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Dr Russell Blaylock's Powerful Jan. 5, 2009 Interview with Alex Jones Exposing the Pivotal Role of the Rockefeller Foundation in Promoting Eugenics, Mass Population Culling

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[Editor's Note: I was so impressed by this interview, that I felt compelled to type out the English transcript so that both English speakers and non English speakers can read exactly what Dr. Blaylock was revealing in this extraordinary interview that reveals the heart and core of the Rockefeller Foundation's key role in the Eugenics agenda, whose goal is nothing short of the mass depopulation of planet earth. The transcript format allows me to embed links to articles, books, and photos which underscores and corroborates the information being presented here. As I post this transcript, I found yet another Youtube channel that offers a longer version of this interview with more calls included near the end of the show. I will add the additional text and expand the the mp3 audio file to include the fullest version. This interview is well worth your time to read and listen to carefully. It serves as a cogent and succinct tutorial on a major plank (depopulation genocide) of the New World Order takeover game. The more you understand, the less vulnerable your are to the machinations of these satanic psychopaths...Ken Adachi]

From Dr. Russell Blaylock and Alex Jones
January 5, 2009, E-Y posted May 1, 2016

Dr Russell Blaylock's Powerful Jan. 5, 2009 Interview with Alex Jones Exposing the Pivotal Role of the Rockefeller Foundation in Promoting Eugenics, Mass Population Culling (May 1, 2016)

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Dr Russell Blaylock Jan 5 2009 interview w Alex Jones on Youtube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOAyZDd8ekA Part 1 of 5

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2009
Alex welcomes back to the show Russell Blaylock, M.D., a retired neurosurgeon, and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills and The Blaylock Wellness Report. Dr. Blaylock has demonstrated the link between food additives and degenerative diseases.

Audio of Dr Russell Blaylock's Jan. 5, 2009 Interview with Alex Jones (19MB, 53 mins)

English Transcript by Ken Adachi

Alex Jones = AJ
Dr. Russell Blaylock = DRB

AJ: Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. He attended the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his general surgical internship and neurosurgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina.

During his residency he ran the neurology program for one year and did a fellowship in neurosurgery after his residency. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.

He recently retired from both practices to devote full time to nutritional studies and research. During his research training, he worked with the eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Ludwig Kempe (I believe that I'm pronouncing that right), and together they developed the transcollosal (I hope I'm pronouncing that right) removal of intraventricular tumors, which is still used today. Dr. Blaylock presented their cases utilizing this technique to the Congress of Neurological Surgeons....

Folks, this goes on for page after page. He's one of the top, now-retired, brain surgeons in the world. And he's done a lot of studies and reads every day, all the other major studies about what these toxins - in our environment - are doing and ways to not ingest all those. And a lot of questions today.

You know, there's a vdieo making the rounds on Youtube, a little 3 minute rant I did where this caller calls in and can't talk. And he's saying I'm a liar about the US bringing Nazis in and I said: "But it's all over the news." And folks have put articles about that, you know, up over me talking. And I make the point, I say: "Sir, depending on the studies, 15 to 30 percent brain-size reduction [by] not being breast fed. He got real mad about that, but that's just one other little area [of concern]. I mean, there's so much I want to talk to him [Dr. Blaylock] about and I'm very thankful for him joining us. And Dr. Blaylock, it's so good to have you here with us.

DRB: Well, thank you. It's a pleasure being on your program

AJ: You bet. Thank you for sitting through my plugs. Out of the gates, tell folks about your books, your videos, your materials, your websites here at the very start of the show for people who want to learn more.

DRB: Well, my website is russellblaylockmd.com That's r-u-s-s-e-l-l-b-l-a-y-l-o-c-k-m-d- dot com. And it has a section of free information. You know, I write papers about anything from mercury toxicity, vaccines, the cholesterol nonsense, and I have a paper on regimentation in medicine and the death of creativity which people would be interested in if they're interested in the effect of collectivism on medicine. And I have some DVDs on nutrition and behavior which talks about the effects of nutrition on how people think, as well as criminality, suicide risks. All of these things that we're hearing in the news today about our young people being uncontrollable and the direct connection to diet and what you could do about is discussed on this DVD. I have a newsletter that's published through newsmax.com, The Blaylock Wellness Report, which is a monthly report. I update all the things on nutrition. And I have several books: Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills, was the original book. And it's about MSG and Aspertame toxicity to the brain and nervous system. And then a general nutrition book that's more recent, it's Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, which covers all sorts of subjects: vaccinations, fluoride, mercury toxicity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a lot of different subjects. And it's very comprehensive The third book is Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients in which are reviewed a world of studies on nutrition and cancer suppression. It goes through how to not only use it primarily to treat cancers of various kinds, but also how it enhances the effectiveness of what's considered traditional cancer treatment and makes them less toxic. But these are two recent books, the last two. The Excitotoxin book was updated in 1997, I think it was.

