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Organized Stalking Overview

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by Eleanor White (www.multistalkervictims.org)
(Publication date unknown)

Organized Stalking Overview by Eleanor White

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What is organized stalking?
Everyone has mishaps. Some are petty, like a leaky pen or spilled food, or finding your car blocked in your driveway by a vehicle with the driver absent. Some are serious, like losing all your engine or transmission oil on a long road trip. ORGANIZED STALKING is the deliberate creation of "mishaps" sometimes several times a day, every day, of the life of the organized stalking target, by groups of citizens who take turns harassing the designated target. Today's well scripted and highly networked stalking groups can totally destroy the life of a target, while if the target complains, he or she is likely to be regarded as mentally ill BECAUSE so many of the attacks look like life's normal mishaps. This crime is therefore covered up seamlessly by the mental health system. Make no mistake - some of these "mishaps" are very serious and destroy the target's reputation, credibility, ability to earn a living, and family and business relationships. The TELLING aspect of organized stalking as opposed to normal life is the FREQUENCY of these "mishaps." Stalking groups now target around one person in every hundred, and nowadays, you do NOT have to be "somebody special" to be targeted. Many targets do not know why they are being targeted. Furthermore, these stalking groups: - Are NETWORKED all across North America (and in fact, most other countries, from reports) and TRULY believe they are doing great community service, based on vicious lies constantly fed them by their leaders - they do NOT see themselves as criminals (some see themselves as called by God to harass and torture) - Follow the target wherever the target travels or moves, and that includes institutions such as prisons and hospitals - Torture and kill animals and pets, sometimes leaving them on the doorstep of the target - NEVER stop harassing the target in almost every case.
Harassment often continues through painful illnesses and right up to the death of the target. The systematic corruption of government and quiet destruction of Constitutional freedoms by these groups has allowed organized stalking to spread and grow, particularly starting in the 1990s

How urgent is organized stalking as an issue?
Although government and media are TOTALLY SILENT on this issue - make no mistake about it, this is one of the ways being vigorously pursued to destroy what we are accustomed to calling "civilized society," as well stated by anti-organized stalking activist Norma Lawrence. This is no exaggeration, as we who are in the trenches can tell you.

Do any agencies recognize this is happening?
In a recent development, we are finding that womens' assault services, and some private detective agencies have extensive knowledge of this crime syndrome. We are finding that private detectives are often well acquainted with this crime. Rarely, we get police statements that they know, but do not have a solution. This is not an imaginary phenomenon!

How does organized stalking differ from single stalking?
Organized STALKING is distinctly different from stalking by a single stalker. In organized stalking, people who do NOT KNOW the target perform subtle but highly effective attacks on the target, usually for reasons of revenge

What age range are organized stalking members?
Group MEMBERS include small children up through seniour citizens and appear to be entirely normal members of society.

What are organized stalking activities like?
Organized stalking TACTICS are largely artificial re- creations of the "life's normal mishaps". For example, an organized stalking target comes out of the supermarket and finds his/her car is blocked in by a vehicle with no driver in it. Or comes home and finds his/her furniture pushed out of place, or clothing ripped. Or has chronic mail delay, tampering and loss. Group members are very careful not to cause damage which would be a major safety hazard, like a cut brake line. They also don't steal big ticket items which might involve a police investigation.

Is there a book about organized stalking?
At time of writing, the seminal work on organized stalking is David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America" in which the author describes his experiences as he infiltrated and rode with some of these groups in the United States and Canada. The word "Terrorist" in the title has nothing to do with foreign terrorists - the book was copyrighted in 2001 and the word terrorist seemed like a popular term, presumably.

Are stalking groups well off financially?
Organized stalking FINANCES are substantial: They always rent properties adjacent to their targets, for example. Author David Lawson found that some groups are actually financed by corporations. Corporations have been known to use hired "goons" to act against activists or union activities. Today's stalking groups are ordinary citizens who may not look like "goons" at all, but are very capable of destroying the quality of life of anyone the corporation "doesn't like." In addition, author David Lawson reports that when these stalking groups aren't working for their corporations, they are for hire for "revenge" activities.

