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Orlando Gay Nightclub "Worst Shooting Ever" Is Another Blatant Hoax

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[Editor's Note: As was seen in the Boston Hoaxathon, the drill script calls for a "parade" of victims to be taken pass waiting cameras to 'document' the carnage. The mainstream liars said 50 killed and 53 critically wounded. As you can see, none of these people have been shot. In a real life shooting, the ambulances would have parked in front of the entrance and the shooting victims carried out by emergency medical personnel on rolling body carriers. How many people inside that huge nightclub were carrying Smartphones or cellphones in their pockets, and yet no video of the so-called shooting? Of course, the club itself wouldn't have had any security cameras installed on the premises. Everyone knows that big volume nightclubs never install security CCTV cameras inside or outside the club. If this was real, those videos would have fetched big money from mainstream media outlets. This is a staged drill. The crying 'mother' ('Christine Leinonen') crisis actress gives the whole thing away by tagging an Obama-style 'we have to do something about assault weapons' commercial at the end of her interview with Sellout Stephenaupolis within hours of her son supposedly being killed. [The use of the names "Christine Leinonen" and "Christina Grimmie" who is described as a
"Christian" singer, may be more fakery, part of the Inside Wink-Wink Games that are usually played within these staged events] The fact that local police, paid by taxpayers, for the sake of money and career, are participating in and going along with this treasonous betrayal of their own citizens and countrymen is digusting and despicable. This is the end product of Israeli militarization and 'training' of American police. No one was shot and no one was killed at this Orlando nightclub. It's another gun grab psyop run by our friends in the Israeli-controlled DHS, Mossad, FBI, G4S, etc. This is fakery, even more blatant than Sandy Hook and the Boston Hoaxathon.]


Honestly people, how can you think this crap is real? Look at these obvious fake stooges crisis actor faggots pretending to be hurt. Obvious false flag is obvious. Anyone who can watch this video and think they see real injured people, doesn't know the difference between reality and fiction.


June 12, 2016

Orlando Gay Nightclub "Worst Shooting Ever" Is Another Blatant Hoax (Juane 12, 2016)

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Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub False Reality Shooting

Jun 12, 2016

Please note the definition of “false reality.” It does not necessarily suggest that an “event” did not happen and that people did not perish (die). But all false reality events are contrived.

Pic Source: Found on the web.

Pic Source: Found on the web.

Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub False Reality Shooting

The brief mainstream media (whore) report (linked below) knows how many “dead” and how many “hospitalized.” But it doesn’t tell when the (supposed) shooting occurred.

[From the “git-go” the initial object of the event is to emotionally impact the gullible (“sheeple”) public]

Rather, the particular news blatantly displays a law enforcement helmet with a hole in it. This author thought that particular evidence, to a real crime, would not be subject to cavalier public displays – especially when the alleged crime took place less than 24 hours ago. As the coming days unfold, you can be sure that more anomalies and inconsistencies about this false reality event will become transparent.

Furthermore the “father” of the alleged “shooting” villain has already publicly apologized. That reported facet (“over-kill”) is a “dead” give-a-way as to this alleged violence event being contrived (pre-planned). Real grief does not impact survivors to immediately go public for photo-op displays. Crisis actor (fake) “grief,” does.

Note also, the past Moralmatters commentary of “telltale signs” of false reality (propaganda) events:

Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events -moralmatters.org

Featured pic source of 'Manufactured Terrorism:' http://images.f169bbs.com/t/2015-01/15-signs-the-charlie-hebdo-attack-was-a-false-flag-9759.jpg

One of the major purposes of government contrived, law enforcement and media enabling false reality events, is to strike terror upon the public. The fear that ensues softens the populace for corrupt government to enact major freedom crushing reforms. How often after a false reality event did you hear criminal politicians cat call for Second Amendment restrictions? Pic source of “Manufactured Terrorism:”

Make no mistake, the propaganda hounds of corrupt government are again scripting another false reality. They look forward to the anticipated day that Americans will welcome gun confiscation and click their heels to the powers that be. In the meantime there are perpetrated more government contrived (false reality) events to further force fear into the populace and to make that same public, “putty” in their malevolent molding hands.

