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More Review with Jim Vella re. Las Vegas~Today's Episode:

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 8, 2017

More Review with Jim Vella re. Las Vegas~Today's Episode: "BREAKING EXCLUSIVE LIVE FROM MANDALAY BAY - 3 SHOOTERS CONFIRMED" (Oct. 8, 2017)

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On 10/7/2017, Jim Vella wrote:


He went to Vegas to retrace what was seen in videos:



10/8/2017, Ken Adachi wrote:

Thanks Jim,

"Breaking"? I don't think so.

I took a look. I thought he might have had something big to drop and I was all ears to hear what he had to say, but after listening to the entire video, I can only say that he's got more ego than scoop and reiterates a number of things that are already known, such as the guy seen dead on the floor was not Stephen Paddock. We already knew that from the photos of the dead man. Obviously, a younger man than Paddock. The fresher red liquid on top of the older dried red color in the carpet may be Photoshopped as he said, but it's not significant in any event. He does clarify the outlay of the area and helps sharpen our perspective of what structures are located there. So I give him credit for that. However, his major thesis that shooters came from a distant tall, obelisk-like structure under construction and the other building he refers to as sites of the rapid fire shooters is just unsupported, blind speculation and conjecture. He has no proof to support his ideas other than his statements which don't fit with the recorded video as the concert crowds were being scanned during the supposed shooting.

We heard the sound of rat-tat-tat for at least two different types of automatic weapons, but we didn't see people drop in those videos. One video did show flashing lights that looked like muzzle fire coming from the level of the 4th or 6th floor of the Mandalay hotel, so it's not "conspiracy theory" BS as he contemptuously claims, but rather an observation from people based on what was seen in the video. If the windows can't be opened as he states, then it could have been a flashing light that was projected from that level to give the impression that it was gun fire coming from that floor, instead of real gun fire. Or it could have been a projected hologram image superimposed on those windows to create the visual effect. There's also a small chance that it was Photoshopped into the video, but you would have to PROVE it, not just SAY it. My guess is that the flashes were recorded on the video and no Photoshop was involved.

He SAYS the crowds below the stage were saying the shots came from behind the stage, but I didn't hear anyone make that statement, let alone a large number of people making that statement. Non crisis actors caught at the scene can't TELL where the supposed shots are coming from. They are just HEARING the sound of automatic weapons fire. If you think it's real, then you just want to run away in a hurry. You're not going to look around and try to figure out where the muzzle flash is coming from. The video came from people who were a safe distance away or sitting in a car or a taxi. That LiveLeak video you sent me (since taken down) was not real. It was an unconvincing and poorly executed fake using the most amateurish civilian buffoons that taxpayer money can buy.

The casual, non nonchalant conduct of so many concert goers seen in the ''scanning crowd" videos tells me that those people are not in fear of being killed. You did not see bullets hitting anybody or ANYTHING which is why I concluded that no one was being killed; at least not from the rat-tat-tat sounds. Now, the guy who caught the "cops" or "security guards" in the green vest, has made a good case that at least one of those two guys was firing directly into the crowd while a very bright light was projected from BEHIND them into the crowd where they (or he) was shooting. The green vest guy had an automatic with an EXTENDED clip. This is NOT standard police gear. That's something an ASSASSIN would have. There seems to be a muzzle flash from the green vest guy, so it does look like he was firing into the crowd (which the pierced ear lobe pearl and gold jewelry, ego maniac who made this video dismisses as nothing).

You also heard the police scanner audio of a "active shooter" on the ground near Gate 7. I saw a video of one guy who said he was shot at ground level. So if there are genuine casualties, then it's more likely from ground fire and not from the rat-tat-tat. But if there are genuine casualties, it's nowhere near the 59 reported killed or the 500+ injured. .

Finally, the guy who made this video doesn't know his ass from a hole in the wall about the JFK assassination and he's shooting off his mouth like he's an expert. He's claiming that the shot that blew out the back of JFK's head came from the buildings behind the JFK limo and he points to the BACK of his head as the entry point for the JFK kill shot. The two shots that hit JFK and the one shot that hit Connally, came from the front of the limo, from an automatic being fired by the Secret Service limo driver, William Greer; a story I posted to my web site TEN years ago.

