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Email Regarding Stew Webb (June 21, 2016)

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June 21, 2016

Email Regarding Stew Webb (June 21, 2016)

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On 6/21/2016 Michael wrote:

Hi Ken;

Stew Webb and familyI'm listening to an interview that I stumbled across today, and it's between a youtuber named 'Truth Warriors' and the Lovely Stew Webb.

This is the first time I've ever listened to a few minutes of Stew. I must say, he is so far beyond obnoxious there are no words to describe him. Some of what he says is patriotic but 99% of his delivery involves speaking over, yelling louder than and just running on and on over the interviewer.

He seems to be quite a bully judging by how he talks. He raises his voice way too often for me, yet what he says seems in line with what's going on. So, it's hard to sit and listen to him since what he says is being said elsewhere, where the ones saying it speak with more class, less cursing and a much nicer tone than he does. I can see why many people would love to slap the smugness out of Stew.

Hope all's well with you.

Thanks, Ken-


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your note.

Stew has had psychological problems for a long time. I feel he's a victim of mind control and acts psychotically at times. He was committed to an institution for the criminally insane for either 7 or 9 months in the 1990s. I have the records in my files. He tries to play it down and says he was locked up because the Millman family (his former wife) got him railroaded, but the reality is he was committed by a judge for psychotic behavior. Webb has been working for the FBI as an informant and undercover agent for years. That's why he stole so many of Ted Gunderson files - because the FBI wanted them. He often goes off the deep end and has attacked people violently and pulled guns on people he gets into an argument with.

Stew Webb regurgitates stuff that other people have originated. He calls himself a whistle blower but he has never come out with an original scoop on anything. He CLAIMS he played some sort of important and pivotal role in the Silverado banking scandal, but when you research the topic, you will see that Stew played no significant role whatsoever. That's part of his psychosis. He sees himself as some kind of big deal investigator when he's just a loudmouth boozer and alleged drug user who snows a lot of gullible people on the internet with his high speed, used car salesman banter. .

Gordon Duff kicked him off Veteran's Today about a year ago because he finally came to realize that Webb is the lying lunatic I always described him as.


Any intelligent person who takes the time to investigate the charges that Webb has leveled against Ted Gunderson, for instance, or anyone else on his Enemy's List, will find that Webb just MAKES things up consistently and spits them out as "facts." I took the time in previous years to dissect, line by line, his absurd fabrications arrayed against Ted Gunderson and I've shown that Webb does nothing BUT lie.

He's a con artist essentially. He uses his BS spiel to get people to donate money to him because he's doing such 'important work' with his 'whistle blowing'. See?

Best Regards, Ken


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