here's the one size fits all statement: Wait until the legislative processes are proven corrupt and then, if the election is finished being stolen, cut loose. Don't worry about the bullets because if you don't use them, you and everyone you care about will be genocided. There are many many cases of the left specifically stating this and they are getting expunged (I was going to do a big writeup about this on Saturday and just over the week end practically everything vanished) they think it is some sort of secret . . . . .

One thing is certain, we are discovering just how deep the treachery goes and it is starting to look doubtful the United States supreme court will even hear a case because they are all trolls, let alone hear it fairly. It is highly probable Trump will have to use the military to clean up this mess, however, with Obama firing so many good generals and Trump doing nothing to fix that, there is solid doubt there too. It likely will have to come down to the American people rebelling with force.

They may say Trump gave up and quit. He will not quit. If they say he did, that will just be another lie.

Biden now has a boot

Supposedly he hurt his foot while playing with his dog. But there are discrepancies about what happened, and now he's wearing a boot. Rumor has it there is a tracking device in the boot and that he's in deep trouble and facing arrest. McCain wore such a boot just before he "died", but Hillary has had one too and nothing came of it. So I am skeptical.


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