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Organized Jews Are the Driving Force Behind Gun Control

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By James Justice [abridged by educate-yourself.org ]
March 4, 2016

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Organized Jews Are the Driving Force Behind Gun Control (March 4, 2016)

Russians Learned an Indelible Lesson in "Gun Control" From the Bolsheviks of Zion (jan. 10, 2013)

Gun Control Puppet MasterJews Are Leading the Push for Stricter Gun Control and Why This Critically Matters

It is not a coincidence that several prominent Zionist Jews are leading the push for stricter gun control laws here in the United States (along with Barack Obama who was more or less financed and molly-cradled into the White House via Jewish political coaching, staffing and financial support).

If you feel a need to verify whether Jews are, and have been, leading this march, see the following references:

Who is Behind Gun Control?

Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign

Also google: “Video Jews Lead Gun Control Charge”

And google: “Video Jews and Gun Control”

Question of the Day: Why Are American Jews Pro-Gun Control?

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns by Rabbi Judah Freeman (Jan, 2, 2012)

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns (Dec. 23, 2012)

Why Jews Hate Guns: Are they right? And who are The Shomrim?

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge (Dec. 31, 2012)

[Note: these last two citations are from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) (a website showing there is even a big divide within the Jewish community, as they also discuss the hypocrisy of so-called progressive Jews hell bent on stifling gun rights here in the United States).]

So it is more or less a fact some Jewish coalitions have been heavily involved in stricter gun controls laws here in America for some years—and have already had laws changed.

If you have already examined some of the citations above that show Jews are again leading the push for stricter gun control, you may also suspect some of those particular American Jews presume themselves to be paternalistic: intellectually and morally superior to the rest of Goy, gun-happy America. They just know what is better for everyone.

They overtly claim stricter gun control is logical and necessary since we are having a phenomenal ‘multiple-fold’ increase in mass killings here within the United States, which begs for something responsible to be done, as more restrictive changes to the laws as they exists (even as the multifold increase issue is not a suspicious issue to them).

On December 3, 2015, Lestado Codicus at TheRealStrategy.Com wrote:

“…Using a Stanford Study to show that the average amount of mass shootings prior to Obama’s election was 2.5 per year.,,, This year the total is 14.4 TIMES HIGHER than the average in 2008. Either everyone is losing their minds this year or many of these events are what I like to call a false flag”.

But it can be argued that since 2001, there is likely a more sinister reason for further gun restrictions than either Jewish paranoia or recent mass killings.

Moreover, what seems reasonable today is but a precursor to more laws tomorrow until the equivalent of draconian ends are in place through a gradual amelioration process (as we will note, there is already far more than thorough background checking on their agenda).

The ‘high’ and rather ‘sudden’ increase in mass killings over the last couple years is far from statistically probable. Why a sudden increase? And are there any so-called conspiracy theories that could help explain this sensational reality? And why also the general increase of emphasis on gun related deaths? Also why never any mention that many gun deaths are actually related to suicide?

It is within our human nature to theorize. And it is also a well-established fact that the nature of human-kind routinely engages in conspiracies and various forms of corruption. Political man may be far more corrupt than what most naïve people imagine. So this essay will invite you to explore some ideas that may initially sound too fantastic to be true. As an independent soul you have a right and duty to do your own research and to follow that research where ever it may take you.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone then there are a handful of conspiracies we need to address, that is for Americans to understand what may in fact be going on—that is regarding how things are really being played out, and the phony propaganda that surrounds it, and motives of ‘some’ trying to change gun laws, such as why the lead skews to Jewish people with clout (a group with the ethnic clout to distribute money as donations to PR organizations and individuals to help keep staged stories as viable to the public).

The taking away of gun rights elsewhere has led to many thousands of victims from governmental forces throughout history. Check out the video: “MOLON LABE – How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom: http://undergrounddocumentaries.com/molon-labe-how-the-second-amendment-guarantees-americas-freedom-2/

After all, we Americans have been lied to on a regular basis by mainstream media, public relations firms and government personnel. We certainly have a right and duty to question this subject from “any relevant point of view” since it is important.

I will list four videos on the general concept of “false flag operation” (operations routinely called conspiracy theories) you all would benefit to watch as many do not realize how common this type of intelligence agency deceit is used against naïve populations. Unfortunately these Internet references are long and take up space—but they are not meant to be read—only clicked on as hyperlinks:

Video #1) James Corbett: When False Flags Don't Fly

Video #2) False Flag operations exposed (Video)

Video #3) America's False Flag Attacks | Brainwash Update

Video #4) 9/11 - False Flag Operations Explained

Feel free to watch those videos so that you can better appreciate this article. Hint: there is a long learning curve to unlearn propaganda you likely were often fed via the mainstream media and school systems over the decades.

First we need to go back to 9/11/2001 to understand how “pivotal” that single day’s attack, and more importantly the propaganda put outright afterward, was, in so many ways, as used to justify several, aggressive, interventionist wars (subsumed to a rhetoric of justified Wars on Terror). But importantly 9/11 was huge development in our intellectual and political enslavement (and the outright destruction of political rights). This process continues unabated and is leading to serious problems for many.

A lot of people think they know enough about 9/11 and now see it as a dead horse. But it is not. It was “the” ground zero event for many future foreign interventions of violence, as well as affecting our national politics in many ways. We still are at war today, and we are still being led to believe all these costly and alienating interventions are necessary.

Especially, we need to appreciate the high levels of deceit programmed from that day onward to the present day. 9/11 was a political catalyst for several ensuing realities, such as a very questionable Patriot Act that seemingly just popped out of no-where (then revised last minute without proper Congressional approval and in the context of anthrax scares in Washington D.C. that had dubious sources), that became the reason for several disastrous forms of aggression overseas (but profiteering for a select minority), which resulted in mass murder (wars and drone killings) as it continues to spawn more NeoCon wars that are now bleeding into Syria (as the Neocons still want a U.S. in war with Iran), not to mention our national economy has become bankrupt on all this excess military and surveillance complex spending.

[Note: The term ‘NeoCon’ is short for ‘Neo-Conservative’ or more accurately ‘Neo-Con-Artist’ that refers to mostly Jewish-Americans who work in American think tanks and right wing media, and who advocate, routinely and consistently, to put Israel’s priorities ahead of U.S. real national interests (while they make up rhetoric saying their motives are really American). They were uniquely posed to use 9/11 as an excuse to wildly and recklessly change what was coined America’s ‘Vietnam syndrome’ or non-interventionist foreign policy.]

But now, even more than ever, ALL Americans, including and especially American-Jewry, need to face a truth the large majority of us have not been willing to face, or research or acknowledge—and that is it was Israel (yes Israel) that was the terrorist force behind 9/11.

Very few people want to study this possibility—or contemplate its truth value. It is too threatening to so many people who have been living in a false reality about how Israel really works with the United States. But study the possibility we must because so much of our foreign policy and even domestic policy relates to 9/11—especially the already established fact we have made such a mess of several Middle Eastern countries and we don’t have any real viable and rational policy (instead it has become completely or mostly corrupted).

Instead we have been subject to massive cover-up (professionally falsified with either the enthusiasm or acquiescence of all mainstream media (and much of the alternative media)). The lies have been played to 99.99% of the American people (Jews and goy alike) since day one. But unless we understand this reality we cannot understand the several wars we have entered after 9/11, or appreciate who really has been responsible for all the people who have suffered from this disastrous foreign policy since (that mostly the Neo-Cons have engineered) looking primarily to what would benefit right-wing Israel’s goal of remaking the Middle East—and more elaborate crimes and lies since then to continue their goals (from these traitors and criminals they are to our homeland).

Our invasions of Muslim countries did not happen because of 9/11—rather 9/11 was caused to happen as an excuse to engage these illegal invasions. The project was an attempt to completely shake up and rewrite the territorial boundaries of the Middle East, and take out current leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, Iran’s leadership, and it continues as one, long, and massive violent crime, to this very day.

If you doubt whether Israel was behind 9/11 then google: “Israel behind 9/11”

Israel did 9/11 - All the Proof in the World


Dare to do your own research!

You will find plenty of material on the Internet that is never discussed by big media (including alternative websites that may be good on a lot of political subjects). You may also find some videos and arguments meant to confuse or mislead with false, red herring arguments, as to discredit this central idea (that is wasn’t so much an inside job as it was a pact between the NeoCons, Dick Cheney’s VP White House Office and the Israel government).

If you do enough of your own research, and are sincere in your quest to learn the truth, you too will see a ‘lot’ of dots are connected to the country that has histrionically been trying to convince us Americans (and being successful at it) how much Israelis are on ‘our’ side (as their propaganda has also come to convince many of us that Israel’s enemies are pretty much exactly the same as what are Americans’ enemies (how convenient) and of course that is why they label them terrorists—because naturally all of Israel’s enemies are terrorists (and yes google: “Chris Bollyn 9/11 Truth” as he makes a pretty convincing case who was really behind it.))

Not only should you watch various videos on YouTube (or other venues) for investigation journalist Chris Bollyn; but you should buy both his books, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World and Solving 9-11: The Original Articles (where he includes all his references). He shows us the many people involved in this vast crime and those equally involved in covering it up. By becoming familiar with his research there is little question as to “who” was behind it, and our subsequent need to rethink everything about American government and politics (including today’s candidates and what they are espousing).

