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Jane Tripp Announces New Book with Real Photos of Genuine Fairy Beings

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Notes from Ken Adachi & Jane Tripp
October 11, 2018

Jane Tripp Announces New Book with Real Photos of Genuine Fairy Beings (Oct. 11, 2018)

Jane Tripp's Trans-Time Photography: Photographing the Far Past - How I Discovered it is Possible (Update, Oct. 11, 2018)

Photographic Evidence of Time Travel~An Introduction to the Work of Jane Tripp (Update July 5, 2018)

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*** Special Notice ~ Radio Interview ***
Jane Tripp will be interviewed for the first time on Internet radio on Heather Wade's The Kingdom of Nye late-night radio talk show for four hours on October 15, 2018 from 9PM - 1AM Pacific time. Be sure to listen to what promises to be a unique & remarkable interview.

The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade (

Listen Live (

Jane Tripp has a rare ability to obtain the most powerful paranormal images imaginable and has a great deal of mind boggling information to share.

Please take advantage of the introductory offer seen below and obtian your own copy of the first photo book ever published in recorded history of real, transdimensional Faery beings. There is no book anyone in the world like this one.

Jane's history-making, 267 page eBook, Photographs of Faeries, introductory offer of $17.97 is available for instant download 24/7 from Gumroad:


Contact: Jane Tripp

Phone: 1 604 289 0539

Announcing 100's of Sensational New Color Photos of Real Fairies!
Imagine A Supernaturally Real And Enchanting Mystery...

This is a true fairy tale, and like all good fairy tales, it begins with the absolutely impossible happening: Once upon a time there was a woman who could photograph fairies...

Jane Tripp is a researcher and writer living in BC, Canada. She is also a transdimensional photographer who possesses unusual mediumistic photographic abilities that allow her to capture never-before-seen photographs of a secret realm and a hidden supernatural race.

Acting as a paranormal pioneer and a naturalist exploring liminal worlds, Tripp is photographically documenting the transdimensional fauna of the Otherworld, taking on the role of a contemporary digital seer.

She has now released an eBook to document some of her findings. 'Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries & Elemental Spirits Captured On Camera' is the first book of its kind, and contains a huge treasure-trove of 267 pages packed with hundreds of absolutely amazing, scalable photographic images.

These include clear images of:

Jane Tripp is sharing her extraordinary experiences on a very special website that includes several galleries of amazing photos as well as the opportunity to buy the one & only eBook.available anywhere in the world revealing genuine photographs of living fairy beings.

Underworld Reflections is a site that gives people a real glimpse into the luminous fairy realms - in full, glowing color! Do you believe in fairies? Because you can see real fairies right now at:

Jane Tripp has also discovered two other stunning paranormal phenomena:

Learn more about Jane Tripp and her fascinating paranormal research breakthroughs here:

A Little Extra Info - About Fairy Frequencies
Many people assume fairies are mythical creatures who do not really exist, but they are in fact a living race of beings separated dimensionally from the world we experience.

Inhabitants of this invisible realm that live closest to the borderlands between our separate worlds are able to - and sometimes choose to - interact with our own world, on the very edge of our perception of visible light.

When conditions are favorable, some supernatural beings can be photographed. Because they live in a separate dimension, albeit one that also overlaps our own, they cannot demonstrate to us the solidity of form that we experience here in our 3D world.

They are self-illuminated, plasma life-forms and the miracle is that they can now be seen photographically, not from the recesses of a darkened woodlands, but from the safety of our own homes.

Using the editing techniques Jane Tripp developed to uncover hidden details in photographic anomalies, a delicate - but vibrant - secret world has been visibly and expertly uncovered to give us tantalizing access to a previously unseen realm.

One of her goals is to bring a public awareness to the many faery beings who silently inhabit a world so close and intermeshed within our own and in many ways share the same space.

These 'hidden' folk are still our neighbours today, secret cousins, and a new awareness of their existence is finally beginning to emerge.

Jane also envisages the delight it will bring to both adults and children to see and understand that fairies and many other supernatural creatures are very real, living beings - just like you and I

Jane Tripp can be contacted by emailing:

Underworld Reflections Fairy Website:

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