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Is Florida Kicking Freedom to the Curb?

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From Dr. Joseph Sansone
April 26, 2023

Is Florida Kicking Freedom to the Curb? (April 26, 2023)

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It would appear that the Governor and legislature in the state of Florida are slow walking Floridians into enslavement to The Great Reset. This will include forced vaccination and forced quarantines. The fall of 2024 may commence the fall of Florida.

A health freedom bill in Florida called SB222 was being promoted by various health freedom organizations. The bill according to activists reportedly, “protected people’s vaccination and immunity status, ended all vaccine discrimination, stopped the federal government from getting our medical data, protected our children from EUA vaccines, protected all public and private employees from all vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.”

Apparently, this bill was killed by DeSantis. The alternative bill being promoted, SB252, (Amendment) according to activists, reportedly “forces employees to follow federal government mandates and opens the door to the World Health Organization to control our health policies. The legislation claims to prevent MRNA vaccine mandates, however, that is not permanent, and expires in June 2025.

See lines 188, 243, and 446 of the amendment.

It appears a bait and switch designed to sell the free Florida narrative while simultaneously setting up the state to fall to a future planned pandemic under the yoke of the WHO. If you wanted to transition Florida under the umbrella of a global technocracy this would be how to do it. This bill allows the governor to force WHO directives via executive order.

Unfortunately, this is not happening in a vacuum. HB 991 was an anti-free speech bill that was supported by the governor. HB991 would have lowered the threshold for defamation lawsuits and will have a chilling effect designed to inhibit criticism of politicians and government officials. Some frightening aspects of this legislation were that anonymous sources would have to be revealed or the publisher could be subject to a defamation lawsuit and the threshold has been lowered to the point where actual malice is not necessary subjecting cases of simple errors to lawsuits. This bill appeared to target alterative media and individual social media posters. Fortunately, HB991 died in the legislature. Reportedly, the governor was supporting this legislation.

The Florida Bar has already launched a war against free speech by going after the law license of a prosecutor that ran for state attorney in a partisan political race. The attack on this attorney’s license is not based on the practice of law, but on political speech made during a Republican primary race. There clearly is a statewide culture of Statism and animosity toward Natural Rights.

Are we simply seeing actions based on a philosophical deficit regarding our founding concepts or are we seeing something a bit more orchestrated? What would possibly cause our governor and legislature to think that Natural Rights can be granted a couple years at a clip?

The denial of SB 222 and the promotion of SB 252 is a shameful betrayal of the people of Florida and their basic human rights. In 2021 DeSantis was bragging about poisoning 85% of senior citizens with C19 shots.

Is there any guilt associated with that? Wouldn’t you do everything humanly possible to make up for that?

Unless, you knew these shots were deadly. I don’t know if he did or not. It is difficult to not assume that there is now a planned takedown of Florida going on. In 20 months DeSantis will be moving on. In the meantime the free state of Florida narrative will continue. A new pandemic released in the fall of 2024 and Floridians may be subject to forced vaccinations, federal, and WHO directives.

What would possibly possess these politicians to think that they can limit or grant human rights at a clip of a couple years at a pop?

Yes, I know, I already asked that question. It needs to be repeated….

This situation illustrates why it is important to not cheer lead for your politicians. Metaphorically they need to be poked and prodded, whipped, and beaten to do their job. We are dealing with a class of people that are so self centered and craven that they are in mass collaborating with the extinction of the human race.

DeSantis also supports fake computerized elections. This is a larger problem as it creates a centralized global control over the election process. The propaganda on this issue is so bad that Republicans are now echoing a talking point that basically says we need to cheat as well as Democrats to win. The danger of course is that without political recourse through elections the move toward civil unrest will be more likely.

It is true. Living in Florida has been better than living in many other states the past few years. Keep in mind, however, that this is because it bubbled up from the bottom up and the governor responded. People were getting guns pulled on them for trying to force people to wear masks.

Instead of banning the bioweapon and confiscating all vials and conducting forensic audits, the state of Florida is collaborating with a scheme to force vaccinate and force quarantine Floridians in the future. Unless the idea is that people will keep voting for Republicans if they keep extending their basic human rights. That is a bit Machiavellian.

At some point if the governor does not act to protect the public from these biological weapons, then the governor is complicit. The governor has a fiduciary responsibility to act. Especially when you consider that he encouraged our seniors to take these shots.  

If DeSantis is not participating in a criminal take down of Florida, he is showing extremely poor discernment. Is it big pharma money? Is it the promise of computerized voting getting him the White House? Is he poorly advised? Or does he know exactly what he is doing?

The truth is that I don’t know. Quite frankly, the governor’s opposition to SB 222 is a disappointment. I do know that anyone that thinks our basic human rights are conditional and need to be reassessed every couple years or can be taken away by executive order is our enemy. This includes the governor and the legislature, and anyone else that would go along with such a deadly concept.

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