How long has organized stalking been happening?
Author Lawson states that these stalking groups began to get active in the early 1990s. However, some currentday group stalking targets report organized stalking as far back as 40 or more years. Government activities like COINTELPRO were known to use stalking groups whose members may have been members of the FBI, or wer working for the FBI.

What are some organized stalking motives?
REVENGE services for hire by anyone who REALLY wants to "get back at" someone else - Retired police officers who harass deadbeat dads (alimony cases) and pedophiles (admitted ON AIR) - Victim reported a crime where criminal is member of organized crime, for example, a husband who is a member of a ring of pedophiles with connections in high places (including police officers and judges) - Corporate or government activist or whistleblower harassment - Overzealous church groups harass "sinners" to "straighten them out" - Overzealous neighbourhood watch-like groups harass people they believe have criminal records - Government attempts to unfairly seize land from owners

What type of attacks do stalking groups carry out?
Organized stalking tactics range from the childish and stupid all the way up through advanced electronic invasion of privacy and attacks on the mind and body. No SINGLE tactic would be a major problem if it happened only once.

How often do attacks occur?
When these attacks happen around the clock, for years, like the Chinese water torture, the quality of life of the target can be ruined to such an extent that some targets have committed suicide. When "normal mishaps" happen several times a DAY, EVERY day, you're not looking at random acts or bad luck. Telling LIES about the target is a prime tactic:

- Destruction of REPUTATION by way of telling lies. This includes the use of corrupt government officials to falsely label a target as mentally ill, particularly when the target is a whistleblower. Common lies are that the target is a pedophile, prostitute or drug dealer, or is "under investigation" for some unspecified matter.

-Destruction of RELATIONSHIPS through telling of lies, and designing attacks so family, friends, and co-workers will think the target is crazy.

-Harassment of CHILDREN of targets to increase pressure on the target. Includes taking children away from targetted parents if parents complain about the harassment, saying the parent is "unfit".

- 24 hour, 7 day SURVEILLANCE. Targets have reported hearing group members announce on business band radio that the target has just turned on his/her lights in the early morning.

- Enlistment of NEIGHBORS by telling lies about the target, such as the target is a pedophile, prostitute or drug dealer. Neighbors who resist are also harassed. Neighbors sometimes just allow the group members to use their property for, say, noise campaigns.

- Rental of properties or apartments on all sides of the target.

- Making NOISE from adjacent property which the group either rents or is given access to by neighbours. Noise is often TIMED so that it starts when the target goes outside to enjoy their patio, or when the target opens a window. Endless fake "work" noise is a common example, especially from adjacent apartments. NOTE: Hammering, which follows the target as the target moves from room to room, is common. This indicates some form of through-the-wall radar is in use by the stalkers.

- Shadowing targets in their cars and on foot. An aura of normalcy is carefully maintained so the target is unlikely to be believed. Inexplicable rudeness to the target is sometimes used.

- BLOCKING of target's parked car by other vehicles.

- Daily sabotage of the target's WORKPLACE. Not only outright damage to target's work and work area, but "silly" things like target's desk or chair being disassembled overnight, or "mistakenly" piling cargo in front of the target's office door.

- OCCUPYING TIME of the target at work where the target's work involves contact with the public. Also making lots of bogus COMPLAINTS about the target to the target's supervisors.

- KNOCKING ON TARGET'S DOOR for silly reasons or "by mistake". - Frequent static on telephone lines.

- Endless WRONG NUMBER telephone calls to the target.

- Endless DISRUPTION of computer service, and sabotage of the hardware and software.

- Frequent, almost daily BREAK-INS at home, work and car when the target is absent.

