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Historical Revisionist Activist Jim Rizoli's Two Hour Interview with Red Ice Radio on Feb. 1, 2016

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January 23, 2018

Historical Revisionist Activist Jim Rizoli's Two Hour Interview with Red Ice Radio on Feb. 1, 2016 (Jan. 23, 2018)

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Historical Revisionist Activist Jim Rizoli's Two Hour Interview with Red Ice Radio on Feb. 1, 2016


Hour 1 (
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(Fair Warning: Listening to recordings of original or next generation historical revisionists may make you vulnerable to accusations of the unforgiveable - and inprisonable - 'hate crime' of Holocaust Denial)

Editor's Note: The "Holocaust" does not refer to the forced relocation of Jews and other non Jewish people into Nazi concentration camps during World War II. It does not refer to the harsh conditions inside those camps. It does not refer to the loss of life from disease outbreaks, or malnutrition or medical experiments or summary execution by camp guards. It ONLY refers to the intentional homocidal gassing of what was originally reported to be (from 1945 to 1989) 4 million victims of homocidal gas chamber executions at just Auschwitz alone.

The truth is: there NEVER was any homocidal gas chambers at Auschwitz or at any other Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Therefore, the homocidal gas chamber "extermination/genocidal" story line is a complete fabrication by Organized Jewry without merit or genuine supportive evidence. That's what the Ernst Zundel trials in Canada in 1985 and 1988 were all about. Ernst Zundel was a German-born pacifist who emigrated to Canada, gradually learned English, and later published books including a small booklet titled "Did 6 Million Really Die?" That was the "crime" for which he was hounded, threatened, fire-bombed, attacked, persecuted, railroaded into prison and demonized for the last 40 years of his life by ignorant and close-minded Jewish haters who unthinkingly and automatically label him a "hatemonger", or a "Nazi," "scum", etc., without knowing anything about what he was really trying to say or do. His Organized Jewish persecutors didn't care what he had to say. He was upsetting the Holocaust Golden Apple Cart and he had to be shut up and put way, no matter what. That's all they cared about.

As Michael Hoffman aptly stated in his memorium to Ernst Zundel after his death, Zundel was neither bigoted nor hateful towards Jewish people or anyone else. It is a complete and outrageous LIE that Zundel was a "hatemonger", "Nazi", etc. He just wanted to get out the truth about what really happened in those camps during World War II, instead of passively and uncritically accepting the Holocaust hoax created by organized Jewry for political and financial gain.

I only became fully cognizant that there were no homocidal gas chambers at Auschwitz when I read Fred Leuchter's 1985 report and listened to what he had to say. Prior to that, I had inculcated the general impression that the total number of Jews reported as killed in gas chambers was greatly exaggerated by Organized Jewry for political and financial gain, but I had blindly assumed that the gas chamber story itself was legit. However, I was wrong.

Any intelligent reader who invests the time to read the voluminous and irrefutable revisionist data that is now available on the internet will discover this for himself. There were no homocidal gas chambers. Period.

Fred Leuchter interview with Jim Rizoli (Youtube) (Website) in September 2015

Editor's Note: This is an amazing and riveting interview which explains what happened to Fred Leuchter in the wake of his 1988 Leuchter Report. I was surprised to see only 5,865 views of a Youtube video that contains such important and historically relevant information considering the enormity and dogmatic allegiance to the Zionist-created Holocaust deception. As is the case with all truth-driven individuals who attempt to step forward and express their conclusions, opinions, and research on the facts surrounding the alleged homicidal gassing of Jews in Nazi concentration camps, the Organized Jewish Mafia wastes no time in threatening and jeopardizing their freedom, their means of livelihood, and even their life for having the temerity to rock the boat of Holocaust Certitude and the millions of taxpayer dollars doled out to "survivors" routinely by German, American, and other nation's taxpayers.]

Uploaded on Sep 29, 2015

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