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Howard Nema: Addressing Barbara Hartwell's Compulsive Lies and Attacks

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By Howard Nema, Truth Talk News
November 9, 2015

Howard Nema: Addressing Barbara Hartwell's Compulsive Lies and Attacks (Nov. 9, 2015)

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I am forced to respond to Barbara Hartwell’s vicious lies and relentless attacks.   She claims I have not deleted her work, when I have, long ago.  Aside from this post there is not one article, link or video on TRUTH TALK NEWS or HowardNema.com that I have not deleted.

Yet she continuously attacks me, tries to discredit me and even was so lame as to publish my real name,  as if it is a secret.

Oh, heavens to Betsy. I have mentioned my REAL name, Howard Nemaizer on air many times and use Howard Nema simply because it has been my stage name as a musician and it is easy to remember.  There is no great “deception” or alias.  I don’t know if I can say that about BH, but I don’t attack others and normally ignore inaccurate rantings.

BH ‘s obsession with trying to discredit me should be very revealing to those who know me and my work; and now the absence of any of the material BH claims I refuse to remove should set the record straight. But BH keeps stalking me and posting disinformation as a good CIA cointelpro operative does.

Like the fact I was asked to do a local radio show on UNITED FM RADIO by owner Keith Mutch, who saw my appearance on WAPJ and invited me to do a weekly 3 hr show.

It had been a year since I did any live radio and I agreed.  We did several shows before I quit due to owner Keith Mutch’s shock jock style attacking residents, many I know in town,  which caused great conflict and guilt by association with some of my friends here in Torrington, who informed me that Keith was convicted of felony arson.

I don’t need people like Keith Mutch in my life any more than I need Barbara Hartwell in my life. In any case, BH benefited far more from our association than I did, despite her lies, cries of outrage, and crocodile tears.

You see, I QUIT long before BH posted that I was a radio host on UNITED FM.

Get your facts straight, Barbara, if you are going to accuse people, unless facts and truth no longer matter to you.

I remember when I thought they did. Your actions make me question everything you have ever confided in me with and everything we've discussed on radio shows. You revealed your true self by attacking me.  And I am sorry we ever met, Barbara.

Honestly, much as I thought  I knew Barbara Hartwell,  I clearly did not know her at all . But I know her now and I know her game:

By their fruits shall we know them.

There has been much omitted from her attacks like the money I gave her and took her in when she faced homelessness.  Barbara Hartwell lived at my home rent free in “squalor” for six weeks eating fried shrimp and filet minion provided by yours truly.

There are lots of questions Bab’s refuses to answer publicly.


Why isn’t Barbara with her own family on Thanksgiving?

Why won’t her OWN family help her?   She has a son who refused to help her until I left her on his doorstep in  Hyde Park, NY, as a last resort.  He was FORCED to take her in.

And why did she turn on me,  after claiming to be so desperate and on the verge homelessness?  Then complain how I displaced her when she was going to be thrown out on the street?

I think she thought she had found another sucker to pay her bills.  Her vindictive attacks are as relentless as her pursuit of  “donations”.

My wife didn’t like the idea at all, but she went along with it and we took Barbara in.

In those 6 weeks she didn’t lift a finger to help around the house and even disobeyed wishes to make her presence living in Our home a secret from my in-laws and neighbors, who ultimately informed my landlord, by which time my wife was already quite sick of Barbara and her non-conformity of house rules:  smoking in the house, spilling coffee and wine and leaving tobacco and cigarette butts all around our property.  It was as if we were the Help, and she was paying us to be her housekeepers instead of giving her free room and board.

Did I mention that I moved her stuff from Maine to Connecticut for free, in a van I rented and paid for?  The expenses of the move came close to $400.

Did I mention that Dave chauffeured Barbara in her own car from Maine to CT, also for free?

Did I mention that I even paid for a nice meal before we all headed down on the day of the move?

Did I mention that after a month’s notice before we took her in, that hardly anything was packed when my friend Dave and I arrived and that we had to do basically all the packing?

