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Melokiyah Touted for Detoxification & Healing

From Angelique <>
July 6, 2004

Subject: Melokiyah
Date: Tue, July 6, 2004 6:50 pm

I want to thank you for making all of this information public and also tell you about something very healing that I think others will appreciate also. It is an Egyptian plant called Melokiyah which is very healthy to eat. My father's distant cousin was actually the first man to bring it to this country. Here is the info on it. It is very good poured over rice with chicken or used as a dip. It is very healing. My mother was given an experimental drug while she was going through chemotherapy and it detoxified her system completley. She drank a whole pot of it. It is pronounced (Mole-a-kay-ia) Here is the nfo..Please share it with others.

Thank you,


In Egypt, Melokiyah prepared as a soup is believed to be an ancient peasant soup from the time of the pharaohs and is portrayed in tomb paintings. Every peasant had a small plot of land for his own use and in the summer months, this was used exclusively for the cultivation of melokiyah, with its dark green leaves and small, yellow flowers.

This custom is continued today, making melokiyah a staple food in contemporary Egypt. And no wonder, considering the nutritional value of this vegetable plant. A low calorie food with 43-58 calories/100 gms, C. olitorius contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, beta-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and ascorbic acid. The folic acid content is substantially higher than other folacin-rich vegetables.

It is eaten as a medicinal vegetable from Tanzania to Egypt, providing folk remedies for ailments such as aches and pains, dysentery, enteritis, fever, pectoral pain and tumors. Elsewhere, the leaves are used for cystitis and gonorrhea. A cold infusion of the leaves is believed to improve appetite and restore strength.

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