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Malachi Martin: The Judas Goat Deceptionist Who Worked for Talmudic Rabbis to Subvert Vatican II

"As we can see from Malachi Martin's own words, he was not merely a womanizer, liberal, spy, and con-man, but one of the most treacherous figures in the entire history of the Church, a hater of Christians and Christianity at its very core and an active destroyer of both." ...Author Maurice Pinay

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From Maurice Pinay
October 16, 2012

Malachi Martin: The Judas Goat Deceptionist Who Worked for Talmudic Rabbis to Subvert Vatican II (Oct. 16, 2012)

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The Final Nail in Malachi Martin's Coffin

For the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

[Malachi Martin secretly authored The Pilgrim (1964) written under the pseudonym of Michael Serafian to create pressure on Vatican II to officially release Talmudic Jews from blame for the crucifixion of Christ under a Vatican II document titled Nostra Aetate

We recently documented that Malachi Martin wrote the book, The Pilgrim under the pseudonym Michael Serafian. 

The CV from Malachi Martin's other books confirms that he was the author of The Pilgrim

According to the biography of Rabbi Abraham Heschel, Spiritual Radical (pp.253-254), Rabbi Heschel, with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), arranged for Malachi Martin's book, The Pilgrim to be published as a political tactic in hopes that it would influence deliberation on the draft for Nostra Aetate which had met setbacks at the close of the second session of the Second Vatican Council. 

The Pilgrim was published in May of 1964, between the second and third sessions of the council. As we will see below, the book was calculated to impart to Catholics the message "You are Nazis," and that Christianity 'paved the road to Auschwitz' and it is therefore in need of radical reform. We previously documented Rabbi Heschel's candid admission that he intended to attack Christian souls by such 'dialogue.' It will probably be news to most traditional Catholics that their prophet Malachi Martin was Rabbi Heschel's comrade in this attack

The Pilgrim was flanked by similar editorials, articles and interviews published in the New York Times, Time magazine and elsewhere. One article published October 1964 in The Jewish World quoted an unnamed Vatican source invoking extermination language saying "the Most Holy Father still has not made up his mind on the Jewish issue at this time, the final solution is still to come."

Those familiar with Malachi Martin may recall his admission to Ben L. Kaufman of the Cincinnati Inquirer that during the Second Vatican Council he "enjoyed" making Cardinals who didn't go along with the Nostra Aetate agenda sweat by "shaking long-closeted skeletons" at them ("Jesus Now Author Not A Swashbuckler," Ben L. Kaufman, The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 22, 1973). Traditionalists have typically interpreted this to mean that Martin dug up dirt on prelates of a personally sinful nature.

I submit that at the dawning of the "post-Auschwitz" dispensation there was no 'skeleton' more terrifying than accusations of 'anti-Semitism.'

With that thought in mind, consider some 'skeleton shaking' from Malachi Martin's writing in, The Pilgrim:

"There is yet another tension which is ominous for Christianity because its roots not only go back to the very origins of Christianity, but involve the historical act of Jesus Christ by which Christianity came into being as a principle. The tension is that between Jew and Christian, the historical act is the sacrifice and death of Jesus himself. The manifestation of this tension on the part of Christians is generally called anti-semitism or Hebraeophobia ..."

"... if we listen to the chorus of the ages, we find a strangely consistent note of disapproval, sometimes of hate, and always of unmitigated condemnation for the Jew, as such, echoing down the corridors of time and blending with latter day sentiments which can be recognized as nothing else but rank anti-Semitism. And these ancient voices are not merely those of secular or freelance thinkers: they are no less than the Fathers of the Church, an Irenaeus, a Tertullian, a John Chrysostom, an Augustine, as well as Aquinas, modern theologians and ancient exegetes, an Origen, Grotius, a Müller.

Somehow or other, the stream of this perennial Christian bias grates on our modern ears, and yet there is hardly any Christian or Catholic who cannot, in spite of himself, hear some echo in his own sentiments." "... It  is true that we can set down a list of statements by popes theologians, saints, writers, to show that the extremer forms of anti-Semitism ... are not admissable. But none ever asserted the religious rights of Judaism in itself, nor declared that Judaism was a valid moral outlook, nor has any theologian or theological school courageously re-examined the millennial attitude of Christians and Catholics to the Jews." (Malachi Martin aka."Michael Serafian," The Pilgrim, pp.44-46)
Martin then goes on to re-examine Christianity himself, finding fault in the "radically changed outlook" of St. John's Gospel which he finds at variance with Sts. Peter and Paul (who themselves are not without blame -- according to Martin). By the time we reach page 49, Martin is weaving Christianity into a tapestry with Nazi 'extermination' camps:

