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Don Nicoloff Lambasts Fox News Over Ron Paul Debate Freezeout

by Don Nicoloff <> News07jan08.shtml
January 7, 2008

Don Nicoloff Lambasts Fox News Over Ron Paul Debate Freezeout (Jan 8, 2008)

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From: Don Nicoloff
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 2:30 PM
Subject: Your Network's Un'Fair' and Un'Balanced' Propaganda

To whom it may (but probably doesn't) concern,

Your network's decision to exclude Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul from the NH Hampshire debate is not only a gross miscalculation, it is indicative of the cold, callous, and even conspiratorial methods you employ in order to obfuscate the truth. Shame on ALL of you!

Fox News obviously relies on the repetitive mantras formerly reserved to pre-WWII Nazi Germany and the Zionist-fascist propaganda spewed by a ruthless regime bent on world domination and the annihilation of anyone that stood in its way. You have gravely underestimated the intelligence and the discernment of your viewing audience.

As an 'occasional' listener, I have found it increasingly difficult to sit through more than five minutes of any of your 'fair and balanced' newscasts, without fighting the urge to vomit -- or purchase one of the many pharma- ceutical wares your sponsors peddle to 'help' overcome nausea and achieve a modicum of relief. You have yet to find the sponsor whose product can produce such a result.

Your so-called 'expert' commentators have obviously been compromised, either through the news department 'higher ups' or through intelligence agency-mandated protocols (otherwise known as propaganda). Your willingness to parrot the same 'talking points' heard on your 'competitors' networks smacks of the brainwashing techniques employed by the other networks and their sponsors.

I laugh at your weak-kneed political analyses and your refusal to adequately credit the important journalistic contributions of your political contributors. For example, you are quick to point out William Kristol's affiliation with the 'Weekly Standard', though it would be far more 'fair and balanced' to reveal his contributions to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and its relationship to 9/11 and the 'War on Terror'.

Insulting your audience, including the many supporters of Ron Paul, has become your new trademark. To charge that his supporters are "wackos," "conspiracy theorists," or "nut cases" is indicative of YOUR ignorance! Blaming the popularity Congressmen Paul has garnered on the Internet (which, by the way, is an excellent source of the 'fair and balanced' Truth) is moronic. After all, Fox has its own Internet sites, does it not?
The Internet just happens to be OUR preferred method of finding and sharing the Truth. We have no ulterior motives. Can you or anyone else in the 'mainstream media' honestly make the same declaration?

As a journalist and a talk-show host, I will continue to expose the intentionally slanted, disingenuous, and conspiratorial trash you call 'news'. I will also continue to educate the masses about the various anomalies that reveal the true nature of the 'mainstream media' and who pulls your puppet strings.

Your sponsors have no influence on me, nor on the purchases I make. Rest assured that that reality is in no danger. However, you can bet that my readers and listeners will hear the truth in what I write and broadcast and will act accordingly. They will respond as they see fit. Your 'fair and balanced' polls should be an accurate appraisal of a shortfall in advertising revenue, that is, if you can come to grips with the backlash of a consumer

Your network's refusal to accurately report what is really going on in the world is itself a scandal. But then, I am not revealing anything that you, yourselves, do not already know. The public (your listening audience) is now finding that out for themselves. You have obviously resorted to 'attacking the messenger', due to the realization that the message itself cannot be attacked -- especially when based upon the Truth. What a noble cause!

Finally, your refusal to permit Ron Paul to participate in the candidates' 'Forum' is the 'straw that broke the camel's back'. You have gambled and lost, and so have your 'handlers'. One may wonder to what extent the American public can be 'dumbed down'. I suggest that Fox News should be the benchmark for such a measurement in the future.

Don Nicoloff

Some of the Reptoid Shifting Team at Fox 11 News and Good Morning LA:

(captured from videos --Ken Adachi)

Steve Edwards Fox 11 Goodmorning LA Steve Edwards Fox 11 Good morning LA


Fox 11 News Fox 11 News

Fox 11 NewsFox `11 News










Gilliane and Strawberry Field reporter










Giliane Baberie Reynolds AGilia e Barberie Reynolds B


Fox 11 studio anchor Fox 11 woman studio anchor A












Fox 11 News strawberry fest reporter B




Fox 11 News Strawberry CFox 11 news Strawberry Fst D 

Fox 11 News reporter strawberry fest D 




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