Live updates: 50 dead, 53 hospitalized in mass shooting at gay nightclub in Orlando – yahoo.com

Oh, don’t forget to glue your ass to your favorite big screen TV chair. And while you are at it, strap that damnable remote to your hand. But don’t forget to leave the other hand free to devour movie microwave popcorn. Get your money’s worth  as you watch the media whores report the latest scripted tabloid event.

Editor’s Note:

You will witness much more of the massive mainstream media (whore) coverage of this Orlando false reality event. The perpetrators now have a propaganda / violence event which reportedly rivals and has surpassed the number of alleged victims compared to the Sandy Hook, hoax event. (That, contrived event has been thoroughly exposed). Look for the usual crisis actors, the photo-op pics of grief, etc.

Beware of mainstream media. It captures the emotions and deadens the mind. Note: 'Americans Foolish & Gullible To Believe Gov’t Contrived Events:' - moralmatters.org - Pic source: Found on the web.

Beware of mainstream media. It captures the emotions and deadens the mind. Note:
“Americans Foolish & Gullible To Believe Gov’t Contrived Events:” – moralmatters.org – Pic source: Found on the web.

Already this morning while listening to a Christian online worship service, the Christian minister did not question the latest mainstream media whoredom news about the alleged Orlando gay nightclub “massacre.” He readily clicked his heels and prayed for the (supposed) “injured” and (supposed) “survivors.”

Isn’t it amazing how these government contrived events stir people’s emotions and influence them to react as the “powers that be” desire them to respond? Wouldn’t it be gratifying if more people and people leaders would recognize and pray for an awakening among the “sheeple” populace and relate that we live in a decadent culture which has been and continues to be undermined by the depravity of human nature?

Related to the above:

People (aka, “sheeple”) are like a herd of sheep. They blindly follow whatever attracts their attention. Wise, honest and intelligent people will always question, examine and evaluate what propaganda mainstream media proliferates. Pic source: Found on the web.

Also related to the above:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 

Why did they carry out a ‘mass shooting’ in a gay night club? 


State of the Nation

There should be no doubt that the alleged mass shooting in the Orlando gay night club is a classic false flag operation and government-coordinated psyop.  Not only does it have all the typical signatures of a purposely hole-ridden narrative, it has an extremely explicit purpose behind it.

All of the initial news accounts speak of a lone gunman who killed 50 people and sent scores to the hospital.  Why do these ridiculous false flags ALWAYS begin with a lone gunman?   These G-men co-conspirators just can’t seem to shake their Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) inspired Lone Patsy Syndrome.

A close reading of the multitude of press reports clearly indicates gross inconsistencies and impossible facts that have rendered the official account from Orlando law enforcement completely implausible, as well as impossible.  There are so many details which make no sense that the fix is quite obvious.  The following link contains a series of those various and sometimes conflicting media reports.

This whole process of official obfuscation is critical to the very nature of a false flag operation. The many seeds of doubt that are sown by the MSM set up the whole nation so that the real perps will NEVER get caught.  Just like the LHO lone patsy, they love to put the blame on just one individual — 20 dead and 42 hospitalized!  Did he have a military machine gun or a newfangled gattling gun?!

Who & Why?

In any event the only questions that ever really matter when trying to solve such a transparent false flag shooting event is WHO really did it and WHY did they do it.

It ought to be quite obvious by now that Obama was put into the White House by his masters to accomplish five primary goals: (i) Enact Obamacare (ii) Restart the Cold War with Russia (iii) Crash the Economy (iv) Promote Gay Marriage and (v) Nullify the 2nd Amendment.

