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 Michigan Republican Party RINO Exec. Director, Jason Cabel Roe, Finally Resigns After Unrelenting Pressure from Mich. Trump Supporters to Dump Him 

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[ Ken Adachi Commentary: Jason Cabel Roe epitomizes the JWO Deep State corporate 'gofer' who wears the name of Republican but does everything possible to undermine and thwart the political will of  the Michigan Republicans he supposedly represented and underwrites the efforts of the Deep State to steal the 2020 election from Trump's historic landslide victory over Sleepy Joe (Michigan, like Georgia and Pennsylvania, simply stole hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump and transferred them to Biden. See Russell Ramsland review of the 2020 election theft recorded on Nov. 5, 2020 to learn how badly they cheated in Democrat-controlled cities in Michigan). He also betrays the rank & file Republican membership in both word and deed; earning him the disgrace and hostility he so richly deserves after only holding the job for a few months. Roe belongs in the Garbage Bin of historical footnotes right along with the legion of other Deep State "Republican" RINO whores in American politics who betray their own for power, fortune & defame, like a snake in the grass they were destined to be. ..Copyright 2021  All Rights Reserved. ]

By Reid Wilson
July 14, 2021

Michigan Republican Party RINO Exec. Director, Jason Cabel Roe, Finally Resigns After Unrelenting Pressure from Mich. Trump Supporters to Dump Him (July 14, 2021)

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Michigan  GOP executive director quits under pressure from Trump allies

The executive director of the Michigan Republican Party has quit his post just a few months after taking over the top job amid pressure from supporters of former President Trump.

Jason Cabel Roe, a longtime Republican operative who took over the state party in February, sparked anger among Trump acolytes after he acknowledged the former president lost Michigan’s electoral votes in 2020.

“I have resigned my position as executive director and the reasons will remain between me and Chairman [Ron] Weiser,” Roe said in a text message. “We’ve built an amazing team and I know they will be very successful in 2022. I look forward to helping anyway I can.”

The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta first reported Roe’s departure. Roe had told Alberta last year that Trump’s loss in Michigan could only be pinned on one person: Trump himself.

“The election wasn’t stolen, he blew it. Up until the final two weeks, he seemingly did everything possible to lose. Given how close it was, there is no one to blame but Trump,” Roe said at the time.

Roe has a long history in Michigan and national Republican politics. He has served as a campaign manager, a Capitol Hill chief of staff and as a top official on Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) 2016 presidential campaign. He guided former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R), now a candidate running in California’s gubernatorial recall election, to two wins there.

The Lansing resident took over the Michigan state party after Weiser won election to serve a new term. Roe helped fend off proposals to censure Reps. Fred Upton (R) and Peter Meijer (R) over their votes to impeach Trump earlier this year.

But Republican activists were still focused on his comments blaming Trump for the 2020 loss. State Republican precinct committee officers delivered a resolution to party leaders urging them to fire Roe, though Weiser defended him at the time.

Roe declined to elaborate on why he had left. He said he would be taking the rest of the summer off.


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