"From the 6th century onwards, we find that anti-Semitism is an integral part of Christianity. And down to our own day, it has taken various forms. It may assume the form of an accepted radicalism with sociological overtones, in business, in social life, at the club, on the beach: one does not marry into Jewish circles or consort with Jews, for they are a different race with different customs and differing mentality. It may take the form of mere isolationism: the Jew is somebody apart, somebody irrevocably separate from the truth. Here there is an instant refusal to treat them like others, a blind feeling that this person, the Jew, is marked out by divine decision as untouchable. It may, though, take on a more mobile form: the Jews are to be reckoned with as active enemies of the Faith, and therefore they must be restricted, watched warily. It may, finally, go further and translate such feelings into action: the Jews must be expelled, must be warned, must be punished, must be dispossessed, must be liquidated.

In these extremest forms, we meet some phantasmagoric [imaginary] developments: the Protocols of Sion, The Nazi Final Solution, the massacres by their Catholic Majesties of Spain, the so-called Judeo-Communist world plot against Christianity, and the unholy alliance between the Grand Lodge [Freemasonry] and the Synagogue to subvert Christian principles. In whatever form or shade or colouring we meet this anti-Semitism, its peculiarly Christian characteristic is clear.""...  Between the burning and plundering of all Jewish synagogues in Mesopotamia in 388 A.D. on the order of the Bishop of Callinicum and the destruction and desecration of all synagogues under the recent Nazi regime, we cannot but see a relationship of origin. And no one conscious of what has made modern Europe can deny that the pyres and the crematoria, the mephitic smoke and stench of the extermination camps in Nazi Germany, were, if not the logical conclusion, at least one extremist consequence of the normal Christian attitude to the Jews. Here we see Christianity standing at the thin edge of self-destruction due to this admitted tension, moving to what Laurence Dobie has called aptly the anus mundi [i.e. anus of the world], the ultimate in excretion of the badness which Christianity never undertook to extirpate." (Malachi Martin aka. "Michael Serafian," The Pilgrim, pp.49-52)

As we can see from Malachi Martin's own words, he was not merely a womanizer, liberal, spy, and con-man, but one of the most treacherous figures in the entire history of the Church, a hater of Christians and Christianity at its very core and an active destroyer of both. He was a partner of Rabbi Heschel and the AJC in attacking Christianity and Christians' souls, invoking Nazi exterminationist imagery in the international press to instill guilt and embarrassment to shape the outcome of a Church council. 

Martin worked with Rabbi Heschel and the American Jewish Committee towards the outlandish and hypocritical goal of promulgation of a Church document which would denounce Christian pressuring of Judaic conversion while themselves employing the unbearable pressure of outrageous 'anti-Semitism' accusations and Nazi exterminationist comparisons amplified by the international establishment press. They schemed for a condemnation of the charge of Deicide by leveling the charge of Judeocide.

While Heschel and Martin were unsuccessful in achieving the full extent of their ambitions, they did set in course the technique and operation of the 'Holocaust' guilt chambers within the Church which largely accounts for the miserable state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

A Church that apologizes for its [own] teachings and kneels at a counterfeit 'Holocaust' is fit to be trampled upon.

Will traditionalists finally bid good riddance to the bad rubbish of Malachi Martin and come to a proper understanding of what assails them? 

Maurice Pinay


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Anonymous said...

Michael Collins Piper Interviews Jim Condit Jr. - Zionist Infiltration of the Vatican

September 13, 2015 at 12:16 AM

MP3 Audio file of Jim Condit Jr. and Michael Collins Piper interviews on Jan. 18-19. 2007


The special guest on the January 18 edition of Michael Collins Piper's nightly forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network at was veteran political activist and Traditionalist Catholic James Condit, Jr. Condit joined Piper to discuss the outrageous intrigues of the late Father Malachi Martin who was the subject of a chapter in Piper's new book, The Judas Goats ~ The Enemy Within (2006), which analyzes Zionist infiltration of the American nationalist movement and which detailed (based on Condit's research and that of others) the little-known story of how Father Martin, a priest working high up in the Vatican, acted as an agent of Zionist interests during the Vatican II "reform" conference of the early 1960s bending the doctrines of the Catholic Church to accord with the demands of the Zionist interests.