AJ: And it's all available at your website that we have up on the screen for everybody watching at prison planet dot TV

DRB: Right

AJ: You know just while you're talking there for a minute or two. Obama, the major changes, if they haven't taken over medicine already, now they're openly announcin it. I want to get into what SSRIs [Selective Serotonin Reuptake I nhibitor], just the toxicity alone is doing. They've admitted that it causes suicide. I want to getting the use youth that you mentioned. I want to get into the numbers we see with cancer being way up. Why allergies are way up in people that have never had them. Your take on the Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO] creating all these new proteins and things, that according to scientists that we've interviewed, that are causing so many problems. I want to get into just kind of a laundry list covering a lot of subjects. What some of the more dangerous things are in foods, that we want to avoid. The excitotoxins, not just aspartame. And things like that. MSG [monosodium glutamate] and some of the other things that are out there.

Where would you like to start first doctor?

DRB: Well, I think what I need to probably start with is a discussion of how we came to what we call orthodox medicine in the United States because this is a source of great confusion. People are now inundated with the idea where there's orthodox medicine which people traditionally think about it than that accepted. And then we have people working outside of orthodox medicine which is sort of frowned on. That's the people doing nutrition, vitamins. minerals, herbs, juices, etc. And so a you need to kind of understand who created orthodox medicine. Where did that come from?

Rev. Frederick Taylor GatesJohn D. Rockefeller Sr.Well it actually came from the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1901. The Rockefellers at the time, their family, because of the Standard Oil scandal, no one wanted to be called a Rockefeller. Everybody hated all the Rockefellers. And so his friend, Rev. [Frederick Taylor] Gates (left), went to John D. Rockefeller Sr. (right) and told him, he said: "Well, here's a way we can repair your reputation". And he gave him a good example. He said : "There was this man who everybody hated, just like they're hating you. And he started giving money out for all sorts of philantropic enterprises. And soon people . forgot all of the bad things."

All they remembered was this philantrophy that he was pouring out. And so he said:"That's what we need to do with you"

And so, the first thing because Gates' father was a physician, and John D Rockefeller's father was a quack, snake oil salesman, he said : "Let's form The Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research [now called Rockefeller University, in New York City]."

And so they created this in 1901. And so Rockefeller owned what was called the Drug Trust. That's the major drug manufacturing firms all over the world: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lederle, all of these drug pharmaceutical companies...

AJ: Because the Rockefellers understood taking over an entire industry and controlling the education system is the key to dominating societies. These are monopoly men.

DRB: Right, and he also made himself a lot of money. And this is what Gates pointed out to him: "Not only can we present this as philantrophy, but by promoting only drugs and the treatments that you promote, as being so-called 'orthodox,' that will feed back into the companies that you own."

And of course what he did, he didn't always directly own companies. He would buy enough shares so that he controlled them.

AJ: Yeah, it's very simple. For people who don't understand what you're saying. This si all part of the mainline history. It isn't taught in the mainline text books, but it is there for those who want to know. They took over the education system in medicine to then direct the course of it into their own companies.

DRB: Right, and the way he took over the medical education system at the time, he hired a person called Abraham Flexner. And he told him: "What we need to do is have you study the medical schools in the United States and write a critique of it"

And of course the aim was to remove all nutrition references, nutritional type treatments from the medical schools. So they closed down half of the medical schools in the United States. There were 165 medical schools at the time. Well he closed half of them. Then he had his anointed medical schools, which he poured his money into, appointed the professors from his own stock of professors. And so they created an educational system that taught the things that he wanted taught. And therefore, every professor that came out of those programs taught the same thing. So you establish an orthodox training system where everybody was saying the same thing.

AJ: Yeah, they call it now 'standardization,' just like international bodies fund every county and city and fly around the city managers and social planners, where now all the zoning is the same. Or the schools are the same. Or the anti-gun message is the same. Or the anti-sovereignty message. Everything is standardized so this all goes back to them doing this with banking, and then medicine, and then energy. Please continue

DRB: Right, and if you look at the history of it, it all stems from Rockefeller. He did this in all other segments that you discussed including the municipalities, and the cities and villages so that he controls their governments as well. What he now has is absolute control all of medical care in the United States, as well as that he moved out into the world. He made it international.

AJ: And then when they have control of medicine, they can cover-up, by compartmentalize it, and you know giving false data to the doctors who are compartmentalized and scientists, they can cover up their Eugenics program to make sure that real doctors and scientists don't ever discover it. Correct?

The Molecula Vision of lIfe book coverDRB: Right, and the thing is Lilly Kay wrote a book on this. It's the [corrected book title] The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The Rise of the New Biology [1993, Oxford University Press]. It's a very in-depth history of it. She's a professor of history, very well-qualified. It's a very highly-acclaimed history of molecular medicine and molecular biology. But in it, she makes the point that the Rockefeller Foundation created molecular biology with the aim of human engineering and social control.

And that his goal was to eliminate people in the world who he felt was unfit for life. And he changed the minds and the thinking of people by using molecular biology.

AJ: And then he pioneered the funding with the British of 'mind war.' That's what Hitler called it or propaganda.

DRB: Right. He turned it international in 1950. What he did, he turned the domestice program over to the Ford Foundation and then he went international, mainly concentrating in Britain with their program of psychological warfare, and psychological changing of thinking and mind

AJ: And doctor, I want to point something out. You and I didn't talk before the interview. We're not scripting this. You know I bring up that it then moved to Britain and you continue with the documentation. Why? I don't come in and throw in little tid bits to show off that I know what's going on. I do that to show: we're both saying the same time because we've read the same mainline history

This is what's really going on. They're poisoning you by design. We're going to get to that. Dr. Russell Blaylock is our guest; an amazing individual. We're so honored to have him with us. We're going to come back and continue with what rules our world. Stay with us.

