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Eleanor White Reportedly Hospitalized After Suffering Three Heart Attacks

[Editor's Note: Elearnor White has been active on mind control forums for nearly two decades with advice and articles on how to cope with psychotronic mind control harassment and torture. ]
July 20, 2015

Eleanor White Reportedly Hospitalized After Suffering Three Heart Attacks (July 20, 2015))

Eleanor White had 3 heart attacks, status anybody?

I heard about it from FFCHS' Derrick Robinson, who runs that mind control victim-activists group. (I'm a relatively new member of that great support/help org. for x-number of months now.) As I'm sure you well-know, it's kind of the only 1 of 5 US-bases listed in the internat'l political mov't of MCV-As.

Anyway...she'd been hospitalized, which is in itself a miracle!
(We would have expected her to be DOA by paramedics!)
Please email me back, as I'm very worried.

She's helped confirm I'm a MCV by her survey going back years, & we emailed each other over it. So, she let me see where I stand in relation to other MCVs & herself.

I'll put her in my prayers for a full recovery if you tell me she's pulled through.
Thanks so very much. Waiting to hear from you soon. LOL

Bye, Lisa




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