Still many automatically reject any allegation Israel was behind 9/11 as preposterous. After all their public relations efforts, over the years, have continuously fed us a propaganda that exhorts how the United States and Israel are such great friends and partners (especially when it comes to issues in the Middle East region and our supposed mutual war on terrorists (read: “…war on Israel’s enemies by using American resources”).

Obviously though before it happened there was compromise between parties so all in on 9/11 could get what each wanted. For example, trying to figure why we really went to war against Afghanistan has seemed a mystery—especially since we accomplished nothing positive there at all these years except to allow the heroin trade to come back to life bigger than ever? But according to “Washington's Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade”(at: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-spoils-of-war-afghanistan-s-multibillion-dollar-heroin-trade/91 ) the Taliban’s ban on opium production made for a mere 185 tons in 2000 (down from 3,300 tons the previous year). After we attacked production has continued to break records. This author, on examining Alfred McCoy’s Drug Fallout: the CIA’s Forty Year Complicity in the Narcotics Trade. The Progressive, 1 August 1997): “The Afghan narcotics economy was a carefully designed project of the CIA, supported by US foreign policy”.

According to The Independent, 29 February 2004 “based on recent figures (2003), drug trafficking constitutes ‘the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade.’” Some argue the real reason the U.S. invaded Afghanistan was because they wanted a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan going to the Indian ocean and they needed stability in the country. Also it is argued there is an immensity of valuable minerals there. But it should seem obvious by now that some players were looking to capitalize on the heroin trade (otherwise we probably would just straight attacked Iraq and made up lies Hussein was the main culprit behind 9/11).

So then not only were many prisoners hauled to Guantanamo innocent and handed over to our military by their drug lords (for booty) the fact we really attacked Afghanistan to help big time drug cartels and banksters who launder those immense monies is more than ironic given United States politicians are still standing in the way of closing that facility (or more importantly are afraid if they get a public trial the real hypocrisy would become known). Imagine how it is American prisons are safe enough to hold some Mexican drug cartel groups and dangerous psychopaths but not Muslims charged with anything?

Also it is true “many” of our own elected leaders, thanks to Israel’s undue influence in our government and the election process, routinely puts Israel’s concerns ‘above’ the real interests of the American people (another indicator of how compromised are both U.S. resources and our governmental powers, that are supposedly meant for the citizens of the United States). And apparently they even have an Israeli defense company called Elron – Vexeo counting the Iowa caucus votes?! They really don’t leave anything to chance?

Whereas a snide Benjamin Netanyahu, from Israel, can come give a speech to ‘supposedly” our Congress people (not really) and command more showy adulation and ostentatious respect than our own President (if they happen to be at odds on policy).

Therefore to allege Israel was behind 9/11 is to invite immediate condemnation and hatred from a myriad of sources—both Jew and gentile alike (as even many Christians do not just give Israel the benefit of the doubt they blindly support the Israeli government as some biblical duty). Shocked at such an allegation they immediately question how anyone could even imagine Israelis would betray Americans (after all leaders from both countries routinely tell us how wonderful is this ‘special’ relationship and continue to rely on a commonly defined enemy—radical Islamism).

To be iconoclastic as to even think Israel would betray us so egregiously—seems too blasphemous and shattering an idea—if for no other reason than well Israelis are sacred in the minds of many (and their people are a sacred tribe in a cultural territory that can never be thought in merely human conditions with merely human motivations). Modern day Israelis are treated as God’s chosen people (of course no brainwash here) so they would never do anything not on the side of justice or attack people who are mostly Christian (even as their leaders have proved themselves over and over to be a violent and ruthless people—that is to the level other gentile peoples are allowed to know which crimes they in fact have committed (which is but a fraction of those they are not aware).

And Zionist propaganda has inundated the human race, especially here in the West, with myriad stories of how Jews have been victimized all throughout history. People are expected to view them as a specially protected class of people, even to the point they should never question them or suspect their motives, especially as related to any kind of ethical violation. For some of the more gullible the mere fact of their continual existence as unique group establishes their cultural superiority (or so the guilt-trip and religious brainwash goes especially given their own groups and cultures have changed throughout history). But of course all people alive today have just as long a genealogy going back to primates, and probably equally have just as much an interesting history (even if not recorded in written print and not as distorted by mythmaking and ethnocentric assumption).

[Note: This author too would rather ‘not’ believe Israel was behind 9/11—it doesn’t make anyone with a conscience feel comfortable. But once one is led down the road of conviction, and learns of more betrayals, such to have had, and continue to effect on many people around the world, then one can conscientiously choose to deal with reality as it truly seems, as well as ‘probable’ future reality (if these truths are left unchecked).]

The Zionist movement of one hundred and fifty years is riddled with too many serious betrayals (again unbeknownst to most gentile and Jews alike) and it is time the world wake up to learn more about this broader picture and see where it has led and how many have become its victims.

And all people have a right to examine sources of history from various perspectives and to weigh accordingly. No one is obligated to just accept what was and is essentially the Zionist story. Furthermore people have a right to assume a role of being consciously anti-Zionist—if one’s conscience speaks to that assessment. There is no universal rule that states for one to be considered human and humane one must accept the idea of a Zionist country in the Middle East (or any religious country anywhere especially when the religious literature itself is of serious ethical question).

Rather we could be asking ourselves: “Why have so many placed so much blind trust in Israel’s relationship with the United States in the first place?” What has allowed so many to little question, what amounts to, more or less, Israel’s ethnocentric role in this world of chaos, conflict, terrorism, war, etc. (as equally true of the U.S. led role of imperial ethnocentrism), to just believe whatever public relations firms, news outlets, and politicians have been telling us (especially given that this ‘special’ relationship between the United States and Israel has been, by far, mostly beneficial to Israel, with little benefit, if any, to the United States—save war profiteers? And why should there be a ‘special’ relationship in the first place—and what does that term actually mean in real world terms? It certainly means something other than what naïve Americans have been led to believe.

Was it because there were always Muslims portrayed as the evil-doers and terrorists that we really took no time to considered a more complex history and reality with our relationship with other Middle Eastern countries?

Consider, for a moment, the book: “Evil” Arabs in American Popular Film: Orientalist Fear” by Tim Jon Semmerling. This book is described as: “A timely look at American popular films made between 1973 and 2001 that use Arabs, their landscapes, and their cultures as villains—and what these depictions of “evil” Arabs reveal about American fears and insecurities.”

Here is one cultural example of how Hollywood/ Zionists have routinely depicted Muslims as the bad guys.

Or take trenchant commentary in a Justin Raimando article: “Merchants of Hate: Pamela Geller and her “mainstream” conservative accomplices” May 06, 2015 at: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2015/05/05/merchants-of-hate/

Again we can see another example of Zionist American Islamophobia propaganda meant to get a lot of other Americans to have a prejudice and fear against Muslims.

Also google: “Fake ISIS beheading videos” or “Fake James Foley beheading” etc., and you will learn ‘several’ of the ISIS beheading videos, taken at face value by the mainstream media, were faked, and some of those faked were done by Mossad agents at the Site Intelligence Group (as well as other intelligence groups via likely private companies). You really need to get this—to this very day we are being lied to by mainstream media, and in presidential debates and even many alternative media. See: “Probing SITE Intelligence Group” at: http://www.activistpost.com/2014/09/probing-site-intelligence-group.html

So again here we have a variety of clear examples of how Israelis and Zionists deliberately attempt to create Islamophobia across our culture, and often enough using patently false and orchestrated propaganda, to encourage a much larger audience of America to ‘fear’ and ‘reject’ Muslims (and now being used by both major political parties in 2016 presidential debates to convince Americans to spend MORE tax dollars fighting ISIS because we are being convinced ISIS is a huge threat everywhere including here in the United States).

And if you think this biased counter-propaganda read: Anti-Muslim bigotry is being funded by the Israel-right-or-wrong crowd at: http://mondoweiss.net/2012/10/anti-muslim-bigotry-is-being-funded-by-the-israel-right-or-wrong-crowd/

It is a huge and naïve disgrace the way political candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, neither who truly know anything about the truth, can so heavily use Zionist-coached scare-mongering to the American people involving deceit events created for such purpose). Or the idea that Donald Trump can be so easily deceived to the point that he too does not know the true story of the Guantanamo prisoners or his argument he expects to imprison a lot of baddies there in the future. Trump too has been much deceived and he will continue to be deceived by our own intelligence agencies and media pundits if he becomes President (as they continue to make stuff up from bogus news sources).

And so while it has been largely a Zionist ploy over the years to get Americans to fear and hate Muslims (not strictly speaking of course as goy prejudice is definitely out there too) we also witness a contingent of contemporary, seemingly self-righteous liberal/ progressives who adamantly accuse primarily white, supremist, goy, men as America’s most racist of people, such as those who support Donald Trump as being the new Hitlers of the world (as if Zionists played little part in stirring up such fears, or the rejection of Syrians who cannot be adequately vetted)?

Whereas immediately after 9/11 the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested upward of some thousand Muslims suspected as being involved in 9/11 (damn few Israelis and Zionist organizations, save the dancing Israelis celebrating the crash of the Twin Towers were arrested and none charged or kept long in prison) and ‘none’ of those Muslims were prosecuted for being involved in any crime. Now liberal, progressive, alternative news organizations claim white, supremists like Trump are being exceptionally racist because the FBI cannot adequately vet the 100s of thousands of Syrians they (liberal Jews) want to allow to come to this land (on mere trust—when they could be the one’s revealing the fake videos that are scaring goyim people.

