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Five Ways Whites are Discriminated Against in America

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By PotatoBoy
October 28, 2017

Five Ways Whites are Discriminated Against in America (Oct. 28, 2017)

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For the first time ever, a major poll shows that a majority of white Americans believe that whites are discriminated against in America today. The poll’s findings, while not being groundbreaking, do show that racial consciousness among whites is on the rise.

In the spirit of enlightening some of the melanin-deprived, here are five ways that white Americans are discriminated against on a daily basis while living out their privileged existences in America!

5. Affirmative Action

This was the one item on the list that was referenced in NPR’s poll and shows a concrete example of how whites are discriminated against in American society.

According to NCLS, affirmative action covers policies “in which an institution or organization actively engages in efforts to improve opportunities for historically excluded groups in American society.”

While this technically can benefit whites (for instance, white first-generation college students), it is more routinely used to benefit everyone except whites (and Asians) as historically low-performing racial minorities are the most common affirmative action beneficiary.

For this reason, the under-performing son of a black millionaire may be admitted to a university over a poor white student of similar capabilities. In the view of affirmative action advocates, the poor white student, in this scenario, is more systemically privileged than the black millionaire due to his skin’s tragic lack of melanin.

The inherent absurdity of this policy has naturally lead to lots of little “non-white” lies on college admission applications and some pretty hilarious news stories.

4. Educational Gaslighting

Perhaps the most nefarious aspect of anti-white discrimination in America occurs after your white child is admitted into his second-choice university. (Thanks affirmative action!)

Due to a major shift in liberal arts departments across the Western world, the way world history is taught has fundamentally changed. It is now quite common for historical whites (think Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, etc.), and only whites, to be judged by the cultural Marxism of modernity.

Of course, blacks have (and still do) owned black slaves. Jews played a very large role in the African slave trade, as did Arab Muslims, who also sold whites into bondage. Such topics, however, are considered "hate" facts in American public schools, and are under-taught (if taught at all) in American universities.

The propaganda is so bad, in fact, that most American college students believe that white Americans invented slavery. Given the fact that many professors teach that racism against whites is impossible, is it any wonder that whites are beginning to feel discriminated against?

The deconstruction of historical figures and events has lead to calls for tearing down monuments all over America. Some vibrant protesters choose to take the matter into their own hands. Of course, nobody cares that Muhammad Ali shared the views of the alt-right or that Martin Luther King did not advocate for trans rights.

As such, the deconstructionist history we are taught is a one-way street that leads to people like this.

“You’re a fucking……white…..male!”

3. Media Manipulation

The fake news media is one of the most prolific purveyors of anti-white sentiment. As such, one will note a distinct difference in how they report similar news depending on the race of those involved.

For instance, the media reports the never ending string of assaults on elderly whites at the hands of blacks as the “knock out game,” and pretends there is no racial dimension to the crimes whatsoever.

Even when blacks openly admit to racially-charged assault, local and national news will craft stories (which have since been taken down, probably because they were fake) about targeted white supremacist violence against helpless black “peaceful protesters”.

black lives matter riot

After a Black Lives Matter protest that ended in multiple cops being shot and killed, CNN had BLM’s brain-trust on national news to explain how the killer does not represent Black Lives Matter. Even though the group regularly chants pro-cop killing messages.

Isn’t it funny how Black Lives Matter protests, which routinely end in looting and anti-white attacks, are described as “peaceful,” and yet the recent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was treated as a terrorist plot by violent white racists?

The news continues to call Heather Hyer’s death a case of murder, even though she died of a heart attack!

Either way, I certainly didn’t see CNN invite Richard Spencer on to give his side of the story in the aftermath of the protest.

Luckily for us all, the anti-white media bias is so obvious that only the elderly are still tuning in, for lack of other options.

2. Hate Crime Enforcement Targets Whites

Since universities and popular culture dictate that it is impossible to be racist towards whites, it should come as no surprise that it is nearly impossible to be convicted of a hate crime against a white victim.

Statistics taken from 2013 Hate Crime Convictions

Remember when four blacks kidnapped a developmentally challenged white man in Chicago? How they repeatedly made references to his race and to Donald Trump while cutting the man with a knife and making him drink out of a toilet?

While the case was eventually tried as a hate crime (due to public outrage), it is important to note that, initially, the Chicago Police Department attempted to portray the attackers as “idiots” who were likely not motivated by racial hatred.

Basically, if your anti-white assailants do not livestream your torture while calling you a cracker, you’re shit out of luck, pal. 'Boys will be boys;' no such thing as reverse racism, etc.

In the build-up and aftermath to Trump’s electoral victory, there have been over 200 attacks motivated by real or imagined affiliation to the President. Of these, very few are being treated as hate crimes. Meanwhile, any (disproportionately rare) white on black crime is invariably investigated for signs of racial antagonism.

College campuses go into "hate-crime frenzies" on the weekly basis even though these incidents are proven, time and again, to be absolutely bogus. That doesn’t stop the media from stirring up anti-white resentment though.

Do you remember hearing about the guy who was stripped naked and beaten by 'peaceful' BLM protesters in Charlotte, NC?

Seems if the media loves reporting on hate crimes so much, this one would have gotten more attention. Boys will be boys, I guess…

1. Free Speech

By far the most important way that whites are discriminated against in America is institutional blockades to the right of free speech. This is present at every level of American society.

Imagine the different circumstances faced by two men, one a African American Black Lives Matter leader and the other a White Identitarian. Both are thoughtful, polite and non-violent. Both are gainfully employed and have families.

The black person in this scenario has nothing to lose for his political activism and can openly discuss his issues in or outside the workplace. The white person must be careful to never be photographed at a political rally, and must never discuss his true thought at work in any meaningful way.

If he does, he stands to lose his job immediately, which will make his family suffer. His face might even be plastered on the internet or around his office, in the hopes that an antifascist will “punch the Nazi”.

Repudiating doctrinaire cultural Marxism in your college classes is grounds for being flunked. Creating a White Student Union on campus will get you beaten, expelled, or worse.

The implication here is that if whites are afforded the same speech rights as “minorities,” they will inevitably gear up for a new Holocaust. Is there a concept that is leveled at any minority group that is more damaging than that?


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