[after commercial break]

AJ: Everything Dr Blaylock, neurosurgeon, researcher, lecturer, peer-reviewed publisher, is telling you is on the historical record. The Eugenicists developed their plans in the 1850s. They took them into governmental control by the 1930s. They implemented it. The Nazis were just a spin off of that. That's why all of this is happening. That's why the poisoning of the population is happening. And they got one comeback to all of this, they say: " Well, Population. You know, we're living longer in the United States." Well, that's not true.

Infant mortality is way down. So if you take out infant mortality old numbers and what on average bidding on the decade ago going back 60, 80, a 100 years ago, 30 or 40 percent of children would die by the age of five. You take those numbers out, we aren't living as long. Look at Russia. They're living to like 52 now. This is going on by design, by the social planners. So, Dr. Blaylock, please continue You had gotten to 1950. They go totally international with it. Please continue

DRB: Well, as I said, they turned over the domestic behavioral sciences to the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation and its Carnegie corporate Foundation, turned their attention to the International arena to promote this social engineering which the Rockefellers in the 1920s coined the Science of Man. Basically, it was Eugenics because he was funding the majority of the Eugenic organizations in the world in the 1910 - 1920 period.

Well, the Ford Foundation is essentially is controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation . Virtually all the major foundations are controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation. The way they did that, is they had their people put in as trustees to these other Foundations and eventually they took over control. So by interlocking, most of the major Foundatios, now the Bill Gates Foundation, is directly and indirectly controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation:

AJ: Now, let me bring up the sources on that. The Church Hearings in congress, as you know, in the seventies, went into the interlocking directorates and the different foundations. And another way the Rockefellers, by controlling government: if they didn't like a Foundation, or if they didn't play ball, they could sic regulators on them to selectively enforce rules to break them up or bring them under Rockefeller-allied control. Go ahead

DRB: Right, and by regulating and controlling most of the major Foundations, then they could have block grant, which they did. They directed their projects together toward a certain type of research. For instance, they were very interested in behaviourism, which is psychological control and human engineering, or psychobiology. So by using that mass block of money, the other Foundations were just very small and of no consequence. But they train these physicians in the United States by targeting certain institutions. For instance, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Duke University, the University of Wisconsin were targeted to be their institutions - CalTach [California Institute of Technology]. And so, they filled it with their people, with their agenda, their social planning agenda, and social control agenda. And these people eventually became professors as well; or sent their students as professors into foreign countries. So over the period of time, since 1901, they've essentially taken over most of the major universities throughout the world, through this interlocking directorate.

Now, to show how much money these people have, they did something that was even more powerful. And that is: they made sure that their people became the advisors for the government when the government was giving out money to be spent because the psychological program funding by the federal government far exceeded the Foundations in the 1950s and 60s. But it was the Foundations that controlled the various governmental groups that were dispensing the money, so eventaully they controlled the government money, which is tax money, as well.

AJ: Alright, stay there doctor, only a one minute break. Come right back to you as we start the fourth and final hour. We're live at prison planet dot tv

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AJ: Our guest, Dr Russell Blaylock. I'm going to put his website up on the screen for you here in a moment. He's giving you the basic crash course in brain surgery in understanding how our societies govern. How the mapmakers of the mind are controlling our society. Then we're going to go into what they're building, these Eugenic operations, the population reduciton operations they're carrying out against you and your family. Whether you're an FBI agent, a police officer, or a bureaucrat, And we're going to get into some of the specific toxins and poisons that have been introudced into our environment. This is a quick segment. So we're going to come back with a long segment coming up in about 5 minutes. But let's continue with Dr. Blaylock

Dr. Blaylock, please continue

DRB: Yeah, and continuing this line of their obsession with this science of changing the human behavior; what we called eventually 'behaviorism' in the 1948-50 period. For instance, in 1928 at CalTech, they had this biology division. That's where Rockefeller first was funnelling his money to create this Science of Man idea. And it was first focused on Eugenics, according to Dr Kay. And she said that one of the professors there, Ezra Gosney, was in fact a leader in the Eugenic movement. He was in the American Eugenics Society, the American Social Hygine Society, the Eugenics Research Association and the Human Betterment Society which was heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. And they mailed out tens of thousands of broshures to doctors, teachers, social workers, physicians, univeristy publishers - all these different orgainzations to make sure that these ideas were in the minds of the American public and acceptable. And just to give you an idea of one of the things that this Dr Gosney wrote in Scientific American in 1934. He was urging his readers to embrace Adolf Lorenz, a professor of Sociology in Vienna, with the idea that sterilization of the unfit would eventually reach all civilized countries as a means (quote): "of.getting rid of the scum of humanity."

So this was a person who was in the Rockefeller Foundation. He was appointed as a professor of this new biology program, the molecular biology program at CalTech, and he had a tremendous influence in training of professors that were teaching other biologists, and eventually physicians as well.

