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Implants and Attitude
September 2, 2015

Implants and Attitude (Sept. 2, 2015)

On 9/2/2015, Charlene.wrote:

re. Implants

Hello Ken

My name is Charlene and I use to be in the military. I would like to know if you could do some work to remove what is in the subject of the email.

Thanks again.


Hi Carlene,

I know a woman named Lilly who has some ability in this area. She may be able to help, but there's no way to guarantee anything in advance. Do you want to give me more background info on what happened to you?

Apparently this occurred while in the military. Do you know who did it, and why?

Regards, Ken


On 9/2/2015, Charlene wrote:

Hi Ken

I was in the military from Jan 2001-Feb2010 Army and all of that time was active duty. If you know anything about the military or the beings they work with then you would already know why they did it. I don’t know why or who I just know that I had those implants placed in me once I joined. My basic training was done at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I didn’t find out about the implants until 2011 which is a year after I had got out. They didn’t want me to use my abilities while I was in and they wanted to control me. plus use my dna to give to others. They also wanted me to work for them once I got out because they use to try to contact me using the implants but I kept telling them to “Fuck Off!”

I had some of them removed but not all of them. Each person I run into does the same thing, they will remove some of them but not all of them and then the beings start talking to them and making deals with them for my power and I don’t like that. If you are a healer and doing your job then what someone else has is none of your business. We all have something we are here to do and our gifts, abilities and talents are based on that. I have to rewrite history because of how things came to be with earth and I have not found one honest person to do their job even if they are being paid for it. I kind of figured someone would do what they have been paid to do. Things are going to stay the same on this planet or progress very slowly as long as I remain in this situation. I have to get these implants removed.



Hi Charlene,

I write articles and commentary, and have a web site with articles posted on a variety of topics. Nowhere on my web site do I call myself a healer, nor to I solicit for people to contact me in order to resolve their ultra secret, high tech, Montauk Project/Military Intelligence/CIA/Black budget/Alien-derived psychotronic enslavement operations. These are projections on your part. Your implication that I'm somehow being paid for taking the time to reply to your email or spend time giving you information on what might be of assistance to you is equally mistaken.

I asked you for more background info on your situation in order to have you explain in your own words how you came to be victimized and therefore help other women, who are considering going into the military, to think twice about such an ill considered decision in joining an organization that is under the control of satanists who are working for New World Order Zionists and not the people of America. I was giving you an opportunity to tell your story. You're not interested. That's OK with me. The opportunity is withdrawn.

Of course, I knew you got the implants in the military, but I wanted to hear the details from you. True, most people don't know how or who did it or when, but some people do and it helps to explain the details as much as possible so other people can connect the dots. You were in for 9 years. Was it worth it? Was it fun? Did you do things that made you proud of yourself or ashamed of yourself? Did you work with people who you were happy to be with and looked forward to seeing every day or did you dislike the job? Your own words: "If you know anything about the military or the beings they work with..." Yes and no. Yeah, I was in the military, but back in an era when there was still some level of decency and respectability in the job and the people you worked for, but that's not the military you joined. The "beings" you work with is what I was getting at in asking the question.

I almost never hear of people who fix psychotronic problems 100%. Some do, but most don't. It's more a matter of trying many different things and finding some things that helped and adding that to other things that helped and gradually it becomes easier to cope. Some people have learned to stop all psychotronic signals by meditating in a certain way. Some people have learned to break all connections to the perps by raising their frequency to a level that is above the perps. It's not easy to do, but it has been done. In so doing they can effectively neutralize their own implants because they stop having any effect. You'll have to dump the negative attitude (and the ego) if you expect to overcome this problem.

Take care, Ken


Hello Ken

I didn't know that you were not the healer so forgive me and there was no need to be rude about. I do understand that you have a lot going on yourself but if what you wanted my story then I would have been glad to provide that for you.

Take care,



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