He has been wildly successful at achieving four of these goals.  The last one has remained elusive.  This particular challenge has not NOT been met because of his lack of presidential initiative and personal will however.  He just hasn’t found the right formula necessary to unlawfully abrogate the Second Amendment.  So many false flags executed during Obama’s 2 terms have been engineered — from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino — to do just that incidentally.

Special Note:
It’s no secret that Obama has zealously used the latest version of the NDAA to implement false flag operations anywhere anytime he so chooses.  The NDAA has illicitly legislated powers to the Executive Branch to execute false flag shootings, bombings and assassinations within the 50 states for propaganda purposes in the interest of ‘National Security’.   This is precisely the reason for the dramatic increase and intensity of mass shootings throughout the country.  Yes, the U.S. Federal Government has unlawfully arrogated power unto itself to commit heinous atrocities against the American people in order to protect the citizenry homeland.  Only in AMERIKA, also known as the USSA!
“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

The Gay Mafia and the LGBT Movement

With this total gun control goal in mind, the POTUS et al. have decided to conscript the most powerful political force in the nation—the Gay Mafia.  To the uninitiated, it ought to be clearly understood that the worldwide LGBTTTT movement was specifically created to function as the most powerful political force on the planet.  In this way the continuing social engineering experiments being conducted around the globe can be greatly accelerated, and unimpeded when necessary, by the Gay Mafia.

Please be aware that no one gets the job done like the LGBTTTT wrecking crew.  They will now take up the anti-gun cause like there’s no tomorrow.  Their extensive MSM network now walks in lockstep and executes like clockwork, so organized and unified are their respective forces.  Any resistance to their agenda will be met with ad hominem attacks about being a “HATER” or some similar absurd pejorative.  Absurd or not, those despicable labels work like a charm.  Much of America has been hardwired to react negatively to such highly charged negative language.

Now we know why Christina Grimmie was also shot in Orlando just one day before

[Ken Adachi note: The supposed shooting of Christina Grimmie is also likely faked. A Youtube channel called "HowISee The World" hosted by a man named 'Robin', put together a very convincing video showing the complete absence of any credible evidence that this woman was actually killed. He leaves open the possibility that the shooting MAY have occurred, but the overwhelming evidence - and the logical conclusions that flow from that evidence - point in the opposite direction. 'Robin' has put a lot of great videos debunking the Orlando shooting with cogent and insightful commentary - well worth your time viewing.].

It is no coincidence that a very charismatic Christian female singer was horrifically gunned down at an Orlando venue just one day ago.  This coordinated and calculated shooting was just part of the very same psyop run by the same G-men.

Question: What won’t the Obama Administration do to illegally take the guns from law-abiding American citizens?

Answer:  There is absolutely nothing they won’t do to grab the guns before his term ends.

Therefore, one can only expect a sharp uptick in mass shootings and assassinations by firearms just like those in Orlando this weekend

Orlando, Florida: Home of Disney World and all things fake and fabulous

For those who really think outside the box, it’s important to perceive the purpose behind the cynical utilization of Orlando, Florida.  Home to Disney World and therefore the destination of so many families and their children over generations, it has become the one place you go to get away from it all.  You leave the home behind and all of the negative evening news and you travel to the land of make-believe to immerse yourself in childhood fun and fantasy.

What’s the point?  Well, what better way to galvanize the parents and children across America to take up the issue of gun control in earnest than by shooting up their adult and childhood playground?  Put them together with the Gay Mafia (working behind the scenes) and the LGBT Movement (working out in front) and you have yourself quite a formidable force to be reckoned with.