Zapruder Film Shows JFK's Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot (August 8, 2007)

Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

My conclusion is that the guy who made this video is either a useful idiot who's aiding the disinfo chaos. or he's a disinfo spinner himself.



On 10/8/2017, Jim Vella wrote:

I agree with most of what you said, I figured that his showing the route of the taxis and surrounding area was the most important of what he said. I figured that the two cement pillars would have had hundreds of spent casings and we would have heard about it, I would not be surprised if some persons fleeing the area even went there to hide. No reports of either.

Yep, he is a self aggrandizing big mouth type, but he did what he said he would do which was go there to show us the route of the taxis and where the shots heard by the taxi driver came from.

I find it hard to believe that many people would give a lot of credence to what he pushes, but certainly you cannot fault the view of the taxi driver he showed.

He has stated that he will be showing us more of what he filmed, I want to see that because he is on the ground there and I have not seen others do the same.

Even blowhards have to produce something.




On 10/8/2017, Ken Adachi wrote:

Well, I mentioned that showing the layout of the area was helpful and he deserves credit for that. But I found his bombastic title and supposition of "3 shooters confirmed" to be nothing more than empty conjecture and about as far from "confirmed" as you could possibly get. I also don't know if any shootings took place from the 32nd floor room ("eleven down, and nine across") with the windows broken because I read or saw on a video that said the rooms where that fellow who is NOT Paddock had died, didn't have broken windows. I didn't follow it up, so I'm not sure. I don't believe any muzzle flashes were recorded from that 32nd floor window, but the shooting sounds supposedly lasted 9 minutes, so it's a possibility.

My earlier comments were based on the info presented in the first videos on Youtube following the shooting. No one was seen being hit with gunfire in the concert area. Since the majority of hoaxed shootings like Orlando or Sandy Hook or even the Nice rampage are zero casualties, it's logical to assume a similar pattern with Las Vegas. However, the later videos pointing out the ground shooters presented new information that wasn't available on Oct 2 or 3. Around Oct 5, we see videos of the cops with the green vests that seem to be shooting into the crowd. Then we hear about ground shooters and locked gates and blocking people's ability to get out. Now, we have a different story. It's more apparent now that some people were shot and killed.

I make the most intelligent assessment I can based on the information presented. With new information, we adjust our assessment to fit the new information. That's perfectly normal, rational behavior and nothing to be ashamed about. I rather express my thoughts and conclusions as the story unfolds and not wait until a year or two goes by to comment on it out of fear of being "proven wrong." No one can call these hoaxed events 100% correct right off the bat because too much INTENTIONAL obfuscation and chaos is introduced from multiple quarters to muddy the waters and mislead people into a hundred different dead ends. You have to remember that we have psychological warfare being waged against us, the American people, by the Israeli-owned traitors who control the American government.

What's more important is for the thinking people of the United States to get involved in COUNTERING this continuing deluge of lies and misrepresentations surrounding these staged, hoaxed shootings coming from the media, law enforcement, FBI, Hollywood celebrities, radio and TV talk shows, etc., and not allow them to dominate the airwaves, talk shows, social media or internet web sites with their promotion of these staged events, pretending and - ACTING - as if they were real. We need hundreds of thousands of passive, fence sitters to jump in and express their outrage against those fronting and promoting these frauds. We are witnessing a disgusting degree of treason and subversion by our government, law enforcement, military, media, and robotized Hollywood celebrities, like Jimmy Kimmel, calling for gun control for ordinary citizens, while he and other Leftist elites, like Obama and the Clinton Crime Syndicate, surround themselves with armed body guards. It's time for ACTION. Continued passivity will ensure the end of the American Dream and a new era of evil and darkness never before witnessed in this Land. .



On 10/16/2017, Jim Vella wrote:
Re: Ken, I sent you some videos From Scott Binsack I decided to google his name shill con man: (May 8, 2013 )

" Scott Binsack is out of jail and back on Facebook.
Released Monday after a six-month stretch at the State Correctional Institution-Rockview, the failed Clarks Summit homebuilder and convicted con man was quick to reconnect with Facebook friends.:


Scott Jaymes Binsack

Scott J. Binsack
Producer-Social Media Guru-Motivational Speaker-Visionary"


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