[Note: This author is not a big Donald Trump fan for three or four reasons, one being Trump comes from the ‘authoritarian’ school of business as the boss is always right, secondly he is very naïve on some issues even as he seems informed on others (as he too is brainwashed by mainstream media), thirdly his thinking patterns sometimes seem patently simplistic and magical (but not as bad as other GOP candidates who do get AIPAC approval and coaching) and fourth he operates too much off the cuff, saying things that show more arrogance than an introvert’s reflection. Moreover his recent attack on the CEO of Apple for not caving into the FBI for a back door to a smart phone says a lot about how much Trump cares about individual rights and also how brainwashed he is of the false flag shooting operations blamed on ISIS. But the point here is how ironic it seems many who view themselves as progressives so easily assume their own rainbow kind as morally superior to goy, white men—and yes Trump is right in protecting American’s right to own guns. And yet what is especially important to note is ‘when’ those fake ISIS beheading videos were starting to come out it was right after Israel engaged in 51 days of terrorist war crimes against Palestinians the previous summer of 2014. Sensationally faked Zionist and CIA sponsored videos (investigative journalism shows you how they were faked on the Internet) were taken at face value from U.S. Zionist-controlled media unquestioningly (and “including” much of the so-called alternative, progressive media that easily could have vetted these sources) which then allowed much building indignation about Israel’s criminality to quickly fade from the media’s radar screen].

More importantly the lies are a continuous process that just keeps getting larger. When you google (and you should): “Video fake James Foley beheadings” several videos will appear. Some will include interviews with supposedly James Foley’s sister and others with his mother and father. Yet these interviews, if you watch them with even a modicum of intuition (similar in respect to in-authenticity of sincerity with parents of the supposed Sandy Hook killings) you see they show you have to absolutely be the most gullible of a people to believe in such bad acting and smirking stupidity. Nevertheless, a usually intelligent news organization as DemocracyNow.Org highlighted the “Jim: The James Foley Story” documentary at a recent Sun Dance Film Festival. How could such a large staff be taken in on this serious hoax—especially since it is so plainly obvious that the face of the real journalist was not the face of the actor in the phony videos that were taken at face value by the entire mainstream media? How could Democracy Now not know “several” of these mass killings were staged events—when it is not that hard to understand when viewing other alternative media work that does dare and care to investigate?

Nor have progressives explained how current Americans (including white men) will find jobs in an already stressed economy; far easier to claim the moral high-ground for supposedly caring, loving, Democratic, left-wing, contingencies who just think the answer is to allow more and more foreigners into this country without considering all the related realities?

See: “Israel’s Deep Role in Syrian Refugee Crisis: Saga of Yarmouk” at: http://www.juancole.com/2015/09/israels-refugee-yarmouk.html and:
Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorstep” at: http://www.activistpost.com/2015/11/tracking-isis-to-dcs-doorstep.html

Whereas the real shooters, according to eye witnesses, in San Bernardino were three white men dressed in tactical, military-style, gear, like so many of these staged events seem to host Craft International employees, who were also photographed at the Boston explosion with the ‘real’ back pack containing the explosive weaponry. These staged events have Donald Trump talking about a story from the Philippines in which an American general had bullets put in pigs’ blood before shooting Muslims –meant to signify his likely blood thirst—one wonders from whom this man gets his ideas and passions.

But the real question is why do so many Americans continue to cover up Israeli crimes? It is a historic fact Israel committed the “Lavon Affair” terrorist attack on our foreign policy in Egypt. It is also a historical fact Israel deliberately attacked our naval USS Liberty ship in 1967 with the intent of killing every man on board.



If you google: “Israeli false flag operations against the United States” and: “Israel spying on the United States” you can see there have been several violations of this so-called ‘special relationship’ that is special only in the sense it is so absurd and detrimental. Our country has been strangulated and when people catch on to the truth most Jews or gentiles are too naïve to understand then they are labeled hate criminals and anti-Semites.

Israel is anything but a friend to most Americans—especially those of us who are not Zionist or Jews. Why then are we expected to continue to remain quiet about these serious violations to our larger integrity, as more importantly to many victims around the world—especially as they continue to go after gun rights?

And it doesn’t matter if big news networks like Fox and CNN have ‘plenty’ of news anchors who are actually Jewish, and are always part of the national presidential debates (but with plenty blond, goy women newscasters and other rainbow minorities such as blacks, suggesting a phony balance—giving us the false impression we are all being represented and considered). The only Anglo-Saxon men involved are those that go along with the general Republican mentality (Israel Firsters) and never question Zionist domination of their media (pretending to be our media).

It should be obvious that current presidential candidate debates are little more than news anchors asking false reality questions, especially on foreign policy issues (ISIS receiving a lot of vociferous condemnation) and then candidates giving false reality answers (creating a mock production of charades meant to mislead the body politic). Whereas truth seldom peeks through this mass delusional world. It is mostly a circus production. Haven’t you noticed it is CNN and Fox news phony reporting about false numbers of people killed in shootings (Sandy Hook and San Bernardino) as there were no ambulances filling up with bloody victims—rather agents just mulling around like some kind of movie production while talking on the smart phones and being a bit bored at a movie stage scene?

In fact, speaking of clowns, if you google “Hilary Clinton laugh…” you will find videos that show some of her seemingly perverse, psychopathic nature—especially in relation to comments on war and violence. Trump may be a bit naïve and hot-headed but he may not be the professional liar as she very much seems. Her February debate with Bernie Sanders shows how much she is either greatly misinformed about foreign policy or is very much bought into the status quo of corruption. Sanders speaks for more with nuance and awareness and he never was Secretary of State. I’m afraid this woman is really a monster deep down.

It is a fact Zionists control much of our media, as well as are disproportionately represented in the federal government (including being key people within agencies of the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department) and yes Jews do donate most money to politicians in both major parties. This is not an anti-Semitic statement: this is a set of facts that make a big difference. See: “Who Controls Big Media?” https://thezog.wordpress.com/who-controls-big-media/

False narratives, be they the many lies about Putin (really attacking him because of his rightful concern and connection to both Ukraine and Syria (he was asked to intervene in Syria while the U.S. was not: and Zionist Victoria Nuland having no business assisting the illegal transfer of our tax dollars for shady manipulation of the internal politics of Ukraine)); or covering up United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc., have actually been creating and ‘helping’ ISIS while playing to us Americans this huge video deceit campaign about how evil is ISIS (and when Putin actually attacked real ISIS deployments he was initially condemned); or why more American war effort and tax dollar are needed to essentially aid Sunnis win over Shiites (since Insane McCain’s goal has been to take out the Assad leadership of Syria by using ISIS as the excuse to get our military resources in the country); or any other various duplicities, is nothing more than a reflection of how corrupt is this country is in general, and our government in particular, as well as the media as the number one resource of deceit mongering, and Zionists’ strong arm within all of this. How many Israelis and Zionists are invested in the U.S. military industrial complex?

Read: “ISIS Psyop Reaches New Heights: Now Offering Western Mass Media Story Analysis” by Bernie Suarez at:
http://www.activistpost.com/2016/01/isis-psyop-reaches-new-heights-now-offering-western-mass-media-story-analysis.html and

Israel the Main Buyer of ISIS Oil — Report: Multiple reports claim that Israel is the top purchaser of smuggled ISIS oil” at:

And within this widening culture of corruption and deceit, and its many vacuoles of ignorant fog, there exist an elitist capacity to maintain, offhandedly, a climate of disbelief—that is, an unwillingness to examine critically who was really behind 9/11 and what it was all about. After all, we Americans have been handed down lies for many decades now—9/11 just happens to have been on a grander scale and closer to home.

They quickly and conveniently categorize 9/11 truthers (at least those who claim Israel’s complicity) as ‘more’ examples of anti-Semitism; because this is exactly how we Westerners have been brainwashed, over decades, to view world Jewry (as people who were always the world’s victims, be it prejudice, pogrom, ostracism, lies, etc.), whereas seldom are they perceived as people who have benefited from gentiles being victimized by their own kind—something actually closer to the truth at least since the Zionist project of return to Israel (and when more truths are opened to the real story of Nazi Germany).

Surprisingly, if you can be disillusioned of the six million figure routinely used to decry Nazis’ supposed death camps (which is not true),

The 6 million line by line


it turns out if you are willing to study conspiracy theories, a ‘very’ high number of people have been victims of the Zionist movement since it was hatched back in the latter part of the eighteenth century (as already New York philanthropic money was secretly being used to overthrow the Tsar of Russia bringing in the Bolshevik revolution and the many million gentiles killed by Russians).

Read: “On Jews, History and “Refugees” by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.” at: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/09/on-jews-history-and-refugees/

Perhaps all histories have some bias—after all they are written by fallible humans (some with an agenda). But what about more balance when it comes to World War 1 and 2? Why are not students shown films like: “Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention” at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mA0kk29DBA ?

Or why not essays like: “Faurisson’s Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax” at:
https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/faurissons-exposure-of-the-holocaust-hoax/ ?

Why is the video: “Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told is a 6-hour Documentary by TruthWillOut Films at:
http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/ banned from YouTube?