State of the Nation
June 12, 2016


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duke of york12 hours ago
Of course it is fake. They just announced that there was a Mass Casualty Training Exercise in the area. I saw more hysteria when LeBron left Cleveland than is in Orlando after 50 dead and 50 injured. Where are the families desperately looking for kids. Troy Ave shootings in a club and there is phone video and surveillance video immediately. I guess gays dont have phones. Yet they had phones outside the club. So many people at the hospital yet CNN dont have cameras there.
Patrick Lynn6 hours ago
+Tony Montana Yeah and the person being put in the pickup didn't appear to be bleeding at all. Something is wrong here. And isn't it amazing how at 6am pacific I'm seeing Omar Mateen's photo on Nation wide TV? Maybe he dropped his passport. There might be people who died in Orlando and my prayers go out to their families if thats true but it's important we don't allow the gov't to use this to further their encroachment on US citizen rights.
Tony Montana5 hours ago
+Patrick Lynn actually 50 supposed dead 53 injured but the guy didn't kill or injure not one fucking cop,really ,lmfao soooo fake
jdareyah2 hours ago
yeah it's a hoax just like UCLA a couple weeks ago. These are Active Shooter drills/false flags to scare people into turning in their guns and once they/Govt have your weapons they can oppress any way they want while you are defenseless.....That's history 101, take away a people weapons then make them slaves. I work on UCLA campus, not a word about who died, no memorial service r any kind of service to remember to so called victim murdered or nothing......alll this shit is staged, but protrayed on the NEWS as real
Anti Corruption Agency3 hours ago
This malicious hoax confirms and legitimizes who the real terrorists are; the entire federal government, local law enforcement and the three letter criminal gangs of treason. The justice, judiciary and treasury and the media are confirmed criminals who just declared war on the American people
dcfan11074 hours ago
No ambulances in any of the videos I've seen. No phone footage, cause you know when something happens in this world, SOMEONE has their cell phone out, recording. The first "witness" Luis Burbano, has a page on IMDB. And 50 people killed? He was the best marksman on the planet.
XKeyscore KLP2 hours ago (edited)
Omar Mateen worked for a security firm UNDER CONTRACT to the Department of Homeland Security called G4S. Mateen was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license! He was also being watched for 3 years by the FBI, probed multiple times for ISIS leanings, but was allowed to walk into a gun shop and legally purchase additional firearms last week? With NO red flag going up because of his connections to the government. The Govt. screwed up with this false flag though.. they have inadvertently pitted gay rights against Muslim rights. A hospital 2 blocks away, and no ambulances on scene? No fire trucks? ONE MAN managed to kill 50+ people within a few hours? People seen in videos posted online, carrying their friends bloodied and stained? I'm sure he's being relocated somewhere else within the country, with a new identity as we speak.. Additionally, and interestingly enough, this is coincidentally the week of the premier of the movie about Sandy Hook.
oan S7 hours ago
Where are the ambulances? People laying on the ground? So fake!
janelleestewart9 hours ago
Sounds fishy to me. She said we left just in time... The dude said we just pulled up. Then they keep saying it "just left in time". So fishy I think I'm gonna get sick.
Christian Mata10 hours ago
Fake. Fox news lady said the shooter yelled Allah Akbar before shooting and also mentioned the Boston bombing while CNN is saying he pledged alliagance to ISIS. Well which one is it? Funny how there isn't any surveillance or mobile footage too especially in a nightclub where people most likely use Snapchat to record them selves having fun you mean to tell me not even 10 seconds of footage wasn't captured during it all? What about the 50 bodies? I call bullshit.
Renee Legg6 hours ago
Why are there only a couple of videos? I've been watching since it first interrupted regular programming and have not seen ambulances taking all these 50+ injured- only 2 "rushed" in unmarked truck ? Media said they must be taking wounded from a different perspective outside their current view....but NO media or random video from another angle? Nothing from helicopter? Only. Empty stretchers ever shown outside ER's? Let's get real - no one at a gay bar was videotaping or taking pictures!!?? Where are videos of drama? Most gay guys I know are queens of drama - yet I have yet to see any makeup running and tears flowing and screaming! I am not a doomsdayer or conspiracy theorist but something just isn't fitting.




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