Amazingly, Martin later was annointed by the Zionist-controlled mass media as a"critic" of the very so-called "reforms" that he had helped bring about at the direction of his Zionist handlers. Piper and Condit pointed out that the first evidence of Zionist infiltration of the Vatican came in a LOOK magazine article in 1966 entitled "How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking." However, LOOK did not identify Martin as the Zionist agent. It did mention, though, that the Zionist agent had written a book under a pseudonym, "Michael Serafian." It was some years later that that pseudonym was revealed to be a pen-name for none other than Malachi Martin. So there is no question that Martin was a Zionist agent.

Just recently, Condit pointed out, the depraved pro-Zionist Southern Poverty Law Center of Morris Dees, which acts as an adjunct of the Zionist Anti-Defamation League, had published a broadside attacking traditionalist Catholic organizations that have been critical of Zionism and of its role in warping traditional,historic, ancient original Catholic Church doctrine. In other Piper noted that Father Martin, during his final days, was active in financing an organization, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), that had, itself been infiltrated from within, and then used to destroy Liberty Lobby, the longtime Washington populist Institution that published The SPOTLIGHT newspaper for which Piper wrote for many years. Piper himself learned of Martin's financial support for the IHR from a press release issued by Mark Weber of the IHR following Martin's death in which Weber bragged of Martin's secret backing of the IHR during the time that it was being used to attack Liberty Lobby. Later Weber pulled that information about Martin's backing of the IHR from the IHR website apparently after having been tipped off that Piper was preparing to blow the whistle on Martin's Zionist connections, based on material published by Lawrence T. Patterson of CRIMINAL POLITICS magazine. In fact, it was Piper's guest, James Condit Jr., who had been involved in preparing the expose of Martin's role as a "priest-spy for Zionism" inside the Vatican.

Piper noted also that Martin's close friend, pro-Zionist former CIA agent William F. Buckley, Jr. and Buckley's own former CIA colleague, E. Howard Hunt, had waged two unsuccessful lawsuits to destroy Liberty Lobby only to have their efforts derailed by outspoken anti-Zionist attorney Mark Lane. Later, the intriguers regrouped and under the direction of yet another CIA figure, Andrew Allen, took over the IHR and used it to destroy Liberty Lobby in yet another lawsuit that succeeded in bankrupting Liberty Lobby. So it was a known Zionist agent, Malachi Martin, who was collaborating with those who destroyed Liberty Lobby. In any case, Piper's guest, Condit, pointed that the story of how the Vatican has been undermined from within has parallels to the same way that similar Zionist water-carriers inside the Protestant churches—such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson—have also engaged in similar intrigues.

The lessons of the dangers of such "Judas Goats" need to be examined in detail in order to understand how the Zionists engage in hard-core political wrecking operations designed to undercut all forms of Christian religions, yesterday and today. For more about the topic of the infiltration of the Catholic Church by Zionism, see the Internet website (White smoke from Pope vote on October 26, 1958) Jim Condit Jr.'s website can be accessed at or you may write: Jim Condit, PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Michael Hoffman said...

I have always said to his traditionalist fans that the test of Malachi Martin’s sincerity was whether he would ever reveal the inside story of Cardnal Bea and Nostra Aetate, since he was Bea’s peritus. Of course he never did. He fooled the marks by writing Windswept House and they let him off the Nostra Aetate hook even though he was at the heart of the conspiracy.

You write, " recall his admission...he "enjoyed"shaking long-closeted skeletons" at them. Traditionalists have typically interpreted this to mean that Martin dug up dirt on prelates of a personally sinful nature.”

Malachi Martin told me about this blackmail tactic, although he used Cardinal Benelli as a stand-in for himself. He said that at the conclave that elected John Paul I, Cardinal Benelli arose and stated, “We exclude by voice vote, all Leftist candidates.” Malachi Martin then told me that Cardinal Benelli had distributed dossiers on certain cardinals containing photos of “their boys, their girls and their masonic papers."

October 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM

Maurice Pinay said...

Thank you for that information, Michael. I have no doubt that Martin would use whatever leverage was at his disposal to achieve his ends. And there is, no doubt, much personal sin to be leveraged in Rome. 

Still, I believe the average bureaucrat, if offered the choice, would prefer to face even pedophilia charges than charges of 'anti-semitism' and could likely more easily rehabilitate their reputations from the former.

In any event, this is an incident of 'skeleton shaking' from Malachi Martin on a large scale that is irrefutably documented.

