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By Ken Adachi, Editor
December 30, 2021

Join the Cash Only Society and Begin Earning FreedomBack Rewards Today! (Dec. 30, 2021)

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I closed my last bank checking account 26 years ago because I began to realize how much control and surveillance your average commercial bank was trying to exert upon us. Upon arriving in California in 1994, I was somewhat surprised when applying to open a checking account that I first had to obtain a California ID card in order to open a bank account with them. That made no sense to me since I was giving them my money to hold in a checking or savings account and why did I need state-approved ID in order to do that?  I didn't know anything about the JWO takeover of America at the time, so it just struck me as "odd" rather than anything sinister or conspiratorial. I soon learned better.  

Since it took quite a few weeks to actually receive a California ID card, the bank let you open the account with proof of application for the card. Fortunately, my ID card was stolen in the mail (it's always sent as very steal-able, ordinary first class mail, of course, and obviously stolen by postal employees for sale to fake ID profiteers working with illegal aliens) and I've never tried to apply for another one since I subsequently found out that there was no law that required me to have one. Of course, the bank people wanted me to believe just the opposite.

 I also acquired my first computer that same year and had learned enough from reading Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, and from surfing the internet, that I was going to STOP making it so easy for Corporate America, the government, banks, the NSA, and Israel from tracking and recording everything I do with my money and my life.

 I've been "Cash only" ever since and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

 If I have to send a payment through the mail, then I buy a US postal money order with cash and I fill it out with only the Payee's name; not mine. Our name and account info is on the bill that I include with the money order (but the post office doesn't get to see or record that information). While my wife has a checking and savings account with which we can use a debit card to make online purchases, we never pay ANYTHING using online banking, or by sending a check, or pay with a debit card. We either send a US postal money order (and NO other type of money order) or we go in person and pay in cash at the service provider's local office. If we buy something at the supermarket or department store, we always use cash and not a card. If we need more cash, we get it from an ATM. We've been doing that daily for the past 26 years. If we can do it, YOU can do it too.  
Going Cash Only is easy and gives you much more protection and isolation from the data mining that is relentlessly going on in the background as you conduct your everyday affairs using your credit card or debit card to pay for this and that  - without thinking about the freedom and privacy you are sacrificing by doing so.
 I'm mentioning all of this  today because I was sent a video earlier this morning that was recorded by Catherine Austin Fitts on Dec 17, 2021, titled, " A Time For Choosing - Central Banking Warfare" in which she elaborates on ways to preserve our freedoms and prevent the Central Bankers from establishing the complete enslavement of humanity by the imposition of their "Central Bank Digital Currencies" or CBDCs.  They want to eliminate the use of cash completely and ONLY allow people to be able to buy things using their digital currencies - and only their digital currencies, in a system where the bankers and government tyrants will decide IF and WHEN you can use your own money locked up in their digital prison vaults. This Digital Currency control system is already well established in Red China and we will soon find ourselves subject to the same sort of enslavement control gulag here unless we do something collectively to thwart it 
Oct. 2020: Bank of International Settlements (BIS) General Manager Agustín Carstens explains exactly what the Central Bankers have in mind since it bothers them so much that they don't know who is using the $100 bill or peso. And we can't have that, can we? 


 The Central Bankers Game Plan Explained in TWO Minutes by Richard Werner

 This isn't a movie script. It's REAL and they are moving forward with it at lightening speed. The Space Suit  Commander & Psychopath Klaus Martin Schwab of the World Economic Forum calls it The Great Reset (The Great Setback to Feudal Enslavement is closer to the mark). You should pay close attention to what Catherine is explaining in this important video and to start thinking about employing some of the suggestions she mentions (there's much more info on her website to explore and learn from: She mentions in this video something she calls Cash Friday, an idea she gleaned from Mary Hollard of the Children's Health Defense Fund, in order to encourage you to devote each Friday to ONLY paying with cash as a way to get used to using cash routinely and to STOP making it easy for the Central Bankers to draw you into their Digital Currency spider web.
  Catherine Austin Fitts ~ A Time For Choosing - Central Banking Warfare (Dec 17, 2021)

We all need to get busy and work on networking and brain-storming with others to form local networks to combine resources and ingenuity to fashion new ideas in thwarting this diabolical enslavement agenda and to rid ourselves  of these satanic JWO psychopaths, once and for all.

Ken Adachi

Copyright 2021 Ken Adachi and All Rights Reserved. Use of title or text without proper author attribution, and source links are prohibited.

Make Cash Great Again - Use Cash
By the Solari Team

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) General Manager Agustín Carstens [formerly,Jabba the Hut] in October 2020, telling you exactly where the central bankers intend to go.

Oct. 2020 BIS General Manager Agustín Carstens

As the saying goes, “money makes the world go around,” but today’s battle of digital currencies, inflation, and paper currency has humanity at a tipping point between freedom and fascism.

The pandemic and accompanying lockdowns have been wildly successful, creating the right environment for total control of society, health, money, and food. Huge portions of the population, influenced by fear and mind control, are in complete submission. Every aspect of life and how it functions is now approaching Mr. Global’s grasp.

Why the need for total control? Who knows?  People like Catherine and Dr. Joseph Farrell have spent decades trying to figure it out; no doubt they are close. The reality is, however, that we have no more time to figure out why. Humanity is in the middle of the train tracks, and the train is coming through the tunnel and toward us at full force.

There is an overwhelming feeling of “what to do?” I can understand how a deer gets stuck when the headlights are coming at it. Fear can be paralyzing. But we all can do something and that something is pretty simple: use cash, especially on Fridays.

Some of us are Christians, some not. We don’t all know the purpose of eating only fish on Fridays, but it seems to many that Fridays are a day to prep for something bigger, such as Good Friday. In American culture, we have a lot of Friday events: summer Fridays, half-day Fridays, dress-down Fridays. When Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense suggested Cash Fridays, it made perfect sense to Catherine.

Why cash? Because in order to have a full digital monetary system with complete central control, the circulation of paper currency has to end. (See the above video of Bank for International Settlements General Manager Agustín Carstens in October 2020, telling you exactly where the central bankers intend to go.) We’ve already heard there are coin shortages. Some are saying that the Fed has stopped printing paper currency. That can’t be confirmed, but it doesn’t really matter. We know the game. To slow this train down, we can keep paper currencies and coins circulating. This is a very easy thing for all of us to do.

There are a lot of divide-and-conquer politics out there. People are fighting for the stupidest reasons. We bet a dollar, however, that the one thing we ALL can agree on is stopping our money from being stolen or controlled – keeping our money safe. It wouldn’t shock us if even the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or Black Lives Matter (BLM) could agree on that. So it’s simple: We don’t need 100% of the population to do this; 10% of the population is enough.

Keep cash floating through the system.


1. Use cash whenever you can, but on Fridays use cash ONLY.

2. Download the #cashfriday slogan and spread it on all your social media platforms. It’s especially important not to type out #cashfriday because of algorithms and censorship.

3. Keep it going for as long as it takes.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3. But if you really want to take it further, we are including links on how to find a local bank and other reports on how to take big bank and corporate tyranny out of your life. We are making these reports available to the public to add strength to the momentum.

So, let’s make Cash Friday the preparation for something bigger – and that something bigger is sovereignty and freedom for all humanity.

Last week, as Catherine drove through the Alps with Swiss-Hungarian freedom fighter Orsolya Győrffy, they stopped for dinner at Ristorante CowBoy and, it being Friday, paid with cash. Here is Catherine’s #CashFriday Receipt #1:

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