All BH could muster in her tirades about Dave, was to ridicule him and call him a drunk.

Speaking of drunks

BH couldn’t wait for me to return to get her wine that very first day.   She  borrowed $10 from my wife and had my 13 year old son drive with her in her own car to show to show her where the package store was.    Talk about a drunk.

Here are the squalid conditions of the room Barbara stayed in and was forced to endure, complete with fireplace:


There was NO gratitude, only empty words of gratitude. . .and lies.

Clearly, Barbara also has selective memory.

The first opportunity BH  had to “blow her cover” with my in-laws happened that Thanksgiving Eve, when she claimed, being so exhausted, she couldn’t wait for my in-laws to leave and reported that she was going to go to bed, causing immediate and constant conflict. BH knew that day, that we told her NOT TO LET ON she was living with us to our in-laws.

BH also regularly tracked mud and snow through the house on her quarter hourly smoke breaks, which soon become too much of a burden and she would light up in her room, then deny that she was smoking, saying she threw cigarette butts in the fireplace.

She literally had zero respect for our home. And like a true sociopath, saw nothing wrong with the way she was conducting herself.

I remained quiet and had many conflicts with my wife as a result, since she was the one cleaning up after Barbara.

Believe me, the 6 weeks were full of conflict between me and my wife. I had Barbara’s back.  In retrospect, I realized how I was duped.

After BH was forced to leave by my landlord, I stored her belongings for more than 6 months for free.

She then  had the audacity to accuse me of stealing her stuff when movers finally came to get her things. Apparently BH got a cheap deal by crying poverty and disability. The movers asked if she was disabled and I told them yes. They didn’t seem convinced. I assured them by mentioning she was a whistle-blower.

Apparently, BH didn’t like me invading her privacy to appease the movers who felt they were being played. I should’ve said, 'No.  She’s not disabled.  Rake her over the coals.'  But by maintaining her disability story, I was "invading"  her privacy.

Then she disappears from the radar for about a year and then suddenly comes out of the woodwork, not with a phone call, or letter describing any of her so called “concerns” about me, even though she knows my number and my address.

No.  She goes out on the attack from behind the isolation of her blog instead.

What does that tell you? BH is happy to invade everyone else’s privacy without any concern, but you best not invade BH’s privacy or there will be relentless hell to pay.

Barbara Hartwell is a coward. She is such a coward that she can only attack people from behind the veil of her blog.  She doesn’t even permit comments on her blog.

Her goal was never to talk to me, but attack me and stir a response. She even refused a letter I wrote her, as if I was this horrible fiend who took such advantage of her, invading her privacy, yada, yada, yada.   I held back until now, but I have finally been goaded on enough to speak my peace and put an end to this.

And now, after more than a year in obscurity, Barbara Hartwell  finds herself living in the tony town of Rhinebeck, NY still attacking me?

How’d that all come about?   Where was she?

Who’s paying the bills now?   She claims to be disabled and unable to work a job, but her writing ability seems unaffected and she has no problem polishing off a bottle of wine a day and chain smoking cigarettes, ...but I digress.


Here is a picture of the “horrible conditions” BH claims to be “forced to tolerate” from Thanksgiving 2014 in my dining room.  Barbara Hartwell is at the  bottom left.  I took the picture.

A picture says a thousand words doesn’t it?

I am certain BH will take every word I write and in true COINTELPRO fashion, twist my words and the truth in an attempt to justify her lies and con-artist-like deceptions, and try to further discredit me as she was so skillfully trained to do by the CIA.

This overall experience has certainly made me see the light about the true character of Barbara Hartwell, the ever persecuted whistleblower and MK ULTRA victim.

To me, what is important is that I now know all I have to know about BH. I wish her no ill will. I just kindly ask her to stop her attacks.

If you truly are a  sovereign child of God, Barbara and not a CIA disinformation agent,  do what Jesus would do. Turn the other cheek as I am going to do–and get on with your life.

