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Don Nicoloff: Former KGB Officers Detail Agenda to Install a Communist Police State in America

Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor
February 2, 2011

Don Nicoloff: Former KGB Officers Detail Agenda to Install a Communist Police State in America (Feb. 2, 2011)

I downloaded this Feb. 1 radio show from Don Nicoloff's Evident Footprints BBS radio archives by mistake thinking it was the radio show that I and ZS Livingstone did with Don on the evening of Feb. 2, 2011 (I had misread the date on the link). I realized, however, after listening to this show, that I ought to post it to my web site.

This show features interviews with former Russian KGB agents who reveal the very real campaign to demoralize America and infiltrate Marxist/Leninist idelology into the United States with the very real intention of converting America into a communist, New World Order police state.

I have repeatedly referred to the Indonesian Imposter, Barry Soetoro, as a COMMUNIST infil-traitor, dedicated to installing communism in the United States through subversion and the use of Leftist propaganda, selling high sounding fantasies to the American people about a kinder and gentler goverment who wants to "take care" of our "undoccumented immigrants" and other poor Americans, who couldn't afford health insurance etc. by mandating FORCED participation in paying for health care insurance. This is what Obamacare is all about. This is a COMPLETE violation of constitutional guarntees to pursue Life, liberty, and happiness in America without government coersion or control.

Obamacare IS communism!

It goes beyond socialism when the government FORCES you buy something that you don't want to buy. It's disgusting to hear communists like Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, who are cheer leaders for Obamacare, tell the American people that we're not goig to "turn back the clock" or go back to the Bad Old days by repealing Obamacare.

Durbin, like Obama, and all of the other NWO sellouts in the Senate are PROSTITUTES owned by the Rockefellers who have sold their souls to the New World Order puppet masters. They must be driven from office.

Listen to this important show. You will be shocked by the cogency and accuracy of these 'predictions'

Evident Footprints Feb. 1: Former KGB Officers Detailing the Agenda to Install a Communist Police State in America

Ken Adachi

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