There is a lot of stuff about these mostly European wars that are kept hidden—for example some of the motives of Hilter such as his attack on Russia was because Stalin was secretly preparing to attack Germany first, etc. More importantly what is never discussed is the brutal attacks and the massive killings of Germany people that amounted to real extermination numbers, see the following videos:

Hellstorm – Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

1945 The Savage Peace - BBC Documentary

Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower's Death Camps)” at:http://www.whale.to/b/starvation_of_germans.html

What is slowly and painfully becoming evident is how many people in the United States and in European countries have been given a highly distorted story. Moreover as these truths start to come out the more Zionists use the tactic of destroying free speech, or using more of their own propaganda to suggest much of what on the Internet is blatant lies as anti-Semitism—because they do not want a truth of how much evil was done by their own kind—yes it has been horrendous. What other ethnic group dare claim speech revealing their historical crimes amounts to hate crimes? See:

The Secret Behind Communism: Stalin’s Jews” at: http://www.militianews.com/the-secret-behind-communism-stalins-jews/

Zionist Israeli's panic Over Internet Reaction To Zionist Crimes” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJgnjew1CSw

Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project – An Analysis” by Lawrence Davidson at:

Surely there is a fair amount of real anti-Semitism and blatant hatred on the Internet—but the real fear of those that exaggerate this reality is too often how much truth they fear one can learn which is contrarian to what others have been led to believe via Zionist propaganda. Also read: “The Politics of Anti-Semitism” by Alexander Cockburn.

Perhaps there would be quite a bit less hatred if people were allowed to criticize Zionism and get some justice, and speak to the undue amount of Jewish influence in this world? Instead people are victimized, angry and frustrated. Their views are ignored. Violations continue and they are continued to be lied to about what really happened. Surely that would be a recipe for hatred or resentment?

[Consider the great amount of criticism already in this one essay—it seems and is overwhelming—and yet all this stuff continues to be hid away and ignored. Acknowledged injustices keep building up and then when they seem like they want to boil over their propaganda machine blames the people who have been ignored (or they lie about the people making claims and allegations). And it is not just about the past, it’s also about the present and future—people have a right to be angry.]

It should be no surprise some Jewish-Americans, working within the mainstream media, have already equated any accusation of Israel perpetrating 9/11 as anti-Semitism (insinuating that not only should such an allegation be deemed false on its face but it considered an act of “hate-speech” against a minority—which laws can be created to outlaw). This too is a slippery slope we face as we fight to protect the right to own guns.

Another important civil right some are heavily involved in destroying here in the United States: our right to free speech (for example trying to ban pretty much all criticism of Israel, Zionism and Jews on American colleges—because there happens to be a BDS movement against Israel; and not so ironically we witness American political candidates giving mini-speeches how they will outlaw this freedom of speech on American campuses in order to pacify right-wing Israelis, that is so Israelis can continue to violate Palestinian rights with murder and stealing of their land in relative peace). How is that for democracy? See: “No place for anti-free-speech rules on our campuses” by Citizen Sane at: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/12/431148.shtml

Some Zionists Are Using Exaggerated Hysteria to Destroy Free Speech on UC Campuses” by Grady Grip at: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2015/10/11/some-zionists-are-using-exaggerated-hyst-1

[Note: You may have to use alternative search engines like ‘dogpile.com’ to find these last two references as some search engines do not find these important and well written articles. This may be an indication they in fact are worth reading as people are actively trying to hide them. And they are worth reading and learning of the massive and energetic move by Israel homeland itself, from a lot of people, to kill free speech on campuses.]

If this essay seems harsh and unrelenting—realize war was declared on us Americans on 9/11 by Zionists and especially Likud Israel. If this seems like inflammatory speech realize it is not the literal cooking of people inside the Twin Towers with thermite heat so hot some chose to jump to their death.

Meanwhile it has never been considered an act of hate-speech for Americans to accuse Muslims of being behind 9/11? We Americans were highly encouraged to make such an equation. Mere hours after 9/11, mainstream media was mega-phoning this as established fact.

And within a mere few days after 9/11 Neocons were already advocating their war plans, via our government and White House, to go to war with ‘several’ Muslim countries (as 3000 dead New Yorkers from this one day would soon turn into 100,000 times that number dead—not to mention millions wounded, homeless, exiled, tortured, etc.) as the United States suddenly and aggressively came to mess up Middle Eastern countries and to leave them worst off than before they were illegal invaded (via Neo-Con-Artist lies as Zionist Neo-Cons especially found it worthy to attack a whole slew of Muslim peoples in the Middle East as their list included seven countries).

Not one country that we have attacked since 9/11 is actually any better off—how is that for being the greatest nation in the world? Furthermore our election cycle has hostile finger-pointing to what amounts to failure after incompetent failure. They never learn the lesson of imperialism or of being fools of deceit.

Before the 9/11explosions happened no one seemed to know much specific detail on how to prevent it, or who would be the perpetrators; but then very shortly afterward (only hours within the same morning) mainstream media were claiming it was Osama bin Laden and 19 related Muslin high-jackers! How did they know so quickly when things were so murky just hours before?

Nevertheless, the first people suspiciously arrested for involvement turned out to be Israel Mossad operatives who were seen high-fiving and celebrating the plane crashes as they happened (google: “Dancing Israelis 9/11”). But this news quickly faded from notice by mainstream journalism, when it was found to involve Israel, which quickly stopped discussing the only real terrorist cell ever arrested since.

Israeli leaders, such as Ehud Barak (one of the actual perpetrators) were some of the first to make public claims Osama bin Laden did it. Yet to this day we have never seen video footage of any of those 19 men moving around in airports or getting on board any of those flights.

Whereas the ‘phony’ videos showing Osama bin Laden claiming responsibility was found to be faked (not the real bin Laden). In fact Osama denied involvement as reported by Middle Eastern journalism (according to Pakistani daily Ummat, etc.). This has always been the American peoples’ biggest problem—deceit of its own media collusion.

And still there is no political movement claiming it should be illegal and a hate-crime to accuse Muslims of 9/11 (whereas to suggest Israel was behind is considered beyond the pale)?

But it’s not beyond the pale because there are too many dots, when connected, show this terrorist operation of 2001 the work of Israelis (not a reality many people want to contemplate—that is that Israel is really the American peoples’ true enemy (at least to gentile Americans and equally many Jews left in the lurch). It certainly is a paradigm shift of complex proportions—and yet unless these criminals are willing to kill many Americans (which several would eagerly do given the circumstances) they cannot possibly hide the truth forever. Thus the increase in all these staged shooting events show how seriously they are in destroying the common peoples’ power to have any self-defense.

Recently the Washington Post reported: “The Department of Homeland Security is expanding its social media presence in an effort to protect the country, reacting to growing concern over terrorist being radicalized online, Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday” (second week of February). Whereas FBI Director James Comey is calling for a back door to smart phones? You would think Comey would know the San Bernardino event was a false flag operation and yet all this stuff is being used to justify more surveillance and taking away of the 2nd Amendment.

Israelis apparently gambled on the assumption innocent American Jews would choose to ignore this perfidious crime, if they ever found out the Likud party behind it, because, it seems, they would figure most Jews here in the United States would fear retaliation onto themselves (and it seems this psychology has proven true—that is for those who really know). No doubt Senators like Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein know the truth. Certainly, they, like ‘most’ Congress people, have been told this truth several times, even as they continue to ignore it.

But there is another rational some Zionists and Jews seem to employ, if they learn or suspect, Zionists or Jews have used illegal or deceitful means to get their ways. It goes to a belief their people have been victimized so many times, in so many ways (of course we don’t really know this to be nearly as true as what we have been told but this is the common belief) that it justifies the idea Jews have some magical right to do things that are unethical or criminal that would not be appropriate for other peoples (who assumedly have had easier paths to follow). Or why is it the Holocaust card is played so often and so routinely to quell deeper investigation into matters—say of Israeli behavior? Sixty years after the lies of Nazi extermination and we still are being psychologically browbeaten for this non-event because people are still afraid to study alternative truths that may shed more real light?

If you study, for example some of the leading “revisionist historians” on World War 2 (or as called Holocaust deniers) and you are sincere in learning—you quickly become aware there really have been major propaganda campaigns that have been dishonest about how much Jews have been victimized, such as a myth of deliberate Nazi policy to exterminate all Jews. Some Hollywood movies about the Nazis are wrong. Further some people are still being sentenced to prison for supposed war crimes at Auschwitz that didn’t happen. The gas chambers there were strictly to kill lice and control typhus—as the Soviets lied to the world after World War 2 and at the Nuremberg trials (after they altered evidence of those camps they first captured).

But many people don’t want to re-examine or investigate these things—they have too much psychologically invested in the brainwash—and the propaganda has been so effective (which also leads some of the Zionist leaders to think they can get away with more war crimes later on down the line—which they did again in 9/11—and yes a lot of war crimes have been committed in the last century). But this stuff will never stop until this stuff is exposed for what it is—a massive hoax.

If I were Jewish I would want to know the truth. I would want to know if, for example, this very essay was written as deliberate deceit, or as misinformed but with honest intent, by someone who actually knew what he was writing despite the shock of it all. I would go to those websites that listed videos and articles I could read to learn more (such as at: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/05/RIR-150522.php “Recommended viewing for those with a fearless quest for Truth”).

I would be open-minded. These subjects would be important enough for me to investigate thoroughly. After all Israel spends a lot of money and energy trying to get world Jewry believing in the Nazi holocaust—even sponsoring trips for their people. But instead we have many who are condemning these serious historians, listed in the above list of video interviews, as anti-Semitic and condemning the very idea of giving them a chance to share their perspectives (and even having them arrested and jailed especially in European countries—and not too soon here in America—it is their only way to hide the truth is to ban peoples’ right to free speech).