Leave me out of it. But I know you won’t. You can’t. There is a gnawing pathology in your bearing of false witness,  cutting and pasting pieces to support your agenda while omitting pieces that dispel it. You and I both know the truth.

You seek conflict and want to start fights to stimulate responses.

It won’t work. Sadly, I was a fool.

But no longer. And I won’t look for a response from you.

I will never visit http://www.barbarahartwellvsCIA.blogspot.com ever again, so continue doing what the CIA trained you to do if you must, or don’t. (She didn’t)

Either way, I really don’t give a f***.  (I still don’t)

This is the last you will ever hear from me.

You know exactly what you are doing, Barbara. And so do I.

I will pray for you. Sadly, I was a fool. But no longer.

I cannot stop BH from blathering on and on, but I will not stoop to her level in an attempt to discredit or defame her anymore than she has already done so herself.

I will say that if anyone would like to investigate BH’s claims and derogatory puke about me ,  they will find  no trace of BH anywhere on TRUTH  TALK NEWS or HowardNema.com as she so feverishly insists.

Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema


(Update: Dec. 31, 2016)



Yes, as I noted in 2015, I have learned through friends that Barbara Hartwell is at is again.  What a shock.   She has once again been maliciously attacking and spreading lies about me and others.


According to Barbara we are all liars and thieves out to get her.  She is clearly quite delusional and mentally ill.   The right word to use is compulsive.   Still, I pray she gets the help she needs., but  I still wonder who has been supplementing her NYS welfare income so she can live in the tony upscale town of Rhinebeck, NY.




  1. Maureen Nemaizer

    I should have went with my gut and put my foot down and said No! Sadly my husband was taken for a ride by a user and loser.Keep asking people for money to support yourself, that’s what you do best. You are a pathetic human being.

  2. Almost everything Blabbles said of me was done unto ye by she; the wine and cigarettes in your home = just part of bringing an accomplished freeloader into your life.

    1. It’s really a shame that she preys on good people willing to go the extra mile…..she had an agenda alright, this I truly believe.

    2. Maureen Nemaizer

      Never again my friend.

  3. Maureen Nemaizer

    I am glad my husband got your attention, you NUT. Keep doing what you do best,crying poverty and expecting handouts including your “donations” I can see there was a gun held to your head when your picture was taken and you knew nothing about it. Those pics show you are a liar. Get a life BH.

  4. While one might say this is none of my business, in a sense it is, because BH represents the entire community of victims who’ve utilized the Internet to further inform the public of these heinous crimes going on right-now, maybe within your communities, by of those who’ve destroyed our country… whom she mentions. I too am a victim, but not on her level. You can read my bio at http://lissakr11humane.com/.

    That said, I am truly sorry BH harmed your families obvious good intentions. I listened to your Blogtalk Radio archive show moments ago, and was glad to hear your well aware of the luciferian agenda before us all, at this time–and it is. To heal yourselves and the others hurt by her, and to get a better understanding of what we go through, consider re-reading her linked site (above) first page, one more time. Go half way down, as I just did. Its impossible to understand what’s used covertly on us, but I’m betting its what caused her strange behavior.

    Again, I’m very sorry. This covert technologies is heinous, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that it changes one into what they work to create. I would hate to see them win–Don’t let them.

    To get a better idea, read over Mr. & Mrs. Deborah Tavares’ website at http://stopthecrime.net. She too is a victim now, after whistle-blowing. While there be sure to read the NASA docs, at http://stopthecrime.net/nasa.html. This is really going-on. You need to be aware.


  5. One last note. A document to read over defining what we’re going through; http://stopthecrime.net/Remote%20Neural%20Monitoring.pdf

    A video by another victim. Trust me, this is a horrid mess going on. All walks of life are becoming victims, lawyers, doctors, scientists, housewives, lawsuit clients (me) after they killed my husband, horridly.

    This is affecting all of us. Peace be with all.