October 16, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Maurice Pinay

"I have always said to his traditionalist fans that the test of Malachi Martin’s sincerity was whether he would ever reveal the inside story of Cardnal Bea and Nostra Aetate, since he was Bea’s peritus. Of course he never did."

Even in an interview given the year he died, he exculpated himself by claiming he thought that Nostra Aetate went too far and that was why he left Rome. The truth is that he was pushing far beyond Nostra Aetate for years, after he left Rome, and getting paid for it.

Here is Malachi Martin in 1999:

"I started off as an advisor on Judaism," he continues. "I was trained in Semitic languages and I spent a year and a half studying the Talmud... Then my superiors in Rome also found that I understood Judaism very well. They wanted someone to explain it, since they were studying the whole question of Jewish-Christian relations. So I was drafted into helping with that."

And the outcome?

"They produced a document in which they sort of absolved the Jewish people of the death of Christ."

Based on his research?

"No, not on my research," argues Martin. "I was only a cog in the wheel. I didn't agree with the final document either. It went too far. And then there were conclusions about the need for Catholics to study Judaism and get to know them better."

So this was the ecumenicalization of the Church that was going on?

"That's it in one word," concurs Martin. "And I couldn't agree with the total effect of all that because I thought they went too far."


Compare that with Malachi Martin's opinion of 1970 in his book The Encounter, 5 years after he had left Rome:

"In New York's Roman Catholic Parochial Schools a new course in Judaism and on the Jew in literature was planned for the autumn of 1968. The Sisters of Notra Dame de Sion and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations plan to sponsor jointly a series of two-week institutes on Judaism for Catholic educators. On January 21, 1968, sermons were preached in all 225 Roman Catholic parish churches in Brooklyn and Queens on the theme of 'better understanding and charity towards our Jewish neighbors.' Catholic Universities have inaugurated courses in Judaism given by resident or visiting rabbis. As a means to stem, influence, and destroy Roman Catholic Hebraeophobia, these measures are both necessary and good.

October 17, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Michael Hoffman said...

Malachi Martin was another Romney: he would say or do anything to deceive the audience he was addressing. On the liberal Art Bell radio program, long after he had come out as a traditionalist, he said the state had no business getting involved in prohibiting abortion. I hung on to the audio cassettes tapes of that show for years. No traditionalists were interested. This was the time of the extensive ads in trad [traditionalist] newspapers for the interviews with Malachi Martin conducted by a Canadian man, wherein MM was put forth as a kind of tribune of tradition. 

He was accustomed to talking over the heads of naive Catholic traditionalists. He would say what they wanted to hear, but now and again he would drop a twilight language word or phrase so the boys in the lodge and the synagogue could share the joke on the dopey trads. One instance of this occurred during a reverent interview with him conducted by the John Birch Society magazine “New American.” 

At one point in the interview he said he wanted to write a "Guide for the Perplexed” for Catholics like the one Maimonides had written for “Jews.”

A comment like that from someone who was largely ignorant of the substance of Judaism would be a matter of merely mirroring a pop culture in which Rabbi Maimonides is viewed as a venerable, wise old Judaic sage.

But Malachi Martin was a Louvain theologian, and as you quote his own words about his C.V.: "I was trained in Semitic languages and I spent a year and a half studying the Talmud... Then my superiors in Rome also found that I understood Judaism very well.”

In other words, M.M. knew a great deal about Maimonides. He couldn’t plead ignorance by way of exculpation. Therefore, when he said he wanted to emulate Maimonides, this was extraordinarily perverse praise for the rabbi who hated the ground Jesus Christ walked upon and urged the murder of Christians.

Malachi’s inside joke in citing Maimonides in a favorable light went right over the heads of his Bircher interviewers. He was having a laugh at their expense. He probably died laughing at all the suckers he gulled with his magnificent impersonations. I put him right up there with H.A.R. “Kim” Philby as one of the virtuoso triple agents of 20th century cryptocracy.

October 17, 2012 at 4:22 PM

Maurice Pinay said...

You've pointed out the 'fun,' trickster element of the Judeomasonic tradition and the difficulty with which it is understood by outsiders.

There are videos of Schneerson that illustrate this. He would tell his disciples when they are out 'being modern on the outside and Chabad on the inside' to do it with a sense of joy. This is essentially teaching them to block inhibitions that the average person with something of a conscience would be restricted by.

While many of these figures are intelligent, in my estimation, their real 'talent' is their shamelessness in their outrageousness which average people, particularly Christians who do have a conscience, just can't see coming or going.

