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Live in Anger, Die in Solitude ~
Stefan Molyneux's Hommage to the Day Care Feminists of the Left

[Editor's Note: Stefan Molyneux makes an excellent point in this thoughtful and insightful monolog that before now, had not occurred to me. He notes that the emptiness, the ugliness, the shamelessness, the lack of social grace, the absence of basic, rudimentary civil behavior, the coarseness, the vulgarity, the unbelievable foul-mouth ranting, the unintelligence, the unreasonableness, the ignorance, the immaturity, and the crass egocentric posturing seen in the vast majority of these purple or red haired Social Justice Warriors of the Clintonista Feminist Left are unified in their barbaric demeanor by their having spent their babyhood and their formative pre-school years in a daycare center, instead of being raised at home by a loving mom in a nurturing, caring environment. Females don't become this damaged, radicalized, and twisted unless they had been treated with coarseness and non-loving, sterile "care" during their most vulnerable and formative years of childhood. These women's lives are ruined. They will never find happiness, or peace, or fulfillment when they've thrown away the most precious and fleeting years given to them to find a mate and start a family. Decent, good, kind and gentle men don't want to marry the sort of shrieking, infantile, vulgar females seen in these anti-Trump Youtube videos. They want a loving, respectable, gentle, graceful, and feminine woman to create a family with. If they've been degenerated into homosexuality, then there's nothing worth talking about. They're lost. For those deluded heterosexual females who think they're having fun by behaving so outrageously and vulgarly in public, the day will come when they will rue their indiscretion and realize that this game called life doesn't last forever; that the opportunities are fleeting; and that old age spent alone and childless is a reality that will not seem like so much fun when it arrives.

Molyneux called it ~ you live in anger, you die in solitude. Truer words were never spoken. ... Ken Adachi]

From Stefan Molyneux
January 25, 2017

Live in Anger, Die in Solitude ~ Stefan Molyneux's Hommage to the Day Care Feminists of the Left (Jan. 25, 2017)

Jan. 25, 2017 The Ugly Truth About The Women's March

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http://educate-yourself.org/cn/Stefan-Molyneux-21Jan2017-FDR_3565_Anti_Trump_Riots.mp3 :


SeverdSeouL 6 hours ago
All the things Stefan talks about are the goals of Jewish communism; the ideology that really won WW2,
(read up on the history of Bolshevism and Jewish subversion of Russia) : Destroy the white European family,
fracture the roles of men and women so they don't reproduce and revile one another, import 3rd world
immigrants to displace and replace the population, brainwash whites to despise themselves and thier own culture
and history, use the 3rd world immigrants in proxy to physically and psychologically attack white males to further
demoralize them. The final stage of the plan is to use the combined efforts of the useful idiots and the government's
own forces to completely genocide the remaining small numbers of white males. The smaller our numbers get, the
more vicious the propaganda and attacks will become.

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