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  Haiti’s Current Earthquakes - Starting August 14, 2021 -
Are Artificially Created

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 15, 2021

Haiti’s Current Earthquakes - Starting August 14, 2021 - Are Artificially Created by ZS Livingstone (Aug. 15, 2021)

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The first quake was a (magnitude) 7.2M followed by a swarm of 4.0M to 5.5M aftershocks - if the USGS can be believed because "irregularities" in the reporting of earthquakes has been witnessed. During the last swarm of artificially-induced earthquakes in 2010 *,  4.5M quakes devastated small areas of Port-Au-Prince, but were not felt in the nearby Dominican Republic. Also, the quakes were at (or near) 10 kilometers depth, whereas natural earthquake swarms are at many different depths. The suspected technology is an antigravity propulsion system called “Force Beam Microwaves.”

[* Haiti One Year After the Earthquakes by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 15, 2011)

The fifty or more earthquakes striking Haiti after January 12, 2010 were artificial. The quakes were mostly in the 4.7 to 5.0 Richter range at 10 kilometres depth in a region which had not seen earthquakes in human memory. The tremors leveled buildings in Port Au Prince killing between 200,000 and 300,000. Most report state 230,000 but one report a few weeks ago by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from Montreal reported 300,000. ]

Haiti in Ruins

This latest attack on Haiti follows the assassination of Haiti’s President on July 7, 2021.

While Haitians only speak Creole and French, twenty-three Spanish and English-speaking foreign mercenaries, disguised as DEA agents, are suspected to have targeted President Jovenel.  The investigation has been difficult, and the head investigator resigned for “personal reasons” while the intern president is 'uncertain' due to the political turmoil which has gripped the country since 2010 (further compounded by the hurricane destruction of 2016).  

The most likely reason Jovenel Moise was assassinated was his refusal to buy and distribute COVID-19 vaccines; which is also the most likely reason the President of Tanzania was assassinated (with aerosolized spike proteins or a poison gas).   

John Magufuli: Tanzania's President Dies Aged 61 after Covid Rumours,hospital%20in%20Dar%20es%20Salaam%2C%20Samia%20Suluhu%20Hassan
Coincidence? Three presidents dead after blocking distribution of Covid vaccines

 In the Free West Media article linked above, the connection is made that all of the national leaders who conviently died, had blocked the distribution of the Covid Jab, and is, in fact,  the reason they were assassinated. Also in the same article, the FBI has now arrived in Haiti -- along with the vaccine. It is likely the FBI are there because of alleged "DEA agents" who carried out the assassination. The FBI will obfuscate the investigation, determine the next President of Haiti, and get his "permission" to distribute the vaccine. The Haitians will reject the poison inoculations as they have already suffered under a WHO-introduced cholera epidemic during the 2010 artificially-created earthquakes. The cholera was of Asian origin and totally unknown in the Western Hemisphere.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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USGS Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day
10 of 58 earthquakes in map area.


11 km W of Baradères, Haiti
2021-08-15 05:05:43 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

4 km NW of Baradères, Haiti
2021-08-15 00:01:42 (UTC-07:00)13.0 km

19 km NNE of Chardonnière, Haiti
2021-08-14 21:00:02 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

12 km NNE of Chardonnière, Haiti
2021-08-14 20:20:45 (UTC-07:00)12.0 km

11 km NW of Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti
2021-08-14 19:37:53 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

15 km WSW of Corail, Haiti
2021-08-14 15:14:08 (UTC-07:00)15.0 km

18 km SW of Corail, Haiti
2021-08-14 15:10:53 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

12 km NNE of Baradères, Haiti
2021-08-14 11:11:10 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

2 km ESE of Baradères, Haiti
2021-08-14 10:05:19 (UTC-07:00)7.2 km

10 km NW of Baradères, Haiti
2021-08-14 09:08:03 (UTC-07:00)10.0 km

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