And once you realize it was in fact Israel’s terrorist crime that happened here in America, it should give clue as to why Benjamin Netanyahu (another of the real perpetrators) has such interest in American patriot groups—see his book on fighting terrorism. It is because he wants a Zionist ability to ‘disarm’ his enemies he has already attacked (through bombing of the Twin Towers) as some Americans are slowly becoming more aware of the fact. And what better way than to have both Israelis, and Zionist counterpart organizations, like ADL and SPLC, spy on so-called white, supremist, racist groups (their labels) here in the U.S. (while Obama apparently praises these kinds of things as “shared intelligence” in their joint efforts at fighting terrorism—or was Obama referring to the phony bin Laden and fake beheading videos now used to continue our foreign misadventures)?

9/11, as Pandora’s box, is a major reason American Jews in power, such as U.S. Senators like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer (and x-Senator Joseph Lieberman) want more gun-gutting laws to defang Joe 6-pack of any fire-power as either potential revolution, or any reasonable way of protection as citizens from well-armed government troops (as our country is being high-jacked and militarized) as this country leadership and media continues to protect the real perpetrators of 9/11 (as it continues to engage in foreign policy that Israel and its wealth class partners want).

It should be a ‘real’ concern to thinking adults why our military—via the Department of Homeland Security—has given so much hardware and weaponry to police departments and National Guard units here within the states that have traditionally separated police departments from military operations (as each mission inherently treats civilian crowds differently). This is equally one of the current issues happening ‘while’ gun laws are being negotiated AND THIS IS NO SMALL DEAL.

When you examines some of the details of mostly recent, militarization of police departments, via the monolithic Department of Homeland Security and its monolithic budget, it should set off alarm bells (even if it were true Jewish leaders were not trying to hamstring Americans from being able to protect themselves from the possibility their own government becomes tyrannical (which is how this country continues to turn—and in large part because of the continual corruption of our foreign policy).

[Tyranny can include when the political class of a country has basically created highly expensive wars in which only military investor/ bankers profit, while the middle class and lower class are expected to fight their unnecessary wars especially when those wars were created on deceit. Tyranny can include a deliberate usurpation of government power and power grabs for select minorities. As we discuss below real governmental abuse has been the day, controlled by special interests, and not the majority, willing to outlaw free speech and other rights of the people not especially represented in the real power structure.]

Now the military trains combat troops and Special Forces on missions ‘within’ the United States for the purposes of crowd, riot control, etc. In truth these are all steps meant to deal with a society that has been catching up on the massive corruptions, wasting tax money on wasted wars (too often for Israel or Saudi Arabia) excesses of spying on the American people (another concurrent issue), and their arrogant abuse of powers as reduction of civil liberties in general, and the creating of a military, industrial establishment so big it is addicted to more and more tax dollars justified by staged false flag events.

Too many of our leaders (as most elected leaders voted into office are millionaires) are the ones who have betrayed their own people, and they equally realize more and more people are slowly catching on to their misdeeds and incompetence. Look at how low their approval ratings! And these are the people who are fighting to disarm all capacity of semi-automatics (their real goal to take away any real fire power so that Israel and the one percent can dominate our country and continue to exploit our resources).

Sleuthing and sharing ideas on the Internet has made it obvious the official non-investigation of 9/11 was patently false (even if many never get to the point of feeling confident who was behind it). Many people know the official story was not true—but don’t know who was really behind it—and still are willing to accept the scapegoats as fanatical Muslims.

They realize the corruption is not stopping and the story is getting more fascist. Some not afraid to at least be witness to alternative so-called conspiracy theories are also becoming aware some mass killings are not what they appear in the mainstream media either—rather staged events, sometimes contextualized with agents from departments within the DHS (used for extra fodder to change gun laws and justify more war in the Middle East).

Americans will never be able to protect themselves from a government and media that has not been truthful about 9/11, Iraq, NSA spying, State Department, Libya, ISIS, and a myriad other things, and that continues to militarize its internal police—and now is ‘actively’ engaged in staging killings in order to change policy for the worst. This progression has been predicted and is happening (as impossible as it sounds).

As hard as it is to believe, some, at least a few, mass killings that have made big news, such as the Sandy Hook school killing, were “false flag operations” and as improbable as this sounds when you actually start looking into it via the Internet—things do seem very suspicious given what some people in the know have brought to light. Google “Sandy Hook false flag faked”. You need to get this—things could in fact be that corrupt.

Checkout: “Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag”:

But many Americans are too naïve to ever imagine things might have become this conspired—the killings like the San Bernardino shootings (not the actual killings of the so called killers) was also staged for the purpose of advocating for tighter gun laws and to spread more fears of ISIS. The defense lawyer of the defendants there, early on, raised suspicions as things seem out of whack? How is it that every time there is a so called mass killing or terrorist event there is more and more laws and tentacles being created to spy on more and more people and to create more ‘internal’ enemies? These events are talking points on presidential debates—they serve a purpose of implanting falsehoods and fear into the American public. They are reinforcing the continuation of false White House goals that benefit the minority.

Read: “The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?” at: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/11/the-first-question-to-ask-after-any-terror-attack-was-it-a-false-flag.html

Also read recent essay: “The Department of Justice Prepares to Step up War on Domestic Extremists” by Derrick Broze. Here it says: John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, and federal prosecutors are looking for new tools to deal with the rise of “domestic extremists.” John Carlin is ‘another’ of many zealot Zionists in the Justice Department concerned about having no one challenge the truth of Israel’s perfidy and crimes against the average American citizen. He, in his anti-Goyim-ism, is leading the push on defining American goy, patriots as domestic extremists (as something that should be outlawed). He is more concerned about protecting Israel’s hold on our government than of arresting the Israelis who attacked us.

Various Executive branches have been compromised to what amounts to Israel’s and the rich military complex investor enslavement. They are using the newly generated hysteria of ISIS and equally their depictions of domestic terrorism to create a new program designed to help local communities combat “violent extremism” (and yet they are the ones who are trying to frustrate the patriots, such as the Bundys, into looking like extremists and setting them up—after all such groups can always be infiltrated with agents pretending to be part of the group with the goal of doing things to give bad impression to the public).

Called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), their plan calls for “systematic efforts” to “share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.” This is spying at the local level up onto the international level for the powers that be—this is exactly what the rhetoric of Edgar Hoover condemned (even if he himself was the great tyrant). Goy men can kiss their souls good bye—Zionist Jews have power in all the important power wielding organizations especially Homeland Security. And as they gain more they create laws condemn the condemnation from others of their tyranny. They spy on all of us. They militarize the police forces. They coordinate more police power with more sophisticated tools. They want to know who owns what guns and who speaks evil of our government. It’s over.

Nevertheless if you study the truth of Zionism it has shown itself capable of every human crime and every form of rationalization. We need to see it for what it is—not a religious ethnicity—but rather a secular mob that runs on discrimination, intimidation and deceit. Although 99% of Jews may be highly decent people Zionism as an institution seems to allow some bad apples to rise to the top of the political spectrum. We need to look back on how many Christian Slavs, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans were murdered in the “millions” of figures while the only tune we ever here is about six million Jews gassed to death in gas chambers that did not exist.

If you think this is all hot air how do they explain 9/11 because it doesn’t take a genius, or all that much research to understand the official narrative is grossly wrong?

Current gun laws, then, given all this other turbulence, need to be considered in relation to all these other political realities. We Americans have been losing our civil rights. We have become the targets of mass spying. We are being lied to on a regular basis, including big questions about Iraq, Iran, Syria, about assault rifles supposedly used in mass attacks (how convenient) which may have actually been perpetrated by sophisticated rogue criminals.

Meanwhile Israel has routinely engaged terrorism against others (but has also managed to get Muslims blamed for such realities). Netanyahu’s very definition of terrorism in his own book says it is the killing of innocent civilians (in order to gain a political goal). Yet they again egregiously killed a couple thousand Palestinians, and wounded many thousand more, and destroyed thousands of homes, not to mention schools, hospitals, a power plant, etc., in 2014 (mostly innocent civilians).

All this should give people pause. Why aren’t Jewish senators demanding Netanyahu step down form office or at least be arrested when he comes to this country?

It is time for the average American to perk up instinctually and start thinking seriously about what is all going on—in the context of things evolving. How, for example, do you explain the ‘exponential’ growth in mass killings—as something as statistically natural? It doesn’t seem so. Are then so-called Patriot groups as crazy as some have defined them—hardly?

To consider more gun laws without giving thought to these other political contexts is the equivalent to suicide. It is negligence. Instead let’s get Senators to initiate a new investigation of 9/11 conducted by non-Zionists.

Israel has been heavily invested in the United States for a long time and naturally has interest in manipulating our country, and especially in our foreign policy, not to mention foreign aid. But it has gone way, way, too far—really—way, way too far. This country is the last that should have a special relationship with the United States.

Besides millions of Jews live here in the United States (many who have little interest in moving to Israel). Most American Jews do not really identify with those maniac psychopaths that run that country and do not want to change their nation or nationality. Many do consider themselves Americans first (and yet many also do little about recognizing the lies and crimes). But why should they too feel black-balled and brainwashed into Israel’s game?

