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Hampstead Satanic Cult Cover-up: "We have to do something about this. It's Sick Beyond Belief"
July 30, 2015

Hampstead Satanic Cult Cover-up: "We have to do something about this. It's Sick Beyond Belief" (July 30, 2015)

Story background:
"Papa Kills Babies" ~ Two Young British Children Expose Ghastly Baby Decapitation Murders & Sexual Abuse by Teachers & Parents of Large Satanic Cult among Schools & Church in Hampstead, London (Feb. 16, 2015)

Hampstead Satanic Cult Cover-up: "We have to do something about this." "It's sick beyond belief,"
This powerful and compelling monologue from Deborah Mahmoudieh adroitly summarizes the essential elements of injustice, malintent, and official corruption embraced by the police and courts in their cover-up of the allegations of serious crimes against children leveled by the Hampstead whistleblower children, their mother and partner, and those who were supporting them and supporting children victimized by protected pedophile abusers.

Defender of Children's Rights = "Criminal-Fugitive?"

One non troll comment posted at the above Youtube video:

John Johnson 54 minutes ago
Deborah, with the exception of just a couple, all the comments below are from the same source - sock accounts of 'UK Callum' plus one sidekick formerly 'September Starr'.
This tactic is used by 'UK Callum' to harass you and overwhelm your comment section, a deliberate act of vandalism.
Far from it for me to tell you what to do, you may derive a great sense of satisfaction if you blocked all his accounts from commenting. Or you could enjoy the sport of winding him up :) He loves grammatical errors so much he blows fuses like you've never seen.

Interesting expose of Ricky Dearman's employment of numerous alias names and alternative personalities:

Dearman Does Hampstead


Even his logos are similar

Top left, Scarlet Scoop-Top Right, Sound Affects

Ricky Dearman alias names

Bottom Left, a photo of Dick in his blue baseball cap-Bottom Right, UK Gollum

He can/will become anyone…

Latest from Sabine McNeill, July 29, 2015
Three petitions are dead. Long live a Witness Statement and #EU Debates #WhistleblowerKids

Belinda McKenzie's daily blog postings on Hampstead and other child abuse cases:

A Battle for Britain's Children and others' Human Rights

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)
"Investigating the extent to which institutions have failed to protect children from sexual abuse"

UK Column News with Brian Gerrish
(An excellent source of alternative (honest) news in Britain covering the stories and scandals that Establishment British news services won't dare mention. This show is well hosted, with thought provoking commentary and analysis.)

Hampstead: Sabine NcNeill Responds to Ham and High Smear Article (July 26, 2015)


Hampstead: Powerful, New Revelations from Mother of Abused Children Reveal Collusion by Police and Courts *Updated July 19 (July 11, 2015)

Update from Ella Draper and Abraham Christie: Hampstead Cult Members Money Laundering Acquittals Tied to British PM's Brother, Alex Cameron Q.C. (July 11, 2015) Cameron11jul15.shtml#top

Ella Draper, Mother of Hampstead "Papa Kills Babies" Children and Abraham Christie's Two Hour Interview with Paul Marco of World Beyond Belief (June 15, 2015) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.'



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