Now just to give you some of the quotes she gives in the book to show you that this is not just something that I'm pulling out of thin air. In her book, she says in the 1920s, Rockefeller conceived the idea of the Science of Man agenda. And she said quote: "The motivation behind the enormous investment was to develop human science as a comprehensive and applied framework of social control grounded in natural, medical, and social sciences. Its aim was toward human engineering, the conjunction of cognitive and social goals, had a strong historical connection to Eugenics."

So, you know, you can't make it any plainer. It's just quote after quote through the book in where she's saying over and over. His entire plan for this funding was not benevolent, it was the control of human beings in the way they would think; to control the human thought. And to get rid of people that he considered undesirable. Well, he had all the money at his disposal from Carnegie Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation , the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, the Ford Foundations. So he had massive amounts of Foundation money. In addition, as being advisors to the federal government, all of the money that the government was spending in these areas was much greater than even the Foundations, was controlled by the Foundations itself. So eventually, today, they have the wealth of the entire world at their disposal to carry out these programs. We're talking about hundreds of trillions of dollars over this planet to promote, and it's even mentioned, "New World Order" which you said, they helped design with the Council on Foreign Relations. All of these things are well documented. It's not just something that you or I are making up like this.....

AJ: And doctor, it's horrifying. We got a break, quick break, long segment coming up sir. And it's just horrifying. This is planet Eugenics.

[after commercial break]

AJ: This is your life we're talking about here. This is the medical institutions, the colleges, the cities, the counties, ...all social engineering. Now the banks, by design, our own documents, we're covered it here ad nauseum, they're imploding the economy, by design, to where you literally have to have a government job or work for a company being financed by the Internationalists.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is our guest. And coming up at the bottom of the hour, we're going to open the phones up 1-800-259-9231 [repeats phone number]

Dr. Blaylock, we're continuing with the history here. I want to get into now what they're setting up. What their Master Plan is from your deep research. What their goal is. Because studying the world, studying history, you know, doing this radio show, it's been quite a journey for myself in 13 years because all of us that do research, whether they're a neuro.., you know, top brain surgeon like youself. or a member of congress like Ron Paul, we come to the same conclusion separately. This is the stated goal and I've seen just a microcosm example: A few years ago, it's in my film End Game, the [Texas] legislature was having hearings about why so many foster children were dying; why they were grabbing hundreds of thousands of children ( a million point four [1.4 million] nationwide every year); why 67% of children nationwide and in Texas, the state average was the same as the national average here of 67%, were put on psychotropic drugs. And the head of the Psychiatry Department, Association of Texas, got up and said: "Well, they have bad gene pools, so that's why we're doing this to these children."

And, you run into any of these guys. And I've been to a lot of those events, and they'll go"Yeah, we're getting rid of people." Humans are a disease. We're a 'parasite.' And we the Elite are getting rid of them.

And I tell the story of my mother, one time, was riding with my father and myself when they were visiting me. And they come in the office and seen part of End Game, a year and a half ago, being finished. And my mother says: "Son, I know you tell the truth about all the stuff (because she's got a degree in history)." But she said: "I can't believe they're really want to kill 80% of us". And my dad, who had never told the story, and he goes..You know, he was a top student in high school and then went on--this was when he was still in high school-- was taken to UT [University of Texas] as part of this Academy of Sciences and they tested thousands of kids and he was down to the top six. And they took him aside and said: "We want to send you to one of these top schools. We want you to be part of the New World Order. We're going to carry out Eugenics. The Public, you know, we've got to get rid of the majority of the population "

And my dad got out of it at that point because he was well read in history. He said this was really sick. And he thought of the Nazis. But he never told us that. And then I talked to other professionals. They are recruiting the creme de la creme of society, as you just said earlier, into this since the 30s in the western world. Please continue

DRB: Right, and if you go into the New World Order, she [Lily Kay] even makes this statement. She said: "In December 1946, the Special Committee launched its new policy, accommodating its work for a New World Order efforts toward Internationalism. In other words, they were internationalizing this Eugenics program. Now she says: "In 1945, because of the Holocaust, and the bad publicity it was spreading over the world of social planning and Eugenics, they immediately told all of their people, they said: 'Get all of the references in our writings - the social control, social planning, and Eugenics - out of it. We'll just change the names, so people won't recognize it.'"

And she says this in her book, and she's a major MIT/Johns Hopkins-trained historian who .....

AJ: This is crypto-Eugenics. They overnight changed all the names

DRB: Right, they selectively went out and removed all of these names so then their publications sounded very high and mighty....

AJ: And getting rid of the infirmed became the 'bio-ethicists' movement. .

DRB: Right

AJ: On and on and on.

DRB: Exactly. And of course, one of the most powerful of all the associations is the Social Sciences Research Council [SSRC] which Rockefeller formed back in I think 1904, 1907 something like that.

And now, it is an enormously powerful organization that has a number.,,, It has something like, I think in 1950, it had sixteen different Foundations supporting it; all of them Rockefeller-connected. So they were pouring massive money into it and it virtually controlled the entire social sciences research, not just in this country, but all over the world.

AJ: And then meanwhile, they're scouting for all the new brains to make sure that the brain trust was under their control..