Still, it is a fact that Jews especially are pushing hysteria about current gun laws (and seemingly more concerned in getting rid of semi-automatics and fire-power capacity) is not a fact people should simply set aside as irrelevant—it is very relevant—especially since Zionist groups on campuses are trying to destroy our right to free speech at the same time—and others also advocate for more and more immigration into the United States (for dubious reasons).

How much longer do Zionist think they can continue to guilt-trip people into giving up more of their rights and sharing more and more resources with others—as immigrants in large numbers eventually get on welfare rolls? What moral high ground do they really have as they seemingly assume while they try to guilt-trip people for wanting some border protection?

Read: “On Jews, History and Refugees” by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. at: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/09/on-jews-history-and-refugees/

Another fact too little discussed is some mass killings happen under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs to supposedly stave off depression. Certain drugs have side effects that can make users more suicidal or homicidal. But this argument is seldom discussed by proponents who want to destroy gun ownership. They blame the entire violence situation on guns and give short shrift to more complex circumstances.

[Note: The gun situation in the United States may not perfect as it currently stands. People who have committed serious crimes are not now legally allowed to own guns. Comprehensive backgrounds checks are reasonable. But people who argue for mental health background checks, which they are inadvertently doing (and having more and more medical records spread through more agencies) are creating opportunities for all kinds of abuse of false claims about mental illness, some that could be motivated by political ends. For example, it can be relatively easy for people in a government to label someone as extremist or potentially dangerous—based on their arbitrary standards or biases. And if anyone knows anything about the mere ‘mortal’ realities of psychology professionals one knows how biased their subjective opinions can be composed. In fact plenty of people who go into mental health study and work, themselves, are not all that mentally healthy. They sometimes project their stuff onto others. And wasn’t that one of the accusations against the Soviet communists—they would declare their heretics insane and send them to asylums?]

Semi-automatics are the only defense Americans have against a hostile military or police force. Any government can become hostile to groups of its own people—we see it throughout history. Just like government personnel have a right to imagine civilians going crazy or getting dangerous, normal citizens equally have a right and responsibility of assuming the same about government agencies.

Just listen to what current presidential candidates say, and listen to audiences clap and cheer—you think the American society is all that safe of a place to live? How could you come to trust any of these groups of people—including goy, whites? Many of them are so misinformed and delusion-based that too many, given the right circumstances, would support all manner of oppression.

Many are still OK with government spying on everything. We have even had law professors arguing that torture was OK (apparently it was because those tortured were Muslim?). It was United States people ‘and’ Israelis torturing in Abu Ghraib. And they still lock up innocent people they labeled enemy combatants in Gitmo.

The real reason for the 2nd Amendment is to be able to protect self, family and group from hostile political enemies, including and especially when governments themselves go rogue. Gun rights are not primarily about the right to hunt game or even to protect self from individual criminals—they are about the right to protect citizen groups against governments that have become corrupted or tyrannical (a truth that has played itself out all through history even before guns existed).

Furthermore, if people really knew the true story of how many despots our own U.S. foreign policy has corrupted and assisted in crimes against their own people, they would ‘never’ trust this country’s political class. We already have a long history of assisting tyrants kill their own people around the world—two examples are death squads in Guatemala and SAVAK torture of Iranians (with help from the Israelis who also ‘routinely’ torture Palestinians). If you want another example look at Indonesia. No government should ever be trusted to the point citizens give up their rights to own guns with real fire-power: only the most foolish of people would succumb to such political correctness!

Read: “Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye” by Sword At-The-Ready, found at: http://investmentwatchblog.com/kiss-the-founding-fathers-your-freedom-of-speech-religion-and-due-process-goodbye-there-are-growing-calls-for-the-removal-restriction-and-banning-of-ideas-speech-and-history-the-state-considers/

Basically, if you express any hostility toward the government you are considered an enemy of the state. These are dangerous times and that they are evolving this way is not accidental. One paragraph of that interesting and important essay says it all:

"Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, bullying speech, intolerant speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, incendiary speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, right-wing speech, extremist speech, etc.

Furthermore Internet companies and email servers are voluntarily censoring stuff more and more—and not too surprisingly a lot of it has to do with what some argue is ‘anti-Semitic’. [This essay has as much right as any other to be seen in the light of day—and yet a few search engines have depleted access to this author’s writing before and continue to do it in the present.]"

Read Garry Leech’s “The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Gun Control Crusade" at: Real Independent News and Film: http://rinf.com/alt-news/latest-news/hypocrisy-obamas-gun-control-crusade/

Here he writes:

"In the first five years of Obama’s presidency, according to the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, more than 2,500 people were killed by US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. The study claims that as many as 951 of these deaths were civilians and that as many as 200 of the victims were children. And those 200 dead innocent children are just for starters. "

He then adds within the article:

"What about those killed by the regimes that we supply weapons to? Israel used US weapons to kill more than 1,500 Palestinian children between 2000 and 2013, which averages out to one child killed every three days. And the carnage wrought by US weaponry isn’t restricted to children.

So why are not U.S. Senators like Diane Feinstein or Zionist Michael Bloomberg getting riled up about so many weapons sold abroad, or how big are those killing capacities, or how easy it is for terrorists to buy and sell weapons from corporations to foreign nations irrespective of human rights?

We Americans want to have the original Bill of Rights back. We are tired of select groups of know-betters trying to dominate our culture and destroying our freedoms (even though these freedoms are exactly why so many, many thousands of German and Russian Jews migrated to America in the first place and been able to thrive here—even as those ancestors exaggerated greatly how they were suffering elsewhere compared to other ethnic groups). In fact the figure of six million Jews suffering was a Zionist figure used long before Hilter was born. See: The “Six Million Jewish holocaust Myth” at: http://radioislam.org/islam/english/revision/six_million_myth.htm

Also Jews who are taking the lead to freely allow more and more minority immigrants into the United States, irrespective to a current lack of jobs here for people who already live here, and current government too financially stressed to pay for more social programs. It may sound very humanitarian and egalitarian to be so free with national resources, but there ‘may’ be another motive that seems congruent with patterns—and that is some want to undermine any residual, group power white, goy people might still have—regardless of how much disproportionate amount of cultural power Jews already have in respect to their statistical numbers.

Watch video sequel:

History of US Immigration Laws” Pt 1 of 2

History of US Immigration Laws” Pt 2 of 2

While they argue it is about adequate background checks but we Americans are also really being told we have guns that are too powerful and we can acquire them too easily (arguments overstated, as significant contextual facts are left unstated, to create over-simplified and partially false narratives). Naiveté is being manipulated in the name of doing the right and sensible thing.

Even a fairly intelligent President Obama is acting naïve on this very important matter (but then again Obama quickly moved to say he would not look into 9/11 investigations when he first took the White House and then appointed Zionist Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff). Rather than follow through with his campaign promises he has continued with the build-up of the Police State.

Not only is over-representation of Zionists in control of police powers a ‘real’ conspiracy—Arlen Specter, Joseph Lieberman, Bob Graham, and Diane Feinstein (intelligence committee chairs) Michael Chertoff, Janet Napolitano (heads of DHS)—it seems to be a project of building a sort of Stalinist, Cheka-like-state (now called the Department of Homeland Security, with tentacles everywhere as it has become an uber-centralized, spy government) that exists to maintain any cover-up, which could one day lead, if necessary, to secret arrests, imprisonments, tortures, etc., that is once guns are no longer their issue.

Anyone who does not think the DHS could not become as Police State as the once former Russian-Communist Cheka has to be kidding themselves. In fact, the argument to create DHS was similar to its counterpart.

Still one can understand how many American Jews, especially, could feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Ninety nine percent plus of them knew nothing of the 9/11 plot—they just happen to inherit this kind of Realpolitik from their presumed masters in the Levant (the Ariel Sharons of Israel).

The Old Testament and Torah is not even based on legitimate form of ethics—rather it is based on authoritarian claims—such as their god Yahweh commanded his people (according to some very mere mortal called Moses) to kill off the other tribes in Canaan (and we are still supposed to believe that as representing real spiritual religion and not war propaganda?). Ancient Abrahamic religions have little place in the modern world.

It is time to separate Church and State throughout the Middle East. Instead we are being squeezed into siding in a clash between Shiites and Sunnis! This is not something American in the least. Why should our presidential candidates be speechifying Israeli talking points via AIPAC and Neo-Con-Artist advisors? All these candidates left in the race seem as mad men. And yet people who normally vote democrat (because we libertarians get no other options) and are in the know will NOT vote for a Hilary Clinton). People who are not normally socialists will have little choice but to vote for Sanders because all the top Republican candidates are too dangerous and deluded. But if the vote is between Clinton and Trump some of us will go Trump since Clinton is crooked and a war hawk too. The long time corrupt democrats should have found a way to get her off the ticket and Elizabeth Warren on it—but the incompetent left lost the nerve in their willingness to settle for a socialist who is not likely to win.

This essay cannot do justice that these various matters deserve. For now it is important to understand some want you to have little capacity of self-preservation at a time when the government is not run by high principles and other civil rights are simultaneously attacked. Once they have your guns, you have nothing to protect yourself—you are nothing but sheep ready for the slaughter.

Israelis would never give up their right to own guns (and yet maybe that is the issues Jews in America could be addressing if they feel strongly about too much violence and oppression)?

