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Originator of Reverse Polarity Explains Why BigBear, SilverLining, and SilverLung Electronic Machines Produce Lousy Colloidal Silver

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 31, 2017

Originator of Reverse Polarity Explains Why BigBear, SilverLining, and SilverLung Electronic Machines Produce Lousy Colloidal Silver (August 31, 2017)

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Reverse Polarity CS Generator (Best method for making CS ~ Full Votage applied constantly (no current limiting circuits using voltage reduction) with Zero 1) current runaway, 2) particle clumping or 3) silver puddling)
The Original Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator with Reverse Polarity from

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On 8/31/2017, krzorganics wrote:

Hello Ken.

I have a question. If I wanted to test the size of my silver in distilled water, where would I send it? Is it something that one could do them-self? My solution is made with the BigBear Colloidal Silver Generator Reverse Polarity-Magnetic Stirrer-Constant Current machine. The color is clear but I see very small silver particles in the bottom of the distilled water solution at the end of about 24 hours. If you have time, I'd love to hear your response.

Thank you.



Deluxe CS Generator with Reverse PolarityYes, you can send out a sample to a testing lab who will measure the particle size and tell you the ppm, but the color is the easiest way to determine the approximate micron size and density of the CS solution and save the expense of a lab test. A medium yellow color will be in the 15-25ppm range and will be more than adequate to handle any pathogenic infection.  I haven't used a lab since the mid 1990s when I first advanced the idea of using Reverse Polarity in CS production based on a conversation I had with a man named Merlin Wolf at the Beck breakfast meetings in 1996. In fact, I coined the term "Reverse Polarity" on the internet to describe this methodology.  I later told Bob Beck that I had incorporated the Reverse Polarity idea into my generators [right], and after getting one from me, he said my generator - using Reverse Polarity -  produced the highest quality CS he had ever dowsed.

I mentioned the background story of the Reverse Polarity idea in this 2009 article:

Colloidal Silver versus Ionic Silver 'Controversy' (May 19, 2009)

You can also read this archived article from Jan. 8, 2000, in which I describe how I was able to stop current runaway by using an idea gleaned from conversations with Merlin Wolf, without actually explaining the fine details or using the term "Reverse Polarity" (at the time) because I didn't want other CS generator makers stealing  the idea from me and claiming it as their own: 

Archived here:

BigBear CS Machine Automating the reversal process, as the BigBear machine [left] does, creates problems which those who have plagiarized my Reverse Polarity method fail to comprehend or recognize.  

1. Automatically reversing the voltage polarity using electronics, which I intentionally did not do, removes the manual action and the conscious participation of the person who's making the CS. The person making the CS can influence the quality and character of the CS being produced by his physical PARTICIPATION in the process and by his THOUGHTS while participating in the process.

Silver, like gold, has unique alchemical properties which can be used to advantage in the production of CS, but the copycats have no idea what those properties are and assume that the electronic automation of the reversal process is so much more convenient, seemingly technologically advanced, and, of course, will have greater sales appeal with a naive, gullible and uninformed public.  

2. Constant current is a circuit design that clamps the current by lowering the voltage. This results in a very LOW voltage that produces a small volume of CS ions that have low velocity electron activity in their outer electron orbits because the voltage is TOO low. It's a stupid idea that has been used in many CS generator designs going back to the mid 1990s. It produces a very low ppm solution which is WHY your solution looks so clear instead of YELLOW and yet takes MANY hours to produce even a low density solution.

3. Automatic stirring of the solution, which the plagiarists think is so clever and cool looking, is introducing a spinning 60Hz AC MAGNETIC field into the solution which DEGRADES  the alchemical quality and characteristics of the CS. The reason I can open up a bottle of CS that I made in 1997,  and it still looks as yellow as it did on the day I made it, is because my ORIGINAL Reverse Polarity CS generator design (and the 5 pages of instructions that I include with the generator) employs a technique that I put together 21 years ago that produces a much higher caliber of CS than the feeble, diluted stuff that you're getting using that nifty electronic machine. Yet my generator will produce a golden yellow colloid solution in 30-45 minutes versus the 24 hours it's taking you to produce a weak solution that isn't going to accomplish much. If you can see silver particles at the bottom of the glass, then it means that some ions (and/or silver oxide or other silver salt) particles have fallen out of colloid suspension due to the low electron velocity of the outer orbit electrons (which is due to the low voltage from the current clamping circuit explained above).

The machine you bought will never produce a high caliber, adequate ppm CS solution because the machine design itself is flawed. If you want to produce the highest quality, golden yellow CS possible in 30-45 minutes, with a PROVEN shelf life of over 20 years - which no one else can boast of - then use the CS generator and the carefully considered protocol laid out by the guy who originated  the idea of Reverse Polarity 20 years ago. You can find it described here:

By the way, I also originated the idea of using an Erlenmeyer flask as far back as 1997 for large volume colloidal silver production to minimize oxygen availability (instead of an open 1 or 2 liter beaker which is what all other CS generator makers were using at the time for large volume production).

Best Regards, Ken

PS I'd have to hunt through my old address book and see if I can find the name of the lab I used in the 1990s. I'll let you know.


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