DRB: Exactly. And by controlling education, and controlling the media, they made sure that people all conformed to this way of thinking. Now, here's a way they controlled the people who were dissidents in the intellectual world; people that were professors in the universities who didn't want to go along with this.

AJ: They cut their funding off

DRB: Well, they would cut their funding off, making sure they never got a research grant. If they were not tenured, they made sure they were fired. And what they also did, to elevate their people to the the highest rung of being experts in the world, is they would give them huge grants so they no longer had to bother with teaching students. They could spend all of their time writing.

AJ: And they would publish their books and make them rock stars in the media.

DRB: Right. And they reviewed their books and the journals that they controlled because they... One of the things they did, went out and controlled all the journals. So that then their people's books were reviewed with high praise. Any person who was a nonconformist, their book was either not reviewed or given poor reviews . And so when experts were asked for on a certain a subject for the federal government, they went to the Foundation's experts. They go to the CFR. They go to the SSRC for an expert. And so: "Oh yes, we have experts in that area. We have experts at population control. We have experts in any subject that you want." And of course, it's all of their people with all their philosophy. And as you say, a lot of this is population control. It's buried in language for the general public not to recognize when we talk about it. .

AJ: And now we're living in really a 100 years of this; 70+ intensely. Continue with closing the gap from the sixties on into today and what the master plan is Dr. Blaylock from your deep research.

DRB: Well, the plan is they want to get rid of most of the population because what they realize is with technological advances, we're not going to need all these workers. I mean, if you look at some of the modern plants, I've been in some of the big plants, and if you look at them. And there's a room the size of three or four football fields and there's a couple dozen people working there. Because everything else is robotic and electronic and technologically controlld.

AJ: That's like Bill Joy whenever he went back in '99 to a big technology conference, and he's worth four billion bucks, co-owner of Sun Microsystems. And he came back and wrote an article, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, in Wired Magazine, and he said: "Look. I met with the Elite and they're planning to kill everybody."

DRB: Well, they don't need him. And the other thing that you really should ...

AJ: That's what he said. He said "they don't need him" because of the robotics.

DRB: Well, the thing you also realize when you read any of the literature is that they're scared of them because now you have a large segment of your population that's unemployed. They become restless and then they're a danger to the established order; to the Elite. And so the thing that they're trying to do is reduce the populations size.

AJ: To manageable levels

DRB: .. through various measures like birth control, abortion. You know, all of these different methods, the soft methods, to get rid of people. And then of course, they're using over-vaccinations, fluoride, mercury, all of these other things that increase mortality. They're keeping treatments out of the medical world that could save a lot of lives, improve health, because they want people to die off that are not in the Elite group.

Now, if you look back at the French Revolution, a lot of people don't know this. In the French Revolution, one of the ideas was to kill most of the population of France. And the idea was that we would have a group of Elite and since we've killed 10 million people in France, the rest of us would have all this land to ourselves, a very small population, and we'd have all the food we need. And not these masses to worry about. This was the purpose of the French Revolution.

AJ: But they want to go back to Nature, and back to neo-feudalism, eh, back to feudalism, and hence neo-feudalism. And just to back you up. This all goes back to [Thomas] Malthus in the 1750s. Then you have [Francis] Galton and others coming out with these very same plans. And of course, the Elites of the planet, the Royalty, love this. This makes perfect sense to them. But you even have these sub groups overthrowing Royalty and trying to go to a ten day work week. They were trying to overthrow the entire previous order and literally play God.

DRB: Right. Exactly. And they wrote about it openly back then. You know, now it's more disguised. They change the language so that most people wouldn't really recognize what they were talking about. If you get some of these pamphlets and material from the Social Sciences Research Council, if you don't know the code words, if you don't know what they're talking about, like 'sustainability.' If you don't understand what that means, it sounds very benign. It sounds very philanthropic, a good thing to do. But if you understand the code words, what they're planning, you realize it's absolute control.

It is... 'planning' means an Elite controls your life. And to put it on a scale that people can understand. All this new move towards Eminent Domain where they come in and take a man's business and say: "Well, for the public good, if we tear down his business and build a high-rise there or a shopping center, we'll have a bigger tax base."

And so they use Eminent Domain to take his property. Well that's central planning; that's social planning.

AJ: And their total rationale...

DRB: They say that man doesn't matter.

AJ: And their total rationale, he is social Darwinism. They believe that it's not horrible to kill people or enslave them or inject them with cancer viruses in the vaccines. It is 'good' because they have the Right of Kings to do whatever they want because they're in an Elite position. That is prima fascia evidence of their genetic superiority.

DRB: That's exactly right. And this is exactly what Dr. Kay says in her history book of molecular biology, that that was always their thought. That: "We're the Elite. We're the best gened, and therefore, we should do human engineering, the new Science of Man, so we reduce population to those of us who:

1. have the Elite minds,
2. the pure genetics,
3. and then we'll keep a small core of people to do the menial tasks that we don't want to do."

And they even wrote about: "Keep these people uneducated because there's no need to educate them. They're going to be doing menial tasks."

And you know, it's interesting reading these things because they were so open about it and there's quite a few books on social control that was written in the 20s and 30s that openly talked about these things.