Equally, why is not Israel taking in any Syrian refugees? They certainly helped cause the problem by scheming to use ISIS as a red herring to get the West to send resources to really take out the Bashar Assad government instead. How is it progressives and democrats use the label ‘racist’ when Americans or Europeans denounce immediate Syrian or Libyan refugee transfer to Western countries when it is a no-go in Israel (that steals resources from people who legitimately live there).

Surely the U.S. is equally responsible for the ISIS crisis in ruining Iraq—but then what was the real reason we invaded Iraq—it was because of the NeoCons and Israelis! All that murder and mayhem was ultimately a Zionist project—which is what created ISIS. Others get blamed.

Syria is not important to the people of the United States—it is important only to the extent that other countries in the region think it important. Furthermore Assad was voted into power. Tough if Israel or Saudi Arabia doesn’t like that fact. Tough if Bashar Assad was friendly with Iran. Why should our presidential debates be dominated by fear of ISIS videos that were faked in the first place?

Enough American troops, who fought in these disastrous wars from Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., have come home from these wars to realize they have been lied to. They understand the traitors are our some of our elected officials in Washington D.C. They are angry they have been lied to and have been put in harm’s way and to main and hurt others’ lives for no good reason. Meanwhile the political system doesn’t change for the better; it just becomes more and more corrupt as Americans are fed more and more lies. Maybe this is why elected leaders are personally involved in Americans’ gun rights?

In presidential debates, coded words are used as excuses to spy electronically on Americans, concerned about “lone-wolf” terrorists (really about who writes political essays like this one you are not supposed to read or the likes of Edward Snowden). Nevertheless, professional journalists are allowed to quote from anonymous sources to protect individuals from harm so why cannot whistle blowers tell truth—truth the powers-that-be do not want you to know?

They go so far as to decide who and who is not a professional journalist? Citizen journalists are just suspects that can be arrested while the journalist whores who lie for the big power guns can be treated with the right to lie and cover their sources (and not reveal the obvious deceit of those sources)?

Meanwhile the Department of Homeland Security has ordered, to purchase, up to 1.6 billion (yes billion) bullets. That is several bullets for each American—and plenty of those bullets are hollow point killer bullets that are not used in target practice. How ironic this State is acquiring enough fire power to kill the entire population several times over, while law-abiding citizens are being deprived their rights of self-protection from such a government that cannot arguably justify these huge ammunition purchases? And they say we should not be suspicious.

According to one work of investigative journalism, they have literally distributed thousands of machine guns from the Pentagon transfer program within this country now warehoused in case they need them—nothing to do with concern about foreign invaders but rather about Americans in general. Where has there been real journalist follow-up? If there is a huge economic or financial crisis it will be because of the fraud of foreign wars and taxing the government for criminal wars that should never have been engaged.

There have always been people willing to kill indiscriminately. There have always been people willing to kill people when given an order. There have always been people who could be ruthless and psychopathic under the rights circumstances. It can happen anywhere—no culture is incapable of the worst of human behavior. How can the people of the United States be so naïve?

Some of what Alex Jones at InfoWars.Com, even with his self-promoting, hyperactive, paranoiac style, is justified in his teaching those willing to at least contemplate the possible. He certainly gets people to at least think more than the mainstream media will ever do. He may not have all the particulars down but his general instincts are on.

There are two admonitions all people can take to the bank,
#1) “Never underestimate your own naiveté”, and
#2) “Never underestimate how corruptible is human nature—especially political human nature.”


See the video on the Internet: “Innocents Betrayed” (ironically from Jews who promote gun rights. Here’s another contradiction for you). This is a very important video—you really need to see it.

Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control



Therefore conspiracy theories too have their place in human drama (and you don’t need a Shakespeare to confirm this truism).

And another very important variable—we are dealing with is the labeling of goy, so-called gun-grabbers with a grudge, as people who ‘should’ be suspected as ‘extremists’ (and as potential ‘terrorists) which even so-called liberal Jews like Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, in connection to Zionist organization Southern Poverty Law Center, are already doing (as they either deliberately or inadvertently assist the more zealous and removed Zionists who eventually will find ways for the DHS bureaucracy to ‘concentrate’ and potentially torture or murder gentile whites (that they freely label “white supremists” today, and claim they are dangerous elements in our country). SPLC, in connection to other Zionists, has played a big role in readily inviting the FBI and other government-related professionals to spy on them—that is Americans who mostly raise ‘legitimate’ political issues). They even get organizations like libraries to restrict access to viable websites with intelligent commentary—this is serious interference with academic learning!

This is also one significant reason why Israel is allowed to have access to “all” NSA information on all Americans—so they can spy also on Americans belonging to the Tea Party and Patriot groups, etc. They want our guns taken away.

So it is ironic many people who call themselves Jews so readily feel paranoid about non-Jewish whites or Christians, and yet if most Jews, really knew the truth about the real history of Zionism over the last century and half, learning of how many millions have suffered because of their own deceitful politics, they could begin to understand why some goy people have so much paranoia about them as paranoid Jews and especially Zionists (and especially their motives).

To see more of the whole story, start by looking closer at Russia’s gulag concentration camps that worked many hundreds of thousands of peoples to death—as many of those people were Christian Slavs and other non-Jewish minorities as well as some Jews. Over 80 percent of Stalin’s top leaders were atheist, Marxists from Jewish backgrounds (including those that ran the gulag camps), and look how they willingly allowed many to die, including the massive starvation in Ukraine (whereas German troops were often welcome there as saviors from Russia). We Americans need to wake up and explore more of the entire story of these complex histories. The truth was never even close to black and white.

And yet this is why there are laws now in some European countries, including Germany, in which you are not allowed to argue alternative histories to World War 1 or 2 (how’s that for the enlightenment of civil liberties and free speech).

If you think about it, there is no legitimate political group that can organize as white and be critical of Zionist or Jewish influence in this country without it being labeled racist, supremist, or extremist. EVERY person or organization critical of Jews is pegged as hate supremist and anti-Semite by ADL, SPLC or the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation (all three Jewish fronts). How about we have some gentile white groups decide who are the racists, supremists and potential terrorists—nothing biased here? It is complete hypocrisy to allow only Jewish organizations, by the way with mostly white, Jewish men with an agenda, act as if they are the best experts on deciding what people are racists and acting from hate.

Hate is a very abstract word that has become a political weapon. Further according to broad and creative definitions implied, the mere act of feeling some kind of animosity toward another person or group or criticizing another group with angry word or allegations (or even one’s one group) is now considered hate. Previously hate was seen mostly as actions took to violate others that were often on the books as crimes. Now Zionists who are seriously worried about the freedom of the Internet are putting out what the call an “Intelligence Report” (yes intelligence spy work against the non-Zionist who were bombed on 9/11 and are becoming aware of it). Who actually funds groups like SPLC and ADL? People in the know are aware that ADL has been a spy organization here in this country for years.

Richard Cohen plays a very shrewd game when talking about hatred in the United States. He talks about hate against gays, Muslims, etc., and downplays his fear of anger against Jews and Zionists—because after all if Israel was in fact behind 9/11, and NeoCons have been dominating our criminal foreign policy then most Americans would naturally be angry, and would naturally be discussing their own fears. These people never talk about hatred of goy, white, men. Apparently it doesn’t exist? But they certainly fear goy, white men as is evident. And yet it is perfectly fine for some in the rainbow coalition to advocate for political policies that take tax monies from one group and hand it over to another that is already getting welfare but now want free medical care and want free college. And of course that type of politics isn’t fear inducing to some (or a form of coercion)? Equally the rainbow coalition can argue opening the borders to all is humane but it can arouse fears in others who feel they are not getting the gravy train of government dole outs or decent jobs—but of course that is not any kind of manipulation of fear or forms of social coercion?

How is it these people can advocate for so much and not expect any form of recrimination? They make Donald Trump out as the worst of the worst of racist supremists (and his followers) but they never think themselves as any kind of extremists? Jews have controlled who got in the White House for years. That is there real fear. If some of his followers are afraid Muslims have Jihad training camps in the United States—ask yourself where did that fear that some goy men or women have come from—was it strictly from white supremists living in this country. ISIS is a covert game play that was meant to benefit Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, etc. Who creates the propaganda and why?

There is something uniquely ironic when so-called liberal Jews who never really have the study the truth about their own ethnocentric exploitation of others because each generation is fed the same distortions they feed the rest of the world. They allow themselves to believe Jews have been uniquely persecuted and rejected (and surely there is some truth to this over history) but they are never encouraged to study other truths they call conspiracy theories (meaning they are not true—at least to them) so they can continue to live in bubble in which they feel they are the judges and juries about all morality and justice. Talk about self-righteousness. It is OK for Richard Cohen to make up distortive images of white groups he lumps as supremists and hate groups (and apparently that “act” of defaming people and groups is not itself a form of hatred?). Just because SPLC says there are hundreds of hate groups we Americans are just supposed to believe it? The fact is there a lot of people who disagree with this biased although clever organization.

Surely there is anger and resentment as what people can call hatred. This essay will likely be called hatred but it is compose of something far more that some blind act of violence against others. Certainly there are rational arguments made from mental activity? And certainly if people threaten others than those others are going to react as if they feel threatened (unless you feel threatened by Zionist domination—then no matter what you do or say is considered wrongful and supremist)?

The Catholic Church lost power after the printing press came into existence. Now Zionist domination of the United States is losing power because of the Internet. The Southern Poverty Law Center is calling groups critical of the Zionist status quo and the government status quo and media status quo (which they have generally had a great deal of control) hate mongering when it more like information idea sharing and the human right of association (once part of our constitution).