  • Maureen Nemaizer

    “Addressing Barbara” will stay up as long as you keep trashing my husband. He was silent for a long time and only then on November 9th did he let the “world” no what kind of lunatic you really are.Have you told people that he spent just about $1,000 on you? He sent you money to fill your oil tank and he paid for your move from Maine to our home in Ct, not to mention the nice dinner you had for free. You are a disgusting human being and have some nerve. So keep writing your “updates” about Howard Nemaizer, people know who he is, nothing you say can discredit him. It just proves how desperate you are,how much hate you have inside your soul.If you come near my family or hurt them in any way, you will hear from me. Get on with your life,stop harassing us.

  • Maureen Nemaizer

    Once again BH and her said way of life is at it again.My husband has no use for you but I find it entertaining to hear the things you are still saying about us.You are an evil woman,I believe created right from the DEVIL. I filled your daughter in law in on everything that you have been doing to harass us,and your right….she doesn’t like you! Get a life already!!!!

  • Maureen Nemaizer

    Again I find it entertaining that BH goes such lengths to smear my husband,but then again someone who lives off of donations and handouts doesn’t have to work, has alot of time on her hands,she can get by with just the bare minimum…don’t forget your cigs and wine my friend! and by the way, your son Keith has been filled in on what a crazy lady you really are. You need to pray that your soul will be forgiven, find Christ.

    1. Maureen Nemaizer

      I find it very entertaining that WE still rent a space in BH crazy head of hers. I, unlike herself have a life and is too busy to take the time to constantly harass and make up lies and specifically mention Howard and Maureen over and over again in her personal blog .This very sick woman who has mental problems is so upset because she could no longer freeload off of my family and her 30 days were up! Not too mention after the stunt she pulled with asking our 13 yr old son to “direct” her in her car that she drove knowing that she could only see out of 1 eye (,at least that’s what she told me,go ahead say I am making this up too) to the closest liquor store. Now what good parent would feel ok about having this individual continue to live in her house? Not me!! Sure I could have “asked” out landlord for more time,but the safety of my family comes first. So please BH continue with your blog,maybe this will give you something to right about. I wish I could have helped you with your issues,really I do. I continue to pray for you and hope one day soon you will find Christ.

  • Maureen Nemaizer

    Good ole’ BH is still going strong!! I am glad I left such an effect on you that you thought enough of me to give me a whole column on your blog!! It is so laughable the nonsense you right about and many others are laughing right along with us, My husband has as many friends as he does because of who he is and how he treats others. Someone suggested that you are jealous of him, and I do believe that!! You want what he has! You will never have anything close to it, because of the ugliness you have in your soul. You try so hard to smear his good name and have others turn on him that it is pathetic. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “why am I living in hell? ” Maybe it’s because you deserve it.

  • Maureen Nemaizer

    Once again BH is grasping for straws and repeating lies to who ever will listen.For the record, I have never “spoken ” on the phone to anyone in your family, so please stop playing the victim, it’s getting old. Secondly, about 1 year ago I sent both your son and daughter in law a private message through facebook letting them now exactly how you are harassing my family and have been since the day you were asked to leave our home.This has not been a secret, and if you don’t like it…..too bad. Just as I expected , you are still continuing it. You are truly the Anti Christ! You need so much help,sadly there isn’t enough therapy out there for you. You really need to come to the realization that the world owes you nothing! You are a disgrace for a woman , you walk and breathe evil. While you lived in our home you never once picked up a vacuum for your area, you never used our washing machine, you bathe once a week, we never saw any garbage or kitty litter being thrown out. All you did was drink wine and smoke ciggs all day. After you left downstairs was filthy. Rolling tobacco , cat litter, garbage everywhere and the room had to be aired out for days. Now you tell me, is that anyway to say “thank you” ? Get on with your life BH,you may have some of them fooled but not everyone.My husband is very respected by many, you will never change that,no matter how hard you try you will never smear his name. It’s a new year, ask God for his forgiveness for having so much hatred in your soul. You can become a better human being if you try.



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