I agree that Martin was a Kim figure. He played whatever role was required pretty well. When we look at his fruits--'Nostra Aetate, 'Holocaust' guilt, mystification--we know from whence he really came.

I could add many examples of the twilight language spoken over the heads of his listeners: on the Art Bell program he once punctuated his message that 'the Church is collapsing' and 'there's no going back' by proclaiming "we're all living stones in this new temple!"

In other interviews Martin made vile, blasphemous comments about the crucifixion which hearken to the Toledoth Jeshu tradition. I can only pity the Christians who were subjected to this filth but remained in his personality cult.

October 17, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Maurice Pinay said...

On the subject of 'Kim' it's no surprise that Martin would find a home with the Yale/Skull and Bones/ CIA 'traditional Catholic' William F. Buckley.

They were both actors sent in to "drain the swamps" as John Slawson of the AJC and Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg before him put it. They both deserved the same sendoff that Rabbi Tractenberg would have received if he attempted to 'drain' our 'swamp' himself.

[How to Combat Anti-Semitism in America
Six prize-winning essays Published by Jewish Opinion Publishing Corporation, NY in 1937
including Preserve Democaracy (page 23) by Rabbi Joshua Tracthtenberg]

October 17, 2012 at 7:02 PM

BG Matt said...

Hoffman said: 

...He probably died laughing at all the suckers he gulled with his magnificent impersonations...

One thing's for sure: no matter who it is, there will be someone who knows how to presume his subjective guilt at the point of death. I hope that Michael Hoffman is ready to endure the presumptions that others will have to say about him when his time comes...

You could ask Father Charles Fiore about Martin, but then again, he's also dead -- hey, Michael, can you likewise divine the interior dispositions of Fr. Fiore??

October 19, 2012 at 9:12 PM

Maurice Pinay said...

I agree that, based upon the evidence, the probability is that Martin died as he lived. Whatever the case, God knows.

What concerns us who live in the wake of his treachery are his well documented words, deeds and most of all his fruits: inter alia, Nostra Aetate, 'Holocaust' guilt, and a mystified personality cult.

October 20, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Mr. B.G. Matt

While I’m certainly not in Dante’s league, I can assume his literary prerogative with scoundrels like Malachi Martin. Moreover, saying he “probably" went out of this world unrepentant, laughing at the people he gulled, is not the same as situating him in the inferno.

I notice you’re scrupulously concerned about how I present Malachi Martin in his last days, but the revelations on this page of his string of betrayals merit nary a word. Interesting priorities.

As for what people will say about this writer when my time comes, can’t be too much worse than what has already been said.

October 20, 2012 at 2:15 PM
pclaudel said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

You wrote, "… what people will say about this writer when my time comes … can’t be too much worse than what has already [been] said."

It sounds to me as if you are underestimating our Judaic friends' capacity for vilification — something they are really good at—or else you are selling yourself seriously short! I tend to believe that your passing will inspire them to an Alp, perhaps even a Himalaya, of calumnious fantasy. It's not as if they lack for media outlets or willing, indeed eager, stooges.

October 22, 2012 at 8:59 AM
Mazara said...
His headstone says it all:
Malachi Martin footsotne at Gate of Heaven Cenetary, Howthorne, NY

August 22, 2014 at 7:07 PM

Anonymous said...

Malachi Martin gave an interview with the press and his interview was published. Gary Guiffre has a copy of the newspaper. In it, he told the interviewer that his ancestors were Jewish Iberian bankers. It may be one of his many lies, but that is what he said. Well, it wouldn't surprise me. He was, after all, a Jesuit, and the order started out as a Jewish outfit, and in my opinion, since then, it never changed. I wish someone would determine whether he was ever ordained. I have some clues that he never was. It would be important to know. His background is so sketchy and he went to so many schools and stayed not very long in any one of them. It's a good background to have to explain why no one can say they went to school with him. He went to the Hebrew University in Jersualem and was probably one of those forgers of the "dead sea scrolls"

October 5, 2014 at 10:37 PM


Malachi Martin’s Double Agent Status Documented by John Grasmeier (June 2007)

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The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) By Dr. Robert Faurisson (May 18, 2016)

Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years (June 24, 2016)
Joseph Hirt said he fabricated story of being sent to camp and meeting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to ‘keep memories alive’ about history of the Holocaust

'The Holocaust Deception and The Railroading of Ernst Zündel (May 14, 2016)

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