- "Mind games" such as rearranging furniture and belongings while the victim is away from home, car and work.

- "Mind games" such as frequently dumping consumable supplies and food. - Tradesmen group members show up late, do sloppy work, overcharge, often damage OTHER items not originally needing work. Example: Bell Tel worker who wrapped his cabling around my computer cables at work - in other words, a clearly deliberate act, not simply incompetence. Another example is chronic GROSS snow removal problems at home and work, FAR beyond just sloppiness.

- AUTOMOBILE sabotage, including scratched paint, broken emblems and trim, stolen licence plates. NOTE: Groups are very careful to NOT do really dangerous things like cutting brake lines. They are more likely to incrementally drain oil or antifreeze, or put dirt into the crankcase.

(** WARNING: BIG topic - can soak up lots of time!) Some group stalking targets report that electronic attacks on appliances occur. Others report that what seem to be electronic attacks on the body, such as sleep disruption at night and extreme fatigue daytime (especially at work.) One device which is capable of these advanced electronic attacks is the Russian "LIDA" (LEE-da) machine, an old medical device developed in the 1950s as an alternative to sedative drugs.

Organized stalking members at the LOCAL level fall into several main categories:

- Footsoldiers - citizens who have time and opportunity to place a stalking target under surveillance and to perform harassment "skits", sometimes referred to as "street theater".

- People who have unavoidable access to the target - such as co-workers and supermarket employees.

- Utility technicians - who can control the quality of water, electric, telephone and TV service to the target

- City workers - (including, somewhat surprisingly, firemen,) - who can set up construction projects to inconvenience the target, and create unavoidable noise. (We don't as yet have a clear idea why some firemen are so consistently reported as group members, but group stalking researcher David Lawson emphasizes their participation.)

- Police - who pretend they don't know anything about this problem which is estimated to affect one in a hundred North Americans, and who privately admitted to David Lawson that this is a growing crime problem.

- Corrupt psychiatrists - who in some cases have made absolutely bogus diagnoses of mental illness to silence a target. I kwow of two cases where bogus diagnoses of mental illness were used not only to silence two women who discovered their husbands were molesting their children, but ALSO had the women forced into mental hospital.

- Corrupt courts, such as the courts who gave custody of the children mentioned above to the PEDOPHILE HUSBANDS.

David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America" reports that many stalking group members have low self esteem problems. Even though some stalking groups use some sort of social or political "cause" to bring members together, the main motivation is the respect of the other group members. David Lawson states that the "cause" is often a secondary issue that doesn't get much day-to-day attention. By having city workers in the groups, group members get a false sense they are doing really good and important work.

Here are some quotes from the group members themselves, as reported to researcher David Lawson:

"We are a citizen's group that helps the police. We are trying to alert people in the area about this person [the target] before he gets to do what he did in the last place he lived."

[Eleanor White talking: The cause stalking targets I know did not commit ANY offenses.]

"Who are we? We drive the ambulances that take you to the emergency room. When your house is burning, we put out the fire. We are security guards. We protect you at night. YOU ONLY HAVE ELECTRICITY, PHONE AND CABLE SERVICE BECAUSE OF US. We are janitors. We have the KEYS. YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH US." ORGANIZED STALKING AND THE POLICE

Here are some quotes from "Terrorist Stalking in America" from police officers interviewed by author David Lawson:

"I also spoke with police officers from across the country. They confirmed the existence of stalking groups across the country. In general, they said that 'cause stalking' is primarily a civil problem where the plaintiff has to prove financial loss. They also said that there are free speech and grass roots issues involved. In fact, the police themselves are targets of these groups. In small towns, the number of members in these groups can easily exceed the number of police officers. In general, the police will NOT talk about stalking groups. One officer did say there is a storm brewing as groups become larger and more numerous."

So the police provide COVER for the groups by saying their destruction of lives is simply a free speech issue.

Eleanor White, retired electrical engineer


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