AJ: Edward Bernays and others. Stay there Dr Blaylock. A quick break and we're going to come right back to you. This is just so important and we're so honored to have you here. Folks, I can't think of a more important subject. I hope you're telling your friends and family to tune into this live show and the rebroadcast. This is key

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AJ: Imagine folks, Dr Blaylock, myself, and so many other researchers. We know this information. I own close to 50 or so original source, government textbooks; and Foundation textbooks where they say they're going to terminate us. The United Nations Biological Diversity Assessment in '96 , in '89. This is all public. It's just not widely known. This is true. This is real what we're talking about. They want us dead and they are spraying us, the GMOs. You know, there's hundreds of differ net types of plastics they could make inexpensively. They chose the one formula that releases these toxins, the endocrine disrupters, that manipulate our hormone levels. Why did they choose that one type for universal adoption worldwide? And sell the factory formulas and machines and systems, sometimes at a loss, to make sure that was implemented in the 50s. And then we see the sperm counts drop. We see the fertility problems. Why did they approve the Bovine Growth Hormone [BGH] to put in the milk when they know it was linked to the cancer and all these problems. Why do they put mercury in vaccines? You know, we've gotten up to the point of their master plan, Dr. Blaylock...

Eh, this is a short segment. I'm going to come back to a long segment and take some calls from Jen and Sherry and Robert and Brad and Dr. Tracy and others that are holding. I mean there's so many, we can talk for ten hours, then we'll have you back if you'll grace us with your time to warn people. What do we do about this?

I mean we're here trying to warn folks. This is real. This affects everybody, except for a few thousand Elitists who even write about how they know they're being hurt by the blowback, but it's OK because for the 'Greater Work' they're doing. I mean. How do we counter this?

DRB: Well, it's very difficult because like I say, they have the entire wealth of the world at their disposal. They potentially control all of the media. I mean, back in the 1950, a guy by the name of Emanuel Josephson who was a medical doctor. He wrote a book on Rockefeller. It's quite detailed, very well documented. And he talks about these things in that book as well. How Rockefeller was absolutely obsessed with controlling all information that's available to the public. And the way he did it, even back then. He was spending something like $250 million dollars controlling the media by being the major controlling force in literally hundreds, if not thousands, of corporation, all of which advertise in the major media. By the 1950s, all the major media was dependent on their advertising dollar. So, anything he wanted in the media, and anything he didn't want in the media, all he had to do is let them know: "Well, you would lose your funding if that's discussed."

AJ: And a lot of other mainstream media was owned by allies, like William Randolph Hearst. Doctor, let's take this tack for a moment, And then continue with any other points you had on that first question.

There are Elitists and Wanna-be Elitists; a lot of these minion professors. I use the local awesome example of Dr Eric Pianka. He gives speeches, it's been in the news, where he says we need to kill 90% of the public. And the point is they get 95% standing ovations.

He Power Points a huge thing of skulls with a red filter on the wall. This has been on national news, and everybody claps. And the scientists cried. And he goes and speaks to the Royal Academy in England, the Royal Academies in the most prestigious academies in France.

I know you've written papers and have spoken to some of those big groups as well, but the point is -- and the majority of them start crying. This has been in the newspaper. Because this is their religion. What do you want to say to those people listening? I mean, what would be your counter and your argument to them? I mean, reaching out to them and going - "My God, look what you've done!" - and trying to get them to come over to our side of humanity?

DRB: Well, you know, this is the collectivists [communist] idea and we're steeped in collectivism. This was the whole program of virtually every President since the Civil War: it's the gradual implementation of collectivism in The United States. And collectivism basically says the individual doesn't matter. What matters is the 'community.' Well, community doesn't really mean a lot if you listen to communist jargon, they say, 'the people.' We speak for 'the people.' Well, this mythological 'people' is nobody. It's whoever is in charge; whoever owns the guns. And so the government owns all the power, and so they "speak" for 'the people,' they speak for the public. So when you hear them saying: "This is for the good of the public or this is good for the people...."

AJ: And then in reality, the Eugenicists, the communists, they always kill 'the people' because they hate the people.

DRB: Well, they fear the people. You know historically, if you look at every dictatorship, what eventually happens, is they come to fear the people because they know that what they're doing is unpopular and not working. And then they fear revolution.

AJ: Yes

DRB: And this is what happens with collectivism in The United States. As it becomes more and more collective, people recognize the Elitists as now what's causing my financial failure. The leaders are what's causing, you know, whatever 'bad' is happening.

AJ: The Parasites! Stay there doctor. We've got to break. We'll be right back after this quick break-- with Dr Russell Blaylock. Stay with us.

[after commercial break]

Henry Kissinger's voice: "There's a need for a New World Order. Someday, in the next few years, a solution will interest you."

AJ: You have been warned. All of you out there listening. We give you the documents. I made the film End Game. Dr Blaylock's made films, written book -- all sourced Psychopathic, control freaks killers are in control of our society. They're setting up World Government. They're engineering the financial collapse in their own words: "to bring in total control" where every facet of your life will be controlled. We will pay carbon taxes for everything you do. For bureaucrats will run your life. Youth Brigades, the list goes on and on and on and on. You just heard Walter Cronkite talking about the right hand of Satan. You just heard Henry Kissinger calling for world government. You heard Fox News saying that children are "bad." This is the program.

