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 More from Jim Stone on Nov. 17, 2020 

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From Jim Stone .
November 17, 2020

More from Jim Stone On November 17, 2020

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(Forward from Tony Blizzard).

More has been released about the server seizure in Germany

I have been skeptical about this because it "cannot happen". However, if it DID happen, it ONLY happened because somehow, somewhere, there was a complete chain of people that were not compromised. A lotto win so to speak - MAKE ME EAT CROW PLEASE.

I am still too skeptical to say more. Hopefully that will be what Rudy covers today, But the fact remains that the system is so compromised that even if this does break it is doubtful anything will be done about it, even in the supreme court.

NewsVax covered this, but I refuse to link to an outfit that speaks the truth out of one side of it's mouth while issuing vaccine death out the other. I don't trust them and believe they absolutely would push hopium to squelch public outrage until it is too late.

Recent developments have made how bad it is obvious.

This is a fact, and no one can deny it: Our current political situation is so bad that the people in charge are prepping the United States for genocide, and the entire "white privilege" thing is part of it. I did not realize this, but yesterday I happened across documented proof that before communists commit genocide, they have always, every single time, called the targets of their genocide "privileged."

So now we have an obvious fraudulent vote certified in Michigan, where they KNEW it was fraudulent and certified a count that had more votes than voters, AND THEY KNEW IT, we have a situation where a communist who has stated 220 million dead Americans twice will likely be vice president and is fist bumping Lindsey Graham, who we desperately need to have on our side, - a situation where another aspect of communist takeover - police who support the thugs and looters is now the norm, a situation where Ocasio can openly call for the complete destruction of Trump "and his enablers" and not be forced to clarify - a situation where the people who are going to do the genocide can go on national television and say that everyone who voted Trump is logged as doing so, and will not be around to vote in the next election, ALL OF THAT has been run through this site and the people saying these things are in charge of the government. They are the ones Trump has to have say this election was rigged and then approve of action to correct it. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. And as a result, we get Michigan certifying a vote that clearly has more votes than voters, and no one among the communists bats an eye.

We are in trouble.

It is not that there is not proof of rampant fraud, there is. It is not that there is not proof America did not even tabulate its own election on American soil - There is. It's not that there is not proof the probable incoming president hates the United States and is guilty of treason - there is. And no big truth bomb is going to fix that at this point, every damn person who could do something about this already knows all of this, and no one is doing anything to stop it. No one is doing anything to stop it because the infiltration of the United States by communists is THAT DEEP.

People need to consider what has happened thus far. We are clearly in a system so corrupt these people could be caught in broad daylight robbing banks or even wiping out a stadium with a flame thrower, be fully identified as the ones who did it, and the media would bury it, the prosecutors would not prosecute, they would release, and tomorrow would look the same as today except for the dead and maimed. And all of this is obviously going to land in a supreme court controlled by a swamp critter. Every safety, check, and balance is ruptured.

So "The Kraken was released" and Michigan certifies a known fraudulent vote, that EVERYONE knew was fraudulent. And the media rejoiced. So Rudy is supposed to do a huge drop today that is going to fix everything. Don't bet on it, BET AGAINST IT, no matter how damning it is, we are, after all, now living in a system that can openly call to destroy us without consequence, take action to destroy us by burning cities without consequence, - a system so bad the police place bricks for the rioters, without consequence, - and people still have hope that some big drop by Rudy is going to change anything? WAKE UP.

Everything about the communists, including stuff I already did know, - every genocide they ever did, is documented here in incredible detail - including the fact that when it is all finished, they then kill the people who assisted in killing everyone else. The leftists are giddy over the prospect of "wiping out the evil conservative sociopaths" and don't even realize that during the cleanup phase, the communists take out the trash who destroyed their own country. The communists know only the worst of people will do that, have zero trust for them, and dispose of them like used toilet paper even after rewarding them greatly the moment before their job is complete.

The leftists are laughing. That will last until two minutes into the day their work is complete.

Only the American gun owner is going to change this outcome. The system of change is completely compromised. If Trump is not inaugurated this January, it will be up to the American gun owner to solve this and that gun owner is going to have to shoot the police and the neighborhood Karen before a single high level thug can be taken out.

ANOTHER indescribably horrible thing happened today:

Wayne County Michigan had 130,000 more votes than people available to cast them. They announced that they knew that, held up certification for a couple hours, and then they certified the vote anyway.

And I know how THAT will be accepted. Just look at the next post - "Something indescribably horrible happened today"

Something indescribably horrible happened today

The spookiest thing for America since 9/11

We got proof Lindsey Graham is a deep state leftist working to destroy Trump.

If that is not the case, how the * do you explain this video, where he fist bumps Kamala? that looks like GAME OVER to me. This is exactly why no matter what Trump tried, he could not drain the swamp.

That is by far the spookiest video I have seen since 9/11. Don't be surprised if Rudy is playing Trump the exact same way.

Lindsey is a full on two faced deep state scam.

If you thank God for good things you pay a debt; if you thank God for evil
things, you make Him your debtor. - St. John Chrysostom
When God does not punish a sinner in this life, it is a sign that He waits to 
punish him in eternity, where the punishment will have no end.
                                                               St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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