Apparently though some Jews feel they can team up and change laws that effect all people here—be it arguing that feeling offended on campuses is equal to a crime—or be it anything critical or alleging of Israel or Zionism is a crime. Why can we not make it a crime for people to accuse Germans of extermination a crime? Why can’t we call it extremist when Jewish organizations claim only they have the right to determine what is politically appropriate? What kind of double standard is this? Here is a group of people who have an inordinate amount of power in this country and yet to criticize them in any harsh way is considered somehow outside the parameters of legal discourse?

David Icke says controversial things. See his video on youtube: “When Students Marched For Free Speech: The PC Tyranny – The David Icke Videocast Trailer” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Xd-U6pJAc
Here he starts with students back in the 60s protesting for the right of free speech and then lambaste those calling for safe zones around the world today in which people have a right to not be offended. He says it is impossible to not offend others no matter what you do. With appropriate disdain he condemns the stupid people who now demand safe zones arguing the way people learn is to be challenged out of their complacency. This whole leftist conceit is anti-academic, and should we then argue David Icke is a hate supremists for calling those people names and ban his right to have a poignant opinion? Some think so. Probably, he like a lot of intellectual people are on the SPLC list of hate extremist.

Only those white, goy men who take to fomenting the same gripes the rainbow coalition and white Jewish men spiel have freedom to express, and to be pretty much as hostile as they chose, are considered legitimate voices in the Unites States. Or organizations with media or education clout recruit white, goy women via a hostile feminism, to equally demonize white men. No reverse racism or sexism here.

And any alienation felt by a minority person is automatically assumed because there is always some outside group to blame (rather than any minority people reflecting within their failures). There will always be a shooting to focus in a population of over 300 million people. There will always be some black man violated with violence in such a huge population. But media can distort such realities to give the impression that fears are outsized.

Whites who go along with what actually is a Jewish dominance of our political agenda, via Jewish ability to not only donate huge amounts of money directly to political candidates but to non-profit organizations and media organizations, can expect to have any voice in this society as considered legitimate. Meanwhile many elected officials readily take money from AIPAC and vote the way AIPAC wants (as this Zionist organization even manipulates many state elections). Why wouldn’t there be legitimate opposition in a true democracy? But it is all anti-Semitic and hate crime to say so?

Quick indeed was much of the media, and even the progressive left, willing to portray the protesters at Burns, Oregon, Harney County take-over by ranchers as “white supremists” (and potential “terrorists”). Quick too were they to advocate for a ‘militarized’ response (from black lives matter) claiming the whites were engaging violence. What?

On January 5th Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed lead ‘anti-goy’ Richard Cohen (partner of also heavy Zionist Mark Potok) at the Southern Poverty Law Center, in which he called the Ammon Bundy crew zealots and fanatics. SPLC is the organization that has literally labeled hundreds of mostly white, male, groups as right-wing extremists, Neo-Nazi, Neo-KKK, and have urged the federal government (and likely the Israeli government), to spy on these people so as to get their names on special lists—and eventually banned from legally owning any weapons, etc. (and if this State gets internally hostile over some emergency they argue martial law, to potentially jail and kill these people. Do not put anything past a group that has already attacked our country’s tallest buildings).

If you actually study what groups SPLC and ADL especially focus on it is militia groups established to protect the American Constitution and Law and who happen to own guns; but these non-profit outfits who take special interest donor money, like the Daily Kos, want the majority to think they are outlaws and racist groups.

It is a fact both the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are organizations run mostly by Jews. And they, as front groups for Israel, as have agendas that go beyond what they overtly state. Is it just a coincidence that the people most concerned about gun rights and government abuse of power are the group these Israeli-first organizations want to categorize as illegitimate?

ADL is somehow involved in getting United States police department trained by Israelis that may relate to how they abuse Palestinians. But no one at Democracy Now questions this Israel training for American police departments as having anything to do with police abuse—because they want everything to point to white, goy racism.

Also ADL for a long time has been convincing other organizations across the country their explanations on racism and defamation are the most fair and balanced (imagine that—yet they even put out a video that was clearly anti-Muslim when it came to a ground zero Mosque in New York?

Whereas SPLC tries to get other agencies and individuals to spy on people they deem worthy of suspicion. They especially like to focus on groups of people who happen to be gentile and white and who express dissatisfaction with this current government—something any aware person ought be. With their help Amy Goodman at Democracy Now seems to go out of her way to paint Bundy group as armed villain bandits, as she selectively paints a pictures of shallow outlaws with guns—giving no effort to understand how BLM itself has used forms of coercion to violate ranchers rights, and hearings to arrest and imprison for long lengths of time that do not seem fair.

Nor could she ever imagine there are people at the Justice Department who want to broadly paint these patriot groups as outlaws—especially given how many Zionists like John Carlin work there too and have an agenda (now we have to fear our own people as terrorists).

No attempt was made by Democracy Now to get a more balanced point of view on this issue of the Hammonds because it seems those many rainbow-staffers there in New York (which hire very few goy, white men in their production team although they have plenty goy women) seeming have a well-maintained reverse form of racism and sexism that they themselves do not look-to-the-mirror to discover.

Certainly there are racists and extremists in this world, but these news organizations, who seem to be so ‘intent’ on pointing out the racism and sexism of other peoples, can’t imagine they have motes in their own eyes (or that maybe some blacks and minorities are just as much full of hate of white people as they assume white people are readily of them—and maybe they act on their hate as well even if not from positions of being police)? Progressives think all they have to do is inter-mix all races and everything will be one big happy family. The truth their social policies often fail. Furthermore their one-sided soapbox is always focused on how whites should change and what is wrong with white people. There is never any mention that blacks too act out in ways that show disrespect and invite resentment—all that is covered under the rug. They deliberately and constantly try to paint a picture of the rainbow coalition and white Jewish men against gentile white men. But hey no prejudice here?

With a research staff as big and well financed as Democracy Now has one could easily have found more nuanced stories such as the talk given by Rep. Greg Walden (R.OR) “Addresses Oregon Standoff, Hammond Injustice, Government Over-reach, see: http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/3887344-151/greg-walden-delivers-speech-on-harney-county-seizure?referrer=bullet2#
After all what could have been more relevant than that public speech?
Activists or Terrorists? How Media Controls and Dictates ‘The Narrative’ in Burns, Oregon at:
Just like Bundy Ranch, the Hammonds’ Ranch is valuable to the BLM – Here’s just how valuable

Apparently white men are never victims in any way (or even people with a legitimate grievance now and them).

This divide and conquer strategy of left-wing politics and the Democratic Party, plays it as if it is always blacks, women, and minorities who get the bad deal. The conceit seems to give the impression that most Jews are on the side of minorities and white men are the enemy of the many (and yet the Democratic Party, Wall Street and Zionists used Obama to get their own priorities accomplished, in which average, Middle Class people and minorities benefited little). Obama was vetted and put in office because he was not going to challenge American Zionist power—at least for the most part.

So people who argue against pro-gun people and their rights (still armed patriots called militias) who could actually protect this country from tyranny may in fact be creating a very terrible situation down the road for a lot of people. For example many high-minded Russian Marxists were calling for all kinds of human rights during the Tsar years but that does not mean they got all those rights does it? No many got something far scarier.

If you watched the documentaries listed in this essay on how people treated the common German people after WW 2 was declared over (in the Balkan states and by Russian soldiers) you can understand how propaganda back then coming from England, United States and Russia, etc., allowed such hatred to turn into grotesque crimes (that too many in the West are not even yet aware today decades later). And enough of that propaganda was based on lies created by many Zionists within the ranks of propagandists living in England, the U.S. and in Russia. Moreover world Jewry declared war on the Germany in 1933 (a fact most people do not know). The Germany people were sold down the river by Zionists in World War 1 (see Alison Weir’s book Against Our Better Judgement: How the U.S. was used to create Israel. See: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/about_us/alisonweir.html

When we think of all the people who have died because of false propaganda just in the last decade it should be warning to anyone who holds trust in their fellow man. This too should be part of Americans’ education as now we have DHS combing social media, Zionist fronts like ADL and SPLC declaring groups racist and asking Jews in the Department of Justice to outlaw citizens groups if they seem angry at the status quo. Anyone angry and distrusting of the American government is deemed an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and more and more by the Department of Justice.

Now we have a massive surge in mass killings with semi-automatics and it is obvious too many of these are staged events! The danger signs are everywhere. ‘Awareness’ has the same root as the word ‘beware’ as in be wary.


[Note: This essay will be labeled anti-Semitic (it certainly is anti-Zionist). People will not be encouraged to read it—because it is actually based on logical merit and deserves fair consideration (no matter how controversial). Israel and Jews do in fact dominate the media and our government and they will not take kindly to gentile Americans learning about what a lot of them do not really know—the truth of the Zionist movement, and all the deceptive propaganda that has led to the establishment of Israel and the maintaining of their terrorist country. Who then can really feel good about being an American? Amen and goodnight.]

[Note: If you feel this essay is important then take the initiative to share, tweet, email, publish, discuss, etc., as this topic is very important. Likely some people will not want these ideas disseminated (including enough within mainstream media). They would rather outlaw free speech critical of Zionism. But you have a duty to yourself and people you care about to help preserve your American rights. It is very important you help these arguments get out widely—thank you.]


Jews leading the push for gun control, Jewish Daily Forward Saturday, 29 December 2012



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