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Gaystapo Hits Christian Infiltrators with $104 Million Nuisance Lawsuit for Passing Out Tracts at Toronto's Gay Pride Parade Claiming 'Mental Harm' to Sodomite Participants

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By Bill Whatcott (henrymakow.com) 
February 12, 2017

Gaystapo Hits Christian Infiltrators with $104 Million Nuisance Lawsuit for Passing Out Tracts at Toronto's Gay Pride Parade Claiming 'Mental Harm' to Sodomite Participants (Feb. 12, 2017)

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Gaystapo Hit Pranksters with $106 million Nuisance Suit


20160703_154125_zpszz7d0ysl (1).jpgGeorge Smitherman(Left, Acts of gross indecency are ignored because, as agents of societal dissolution, gays are a protected class.)


Last summer, Bill Whatcott and a few fellow "Zombies" infiltrated the 'Gay Pride' parade in Toronto, George Smithermandisguised in green body suits. They handed out thousands of Christian tracts, disguised as "condoms". They managed to get away with it, and get out of there, before any trouble started

A few months ago, gay activists  George Smitherman [right, homosexual, former Ontario MPP 1999-2010] and Douglas Elliott sued Bill Whatcott and "John Doe /Jane Doe" for $104 million in a class action lawsuit, claiming that everyone in that parade - including Justin Trudeau in his capacity as Prime Minister of Canada - suffered "mental harm" by the actions of Bill Whatcott and his band of merry pranksters. The first stage went ahead last week ... submissions by Elliott and Smitherman as to why it ought to be certified as a class action.  Gordon, a reader, says, "The thing is laughable from the first instance, the very definition of "frivolous and vexations" .. yet ... in this absurd political climate, it is ominous that it got this far."

< bill-whatcott (1).jpg
Friday was the second day of the hearing into the merits of the $104 million dollar lawsuit against me for infiltrating the Toronto homosexual pride parade with accurate information about the downside of homosexuality and the life saving Gospel while disguised as a "gay" zombie.

The hearing didn't have the most pleasant beginning. The court clerk began the second day by warning my supporters that if they made any noise, they would be thrown out of the courtroom. No one was making any noise and no one argued with her. My side was well attended with around ten supporters. The homofascist side only had Christopher Hudspeth and no supporters in attendance.

Homofascist lawyer Douglas Elliott, (right with husband Doug)  started his arguments with his false allegation that I accuse all Liberals of child sexual abuse. Elliott also made much use of testimony from one of my zombies ...to bolster his argument that my material was extreme hate speech. Unknown to me, I guess my zombie was passing out flyers of his own, as according to Elliott my zombie "found my flyer to be too extreme." I guess in an earlier exchange with my zombie in Quebec according to Elliott, I commented my zombie's flyer was "too boring as it lacked a picture of an anal wart." At that point I nearly gagged on some water as I tried not to laugh.

On a more serious note, Elliott used my zombie's testimony to build a case for conspiracy, reading excerpts from the zombie's testimony that I swore them to secrecy and engaged in a long period of planning. Elliot argued my zombie's testimony  was compelling evidence in favour of an order ...to divulge the rest of the names of my other zombies, financial supporters and friends who helped in other ways. Elliot argued I had no respect for the law, parade rules or the welfare of homosexuals. Elliott also accused me of not mentioning the mass murder of homosexuals in Orlando three weeks earlier, unlike the other parade participants who Elliott alleged were mourning the mass murder.

(Decadent Toronto prosecutes people who object to subjecting children to this. Can we doubt that pedophiles are in control?) 



According to Elliott because my flyers were "hate speech" and because I used deception to gain access to the parade, my supporters had no right to privacy. 

During these arguments I actually noticed the court clerk was staring at one of my female supporters an awful lot. After awhile the court clerk got up and went to my female supporter who was quietly texting and ordered her to put away her smartphone or she would be immediately ejected from the courtroom. I noted the clerk never asked me or George Smitherman to put away our phones and we both used ours to text quietly. Nor did the clerk ask the Lifesite News journalist to put away her phone that could have been used for texting and tweeting. An articling student (I think) was taking notes and used her phone to quietly text or google something and she was not harassed either. In spite of the double standard my supporter immediately apologized and put away her smartphone.



(left, unhinged Prime Minister Trudeau imposes his lack of values on everyone) 

Half an hour later I saw three police officers arrive and then two of my supporters were removed from the courtroom. I wondered what was happening so I quietly left the hearing to see why my supporters were being removed from the courtroom. I pulled out my camera to record the event and get it on the public record that my supporters did nothing to merit having their right to observe an open court proceeding violated. I vouched for their character and behaviour and demanded they be let back in but to no avail. The police ordered me to put away my smartphone and the court clerk was belligerent and out and out lied that my supporters received multiple warnings and disrupted the court multiple times.

When it was obvious we would get nowhere with the court clerk or police, I asked my unjustly expelled supporters to wait around until lunch. During lunch I told my lawyers what happened and then two of my male supporters and I accompanied the two expelled ladies to the court office where the women made the case they should be reinstated. After lunch, my two ladies went back into the court and the court clerk ignored us.

My lawyer argued the Saskatchewan Human Rights prosecution of my speech was not relevant to this case as Saskatchewan Human Rights law is different from Ontario civil litigation law and the context and content of my flyers delivered in the homosexual pride parade is different from Saskatchewan. Dr Lugosi made strong arguments in favour of free speech and the need to follow the law and not prosecute speech, rather than make new law to restrict speech even further.

Justice Perrell expressed concerns about the rights of Whatcott supporters being exposed to such a massive financial liability as a $104 million lawsuit for the simple "crime" of donating a few bucks to my cause or offering me a bed during my travels. By the afternoon the arguments were wrapped up and we went out for a coffee. We all pray that God will help Justice Perrell to arrive at a just judgment. The decision is reserved for a later date.

To see the redemptive work that got Bill Whatcott and his zombies sued for $104 million dollars go here: http://www.freenorthamerica.ca/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10526

Thanks to Gordon for the Tip!

First Comment from Robert K
Total media blackout of a $104,000,000 lawsuit?  This is clearly another demonstration of the media complicity in the artificial agenda being imposed on society.  In this instance, no news constitutes Fake News.


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