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Gang Stalking in Europe ~ How Can Belgium's Cliff Huylebroeck Have One of the Best Websites on Gangstalking/Electronic Torture and an Alexa Traffic Ranking of 6 Million?

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GangstalkingEU Alexa traffic ranking on Feb 27 2017

Editor's Note: As you can see from the above Alexa ranking screen shot taken on February 27, 2017, nobody knows that this guy exists, yet the organization, documentation and research seen on this web site are very well done, and deserve to be examined by a much wider audience than the mere handful who are currently viewing it.

Remote Neural Monitoring is the latest name being employed to describe electronic harassment and torture of Targeted Individuals (TIs) which is almost always accompanied by street theater and harassment by gang stalking on the street, while shopping or driving on the road. Tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being subjected to this daily torment in many countries around the world, but especially in America and now in Europe. Cliff Huylebroeck is a victim of this electronic gulag and says he was chosen 30 years before his birth to be set up as a victim of this torment. I find the organization of his material and his care in documenting to be far above the level of presentation typically seen in other web sites maintained by individuals who are themselves victims of this technology. I placed the linked Contents of the web site at the top of the page, and put the descriptive text with photos and video links in the lower section to be sure you didn't miss the most important navigation links. There is a great deal of well organized material here that will help you understand what the victims of this diabolical torture are forced to endure on a daily basis. This evil must somehow be brought to an end. ..Ken Adachi

By Cliff Huylebroeck
February 27, 2017

Gang Stalking in Europe ~ How Can Belgium's Cliff Huylebroeck Have One of the Best Websites on Gangstalking/Electronic Torture and an Alexa Traffic Ranking of 6 Million? (Feb. 27, 2017)

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  1. Introduction
    1. History
    2. Mind control
    3. Targeted individuals
    4. Who and why
    5. Principles
    6. Trying to get the word out
    7. Google trends
  2. Gang stalking
    1. Origin of the word gang stalking
    2. Gang stalking
    3. Signs of gang stalking
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to doctors
      2. Complaining to the Home Office
      3. Complaining to the secret service
    6. Alternative names
    7. Examples
    8. Tactics
    9. Similar crimes
    10. Similar organizations
  3. Electronic harassment
    1. Origin of the word electronic harassment
    2. Electronic harassment laws
    3. Signs of electronic harassment
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to the police
    6. Experiences
    7. Technologies
    8. Patents
    9. Devices
    10. RF scans
    11. Resolutions
  4. Implants
  5. Legal
    1. Court cases
    2. Shootings
    3. Terror
  6. If you are a target
    1. Testimonies
    2. Countering the perps
    3. Advice
    4. Warnings
    5. Forced drugging
    6. Disinfo
  7. Science
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Jean-Nicolas Desurmont (criminologist)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. International union of radio science
      2. Professor Amin Muhammad (psychiatrist)
      3. Professor Michael Persinger (psychologist)
      4. † Professor Robert Becker (physician)
    3. Implants
      1. Professor Kathryn Kelley (psychologist)
  8. Scientific community
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Dr. Tomo Shibata (sociologist)
      2. Dr. Reidar Visser (historian)
      3. Dr. Keith Labella (attorney)
      4. Former Professor Geral Sosbee (attorney)
      5. Professor Rahul Manchanda (attorney)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. Dr. Katherine Horton (physicist)
      2. Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (psychologist)
      3. Dr. Helmut Lammer (geophysicist)
    3. Implants
      1. † Dr. Rauni Kilde (physician)
    4. Articles written by other doctors
    5. Verified doctors
    6. Bioethics commission
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Gang stalking in Europe

Gang stalking, mobbing and bullying are variations of the same destructive behavior. They differ only in the number of perpetrators and the number of victims.

A mobbed person is the victim of one group, and this group harasses only this person.

Gang stalking is rather a sort of multi-mobbing where the same group may harass multiple persons who may or may not know each other. Typically an entire family will receive the harassment. They may as well harass members of an extremist party, people who are critical of a religious sect, people who are blacklisted from employment in a particular sector, and people who have been placed on a watch list (subversive people, potentially dangerous people).

Gang stalking is multi-mobbing because there are multiple victims.

Mobbing is multi-bullying because there are multiple perpetrators.


Stages of harassment

We have reasons to believe that there’s an organization behind the harassment.

This organization is most likely a secret society (Mafia).

Mafia Venn diagram

This is a behavior which has to be learned. You can learn these methods only in the Mafia.

The Mafia will often pose as a neighborhood watch group.

Stages of neighborhood watch corruption

From www.counseling.org:

Mobbing and suppression page 1

Mobbing and suppression page 2

Mobbing and suppression page 3

Mobbing and suppression page 4

Mobbing and suppression page 5

Mobbing and suppression page 6

Mobbing and suppression page 7

Mobbing and suppression page 8

Mobbing and suppression page 9

Mobbing and suppression page 10

Gang stalking is in the first place a matter of corruption. It couldn’t exist if the police, the politicians, the doctors and the media were doing their job. Even human rights organizations have become so corrupt that they completely ignore this problem.

Gang stalking is in the second place a matter of law. We don’t have suitable laws for punishing a large group of civilians. Such laws do exist for certain categories of people like soldiers and prisoners: all participants are sentenced to death or all participants are convicted for every crime that has been committed by the group. These laws have to be extended to include gangstalkers. Every gangstalker has to be convicted for every crime that his network has committed against the target. Failure to report or suppress gang stalking has to be treated as a crime.

Gang stalking is in the third place a matter of innovation. We are in the transition from impact weapons to energetic weapons. Our justice system is completely unprepared for this.

Gang stalking is in the fourth place a matter of evolution. Evolution theory can be applied to crime. If you vote new laws to fight crime, then a common type of criminal will disappear, but a new type of more cunning criminal will take his place. This type of criminal is immune for the law just like some bacteria have become immune for antibiotics: the resistant bacteria. Gangstalkers are resistant criminals.

Many targets have tried to get justice in a courtroom. There have been 150 court cases in Germany alone. All these court cases are treated as “frivolous.” Please read the court cases on this website before you go to the court. Learn from their mistakes. One target, a businessman from the UK, prepared his court case for 4 years and lost £500,000. Save yourself the trouble and save your money.

Several targets have attacked stalkers as well as innocent people in an attempt to get attention to their problem or even a bit humble revenge. Please read about the shootingson this website before you go berserk. Learn from their mistakes.

Remote control movie with Kevin Dillon 
In Remote control (1988) people are hypnotized by a retro science fiction movie. Then they see themselves in the movie and commit murder.

It conquered the world 
In It conquered the world (1956) an alien arrives on Earth. It creates flying devices which can implant electrodes in someone’s neck, turning him into a mind control zombie.

The Earth dies screaming 
In The Earth dies screaming (1965) aliens use a mobile phone tower to broadcast a signal to their robots and people that they turned into mind control zombies. The nightmare is over when the mobile phone tower is blown up.

Starship invasions 
In Starship invasions (1977) aliens broadcast a signal to the Earth causing people to kill themselves.

Street asylum 
In Street asylum (1990) Gordon Liddy portrays a chief of police who wants to be elected as mayor. He has a special program to crush crime. The police are implanted without their knowledge and without their consent. They get a device in their back that makes them clairvoyant and aggressive. Gordon Liddy was the supervising FBI agent of the 5 FBI agents who were arrested in the Watergate scandal. He spent 4.5 years in prison for conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretap.

See my catalog of mind control movies.


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