I want to tell the police and military that serve the New World Order, most of you don't understand this, better learn it. You are being poisoned and killed as well. Dr Blaylock, I want to go to calls, but let say you had 3 minutes on national TV, to address the public about the program, the toxins, the poisons, what's in their food and water, and how to avoid it. If you had three manage to boil it down and warn people. Because this will be seen. It's being heard by millions/ Watched on the web right now by thousands, but it'll be seen by millions in the aggregate, just in the next few weeks, as folks put this interview out everywhere You've got three minutes before we go to calls, sir. What is most important for people to know about how dire this is; how real this is?

DRB: Well, what they need to know is that the authorities, the people who are defending these things like vaccinations, the thimerasol, the fluoride in the water,.. they never have a defense against the charges that are being made. They never even attempt to answer these questions. When I challenged these people on vaccinations, they won't even appear on radio to challenge me. I did that in Hawaii. We challenged the Public Health to come on and debate what I had to say. They wouldn't even appear. Because I know something that the other people talking about vaccines are not talking about. And that is: when you vaccinate with these large numbers of vaccines, it activates the brain, especially the immune system, and will destroy the connections in the brain, and alter the development of the brain.

And this is why we're seeing so many of these brain disorders, and learning difficulties in our children. Now, these things are backed up by enormous research, thousands of studies, all over the world by independent researchers. It's not that the research is not there and the proof is not there. It's that the media won't carry it. None of the major publications will carry this story. They won't interview you. They don't want to have this exposed. So we have to use the other outlets like the Alex Jones Show to get this to the public. It's very well documented. If you look at my website, you'll see a lot of references. You read my book; everything is referenced in the scientific literature. It's all peer-reviewed journals from some of the biggest laboratories in the world.

But they don't want you to know these things. You know, people need to wake up and realize you're being fed a lot of propaganda. You're being controlled by
propaganda. And this is absolutely proven. The Reece Committee, 1950, federal government investigation of the Foundations prove this beyond a shadow of doubt. You can get that book, Foundations, Their Power and Influence by [Rene] Wormser, who was the general counsel for the Reece Committee. It's all proven in there. The control but I'm talking about.

The book that I've talked about by Dr. Kay on molecular biology history. It's all documented in there. So the documents are there. People need to quit watching football games all the time and garbage on the television and realize this is a very serious abridgment of our freedom. We're seeing the rise of a world totalitarian government and if we don't wake up and start doing something now, it's going to be irreversible. Because like I say, they have the wealth of the world on their side. They have the media. They have Hollywood. They have publishing firms. They've taken over a hundred years to institute this very carefully.

AJ: But the public is finally starting to figure out the basics that they're being lied to, so there's a loss of confidence with congress; one example with the nine percent approval rating. We have to move in now while folks are finally listening and warn them, as you're doing. And that's why we salute you. Very well said Dr Blaylock.

Before we go to these calls, I just want to point out to the military, the police, the bureaucrats, those that enforce this, so many of them that I talk to or that email me. They laugh and they say: "So what if it's all true? I'm part of the Elite" They're all under the same attack and there's no reason that 99% of the public wouldn't have a stake in fighting back against this. I mean, you have a final problem is: people just have trouble dealing with the magnitude, but this is the nature of our world today. And this is what we're facing. How do you see it?

DRB: Well, you know if they think they're the Elite, they need to read the history of the Soviet Union. All of the people who were responsible for bringing the Soviet Union to power were killed -- all of them. Virtually, the entire NKVD in the beginning was wiped out. That's your police. That's the people who were doing the killing initially. They thought they were protected. They were all killed. The head of the NKVD was murdered. So, you know, it takes....

AJ: The same thing with Hitler.

DRB: They're fooling themselves.

AJ: Same thing with the Nazis.

DRB: They use them and then get rid of them.

AJ: Same thing with the Nazis, the Night of the Long Knives.

DRB: Right. Because they cannot be trusted. If you read Soviet literature. The first thing they tell you is the revolutionaries that bring this about can't be trusted because when they see they were lied to, then they want to revolt. So they have to kill them off or put them in gulags.

AJ: Well, what did Caesar do after he got power?

DRB: It's throughout all of world history from the very beginning. As I said when we were talking about totalitarian government, the first thing that happens, they fear the people. They fear their own special police. So they periodically have a purge to get rid of them.

AJ: Well, if you study Special Forces. After they use Special Forces for dirty deeds all over the world, they always set them up or put a conviction on them to discredit them so they can't ever speak out - or they kill them. .

DRB: Right.

AJ: I mean, this is so horrible. Well, God Bless you. I want to take some calls here in the final 20 minutes we have left Dr.Blaylock. But for those that aren't watching on prisonplanet dot tv, verbally give folks again your website so they can check it out and hopefully you've got some ways for people to try to protect themselves. And we know they're now spraying us. I've got mainstream news about DARPA in mainstream papers, saying they're going to be put up towers with ultra sound to 'soothe' the public. They're "in crisis." Have you seen this research?

