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Hehpsehboah, Prophet of Peace
April 11, 2004

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April 11, 2004


“Investigate what you do with your compassionate feelings when it comes to the various forms of religion. Search out Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, some forms of Judaism and New World Orderisms. See how legitimately ancient they really are in their belief systems or question if they are not just recycled stories from other ancient spiritual beliefs and writings. What good do they really do for the people to help, educate and support the downtrodden? Where is your money going, honey? Is it into someone’s pocket, big fancy buildings, arms for warfare, creating more hatred, destruction and broken homes? Where is the command that the Creator first gave to Zarathustra and later repeated to Moses – “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” Be aware of manipulations by the Catholic Church, which will set people up into Catholic and Christian fanaticism and to be in a state of fear. If you belong to any of the above religions or New World Orderisms, are you participating as well in racism, hatred, war and religious bigotry? This is the last hoorah for them to entrap people, especially those who cannot reason. Watch out. What you do not want anyone to do to you – don’t do to anyone else. What you do to someone else, you ultimately do to yourself and to the other creatures that live upon the earth. It also creates suffering for mother earth itself. Greed, never having enough, and not thinking of sharing cannot create a spiritual existence for all upon earth. Become part of the universal soul. Spirituality cannot be bought or organized. It just is. It is time that you start to come from the soul and heart in your life and to support those who support you.”

- Hehpsehboah

I have been providing global forecast information for more than 60 years. For all forecasts I give, humanity has the possibility to change or lessen the severity of what is foretold. Unless they do, I believe the following will take place.

April 2004 - Be attentive this month. The 23rd through the 30th is a high-risk time, as asteroids will be passing by the earth. Volcano and earthquake frequencies are high. The risk for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are super high for Yellowstone National Park in the USA, with resulting tsunami and earthquake risk for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. Note that earthquakes have been occurring in Yellowstone area in past months (4.0 - Apr 7th, 5.3 - Feb 6th, 5.0 – Jan 7th). See reference to Yellowstone under War and Terrorism below.

Freedom – Canadians and Americans take note. I believe that laws to severely restrict your rights and freedoms are being passed behind closed doors and that the general public is unaware of what the various acts and bills will bring, including the US Patriot Acts and Canadian C-7 bill. A militarily controlled police state will result. Raise your awareness, gather with friends and family to discuss, and make the information public in order to help bring about change before you no longer can.

War and Terrorism – The Great War is increasing in Iraq and will spread, as I have spoken and written about in the past. Other countries and their religious communities will get involved.

Watch the massacres that can take place around the world because of political manipulations from the New World Order. There will be a man-made threat of terror, orchestrated to put people into a state of fear, in order that a war-like government is re-elected.

Just a memory – During WW II, the USA created a fake attack on Western Canada in order to make Canadians believe they were under attack by the Japanese. This resulted in Canadian Japanese being send to internment camps and Canada itself being drawn into the war.

You have not yet received the full story on 9/11. President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz need to be questioned further. Bush and Cheney need to be questioned under oath by the ones in the know from the 9/11 Commission.

Let us speak about the bank employees who worked in the World Trade Center and were knowledgeable about the workings of Nesara. Hundreds were taking courses on Nesara’ “rainbow money” when the planes struck, and many died. Is this a coincidence? Look at your own banks. Ask your tellers if they have taken courses on “rainbow money.” How about the New World Order? What do they have to do with the “rainbow money?” I believe that the military, or at least part of it, may now be the most powerful part of Nesara.

From midnight April 14th to midnight April 19th, beware of the possibility of underground atomic explosions being detonated under Yellowstone by the US military, which would set off a disastrous chain of events. Could this be the ultimate manipulation to create a disaster that will give the powers that be an excuse to bring in martial law?

One World Religion - The New World Order religion I have spoken of in the past is coming together again in Vancouver, Canada this month when the Dalai Lama is joined in discussion by Nobel Peace laureates Archbishop Emeritus Desmund Tutu and Professor Shirin Ebadi, former Czech Republic president Vaclav Havel, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (scholar of Jewish Mysticism) and Dr. Jo-ann Archibald (B.C. First Nations leader). Watch carefully as similar scenarios play out around the world.

Dead Sea - Read up on what is happening to the Dead Sea. In 1968 I spoke about the possibilities of it drying up due to countries that access it ‘never having enough.’ This was the sea that parted to let Moses pass through. It is a very special place for the Creator.

Food Shortages - Food shortages will be created throughout the USA and Canada. Farmers are being forced into bankruptcy and others have received and will continue to receive funding to cut back their production. This is being done to create an artificial state of worldwide food shortage in order to bring in the Illuminati-controlled New World Order.

I invite you to listen to upcoming “Eye on the Future” radio shows, including those on Nesara and the Dalai Lama, in order to raise your awareness.

Stay tuned for more bulletins, with information about other countries around the world.

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