DRB: Oh yeah, yeah. You see, they had this Decade of the brain. They are pouring literally billions of dollars into neuro-science research. A lot of it is designed in how to control people's thinking. And if you read Delgado's book, who was a very highly regarded neurophysiologist. He did in-depth electrode studies on the brain on how to control behavior. And in his book, he says the last refuge of the individual is his own mind. And they're after that. They want that last refuge to that so your thoughts will no longer be your thoughts. And they're using this massive investment in neuro-science to figure out how to do that. And a lot of these techniques are what they're doing: Things to make people apathetic. Things to make people...You know, I have a friend of mine who worked for the NSA as a debriefer of Soviet defectors. And he told me about all the different drugs they had discovered that could make you change your entire attitude; where anti-communists would become communists. It would completely reverse everything that you believed in.

That these drugs existed, and they're even more sophisticated now. And techniques are more sophisticated now. And Delgado said, you know, " I no longer have to implant electrodes in people's head. We could do it at a distance" by methods like you've been discussing.

AJ: Well, that's right. Back in the 1950s, they had these patented in the US alone and not to mention what's classified. But the thing I saw like seven years ago, it was in the Baltimore Sun. And they said : "Oh DARPA admited on the Internet, they're putting up towers to soothe the public. And it was like a weird test bubble. And this is out of Spectrum online, which is for tech insiders, mainline magazine. And it says how great it is that "Oh, sound waves for brain waves" And it says they can control the public. And then I have CBS newscast where they say they're going to start doing this to prisoners to "reform" them. I mean this is open mind control. The towers are now up and you tell people this and they roll their eyes at you.

DRB: Well, it's absolutely true. I could tell you. I've spent a lot of time reading neuro-science literature and these techniques are being developed. And the government is very, very interested in this and it's being funded by these major Foundations

AJ: Unbelievable

DRB: Because this has always been a dream of theirs, is to control human thinking.

AJ: Well, the Pentagon says 90% of war is Mind War now.

DRB: Right.

AJ: And folks, we're not in Kansas anymore. OK. I'm sorry I was calling Jen, Sherry. Now we go to Sherry. I apologize Sherry. You're on the air, go ahead.

Sherry: Hi Alex. Hi Dr Blaylock. I have a question for you doctor. Is there any legitimate medical reason why sixty-seven percent of children in foster care would be on those drugs? Would there be any reason besides total control?

AJ: The federal government says it's for Eugenics. But I'm sorry. Go ahead Dr. Blaylock

DRB: Now, on drugs for what?

AJ: 67%, a national average, of foster children are on SSRI's.

DRB: Oh yeah. And, you know, if you look in the Physician's Desk Reference, it says that children shouldn't be on SSRIs. That they induce psychosis. They induce a higher incident of suicide; homocidal thought patterns. So they know that. The SSRI is a very bad medication. And if the FDA was real; if it was really a regulatory agency, they would have been removed long ago.

AJ: And doctor, as you know, in the trials of the first big one, by Eli Lilly in the early 1980s of the SSRI, Prozac, they admitted internally that it caused massive increases in psychopathic breaks, homocides, ..

DRB: Oh absolutely.

AJ: ..and suicides, but they went ahead and approved it.

Sherry: .....????..............if I remember correctly. Right?

AJ: Yes

Sherry: Yeah.

DRB:Well, you see, this is what I talk about in the film, Nutrition and Behavior, is that most of the things we see in children that have to do with abnormal behavior are due to a poor diet and toxins exposure. And that if you change that, most of these children undergo a radical improvement in their behavior. And...

AJ: And by the way. ..let ne stop you...Even mainline studies that you see in the press occasionally, admit that getting them off dyes, getting them off processed sugars, getting them exercise, has massive better numbers than Prozac which they even show is detrimental. Go ahead.

DRB: Well, all this has been in the mainline, peer-reviewed journals. It's not, you know, from something in alternative medicine. This has been mainline medicine.

AJ: Did you see the latest that most...

DRB: It's just the fact that most physicians don't read this. They don't read the research journals They're not even aware of this.

AJ: Did you see the latest numbers from 2008? That $100 million prescriptions for SSRI's in 2008 in the US?

DRB: Oh, absolutely. And when Bush had the program where he was going to have all the children examined psychologically and have them placed on medication if they needed it.

AJ: More 'freedom.'

DRB: I mean, this is absurd. It's not the function of the federal government to have people psychologically evaluated and placed on medication. Especially something as dangerous as SSRI medication.

AJ: But, that's what the Eugenicists..Aldous Huxley, whose brother later ran the UN, Julian Huxley, became the head of The Eugenicist Society and the head of the Trans-humanists, he said they would drug the public. That's where THX 1138 and Brave New World came from because that was the plan. And now they've got a hundred million people on them.

DRB: Sure. In the book, Brave New World, they talk about the drug "Soma" and that you would calm people down. And then you have another drug to excite them when you wanted them excited. And when you want them apathetic, you put them back on the Soma again.

AJ: And now they even have an SSRI on the market, doctor, called "Soma"

DRB: Absolutely.

AJ: (laughs)

DRB: ..his book, Brave New World (????) goes into the mind fiction description of all of these thngs.

[end of Youtube video]


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